Great News


* sent me their Paintbox chunky yarn collection to try. The yarns are 100% acrylic. ( I see more Twiddle Mitts Do you?)  The yarn is very soft.  It is nothing like the acrylics of the 1990s.  I know this because I have a thing or two I crocheted for my kids when they were born.  One was a baby bunting, which thankfully was worn by Zach in winter with many  layers between him and the scratchy stuff.

*Speaking of Twiddle Mitts, dear Debbie sent me two more for the Chicago Nursing home that asked for 30 mitts.  I am almost there, just 3 more to go.  One is on my needles now with the Paintbox colors .

Debbie has a knack for these mitts.  Just look at the colors, and twiddles .  Sadly, I think it is because her father (daddio she calls him) also has memory issues.  I also think, she is wildly creative. She sent me some of her luscious soap with the mitts.  Some more of you are working on mitts and it just makes my world seem beautiful.  Thanks.  Thanks.. Thanks.DSCF1977*Finally, something great was announced yesterday.  I Know I’m’ all baseball World Champion Chicago Cub blah blah at you, but listen;  The Cubs decided to give Steve Bartman a World Series ring.  He was a great fan who reached for a ball many seasons ago , and caught it.  Some argued he got in the way of the play.  The game was a post Season one and the Cubs went on to lose that game in a big way.  This poor guy was all but lynched and it was not in a very Loveable Loser fan way.  It was  awful.  Ugly. Sad.

But the Cubs decided to right that wrong yesterday.

When I read this announcement yesterday I  felt the world,  on its crazy axle, just righted itself a bit.   Now That’s Cub.


Monday Q and A, July 30, 2017

DSCF1974*Best news of the weekend is…….

*Do you remember Mexican jumping beans? 

*Does knitting a shawl sometimes feel like knitting a blanket?

*Have you ever gone under a tipped canoe and had a chat? 

*Did you know horses like to eat peppermints?

*The last thing I was tempted to purchase, but didnt’…..

*Are the new school supplies out yet by you?  How does that make you feel? 

*Give me a detail…any  tiny detail of summer

*You are getting a box of yarn in the mail two  skeins ….what color/(s) do you want it to be?

*Have you gone so far as to unbuckle your seatbelt and search for a lost hook or needle during a car ride?  (you are the passenger of course) 

Let the silliness ensue:

My answers:

Best news of the weekend: hands down….. Kim’s Cria baby was born today.  I’m over the moon about it.  Fireman thinks the photos of the cria are awesome.  I’m so happy for Kim, who lost both mom and baby alpaca last year.  This year, she has a healthy Alpaca mom and baby . Way to go Tink the momma. 

I do remember Mexican jumping beans.  Mostly I remember feeling sorry for the worms as they couldn’t get out and were getting hot.  Fireman finds this hysterical.  He never ONCE worried about the worms.  I was a worrier from the get go.  This did not stop me from getting them jumping tho-

My current shawl feel like a blanket because it is taking so long. But… I love it. 

I do remember banging my head on the canoe seat a few times before getting up and under the water.  It was really fun to chat with the canoe over my head.  If you’ve never done this, I know you are lost…..

I know now that horses love peppermints.  I bring them to the barn for them.  Mmmmm.  

-The last thing I passed up as a purchase was a really darling purse I saw today at an art fair.  It was made from blue jeans and 100% adorable.  I just couldnt part with 55 dollars for it.  The vendor would not come down in price at all.  If she had even come down 5 bucks, I’d have it in my possession now.  Oh well!  

oh those darn school supplies are out.  I hate seeing them.  I get  a stomach ache just going near that aisle and I have NO ONE in school anymore except a son who teaches.  

-My tiny detail: When the hummingbird goes to the feeder I can see the water move as he drinks. It puts a little wiggle in the water. 

My two skeins of yarn that magically appear in the mail are the following colors;  very pink and navy blue mixed together is one skein, the other is just pink. 

of course, just the other day the crochet hook insisted on jumping out of my hand as we drove to a friend’s house.  I absolutely got under the seats and looked for the dang thing.  I had to give up. As soon as I opened the truck door after we arrived in our friends’ driveway, the hook jumped out of the car and laughed at me.  

Hope you had fun today!! Monday  Q and A . I’m never quite sure what will come off the keyboard, but something always does!




DSCF1848(Just rolling for fun) 

*I was alone last night while the men in the house went to the World Champion Chicago Cubs game in Milwaukee.  The first thing i did, was have a good little cry.  Suddenly, I missed my mom.  Grief catches me by surprise.  But, it is all just part of the process.  I felt good afterwards.  One of the things my mom would say, “Just let it all out, it is o.k.” 

*Time was spent knitting on the lace portion of the shawl.  Time was spent adding twiddle things to mitts.  Time was spent chatting with Al when she called after work.  THAT was fun. 

*There was an unexpected fireworks display that I could see from my porch. 

*I had to twist something up in my brain that was bothering me.  I figured out a way.  I discovered that if Zach lived in Alaska he’d be farther away than when he lives in Mexico.  Somehow that comforted me. 

*Then I took out a good book on perfectionism, and found my new quote to live by:  Apparently the Sioux say that when you die, the first thing you ask yourself after your death is, “Why was I so serious?” 

Seriously, I’ve been way too serious lately.  So here’s to a Saturday of seeking laughter and the beauty that is so clearly all around me.   How do you do that? 

Wonderful Offers

unnamed-5Sharing our gorgeous sunset last night.  This was taken from the moving car, on my old i-phone camera.  Not the perfect focus, but I actually like the softness.

DSCF1867I have a bit of good news.   I was approached by to try some of their yarns.  I checked into it a bit more, and it sounds like a lovely offer.  I asked them to send chunky washable yarns for the Twiddle Mitts.

I just finished more Mitts.  This makes 25 total.

I’m working with someone from LoveKnitting to add Twiddle Mitt instructions to the charity knitting section of their on line sight.   Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to spread the word?  I hope it works out.

Onward and Upward

*Zach’s guitar teacher Rich always left our house saying, Onward and Upward . Now that Zach is with us for a bit, I get to hear him playing the guitar again.  I love it.  I need to send Rich a note and tell him that his teaching fills our home with music again. 

*My Shawl is getting there!  I worked on the lace section row 1-8 last night.  I am thrilled with the colors.  

*The Cubs are in first place.  We are not as good as last year, yet.  Zach says I must say the WORLD CHAMPION CHICAGO CUBS are in first place.  We must say WCCC as often as possible.  While we still have the Trophy.  

Have a wonderful day.  Today is about as perfect as the weather can be for July 27th.  Sunny, no humidity, a light breeze and 73 out.  Tis a good day indeed. 

Bird and Clematis Troubles

Fireman heard this little oriole hit the window.  He’s learned since we have moved to the country, that a bird little head can recover.  I swear he spent half an hour outside or more, guarding it.  His brother, Steve, nursed a pigeon back to health when Fireman was a child.  They named the pigeon White Feather and the family story goes like this:   White Feather recovered and bonded with Steve.  Apparently, White feather flew along side Steve, to school each day.  So, I told Fireman to have a good chat with Steve while he tended to the bird.  (Steve died at the age of 34 when Fireman was only 27) The little bird was hopping and flying short distances later in the afternoon.  (There are many hawks and neighborhood cats who could easily make a meal of the oriole)  Some wild animals develop a capture myopathy of the heart and die after apparent recovery.  I think our oriole will be fine.  

DSCF1854For those of you who never had a cheese curd, oh my they are good. Smooth cheese in a little chunk that has a delightful squeak to it when you chew it.  Here in DAIRYLAND we love our cheese curds.  We don’t even have to deep fry them to enjoy them.  Although, many do!


I stopped at the nursery where I purchased my Clematis,  for more help.

Isn’t their petunia TREE amazing?  So, I brought photos as they asked, and they think the plants just got too much water what with our recent drenching rains. Clematis can be fussy they said.  I was told to cut off any crunchy dead leaves and prune the woody vine back until I saw some green.  So, I did.  I have hope. I am not to water them more than once a week.  I should watch for new growth and possible feed some fertilizer to encourage that new growth. 

In case you came by for knit news, I’ve got some!  I’m onto the charted portion of the shawl and I’m liking it.  I also finally got to change to the multi colored skein of yarn.  Gray and only gray was getting dull.  

I took a chart reading class once long ago. I did remember it helps to print the chart into  a larger copy for ease of reading.  That is really helping me. 

Happy Wednesday.  Wishing you happy plants, happy wildlife and happy knitting. 





Still Tinking Back

Well, I have no shawl news to show you.  I have very long rows now, and a mistake takes quite a bit of time to TINK back and correct.  To my great astonishment, I’m not bugged by it at all.  I’m secretly afraid of the next part of the shawl, the LACE part.  

I have to show you the cow from the tiny little Creamery farm nearby.  She gave the milk that made the curds !  I have 4 day old curds in my fridge.  You cannot imagine the taste.  I will be returning to this tiny establishment that sells their tiny batches of cheese to high end dining places.  A fun mom and pop place. 

unnamed-2I’m crocheting a Twiddle mitt.  It is my mindless project.  The colors are deeper and more lovely than this image shows.  I will have 3 more mitts done and 5 to go to meet my obligation to the Memory Center in Chicago. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday.  May all your troubles be little ones.  (my mom liked to say that)