A Limerick for Tank

DSCF2209There once was a cat named Tank,

he ate and he ate and he drank,

he did as he pleased

for he was Siamese

and his belly went clankity clank.

(Tankalicious I love you)

DSCF2212Whoop whoop.  Second evening beaded bag using Val’s yarn.  I love how the mulit colored beads are mixing with her yarn. And aren’t you all the clever ones with the ideas for bag bottoms.  All I have to do is ask, and YOU (the collective form) deliver.
Happy Saturday.  I’m off to get the cats their solar glasses for their viewing pleasure. NO worries as it is supposed to be overcast and cloudy in Wisconsin Monday.


There’s a fungus among us

DSCF2196How do you feel about mushrooms?  I don’t eat them, but I love a carved mushroom.  I have one that fireman made last year.  I really wanted another.  So Fireman taught Zach to carve with a chain saw.  Now I have a gorgeous reminder of father and son out my kitchen window.


I am no star baker, but my rookie attempt at Chocolate Chip cookies with the Mixmaster was a success.   Oh Mixmaster, I love thee.DSCF2199.jpg

Oh Cosmos, I love thee too.  A late summer flower here that just thrives on neglect.   I’ll be throwing more than one package of seeds in that area next year.

My knitting plans today : continue 2nd beaded bag work.  Anyone have an idea of how I can create a template or something for the bottom rounded part so it is firm?  Maybe cover a circle in felt or something to put inside?


When Beading and Bars Don’t Mix

DSCF1630Okay , first that’s a diet Pepsi!

Second, we needed to go to watch the Cub game.  We don’t get certain channels up here and you know how cheap I am.

Third, the beaded yarn keep rolling out of the bag.   It would have been comical to anyone at the bar,  had they not been drinking. But, no one even noticed.    Thanks Zach for the interesting photo.

*******DSCF2182.jpgMiss Pie says “hi”.  She’s a sunbather and she turns browner than black in the summer months.


While many of you are dreaming of sweater knitting,  I saw a pair of earrings that were on Knitty.com’s current patterns.  The pattern is called: What the World Needs Now.

There are, also, some very pretty earrings on Etsy at Plumelet’s shop.

I won’t be earring knitting, but I am continually amazed by the creativity of the needle and hook world.  So while some go big, some go little.


I added the Twiddle mitt link from LOVEKNITTING.com to my side bar.  Ignore the other stuff, I have to figure out how to take the ROLL off. 🙂


The update from my volunteer life is good.  I have become better at the computer.  My first newsletter went out to the 20 sponsors.  I managed new photos of each horse, with the exception of just one.  Thanks for all your encouragement.  (especially Teresa)




Beaded Evening Bag Finish


I have to thank Kim D.( Handeye blogfame)  for those amazing birthday flowers.  They are still stunning as they open more.  I’d love to do something with the rose petals.  Any ideas friends?  Thank you again Kim for such a beautiful gift.  They are on the IRISH table and I see them all day long.   My mom had a little rose garden and she had fresh roses on her kitchen table from June to October.  Kim, you make me smile thinking of my sweet mom.

Now for the FO:


Sorry about blurred photo. This bag deserves a sharp photo.  I have to get a minor thing fixed on my good camera, but until then it is my phone, which is an old version. and that has to do as my photomaker.

Beaded Evening Bag pattern by Needle’s N pins owner Doreen Marquart.  It is a three dollar pattern.  You can purchase it on Ravelry.  It is the ideal size for a coin purse and a cell phone.


If you can thread a needle you can thread beads.  I think if you have a grandchild that is old enough to want to help, this is a calming great activity.  My next beaded bag will be with Val’s yarn in Grassy colors.  DSCF2146 (1).jpg

I can’t ignore the elephant in the room.  I’m trying to think of all the great people I know who give their time as volunteers.  Knitters and crocheters and quilters are some of the kindest people I know.  I’m off to help at the Barn because it helps my community.  It helps me, too.

I am glad Channon (of pups and pearls)  jumped back into blogging before her beloved town was attacked last weekend.  Charlottesville is beautiful and I’m sending her love.

When Allison moved to  Virginia, Channon was the first to tell me she’d take her in if ever a crises. We have visited Channon and Mark and the pups twice.  She is proud of her C’ville.  Now,   her dog Sissy is sick at the same time.  Lots to bear.  She has given so much at her Junior League over many years.  Those strong ladies are no doubt already thinking of more ways to help their young ladies deal with this crises.  Hugs to you Channon.

Hugs to all of C’ville.

Birthday review: Over the Moon


I don’t know where to start really.  I had a wonderful 57th Birthday.  unnamed-8

These flowers were a total surprise.  Have I told you that when the doorbell

rings here, well it is usually the Jehovah Witnesses.  No one else really comes here unannounced.  So to have the FLOWER delivery was amazing.  This arrangement is glorious.  I LOVE the orange flowers.  My friend overwhelmed me with this gift.

And if I weren’t spoiled enough, just look at the prize package Kim D. sent me. Tiger Lily is a  Mrs. Crosby yarn.  I’ve never worked with it but it looks and feels knit worthy of a shawl.  The squish factor is superb.

Fireman and Zach did some woodworking for me.  I have one mushroom that Fireman carved last fall. I Really wanted another.  It was Zach’s first time with with a chain saw. All fingers remain intact.  Great birthday gift.

Al and Zach blew me away by getting me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I’ve never had one.  Well, that’s not entirely true. I bought one at a flea market that was very old and the bowl jumped off every time you tried to use it.   Picture butter flecks all over the wall and counter…….

I’ve been impatiently mixing with a hand mixer for my whole life.  Since I go into a sugar coma watching Great British Baking Show episodes, (while knitting of course) they decided I needed one.

There were other wonderful wishes and gifts and cards.  I missed my mom.  I told her last year that it was my birthday and we sang together to me.  I’m fine really, just one of those milestones.   I was with my sister last weekend in Minnesota and we shared very fun mom stories.

Finally, my sister has begun to paint again after a 30 year break.  She painted me a watercolor of an Irish cottage, with sheep!  I will show you soon.  That painting means to me: My Irish nana, my mom, my sister and all of you who share our sheepy connection.

Enough about me!  I loved your responses to yesterday’s Q and A.  Glad to know we all have that WORD that we misspell. I thought it was just me!

(I posted the link to twiddle mitts from loveknitting.com.  Ignore that blogroll thing, I have to take that off my sight later. Not sure how it got there)



Monday Q and A , August 14, 2017


*Macaroons- love ’em or leave ’em?

*Give us a good tip if you are going to BE the house guest-

*What’s your smallest circular needle size?

*What’s your favorite charity to knit, crochet or sew for?

*Dropped stitch patterns, love ’em or leave em?

*Does the fear of a shark keep you from ocean swimming?

*Name something you would never consider knitting-

*Someone is naming a yarn colorway for you…what are they calling the colorway?

*Name a cake you can’t resist

*Name a word you have trouble spelling…over and over :


My answers!

I love macaroons.  

If you are going to be the houseguest when you leave, strip the bed, bring the sheets and towels to the laundry room

My smallest circs are size 2 

My favorite charity to knit for is the MOTHER BEAR PROJECT, although i knit for many charities-

Dropped stitch patterns don’t really appeal to me .  

I am not the least bit afraid to swim in the ocean.

I would never consider knitting golf club covers.

The colorway named for me is: bluejeansandbandannas

I cannot resist Banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

Someday I hope to spell RESTAURANT correctly without any help. 










Charity Knits

DSCF2023So I have another Twiddle Mitt done in Paintbox by loveknitting.com.  The yarn was given to me for free to try from the company. It is very soft and not splitty.  Great for this type of project.

Al sent me a link to the PURPLE baby hat project started in Oklahoma.  They are  asking for thousands by Oct. 1 .  The have to be 6 inches high, I think, and washable. They must be purple.  The purple is to remind people about shaken babies and the danger shaking poses.

I used to remind parents that an innocent sibling could shake a baby.  I will knit a few with the purple left from Loveknitting.  I’ll do it to honor my mom, the woman who just loved babies.  Had 6 of her own, 10 grand babies and 6 foster babies.

IF you want to knit for charity, you might want to join in.   Just google Oklahoma purple baby hat request and the details are there.


Beads and Buds and Bounty


This beading stuff is very fun for me. I’m knitting a bag with  highland superwash sock yarn.  The yarn colorway is called  Beards and Mustaches which I won awhile back.  I love this yarn and  it has  been waiting for just the right project.    I knew it had to be my beaded bag base.  The beads are size 6 and were easy to thread.  I’m having fun with a technique that I’ve never tried.  I don’t seem to be in any hurry to make progress as long as I’m able to sit with the bag for a while each day.

I’ve been writing for the barn as they asked, and I’m getting better at the computer.  You were all right.  I’m getting it.  On my way home, I pass a great farm stand.

unnamed-6]ust look at these petunias.

Annuals mean summer to me.    The farm stand sells all kinds of fresh produce. They also make their own caramel corn, zucchini bread, banana bread, snickerdoodle cookies, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.   They sell honey that is the work of local bees.  Their corn is so sweet you can eat it raw.  Open every day from now until Halloween.   When I stop here I get enough food for a few days and I can skip the local grocery store.  It is a joy of summer that is new to me and I love it.

Do you have a summer farmstand?



Spoiled….so Spoiled by Vera


Vera went beyond spoiling me for our swap.  KIM!!! See my new bag. ?


And Yup, a smaller bag with a hummie on it!  Perfect for my current small

beaded bag project.  Maybe I wont mind weaving in ends with her colorful darling needles.  Um I had NO small stitch stoppers.  These are perfect for the size 2 needles I am working with for the bag .  Aren’t they so cute? And not likely to get lost in the house with those nice vibrant colors .

The felted bowl is beyond cute. It is going to “my” desk at the barn .  I plan to fill it with candies at all times.  Oh maybe not, then I’d only get to see it once a week or twice.

Vera, question: did You double the yarn on the round part and not on the base so it stands so nicely? unnamed-5

I was showered with two lovely Darling Clementine notebooks and sticky notes. I’m going to designate them for special jottings down.  Maybe a gratitude journal and a poetry journal.???


Tyg sent the cats treats and little mice to play with.  Pie killed the darling felt mouse and promptly carried it away to her stash hiding place.  As for the new dish towel, it was sorely needed.

What an amazing gift envelope Vera.  thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Gentle reminder others: you have till the eclipse to get your swaps in the mail.



Really?  This knit bikini is in a current issue of a knit magazine I leafed through at Barnes and Nobles yesterday.  There is so much wrong with this that I cannot begin the list. If you, however, are in the market for a bikini to knit….you know, in the event you would like to scratch yourself in sensitive areas while on the beach, this may be it.

Onto the yard:



This frog dial keeps very accurate time.  The previous owners left it here.  Oh simplicity, technology does not have you beat. DSCF2166.jpgI give you NEW growth.  New green growth and a flower on the way.  Hooray!  Perhaps the clematis are going to recover after all.


My cosmos are blooming.  I casually tossed them in the soil in May and forgot them.  They are looking smart next to my cheery zinnias. DSCF2171.jpgThis Could have been a wordless Wednesday, but all y’all know that I am nothing if not wordy!

Happy Wednesday pals. I’m off to read your blogs and leave comments.