Let the Christmas ing Begin


I’m a very happy woman.  We are hoping to get all 4 cats and all 4 adults in one photo this week. And we are all hoping to have our eyes open…

So here are my heroes.  We all love our kiddos.  We are all proud.  We are so blessed.  Here’s to my family and YOURS.

I am pretty sure I can finish glove number 2 today!  I have one and a half fingers left.  This time, instead of putting the stitches on a holder while they wait to become fingers, I pull out 4 more needles.  So I am working with 7 to eight double points at once.  It is pretty hysterical, but it works for me!  I should get a photo of THAT!

So in the naughty department, I’ve been eating the Christmas cookies since the 20th when the family got home.  I can’t stop.  For somethings, like my favorite treat in the world, Christmas cookies, I simply cannot have them in the house.  I cannot stop. There’s a year of Weight watcher points that got consumed in the last two days.



Year End Knit Percentages

DSCF5218 (2)I cut this guy from a resale t-shirt and made him an ornament.  Aren’t I so crafty?

Speaking of crafty I looked through my blog for the year and came up with these totals.

2017 Knits

43% charity knitting

22% gift knitting

35% ALL FOR ME knitting.

The numbers surprised me. The numbers made me happy.  It is great to have a hobby that you so enjoy and benefits others.  I would say that even if I only knit for myself, the world would benefit.  Cause I’m a better person when I’m happily knitting!




An Imperfect Christmas


Okay so Glove Number one was a success!  Those of you who said, go slow, were a big help.  The yarn is a gift from Regina and it will wear very well. So hey Santa, look I’m wearing a GLOVE, too.  So don’t come down that chimney and steal it.  I have another on the needles and am already at the thumb gusset.

My goal for the Holidays is to have a very imperfect Christmas.  It is going to be wonderful, but if the toilet backs up, or someone says something disagreeable at the extended family party, or Someone gets a gift two sizes too small, well I’ll just say to myself,  HO ho ho there it goes and Merry Imperfect Christmas!

There we go. Pressures off. Want to join me?

Virtual Advent Tour Post !

virtual-advent-tour-400This is my second post contributing to the Tour. Thanks SPRITE it has been very fun to plan and very fun to read others posts.

My topic: GINGERBREAD CREATIONS ! All photos taken at the Grand Geneva lobby in Wisconsin.  (the former Playboy Club of years ago is now a lovely family resort)

This little camper photo was taken for Betsy and all who love campers.  unnamed-3.jpg

And this one is for all of you Star Wars fans.  May the Force to resist eating the whole thing, be with you.


This photo was taken primarily for Lil Buddy.  Meredith’s boy loves trains.


I’m all about the farms up here.  Fireman pointed out that the silo is a Necco wafer candy creation!


And a Gingerbread Nativity!  I love the cereal themed manger.  See the shredded wheat structure?

unnamed-6.jpgFinally, the Church is just a wonder isnt it? I’d eat the doors first.

I do love to eat gingerbread cookies!  It seems there are as many ideas about where gingerbread houses began, as there are gingerbread houses.

*it may have begun in the 16th century

*or, It may have begun by an Armenian Monk named Gregory of Nicopilis

*or, it may have been started by  Queen Elizabeths court

But my favorite  is: It may have been Swedish nuns who make gingerbread treats to aid indigestion.

No matter.  I love seeing Gingerbread creations.

Happy Happy Gingerbread Cookie Season!

Monday Q and A the FINAL!

DSCF4925.jpgHere we go!

*Have you asked your kids to do something you wouldn’t do?

*Do you understand: Football, Bridge, or Cricket?

*Have you talked to your family about Organ Donation?

*Did you knit something that you thought you might not be able to this year?

*I-phone or Samsung?

*Do you put bows or trinkets on your packages?

*Do your pets get a Holiday treat?

*Do you use headphones, earbuds or nothing when you watch something on your phone, computer or tablet?

*If you could take a craft/knit/crochet class in January for free, what would it be?

*Have you ever made a traveling knit? (you knit part and send it on?)

My answers are in the comments!  I love to read your answers.

And hahaha Val beat me to the comments. My answers are second. I LOVE IT


Santas and Stitches and Salavation



So far the glove PROJECT , (i’m calling it that because it is a stretch for me) is going very well. The yarn is skinny and it was a gift from Regina.  Regina is amazing.  She gave the bell ringers,  for Salvation Army, Cuties last year.  This year, she’s giving them hat and scarf knits.  Is that the cutest thing?  They do freeze their bells off in Illinois and Wisconsin for the good of the organization.  Regina, you are amazing!

DSCF4988 (1).jpg

Grace sent me this beautiful Lang Card.  Thank you Grace.  This Santa looks so caring and Kind.

I’m working hard on the last Monday Q and A.  I will not post a Q and A on Christmas.  So You have one more coming this Monday.  The end.

My new plan is to Show you the SMILES calendar horse photo on the 1st of the month. (Honore’s idea!)   The other plan for 2018 is in the works.  It involves Allison as contributor ……..

Happy Saturday

Nature, Nativity and Knitting


Hello Flicker!  I’ve never seen you eat seed.  Suet yes……ants in spring..yes..but sunflower seeds?  Go for it.  Cause baby it’s cold outside.

DSCF4972I know in the past,  I’ve shown you my teeny tiny Nativity set.  But in case you missed it, this is it. I believe Hallmark sold it years and years ago.  The figures are an inch tall at most.  We have, I believe 4 Nativity sets here.  We have:  the one above,  one from Fireman’s parents,   one we got as a wedding gift,  and the one  below. that I leave out all year.  I put my finger in the corner so you could get a sense of scale. unnamed-1

I’m looking for a virtual live Nativity to watch.  I’m not having any luck.

If you want to chill out and relax a bit, I highly recommend watching the Holiday episode #110 Handmade Holiday Episode by THE KNIT SHOW.  You can watch it on you tube.  (by Vicki Howell)

Vicki talks to Susan B. Anderson about her animal knitting.  Her 3 French Hens seamless pattern is available on Raverly. She also shows you a neat stitch pattern for a hat.  I would have had trouble with it, but once I SAW how you pick up the stitches for the pattern, I got it!  She also talks about her favorite yarn shop in Austin, Texas.  Hillcountryweavers.com.  They have an online store for folks who can’t get to a yarn shop.   All in all a great show to watch while you knit.




*Wore my Christmas socks last night.  Made them last December.  Thank you red yarn for not running into the white when washed! 

*Dee, Cakespy has a post up about great eats in Philadelphia.  Thanks CakeSpy!

*Paws crossed: I’m helping friends try to get the cat they’ve been feeding outside for 6 weeks, into a shelter.  He’s adorable.  Has 6 toes on each front paw. Thanks John and Maribeth for being animal lovers. 

*Two parties yesterday.  So fun.  Not one stitch knitted.  No time!  Thanks new friends in Wisconsin. 

*So enjoying all of your holiday posts.  Whatever you celebrate, I’m loving it. Thanks for posting amid your business.  

*I put my phone down and enjoyed all the lights on the houses we passed last night on our way to dinner at our friends’ house.  Thanks self control.  Good to know you are still around! 

Anyone you want to thank today?


Someone’s Been a Very GOOD Boy


Someone’s been very good at leaving the Christmas Tree alone.  I think the Bitter apple we put on it last year, is still working.  We could taste it when we took the tree out of the box.  That stuff is awful!
This big guy was also very aware that his ‘Little” big sister was not feeling well 2 weeks ago.  He didn’t try to play with her when she wasn’t well.  They KNOW dont they?  I adore my cats.  They are a gift in my life.

When I answered my own question, for Monday Q and A, I asked Mrs. Claus to knit me some gloves.  You know what?  She doesn’t have to.  I found my Carol Rasmussen Noble Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves book and I’m going to try again.  I think I can do this.  I’m excited about this.  More later. Any tips for me about getting those fingers on evenly and neatly?  I hope to cast on this week.

Finally today:

At the little ski hill nearby, they are making snow.  This is a great place for tiny littles to learn to use a chair lift and try the ski or snowboard fun.  Those of you with true Mountains would laugh if you saw this little hill. But, It is fun for kids around here .

Do you have snow yet?






I’m at the point of my Log Cabin where it keeps me warm as I knit it.  It keeps me cosy. What with fresh snow outside and howling winds, this is a knitting bonus for sure.  I spent part of last night taking out a few rows in green.   I wasn’t even Grinchy about it. 

I have no PLAN as I knit the colors.  I look at the current side and make a choice. I suppose some would have all their colors mapped out.  For me, the choice makes it interesting for me as I knit.  As long as I keep the same colors going, I think it will be a loved finish for our house.

 I wanted to show you some of my favorite ornaments.  All of them were made or gifted to me by blogger/craft pals.   I think of  YOU when I look at my tree.  The tree makes the room feel cosy.  

I’m not above a few more knit projects for gifts.  I ordered a pattern for coffee cup cozies from a blogger who is using the money to pay for her insulin pump (that her insurance won’t cover. )  It is from Bumblebee Acres Farm shop.  

I got the idea from Whatimuptotodays blog.  She posted about it.  I feel good helping out .  

Since the log cabin can marinade a bit, I may have to cast on for a few cozy cup covers  soon ….because I have buttons that are waiting and have been waiting to be used.  

Who am I kidding?  I WILL be casting on a few cozies as soon as the pattern arrives here.