NO Knitting News Today, BOO

unnamed-3*For Meredith and everyone who is working in tough jobs!!!


*This ghost graced the Fun Run 5K walk.

*Last weekend, I decided to rip the remaining carpeting out of the desk areas of the house.  We wondered how the floor was underneath because the wood we had exposed was going in to different directions.  Look at how they cleverly made the herringboned join.  (below)

It was hard physical work.  I would not let Fireman help of course.  This made him crazy.  I was BONE tired after 6 hours.  It is just scut work, and I can do it.  But, my body felt it!  Fireman did go and buy me an almond raspberry scone mid day.  I felt I could indulge the points for all the labor.  So it wasn’t all bad!  unnamed-4


We Interrupt the Log Cabin


Thank you Ann Norling for your Spiral Rib Hat pattern.  I love her patterns because she gives you multiple sizes and gauges so you can use lots of various yarns to make her hats.   

This is a flecked Dk yarn that feels like fingering, I think it is ONTHEROUND Artisan in Smokey Quartz.  

I had to take a log cabin break.  Switching it up a bit feels like reckless abandon to me.  


I took Fireman on a 3 mile woods walk along a rails to trails route.  If you’ve seen STAND BY ME, it felt a bit like that.  Someone in our town, is missing, sadly and I felt compelled to keep my eyes out for this person who is troubled.  I don’t know him or his family, but it colored my walk.  

Also coloring my walk, were fantastic trees changing color, warblers migrating,and a nice mom and daughter walking their pit bull rescue dog , Millie.  

have you had any interruptions lately?



A Few Things

*Knitting continues…Log Cabin   

*Colors are peak

*Tried instant camera

*Returned it.  Poor quality of images

*I read all your comments on talking, fascinating

*Thank you thank you thank you

*Started book FURIOUSLY HAPPY.  

*Don’t like it.  

*Fireman started P.T.

*Heat’s on.

*One more photo from the 5k Committee DSCF4158


unnamed-2.jpgI I feel like it is a really slow go with the Log Cabin, but I am pleased with the progress.  I get about one and a half colors done in a evening sitting.  I make those garter mistakes and have to tink back.  

I’m trying to look at each row before I go on to see if I’ve missed a stitch.  Why can’t I do that one easy thing?  

unnamed-1.jpgKara and I made a good yarn trade.  Look at the gorgeous handspun she sent me.  It feels delicious.  I see a  hat!  It is “rustic” as she said in her note. I love rustic.  

Side note:  I volunteered in the class which is made up of deaf children yesterday at the barn.  Gosh it was quiet . I LOVED it.  I talk too much because I feel like I have to keep a conversation up.  Im usually tired after.  Being a better listener has been  part of my everyday goal for YEARS.

I came from a loud loud family of 6 kids and 2 parents and 1 grandparent. IT was chaotic always.  The only time we all shut up was in church.

I distinctly remember being told to be quiet on family vacations in the car.  I didnt know I was a chatterbox.  We all interrupted each other and finished each others sentences.  When my family met Fireman they thought he was mute.

It is my nature I guess.  It was so relaxing to watch others communicate.  I was fascinated.  There was no pressure to join the conversation.  I just led the horse.

So …… quiet.  Thoughts?


October TWO TWO , 2017 Q and A


What cha crowing about?

*What are the odds someone will come home from the store with what you asked them to pick up? 

*Have you tried chocolate hummus? 

*Got allergies?  yeah?  Which ones?

*How many (non baby) blankets have you knitted? 

*Have you heard a ghost story recently? 

*Do you get bleach on your clothes?  IF not HOW not? 

*Do you use stitch stoppers?

*What’s your preference: Spiders, Witches, Pumkins, Ghosts or Monsters?

*Creature Features: Favorites of yours.  Oldies…goodies.

*Is there any Halloween candy in your house right now?

MY answers below. Answer if you dare!

DSCF4151.jpg*I was certain Fireman would not return from the store with the correct candle scent.  I asked him to get and I quote myself’
“A candle that smells like fall but is not floral and doesnt pretend to smell like food”

He did it!  He came back with Votives Autumn Orc.  Perfection!

*I just tried chocolate hummus. It takes just like pudding . On a pretzel.  But really , why?

*Allergies.  Oh dear.  MOLD, Tree, Ragweed, to name a few . ACHOO.  Claritin plus benadryl plus eye drops could not keep them in check last night.  One thing I love about a good first frost. Bye bye sneezing.  Bye bye box elder bugs and orange lady stink bugs.

*I think I Have knitted 3 blankets over the last 13 years .  I am knitting the 4th now.

*I heard the ghost of Clonakilty story.  Irish spooky ghost story.

*Oh bleach.  Got you on my new flannel shirt today.  Ticked me off!
*I love my coco knits small stitch stoppers. They are amazing for double points.

*Its a tie: Pumpkins and Ghosts

*Creature Features:  I was too spooked to watch it.  Fireman watched it in a high school class  and was frightened by : Nosferatu, (1922) . He also watched the old Wolfman, and the Mummy.  ( I think that Nosferatu was in a Brit Floyd concert. He loves Brit Floyd from the Pink Floyd days)  I think they are weird.

*There is NO Halloween candy in this house right now.  IF there was I would eat it.  I would choose Baby ruth, Snickers, Milky way Dark, Butterfinger, and Heath bars.oh and a reese cup for good measure.    Oh the points, the endless points.

Hope you’ll join in the tricks today!


A Scarecrow, a giraffe and a Horse walk into a barn…….

unnamed-4 Yesterday was the big fundraising 5K for the Barn.  There was lots of prep work in the pasture Friday afternoon. You could do a paved route or a pasture route and run alongside the horses.  The weather was simply glorious both Friday and Saturday.  I was an easy scarecrow. A helper at the adaptive course for strollers and wheelchairs.  Fireman directed cars by standing and waving a flag in the right direction.  Good work for someone who should be healing but not just laying around.

There were many fun additions to the actual walk/run including a costume contest with the horses.  DSCF4417.jpg  Do I need to say this place is so wonderful it doesn’t feel like volunteer work until I get home and my back says it was a little bit of work!  Some of the herd is here in the photo below.  They were so beautiful watching the runners and running themselves at times.


There has been some log cabin knitting, but minimal. I should get a few more colors on today.

Hows your weekend going?

Meant Not to Be

I’ll start by saying that I’m fine with the Cubs loss.  I really am.  Almost nothing could beat the thrill of last year.  I gave up on them before the 5th inning.  The most interesting thing about this is, I could have been at that sad game.  AND here is the news of the morning:

A trainful of Cub fans had to evacuate the train  last night. No one hurt but I would have been a mess and we most likely would have been on that train.  We take the train from Wilmette to Wrigley because it is easy , economical and full of folks in blue hats.

Gheesh.  Thank you Fireman for breaking your 6th rib.  Yes, he did.  We got the xray yesterday.  As you know there is not real treatment but the best thing about knowing is : I can corral his activity.  Somewhat.  I can try.

He knows better than to risk a punctured lung by whooping it up.  He’s pretty painful anyhow.  Just  a little curve ball in our plans.


See the candy, the pens, the tooth paste? The chip clips, the key rings?  We were visiting Fireman’s aunt recently and she lives at Del Webb.  They had a “Homeshow” which was just hundreds of vendors peddling their wares.  His aunt was putting all the giveaways in our bag.   The ONLY bad thing about this, is I don’t keep candy in the house.

During the night,

I came down and ate about 5 bite size bars.  Thats a week worth of weight watcher points.  Maintenance is brutal.  My rule is : I cant eat it if it isnt in  the house.  sigh.  Anyone need a pen with a stylus? They are nice!



Ellen, dear Ellen, sent me some Painted Mist.  Isn’t it pretty????  Pretty sure it will be a charity knit of some sort.  Likely a twiddle mitt because the colors are cheerful. Thanks ELLEN!!!



Finally, my knitting.  The Log Cabin continues.  Im up to over 90 stitches in each row now.  I’ll show you when I have made more progress.  Color changes are fun.