3 Important Words

dscf0015We have a little fresh snow in the landscape.  That’s all I got for a photo today.  I love how the only disruption of the snow is critter prints.  Fireman said he saw at least 4 different kinds of prints in the snow on his way to the mailbox.  This has been the foggiest cloudiest January I can recall.  So, I turn to my knitting for color and to my friends for a good chat. 

I really read your suggestions and I managed to keep pretty quiet at the meeting last night.  It was nice to hear others speak up.  People are so passionate about animal shelters and care.  It is a very emotional place.  I think being on the Board requires some level of removing some of the emotion from the table and looking at the direction of the shelter from a more objective place.   It has been quite a year on this Board.  I have a new appreciation for volunteer boards , that’s for sure. 

We got home late after the meeting, visiting mom and early dinner with friends.  Snow was falling and I was glad Fireman was driving.   Mom is weak and I appreciate your prayers and good wishes.   I didn’t shed as many tears this week as last.  She is so cute.  When she did open her eyes for a bit she waved at Fireman.  

On a lighter note, I have to tell you about the barrel races.  I loved watching them.  I’ll never be a cowgirl, but my friend is thinking of getting a horse, so I can get close.  Anyhow, shortly after we arrived at this venue of 60 horse and rider teams, a young girl and her horse were up.  They ran the barrels with some wildness on the horses part, but she tried to keep control.  At the end of the run, the horse threw her.  There was a gasp in the little crowd.  This brave young girl, got up and the first thing she said, was “MOM I”M GOOD” .   We all laughed and I said to fireman, “are there 3 more important words?” 

Sock knitting continues here at the new house.   




Pair Number Two, Sock Number One and Shutting UP

dscf0014It may seem like I’m knitting every waking moment, but I’m not.  Honestly.  Even if I was, this blog community would say bravo!  I do have another sock off the needles.  This is the Dale yarn color 603.  48 stitches cast on size 1 needles.  Top down.  The colors are very fun to watch emerge.  I’m onto the second sock.  The yarn is not particularly soft.  I get the feeling these socks would stand up on their own.  

I have a goal today.  To keep my mouth shut and be a listener.  We have a Board meeting tonight and the topic is something I have no real knowledge about.  So?  You’d think I’d be able to sit quietly and just listen, but it is not my nature.  Today, I vow to be a fantastic listener.   Hold me accountable.   I plan to be engaged as a listener.  I want to hear the opinions and try not to judge them right away.   It is not that I don’t think my opinions are valuable or I want to be meek, (that’s not even possible if you know me) it is more about growing as a listener because the topics are not something I can speak to.  I want to give the floor to others to speak passionately and honor them by listening.

Being a Board Member has been a huge learning experience for me.  It is my way of being involved in this world in a small way.  Of giving back during my retirement.   

What’s your best advice for me ladies?  



Brought to You by YOU

dscf9988More on Barrel Racing fun in another post.   Sorry for the blur, suffice to say they moved fast and I didn’t want to use a flash and disturb already revved up horses. 

HERE WE GO.  These questions came, mostly, from you!  Thanks.  Have fun with it today.

*What fear have you conquered?  (Thanks Amy from Love Made MY HOME)

*What’s your favorite spicy  food? (Amy again)

*What’s a color you never wear?  (Thanks Kim, who always plays Q and A)

*When sock knitters want a bigger needle project, what do you knit? (Thanks Sandy)

*When did you last read Shakespeare?  (Again Sandy)

*Are you gregarious or solitary? (Sandy thanks)

*What’s your favorite cookie recipe and why? (Stefanie of Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons!)

*Do you dip your PB and J in milk? (Fireman!)

*Do you feel you are becoming a better knitter or have your skills leveled off? (lil ol me)

*When’s the last time you broke a needle? (me)


Here’s My answers :

A fear that I conquered:  I didn’t fly for many many years.  Now I can fly again.  I don’t love doing it, but I can.  Having said that, I just watched SULLY and it was at times terrifying ……

My favorite spicy food: I love blackened chicken or fish.

One color I never ever wear: Yellow!  Oh boy, it turns my skin a sickly color.

A recent big needle project: The Fade to Gray Poncho is knit up on big needles in bulky yarn.  The pattern is free on Ravelry.  The knitting is very easy.  Big needles end up hurting my hands/joints.  That’s why I love me some sock yarn and tiny needles.

I haven’t read Shakespeare since High school, but I have gone to a Shakespeare in the park play.  Ten years ago.  Othello.  Heavy….stuff

I am gregarious but at times of the day I want to be solitary.  Im very slow to wake up.  I am more introverted than you’d imagine.  In some circumstances I am actually nervous to meet people.

My favorite cookie recipe is a complete cheat.  I like to buy the batter from a place near my old house and just scoop and bake.  The whole cookie process is too long for me.  The fact that I made our gingerbread house pieces is crazy pants for me.  So I admit it, while I love cookies so so much, I don’t love the process.  I prefer cookies to all other foods I think.  Especially now that I’ve been on Weight Watchers for nearly 2 years. Now all i can think of is cookies, thanks Stef!!!

I do not dip my PB and J.  Ive never heard of such a thing. Still learning things about Fireman after many many years!!

I do think that my skills are improving.  I’m much more likely to knit a pair of socks that fits well and I could give away.  I just conquered kitchener so that’s huge for me. I’m eager to try new sock patterns.  For years It was enough just to get the sock in plain vanilla off the needles.   Now I’m really enjoying taking them up a notch.

I broke a wooden needle yesterday.  I love my wooden double points but they are rather toothpick ish  (in zero and 1s and 2s.)   I literally bend them, but it keeps my joints happy to knit with wood.  So bummer, I broke one yesterday.  Good thing they are not very expensive.

Thanks for playing, reading and lurking.  See you in the comments today


First Sock Finish of 2017

dscf9968dscf9969Brought to you by Al who gave me the yarn in September.  

Here’s the info. wrap up:

Lost City Knits Pathways yarn in Summer Sunset.  Merino and nylon.

Pattern: Pin Stripes, free Ravelry (thanks Dee)

Worked on zero double points, top down and kitchenered toes. (Thanks Deb)

For those of you who wanted the knitted kitchener instructions that Deb shared and works so well for me: go to  TECHKNITTING:an easier way.

They fit like a glove.  I did not carry the pinstripes down the foot portion on the bottom.  I didn’t want to feel the slip stitches.  I’m not even sure the original pattern called for it.

Happy Saturday.  I am still overjoyed that I don’t work weekends anymore.  I’m very glad I did the awful weekend program night shifts at the end of my career.  It really makes me very appreciative of being retired.  I’m still learning how weekends work after 2 years.   Fireman and I are off to see a Barrel  Racing competition about an hour away.  Tomorrow the Packers need to win.  Those sound like weekend things don’t they? What would your weekend be incomplete without?

Why two shops on the same block?

dscf9959There was no bait at the luncheonette.  After driving through murky fog, we arrived at this darling place.  Then, Fireman, in his goodness, drove me to a yarn shop nearby that I’d yet to discover. dscf9962I really need color this time of year.  I choose this Dale yarn made in Italy.  22 dollars should make a pair of socks.  I know, after all that talk last Saturday about sock yarns, I went and picked one that no one mentioned.  So we’ll all learn something, right? 

I am toes and kitchener away from completing my Pin Stripes socks.  I cannot wait to cast on with this Dale yarn next.  I contemplated starting them without finishing my current WIP, but I just cannot do that.  Yet.  Maybe it would be fun to have a few pair to alternate around.  I know lots of you do this.  It would be a huge departure for me.  

So I’ll riddle you this:  

We are out in farm country as soon as you leave The Immediate Lake Geneva area.  For miles, about 30 , there are no yarn shops.  Then, within a block, there are two. They are different as night and day.  The new shop, lacked warmth and didn’t have that feeling I need from my yarn shops.  That, Hi whatcha working on, can I help you? isn’t yarn the best ….feeling.  But the owner had some interesting new to me sock yarns . 

She reassured me that everyone around here knits tons of socks.  That’s why she carries so much of it.  

Even Fireman, as he drove us through the pea soup fog home, said it’s weird to have two shops right near each other, competing.  I immediately thought of a family rift.  Maybe they are sisters and got into a fight and split.  ?  

I think that given the state of division today, I need to buy from both shops.   Dont’ you? 

Easily Memorized

dscf9939-1Here’s a touch of color for you.  The woodpecker’s red head is gorgeous isn’t it? 

My mom was a red head.  My sister is a redhead.  When a baby in the nursery arrived with red hair, it always led to a cluster of ohhs and ahhhs.  Redheads are special. 

I’m cruising along on my Sunset Socks.  The pattern, Pin Stripes, is just a two row repeat.  Easily memorized.  I am always in awe of you who say a pattern with 8 rows is easily memorized.  I need another easily memorized pattern.  If you know of one, I’d love to hear about it for socks.  I think memorizing is good for the brain.  Do you?

dscf9948Have I already shown this to you?  I think I may have.  Sorry!  It is the NEW way to hang a dresser mirror.  I love it.  I need to put some greenery or dried flowers or something on the top.  Ideas?? 

Fireman is taking me on a date.  To a convenient store that has a lunch counter and a bike rental area.  He knows I love quirky.  I may draw the line if the sell BAIT there, but I’m keeping an open mind.   

Have a wonderful wonderful day.  Enjoy the little things.  Thank you for visiting and for your comments.   Lurkers too, thank you.

In Love with Vesper Yarn and Life

dscf9890This is my new yarn score.  Vesper , in I (insert heart symbol) Green .  So : I heart Green.  It was 28.00 for 400 yards.   It may be up next in sockland.

This is what I heart right now:

*I finally figured out how to make choosing paint colors for the house a no brainer.  This is probably old hat to all of you, but I’m late to the paint party.  Stick with those little paint squares in the same row and you will not be sorry. Pick one color for one room and another in that row for the hallway and they will like each other.   And don’t get me started on that Paint machine in the store.  I could watch the colors come out of it into the can all day.  It is mesmerizing.   Or It could just be winter in Wisconsin and I’m a bit starved for color.

*I heart the person who created the laser light my cats chase.  Brilliant.

*I heart Meredith’s post today. You have to go see it.

*I heart my friend Anne, who took my PINK hat for THE MARCH yesterday when we met.  I heart that she is marching in Chicago’s March on Saturday.  I heart that I could contribute.

*I heart The Weight Watcher 50th anniversary Cookbook: Chicken with Lemon caper sauce recipe.

*I heart my 18 year old Honda Civic that is still going strong.   Even up the big hill to our new house.  She rocks.

*I heart that Wisconsin weather people tell you the surface temp of the roads.

*I heart when I get a text with no name, and I figure out who it is without embarrassing myself and asking, WHO IS THIS?

*I heart that the CiRCUS is stopping.  I heart the animal crackers by nabisco with the animals on the cover though, so I hope that doesn’t stop.  It is not that I heart wild beautiful animals in cages, but it is a childhood memory thing.

*I heart when I see the fox run through the yard.  (Yesterday!  Gorgeous)

What do you love today?