When Friends Don’t Let Friends Bail

DSCF4527I am working on gift fingerless today.  (Urban Fox colorway)   

Easy peasy no thinking no counting no measuring.  

However, last night the knit police were out in force.  Ahem, Karen and Allison via text.   I was trying to move on with the Pure and Simple vest.  It really  is a lovely pattern and I love the yarn. 

Tired, plus, more than 4 hours of knitting equaled poorly picking up the neck and front bands.  I told Karen and AL via text that I may crochet the edge. 

They were having NONE of it!  Texts of ” NO!” “Work the problem” 

Watch this link”  “You can pick up, you do it all the time with the log cabin”

and then the aha moment for me :”Block before you do the bands” …

Oh! Now that made sense.  So did the video.  So it is blocking.  

And I’m certain they are correct.  I can do this. It is possible.  ….

I think….

Who are your knit police?  Pat them on the back today!  Or buy them a donut !

Monday Nov. 6 2017 Q and A

DSCF4528(Good morning Sun)

*What is the farthest you’ve gotten on a project this year, only to end  up ripping it out?

*Can you remember the most expensive yarn you have purchased? .

*If you  brew your own coffee, what brand do you use? 

*Do you have gifts left to make for the coming Holiday Season?

*Thinking about the last week, what was your favorite dinner? 

*What’s your favorite brand of blue jeans?

*You have to give one up tomorrow, for a day : television, computer or phone?

*Favorite breed of dog or cat?

*How many blankets did you sleep under last night?

My answers

*I just ripped out an entire hat because it fit terribly.  The last one I showed you, the twisted rib hat.   I can’t stand when a hat doesn’t fit well.  It was a quick knit, and I recovered all the yarn so, a good rip!  The next hat I knit will have a good brim that is doubled.

*I remember thinking I was paying a lot for some Lorna’s Laces Mineshaft for a throw many years ago.  We still have the throw and it is soft and lovely.  I paid over a hundred dollars for the yarn.  5 skeins of it at about 21 dollars a skien.  I was a newer knitter and it felt risky.  🙂

*Fireman likes Collectivo, (regional brand)  but it is pricey. I like any  Mexican coffee that Zach brings me.

*I have a pair of fingerless to finish.    Other than that, I have knitted up the rest of the fingerless gifts already.

*Favorite dinner: No contest. Fireman made crepes.  Filled with roasted vegetables and low salt ham.  mmmmmmm. So savory.

*Best blue jeans: Old Navy Curvy .  They fit me well, they are cheap. It was Al’s suggestion and it was a good one.

*I’ll give up that noisy TV anyday.

*Dog: Golden retriever or German Shepard.  Cat: Maine coon!

*The thermostat goes down to 65 at 10 pm every night.  We slept with a down comforter and a quilted bedspread on last night.  I’m sad to say the windows are closed and we can’t hear the fox and coyotes now singing their night song……but we are in the 30s for temps……




The Beaver Moon

DSCF4520I’ve divided for the fronts and backs on my vest.  Loving this so far.  Thinking i can find HORSE buttons for my buttons.  Maybe ……

Love the Malabrigo Rios Feel.  Don’t mind the subtle dying variations. 


Here’s all I got for you of the moonrise last night. In and out of clouds.  

So, we never know how we will effect people…

I don’t like to talk too much about my weight struggles.  We’ve all got them.  There are times we succeed and times we don’t.  We live in the land of cheap, quick and easy donuts that taste amazing.    I now live in Dairyland.  

Anyhow, as I was in the grocery checkout yesterday, my checker, says to me, (at the Piggly Wiggly, ( because we find fat pork amusing in Wisconsin)
(Their shirts say OINK if you are a local)

She says to me, “You know you inspired me and I joined weight watchers.  I’ve lost 6 pounds.  I love the program”  I was so happy for her.  She was really proud of herself.  Then she told me that she had no idea her daily roll of mentos candy was 1/4 of her points for the day.  

So sometimes it is just about cheering each other on.  And it feels good. 

Note to Self:

DSCF4315Progress is being made on my vest, but not enough to show you.  I hope to divide for the back and fronts today.  

So, I’ll give you some horse goodness.  And a quick  story.

I had a routine , (Normal result!) mammogram on Halloween.  As you may know, they now place stickers on your breasts and nipples over moles and the like.  No big deal.  It was a quick xray. 

After being out and about most of the Day, I realized about 10 pm that I had forgotten to take the stickers off my chest.   I basically walked around with boob stickers on all day.  Note to self, take stickers off before putting clothes back on. 


My Daughters Stash, My Son’s 27th


Ta Dah!  I give you Al’s new yarn stash cabinet.  Her and a friend lugged it upstairs after she rented a truck and bought it at a resale shop.  To my knowledge there is none underneath, so it is a very manageable stash.  

So yarn goodness displayed, and cats cannot get at it!  Win win!


Happy Happy Day of the Dead.  The above is Zach’s photo and all his rights are reserved! Today is Zach’s birthday.  Honore gave me a great idea for celebrating his far away day.  I’m going to text him during waking hours each hour on the 27th minute !  Just a happy Birthday photo or note.  


This will be one of his Happy Birthday messages.  🙂 



Good News November

DSCF4490I’m into the14 inches of straight stockinette on my Knitting Pure and Simple Vest.  I’m in heaven.  I love straight stockinette.  The vest is knit in one piece bottom up, until you get to the arm holes.  I’ve never added a button band after I knit the body, but this is how this particular pattern is written.  I’m days away from that anyhow.  I’m hopeful. 

DSCF4481Haha . I felt great about this hat, too.  Know what?  Even blocked I had to just admit a mistake.  I need a hat with negative ease.  I like  a hat to hug me.  

End of knit content.

Customer Service:

Here’s my good news!  Here in the land of dropped calls, it is getting cold.  Here in the land of dropped calls, most conversations are finished with….a dial tone. Which is hysterical because there is  no dial anything anymore. 

I have to go outside to ASSURE I can speak to my family and dear friends.   My 3 dear friends from High School are in crises with their parents and the like.  I answer their phone calls.   And guess what?  I, like you, pay an astronomical amount in fees and the like for dropped calls. 

I start calls by saying, “when the call is dropped, I’ll call you bacK”  This saves us the additional aggravation of both trying to call each other back …..you hear me!

Well, winter is coming.  I do not want to go outside to talk to my loved ones and have to come in with frost bite.  

So I put pen to paper, metaphorically, and wrote the Secretary to the Board of Directors of my carrier.  I addressed the envelope to the Board, but I wrote the letter inside to their Secretary.  If you read the fine print, it says all correspondence is reviewed by the Executive Secretary before going to the Board.

I mailed the letter and last night, 6 days later, I got a call from the company .  Executive Relations lady assured me they didnt’ want to lose us after 8 years .  She waived our bill for a month.  She is sending an extender which will arrive in a month and she apologized for the delay.  The extender is going to be free also.  

SCORE!!!  Because , as I like to say, the savings…well, that’s a lot of yarn.  It also feels good to be heard.  I guess having served on a Board of Directors in a teeny tiny operation at the shelter, I learned something.   So, my friends, write the Board. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the customer.    And in this case, they listened and I felt heard. 🙂 




Happy FUN Halloween 2017

unnamedWhat’s spooky about this? Only the fact that this photo FELL out of a poetry book I picked off  my shelf yesterday .  This is the ONLY costume I made for my kids.  Fireman did the rest.  (pillow case + handcut stencil)  Hi HUCK!!!  Zach wanted to be MONEY For Halloween in 1999. 



Here’s Allison at work today.  Can you guess her costume? ? I;ll reveal it in the comments.  haha.


For those of you who just like Pumpkins, here you go.  

Knitting: I’ve cast on a vest!!!  Using malabrigo Rios in Coco .  I’m in the meditative stage I love: 14 inches of stockinette….

Finally, here’s a scary thought:  Al wants to know how you tell someone who asks you to knit something for them, that you don’t want to.  DO you have a trick?  


Sweet Monday Q and A


Have you ever had Milky Way cake?

Have you ever had blueberry cookies with cardamom?

Have you seen Sugar Knits Chunky Moss Cowl on Ravelry?

Do you like a malted milkshake?

Do you like chocolate covered coffee beans?

That’s it for the sweet questions today!


Fireman and I found a new place to hike today.  There were pretty bluebirds flying about.  We also found a cool old cemetery in Lake Geneva.  It was not spooky! DSCF4468.jpg

You can see the Lake from the grounds.  DSCF4475

And this woman must have loved her role as Grandma.  Look at her headstone.  Aint that sweet?

(My answers to the first 5  is yes. )


Hat Finish

DSCF4455Ann Norling’s Spiral Hat.  I have to block it.   I made the small adult version.  Does blocking a hat work? I think I read something about blowing up a balloon and blocking on it.   I must have a bigger head than I thought! 

I THINK the yarn is Everyday DK …..Honestly, I cannot find the tag. 

I spent this Saturday morning watching kristyglassknits you tube called:  TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RHINEBECK SWEATER 2017.   Some of these knitters just started knitting this year and they are showing off these amazing sweaters!

I found it very fun to watch.  None of them were itching and scratching as they spoke.  There must be a shred of hope in there for me.   Many of them used the M word.  (Math)  

While watching it, I decided that learning to knit, for me, was like learning a very foreign language.  It has taken me years to get the hang of it all.  I’m not 100% sure I speak fluent knitting, but I have come a long ways from pattern intimidation and impulse yarn purchases I later regret. 

Now Im off to get under the Log Cabin in progress.  It is nice to have it be a bit bigger and it warms me as I knit. 





NO Knitting News Today, BOO

unnamed-3*For Meredith and everyone who is working in tough jobs!!!


*This ghost graced the Fun Run 5K walk.

*Last weekend, I decided to rip the remaining carpeting out of the desk areas of the house.  We wondered how the floor was underneath because the wood we had exposed was going in to different directions.  Look at how they cleverly made the herringboned join.  (below)

It was hard physical work.  I would not let Fireman help of course.  This made him crazy.  I was BONE tired after 6 hours.  It is just scut work, and I can do it.  But, my body felt it!  Fireman did go and buy me an almond raspberry scone mid day.  I felt I could indulge the points for all the labor.  So it wasn’t all bad!  unnamed-4