On a Scale of 1 to 10


*Went to our County Fair yesterday. This young gal was sound asleep in the Dairy Barn with folks milling all around.  Her arm is in a cast.  I thought it was a sweet photo.  Would I lay next to a cow like that? um No never.  Scale of one to 10 , 1 being always, to 10 being never, that’s  10.

Cream puffs once a year at our county fair: 1 always

Carnival rides at the fair: 10. never

Knitting today, tomorrow and the weekend:  3.  More often than not!


Puppy Love from Afar

DSCF1950*This is a hummy photo taken through the screen .  Hence the fuzz factor.


No no no .  We did not get a puppy.  Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of our dear golden , Huck’s death.  If you’ve been here awhile you remember he was our PERFECT dog.   The neighbors got this puppy Sunday.  How lovely that we got to hug her on Huck’s anniversary.

Strangely, so strangely I am not wanting one.  Neither is Fireman…..altho from the looks of it he does.    My prayer is that she is a wild dog and crazy girl.  They are wild and crazy neighbors with one poorly behaved dog, so there is a chance.

Last night they must have been crate training. She howled and barked and whined pitifully for hours.  I turned on a fan and went to sleep. I was up at 0200 briefly, smelled a cigarette in the night air and then heard the yipping begin again.  Apparently potty training at night and back to the crate.

My answer to this is that if I ever got one, I wouldn’t.  I’d get two.  So I won’t say never.

But I am in a very happy place with the cats now.  Who- by the way- were all interested in the puppy and not the least bit hissy or phased.

Oh knitting!

I have decided on my Dee Fall KAL project. SO excited to tell you about it, but I’ll wait to the start date Sept 1!!!!  It took me over an hour to pick the pattern and yarn.  On line.  It was part of my Zach went back to Mexico therapy!  THanks DEE!



Little Green Apples and Bags


Second little beaded bag finished.

(stats: Val’s sockyarn in Grasses, with beads strung on.  Pattern: Doreen Marquart’s Beaded Evening Bag.   Took me about a week to knit it with all that was going on. Happy with finish rating 10! )

Do you read John Pavlovitz blog?.  He reposted a wonderful short article on having so many emotions with world events etc.  Look it up.  An Encouragement to Compassionate People.  

Zach went back yesterday.  I tried to say goodbye the day before and in an effort to skip the airport scene I make.  Didn’t work.  Love my kids like you all do too! Thanks for understanding.

I’m joining two blog parties.  Dee is starting the Fall fun knit along.  I have to get my project ready to cast on Sept 1.  I m thinking I’ll make a halloween evening bag.

I always participate in Kim’s Hunks and Chicks contest.  Did you know there is a new word for long haired men?  They are called Manpunzels.   Brilliant.  Kim runs great fun contests . Join us!



Last Q and A of August 2017

DSCF2002.jpg1- What is the smallest plane you have ridden in?

2-When was the last time you got a knitting compliment?

3- Will you share your cream puff at the county fair?  


4- Have you ever seen a horse take a nap in the stall?

5- Do you know someone who strictly knits for charity?

6- Name one thing you are looking forward to this week-

7-Do you text or talk on the phone more?

8-Have you ever gone to the kitchen for a middle of the night snack?

9-Can you knit something in an evening?

10-Do you get a new calendar now or in January?

My answers:
1. 4 seater.  My brother was the pilot.  Gosh we were young.  I was 20 and he was 25.  Flying over Lake Michigan.  Nuts.  I THINK my mom knew….

2.Zach gave me a big compliment tonight.  He told friends how nice it was that I have gifts that I can give him to bring to Mexico.  He said they will love a knitted gift.  I let him pick from my FO’s.  

3.I will NOT share my cream puff this year.  MINE ALL MINE

4.Another volunteer called me over to see a horse snoozing in the stall. I knew he was alive or she wouldn’t have been calm, but man he was OUT.  Soundly sleeping.

5. My friend Regina came over today.  She donates 100% of her knits to charity.  She’s a great person.  She told me Catholic Charities in Chicago has a place called LOOM where yarn is donated for immigrant women to use.  She donates yarn there, too.

6. I am really ready for Kim’s knitter Hunks and  Chicks to start taking nominations Tuesday.  One more thing: The county fair!  One more thing: sleeping on the porch some night. 

7. I text so much more than talk. Some of this is due to so many dropped calls here.  They say our summer population increases so we drop more calls. Can I have a refund then?

8. I’m horribly guilty of a midnight snack.  Usually jelly beans.

9. I could maybe knit a bulky cowl in one evening.  IN super bulky.

10.  I love new calendars.  I have a new one that goes august 2017 through July 31, 2018.  I like to move through the new year with the old calendar so I dont have to have two around during the transition. 

(If you are even close to harms way with the storm, I am praying for you! )


Random Saturday Knits

First, be safe my friends in the path of the hurricane. I’m praying for you.  unnamed-1

Saw this yarn braid at the yarn shop yesterday.  This was my Yarn Shop find on the way to our scheduled appointment.  I bought a skein of koigu which was not the color I thought I’d purchase for the next purse, but it is a nice blues skein.  One skein of Koigu is the perfect yardage for one beaded bag 175 yards.

So why the braid?  I just liked it and thought you’d enjoy seeing it. I braided Al’s hair all the time.


At the front counter someone was working on this garter project.  I do love the way the PAINT yarn changes colors sans the work of weaving in ends!  It was very soft yarn I must say.  ( I petted it while no one was looking) DSCF2326.jpg

I thought I was on to something with the candle.  I didn’t want to see Kim’s flowers die.  So as the petals fell I froze them in a glass jar.  Last night I lit a candle on top of the iced flowers and was thankful to Kim for the birthday flowers.  (again)  I think I’d freeze it a bit differently next time. May put a long candle in the water and petals before I freeze it.    Thoughts? DSCF2353I’m off to therapy…er the barn.  I love my boots.  They are from Leon , Mexico.  Zach gave them to me.  They are so comfortable. I love them.

Finally, I awoke with a song in my head and I have no idea why:
HOW ARE THINGS IN GLOCCA MORA? It is a fictional town in Ireland with themes of homesickness.  Ok, why did I wake up with this?  I know my mom is all around me.  I do miss her hugs so very much.  She would sing to me, “I’ll take you home again Kathleen”  and that is a wonderful Irish song too.

The Yarn Store

Just some farmers’ market photos for you.  Oh outdoor light, you make it so easy to photograph.   Little dog you look like a toy.  They named you Sugar.   I get it but I like a less obvious name.

So I was not going to have time to buy yarn in the next few days and I had settled on some claudia’s hand paint in my little tiny stash.  But then…..we realized we are going to a town with a yarn shop today.  NOT my fault.  I just automatically google an area I’m not used to ..

just to see if…

they have a yarn shop.

So I may be starting my next (3rd) bag in a different color.    Because, I need something to look forward to when Zach goes back. right?


Friends, you are indeed

DSCF1988Sometimes the road is long.  But there are flowers along the way.  If you are struggling today, I wish  the incline is not too steep for you.  I wish a breeze that comforts you.   We are not solitary beings.  We are meant to be here for one another.  Blog friends may be teasingly called pretend friends, but I know you are real.  Like penpals of old.  We share our lives and places and stories without much face to face , if ever.  My mom’s funeral card says

Pray for me, as I will for thee, that we may merrily meet in heaven.  (st. Thomas Moore)  Isn’t that just lovely?

So Zach has an instagram account now and you can view his best photos there if you so desire: zbfotografo  is the account.  🙂


Zach and I played a very quick game of chess at the coffee shop in Williams Bay. 

He beat me and he took photos at the same time!


I read a short article on blog photos today and using light better.  So the first time I tried this, I did it backwards.  Of course I did.  Here’s the second  attempt.  I took the cool knitted necklace and shot it with and without a white piece of paper to bounce light around. See how the first photo (From my old i phone) is so much less shadowish than the second one without the bounce board?

Zach’s going to give the necklace which you cannot see well ,at all,  here,  to his friend in Guanajuato who likes funky stuff!   I’m’ glad it is finally fighting its right home.


Tattoos , Tears and Tickets

DSCF2250I guess there is no way around it.  Next week my son goes back to work after a fantastic summer home with us.  I tell myself it is all good and I won’t cry.  I do find if I keep myself very busy the first few days after my adult kids return to their places, it helps. 

DSCF2196Helping with these guys helps me a ton.  Zach took some shots for us yesterday at the Barn.  I am not regretting that tattoo! 

DSCF2278 (2)Of course, my knitting gives me such joy that it is always a help.  Did you know tears won’t felt your yarn?  

I wanted my next beaded bag to be pink with copper beads, but I can’t get to the Yarn shop for a bit. So I found some Claudia’s Handpaint in my little stash.  I know I got it on clearance at Three Bags Full a year or so ago.  Did you know that sale yarn is just great yarn no one else wanted? 

I do have a lottery ticket for tonight’s draw.  If I were to win the millions, all my bloggy pals would get some great yarny gifts.    Did you know my brother in law, Steve, won a few thousand dollars from the Illinois lottery when it first started about 30 years ago?.  He spent it on a vacation to Mexico with his wife.  He died suddenly about a year later.  Carpe Diem !  

Beer and Sheep

unnamed-3I was certain I had to show you this tap pull because…..well sheep. 

Some of you may be starting to think all I do is hang out in bars and knit.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I was at the bar without my  knitting yesterday.  I really do not drink much.  Alcoholism in the family or origin is enough to make me ever aware of the genetic tendencies.  I do occasionally have a margarita and I ask for half the alcohol.  I wish I could pay half the price!   I’d rather eat my points anyhow.  


Progress on the little green beaded bag.  Loving it.  Planning the next one.  The Beads and random colors that come up keep my oddly entertained. I sat on the screened porch last night and watched Amy Beth the Fat Squirrel Speaks.  That was a very good night.

I’m trying to speak Spanish to Zach before he goes back to teach again.  So far I managed to leave him a message that translated :Dad is outside.  Two flies sucked him.  Remind me to use antibiotic cream.  His skin hurts.  (What I meant was: dad got stung by a bee.  Remind him to put on some antibiotic cream. )  

In other very exciting news, I need to vacuum today.  How about you? 

Monday Q and A, Eclipse day 2017


*Are you watching the Solar Eclipse today?

*What is the most expensive yarn you’ve heard of?

*What is the most difficult knitting technique that you have tried or won’t even try?
*Have you ever had a venus fly trap plant?
*Has a neighbor shared from their garden this year?

*Do you like to eat sunflower seeds?  (roasted, salted, chocolate covered? any ? All?)
*Which technique did I use for my beaded bag bottom?

*How many football fields of yarn yardage are you currently knitting a project with?

*A carnival and festivities were part of this weekend.  When was the last time you had a corn dog?

*Did you knit as much as you wanted this weekend, ? More than ? Less than?  DSCF2274(I used the margarine round lid technique. Cut off the sides . Covered in brown felt  PERFECT.  GOsh y’all are very smart!”

My answers:

  • I will watch the eclipse if it is not too cloudy.  I’m not going to watch it by looking at the sun, I’m going to watch it by looking at leaf shadows from the trees.  I’m not that smarty pants, my Botanic Gardens suggested it as a way to experience the eclipse.
  • I hear Vicuna yarn is around a dollar a YARD.
  • I won’t even try steeking.  Yikes.  It makes me shudder to think of it
  • Yes we have had venus fly traps.  They were quickly over fed.  Fun to watch the leaves close, ugly to watch them rot
  • Yup. My neighbor brought me two cucumbers from her hydroponic deck garden.  They were watery.
  • I love sunflowers.  All kinds.
  • I am using 150 yards of yarn for my current beaded bag.  So a football field and a half more or less
  • I haven’t had a corn dog in years. I really would love one.
  • I knit a bit less than I would have liked.  The fact that I took a huge nap yesterday was my own fault.  Hoping to knit quit a bit today!~