Thanksgiving Week Q and A 2017

DSCF4083(turkeys in my yard)

1) Do you knit anything from memory without a pattern?

2) What is your healthy goal for Thanksgiving through New Years Eve ?

a) Lose a few pounds

b) Gain under 5 lbs

c) Maintain your current weight.

3)Have you ever given up on a yarn?

4) When you take a road trip, where do you stop for a snack or a meal?

5) What is your favorite state to drive through? 

6) Does anyone polish silver anymore?  

7) Do you own a knit themed coffee mug?

8) You have been asked to knit a scarf for a movie. What movie do you want your scarf in?

9) Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?

10)Something you are thankful for today….

My answers:
1) I can knit plain socks top down, from memory

2) My goal:: Maintain my weight

3) I gave up on a handspun yarn today.  I purchased it about a year ago. I tried to knit with it today. Um no.  It has zero give.  I will used it to crochet an edge someday.  I’d rather fight this yarn with a crochet hook than needles.

4) Lately we stop only for coffee and make our snacks before we go.  Gone are the days when we stopped at McDonalds.  As much as I’d love to, there are too many points in everything I like there.  So we don’t even tempt me!

5) My favorite state to drive through is…….Nebraska. I love the plains.

6) I remember my mom and grandma getting out the silver to polish before all family Holidays and big events.  We don’t own any silver.  I don’t know who has my mom’s silver and my grandmas.

7) I had a knit coffee mug with stockinette on it, but I broke it.

8) I’d want my scarf in a CHRISTMAS Carol movie.

9) Mayo!

10)I’m thankful for the sun that finally showed up today after  a whole lot of cloudy days here .  It was cold, but sunny!! So it was beautiful .



SNOW!!! First Snowfall of Winter 2017-2018

DSCF4689Good Morning!  I awoke to big puffy snowflakes floating down in a steady stream to the ground.   I think it is beautiful.  

Here are my Saturday thoughts:

*The above yarn is a treat that I got myself.  I have never tried Beaverslide Dry Goods Yarns, but Amy Beth (Fat Squirrel) is always chatting them up.  This is Worsted  Weight Winter Rosehip.

While it may be a treat for me to knit with,  (and it is) this will be a yarn that becomes a gift.   That’s the fun of new yarn.  We get to USE it while we knit, enjoy it and then, perhaps, give it away!

I met two retired nurse pals for lunch yesterday.  Joany is a great knitter and she told me of a place to donate yarn.  Apparently North Lawndale High School in Chicago has been teaching knitting to get kids off the streets and instill calm.  One student even sells the things she knits!  This is their address if you wish to donate, 

1615 South Christiana Avenue, Chicago , Il 60623.

Perhaps there is a school near you that does something similar? 

Because it is almost the Season, I also want  to shout out that is continuing her Virtual Advent Tour.  She asks bloggers to write one post about whatever you are celebrating, any denomination, what you are enjoying and what you are seeing that brings you Holiday joy.  I signed up for two dates. You can pick your date or she will assign you a date.  I’ve never done this, but would like to participate this year. 

Finally,  good news.  Fireman is 6 weeks out and feels totally normal again after his rib fracture.  Thanks for all the blog concern!  Wishing you moments of peace this weekend.






I Love this hat finish.  I combined some hat characteristics I like and came up with this warm, winter hat for me.  I wanted a slouch hat that would still be very warm around my ears. 



Knit in Malabrigo Rios yarn.  Colorway is Illusion.  

I cast on 96 sts and knit 1 by 1 rib for 5 inches on size 9 needles.  Then 

I went up to size 11 needles and knit stockinette for 5 1/2 inches. 

I then started the TRIANGLE hat top finish that I took off another pattern. 

(You divide the stitches by 4, and place markers.  Before each marker you K2 tog and after each marker you Ssk)  Switch to double points when you need to .  When you have less than 12 stitches, pull through to secure top.

That’s all. Now I have a pretty and very warm doubled brim hat for Winter 2017-2018.  



When Pretend Families Meet


Please sing along: (Sesame Street Style)
One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…

Did I confuse you?  I had the  absolute joy of meeting Mere’s husband and oldest sons at the Bears Game Sunday!  

Meredith’s family was in for a family event.  She mentioned the guys were going to the Bears/Packers game Sunday.  I was overjoyed!  We were going too!  I hadn’t been to a Bears game, or any football game for over 30 years.   The stars were aligning…

She exchanged seat numbers with me and I snuck up behind them and hugged them like a crazy woman.  I did. I hugged and hugged them.  They are real fans!  They were paying attention to the game, but they indulged me and it was wonderful to be meet Mere’s grown up men.  They are all so handsome!~ 

If you saw the game on TV it was raw and raining and cold outside.  No weather for our Lil Buddy to be out in.  So the stars aligned in another way, and while Mere and Lil Buddy and I did not actually meet, we came close!  So close. 

I gave Lil Buddy’s dad the security appropriate clear gallon bag with two little presents for that adorable boy.   He loves to cook with his daddy so I got him a cupcake coloring recipe book and a fake snake.  Here’s hoping he got out of the stadium with them!  

Someday I will meet that amazing woman that we all know as Meredith and her inspirational son, Lil buddy.  For now, meeting the rest of her family was a real win! 

Early Mornings Because…..

unnamed.jpgWe had to go back to Illinois twice in the last 3 days.  Yesterday we brought Miss Pie in for a dental day.  While we were there,  we met dear friend  and old neighbor Karen R for lunch.  Karen is an amazing knitter and teacher.  Just look at her Butterfly shawl. 

Fireman asked her, ‘Why all the stitch markers? ”  Good question Fireman!  He IS  paying attention to my obsession knitting.   Karen, Al and I keep a text thread going many nights and although I moved over a year ago, when I get together with Karen, no time has passed.   Her hubby Tom is going through Chemo , so please pray he heals quickly and completely!!  


This is how the last few mornings have begun.  Monday we were off early to get to the barn.  What a cool view.  I have to remember this is a November joy.  There is beauty in this view I think. DSCF4647

And this was yesterday morning’s view of the nearby golf course after sunrise.  

More on the early rise this past Sunday for the Chicago trip to the Bears/Packers game.  But for now: I give you Miss PieDSCF4653

Long story short: 4 year old sight challenged Pie, had a dental done yesterday with full xrays and 3 sore teeth pulled.   See her little shaved area for her IV? She also now has a significant loud heart murmur.  I trusted my beloved Veterinarian pal Kristine with the whole thing yesterday. 

Kristine called an hour after we dropped her off to inform us that the anesthesia could have added risk now that  she discovered Pie  has a murmur. I have worked alongside Kristine when I volunteered in the Operating Room for the Shelter for years.   She is a gifted surgeon, she has an intuit that is remarkable.  

Given  the fact that Pie was swallowing food (hard kibble) without chewing it and her breath could knock 3 horses over, I told her to proceed.  Fireman was nervous, I was not.  

Pie sailed through it. We were given her 3 teeth, but AL says its it gross to show them to you.  For sure the tooth fairy will be coming soon,  to Pie.   We got her home and she gobbled down a can of food despite her stitches in her mouth.  If you have cats (many of you do!) you can look up Feline Oral Resorptive lesions and find out more about cats and tooth and gum decay.  

For some cats this is an immune response, and it is likely she will have more tooth loss in the future.  She’s an odd little thing but we adore her.  She also must have been reading about Giroux while I’ve been sleeping at night, because she was a champ in the CAR!  Not a peep out of her!  This is new for Pie! 

What should the tooth fairy bring?  (The vet gave us toothpaste and a little brush already…..) 





Something’s In the Air

DSCF4587Oh the benefits of an early sunset.  We are new here, but there is a lot of harvesting being done all at once ;  we think the air has more particles in it lending to prettier sunsets.  

 I have to tell you that I was up early the other day…as in 0300 briefly…and I saw the sliver of the moon rising and it was gloriously pink.  There was no way I was dragging this body downstairs to get the camera, so you have to trust me, it was brilliant.  Did anyone else see it a few days ago?   Would it also be pink due to the air particulates?  

images.jpegThis is  an idea I’d like to copy.   We have the old front door of our Glenview house.  We saved it when we put the new door on, for just this type of photo frame.  It is sitting in the garage here and I hope that Fireman will work on it soon.   He’s healing well, thank you all, and I ‘d like to keep him busy during this.. week 5 ….of rib healing.   I’m trying to keep him off his bike another week.  The PT told him he could get back on the bike carefully a week ago.  Sigh.  I overrule…

As for knitting goals this week:  I’m switching between a hat, mitt two of another fingerless gift, and the Log Cabin.   It has gotten very cold very quickly and my needles are busy busy busy.  Knitting is in the air!



Q and A , 11/13/2017


*When were you last in a big city? 

*What handknit did you wear this weekend?

*Do your pets sit by the heating vents, radiators or the like when it is cold in the house?

*How do you keep track of the knits you’ve created and what yarn was used?

*Does anybody have that Norman Rockwell scene around the Thanksgiving table anymore? 

*Do you have a small batch recipe that works? 

*How are your hands holding up ?  Chapped?  

*What are you missing about summer? 

*When was the last time you went through a security line?

*Does your family have a secret family recipe? 

Have fun . Answer any or all. My answers in the comments!