Happy Tuesday


So Christmas was fun.  (Today’s my snif snif day. They go back to their own lives today)  But just look at the shirt and bag Zach brought Al from Mexico.  Shirt translates: Without Women There is No Revolution. IF you look close the woman on the shirt is nursing her child with empowerment.

And that bag? It is so mine when she’s tired of it.  I adore it. So does she. There was that flurry of paper and joy and cinnamon french toast (made in the crock pot no less) all morning. DSCF5303.jpgThen there was the “why did we eat so much ?” Followed by “What’s for dinner?”
(brisket, and it was fantastic)


Allison found time to knit yesterday.  I was busy looking at patterns for my new cast on.  I’ll cast on for’mother therapy’  later after they’ve left.  She’s knitting the ANTLER hat.  She has made quite a few of these hats.

Her nail polish was brought by Mrs. Claus.  It is Artic  Fox by OPI.

Big news. I GOT YARN!!!! (Yeah, my incredible son found yarn for me in Mexico! and my knitgirl Al found yarn for me in Oklahoma, and Fireman found yarn for me online!!!)

One more amazing tidbit:  Al got us a kettle that keeps the water at pour over coffee temps all day.  It is Elechomes High Efficiency electric kettle in light seaglass green.

Oh, and one more thing: one of our candles lit the candle holder on fire during our party on the 23rd. Thankfully I was standing where I saw it get outta control. I was really calm, ” Ugh, Troy, TROY! we have a little fire….” it was on the mantel and no harm but he got up and blew it out.  Geez, maybe NO flames in the house in 2018.  Im loving the fake candles anyhow.

Wait one more thing. AL needs a new laptop.  She wants to hear what you use that is not a Macbook and how you like it.  She doesnt need a million bells and whistles. Thanks.




Merry Christmas 2017

I wish you a wonderful Christmas.  !!1 I hope the whole week is wonderful .  I do love the week between Christmas and New Years.  We are looking at a high of 12 tomorrow.  But we have snow!  DSCF5262

Here’s a nice holiday story:
I helped some friends of ours, get their visitor cat into a shelter this week.  They had been feeding this sweet boy for 6 weeks.  He became more and more friendly with them.  They already have 2 cats. For many reasons, taking him in was not an option. When they had us for dinner last week, I offered to get the ball rolling with the shelter I used to be a volunteer with in Illinois.

They were able to find out he was not microchipped.  They scoured the online community to see if anyone was missing him.  Sadly it seemed no one was.  They took him to their vet and had him neutered.  Then they got him an electric bed and let him stay in their garage post op.  TODAY, he was accepted into the shelter.  He’s already in a foster home.  I’m very grateful to Heartland for taking this guy in.  With these low temps he was going to be struggling this week. Instead he’s in a wonderful foster home and will be up for adoption very soon.  I thank Maribeth and John for giving him food, shelter and love for the last 6 weeks. Maribeth said she cried after they left him today.  Someone’s going to adopt one wonderful loving cat boy.



We had some tequila and it tasted festive.  Tonight we will  have brisket.  My sweet friend Abby makes the best brisket.  DSCF5256.jpg


Lastly:   unnamed-5Here s a little Knitting for the Christmas Knitter in you.  Al knitted this cute hat is a malabrigo pattern Alfajor.  This is a spud and chloe yarn.  She says it was fun and fast.  She blocked it over a plate actually.

Here’s our gift to you: Allison will be our guest Book blogger for 2018.  She is planning on posting Twice a Month  on Tuesdays.  She will talking books and reading.  If an article is worthy, she’ll let you know.  We are hoping there is a lot of interest between knitters and readers.   We are calling it TUESDAY TEXT TIME.

(Text as in body of literature not cellular communication)

It’s going to be very fun.





So it is snowing!  I love a White Christmas.

* I have a mom memory that I love.  She is in her white long puffy down coat, outside on the cold porch with snow coming down, and she’s having her cigarette.  I know the whole smoking thing is complex, but for my mom it was her moment of peace in the day.  She smoked outside because my father wouldn’t let her smoke around him after his bypass surgery.

She did it out of love.  It could be below zero and she’d go out there.  The poor anxious mom who worried all day all the time, and still found time to love us to pieces, to a moment of calm when she lit up.   She tried and tried to quit.  Her nurse daughter and grand daughter loved her enough to say, just keep smoking.  It isn’t what got her in the end, anyhow.  Love you mom! Merry Christmas.


*Okay thanks for letting me talk about my mom on my first Christmas without being able to hug her.  But she’s here in a million ways.  Right down to the shower cap I sent my sister.  My mom had 5 girls with ridiculously thick long hair.  She had an abundance of shower caps in our bathrooms.  So I sent one to my sis and she knew exactly why!

*So how are you doing?

We broke a Christmas mug yesterday.  (no biggie.  They are 35 years old, it happens)

We got a little tipsy, after the party.  We played Trivial pursuit. I clearly was underslept with two small kids in the 90s .    I only got one question right.

Fireman and I got a little goofy with the vacuuming before the party: Al was going to hide the vacuum if we took it out one more time before guests arrived.  We thought we were very relaxed…..

I hearby declare the Aldi Spiral sliced ham was delicious and very comparable to a HONEYBAKED HAM  which costs about 4 times as much.

I’ll end it there today.  Wishing you a wonderful EVE.  You guys are the best.


Ready ….set….GO


Santa best not steal my gloves.  I finished them! The beautiful stocking was stitched by my thoughtful mother-in-law years ago.  We think of all the love she put into everything she did for us, and we treasure our stockings. ( And ,mine is the best one.)

Now for a fun one: DSCF5232.jpg

So at one point I had 7 needles going at a time because I refused to put the waiting stitches on yarn strands.  Here’s the shot so many of you wanted to see!!!! You can only see some of them, but trust me, even Allison backed away when she saw me knitting this way!

Today’s a gathering for my growns to see their friends and cousins from Chicago.


*I’m rehearsing saying, “Oh Ken!” insert jolly laugh, if he starts up.  That’s a relative with a big heart and a big mouth.

*If we run out of food, we call Gino’s East and they will deliver pizza.

*We are bound to put something somewhere and  not find it until next week after the party is over.

*We have 2 nurses and a medic incase someone gets hurt. Oh and an ultrasound tech and dental assistant too.    Children will be excited and running around.  All cats will be locked in the basement away from the party. I cannot risk someone letting them outside.

*Ready?  Here we go!

Let the Christmas ing Begin


I’m a very happy woman.  We are hoping to get all 4 cats and all 4 adults in one photo this week. And we are all hoping to have our eyes open…

So here are my heroes.  We all love our kiddos.  We are all proud.  We are so blessed.  Here’s to my family and YOURS.

I am pretty sure I can finish glove number 2 today!  I have one and a half fingers left.  This time, instead of putting the stitches on a holder while they wait to become fingers, I pull out 4 more needles.  So I am working with 7 to eight double points at once.  It is pretty hysterical, but it works for me!  I should get a photo of THAT!

So in the naughty department, I’ve been eating the Christmas cookies since the 20th when the family got home.  I can’t stop.  For somethings, like my favorite treat in the world, Christmas cookies, I simply cannot have them in the house.  I cannot stop. There’s a year of Weight watcher points that got consumed in the last two days.



Year End Knit Percentages

DSCF5218 (2)I cut this guy from a resale t-shirt and made him an ornament.  Aren’t I so crafty?

Speaking of crafty I looked through my blog for the year and came up with these totals.

2017 Knits

43% charity knitting

22% gift knitting

35% ALL FOR ME knitting.

The numbers surprised me. The numbers made me happy.  It is great to have a hobby that you so enjoy and benefits others.  I would say that even if I only knit for myself, the world would benefit.  Cause I’m a better person when I’m happily knitting!




An Imperfect Christmas


Okay so Glove Number one was a success!  Those of you who said, go slow, were a big help.  The yarn is a gift from Regina and it will wear very well. So hey Santa, look I’m wearing a GLOVE, too.  So don’t come down that chimney and steal it.  I have another on the needles and am already at the thumb gusset.

My goal for the Holidays is to have a very imperfect Christmas.  It is going to be wonderful, but if the toilet backs up, or someone says something disagreeable at the extended family party, or Someone gets a gift two sizes too small, well I’ll just say to myself,  HO ho ho there it goes and Merry Imperfect Christmas!

There we go. Pressures off. Want to join me?