Monday Q and A, July 10th 2017

Shall we?

DSCF1728*I’m overjoyed that the mason bees are putting their eggs  in both pollinator boxes here.  What kind of crops do you see in your state?

*This has been a question before, but it is a good one: When was the last time you wore a handknit ?

*Have you ever seen the Secret Service in person?

*Do you know  a poem by heart?

*Do you attach a new ball of yarn to your knits at the end of a row or a few inches in?

*What is a rule in your house?

*Have you been stuck behind a cyclist, a tractor or a bus most recently?

*What’s your favorite summer pie?

*Do you know a clever yarn shop name?

*Are you still hearing fireworks?

MY answers:

1- We have asparagus in one field, beans in others and always always corn fields.

2-Saturday night I wore my acrylic poncho at the summer outdoor concert.  (America the old band was playing nearby)

3-Fireman and I were sure we saw Secret Service at the concert.  The next morning a friend confirmed that indeed two Governors were in attendance.  I ‘m not a fan of either so I won’t name them!

4-Cloths of Heaven, by William Butler Yeats

5-I usually add the yarn at the end of a row, but the new shawl book I’m reading suggests otherwise.  She says go an inch in or so then change.

6-Rule: Those that cooketh, do not cleanith!


8-Key lime

9-Three Bags Full in Northbrook Illinois

10- YES. C’mon folks  .  9 a.m. on Sunday morning!  STOP!


Therapy on a Boat


Life’s good when:

-a friend takes you out on their boat for the day

-you catch walleye and blue gill

-your son is in town and has to spend the day within the same few feet as you on a boat and appears to really enjoy it

-the weather is about as perfect as can be, 79-80 with clouds that are only for decoration in the blue blue sky

-you master the next step of your knit shawl that you were….ummmm…..kind of….not sure you could master

-you sleep soundly after a very very good day

-there is no time for T.V., news or the like

-you feel a bit restored, a bit righted, and grateful for the invitation to Boat therapy


Once Upon a Vegan


Al made a lovely shortbread dessert on the Fourth in Oklahoma City.  

If there is anything I love it is a shortbread anything.  Butter.  Butter. Carbs. 

DSCF1727.jpgLast night a dear friend of Zach’s came for a visit.  She is a vegan.  Zach prepared the dinner which was a sweet potato topped with chickpeas and more.  There was a nice white drizzle of I don’t know what on top and it was very good. 

I said I’d make dessert. My friend Abby is a careful eater and suggested a simple Tofu and Semi sweet chocolate( dairy free)  chip mix  mousse.  That’s a mouthful eh? Suffice to say it was a yummy dessert and I am not a tofu fan.  

His friend brought another friend who we had never met.  She was delightful.  She spent 3 years in Japan as a new grad.  I gave her Nancy’s blog site – to read her Foreign Fridays.  She suggests everyone who can , travel in their 20s. She was in Japan due to her husband’s military deployment.  

As a mom, I want my chicks near the nest.  But, they are no longer chicks.  It is good to hear that others who lived abroad relished their time there and grew.  Nancy certainly is a good example of that on Wyoming Breezes.  

unnamedWhile I waited for 

Fireman and Zach to return from Kayaking the other day, I knitted just a bit.  I fear you are going to go batty watching me knit this shawl.  It is all I want to knit.  But as I sat there alone, I saw a man go into the woods on the trail there and my radar went off.  He looked a bit sketchy which is not really fair.  Anyhow, I gathered my knitting and was headed back to my car to wait, when my family turned the river bend and I was with them again.  My mom and my friend Sandy are always reminding me to be alert and be careful.  Even out in the country.  I don’t like to be fearful, but I just had that feeling…that we are supposed to listen to.  Have you listened to your radar?  I hope so.  

A Chatty Post

DSCF1721I’m going to break down the post if you don’t have time to read my chatty report today.


*Joined Year of Projects July 2017-2018

*Movie Review

*Book thoughts

So Knitting:

Of course, there is first and foremost knitting.  Thanks for all the honest opinions on the second color for my current shawl.  I soothed my unsure soul with your responses and I headed out to the Yarn shop with which I’ve bonded since the move. 

You can see the purchase: the softest yellow Koigu will be the stockinette portion of the shawl.  One more 300 plus stitch row and I switch to this pretty color.  I am much more confident with the yellow choice.  To all the BLUE voters out there, you were not alone.   Some at the knit shop felt blue was the way to go.  

I’ve instructed Bailey at Needles N Pins, to limit my purchases to sock yarns for a bit.  Anything else, just seems to get returned.  I’m at the point of embarrassment with my returns.  Thankfully, she just laughs. 

Joining the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry: 

With a nudge of encouragement from Marsha last week,  I have decided to join the list making group.  My list is small and manageable.  No risk taking here. Not sure that’s the point, but that’s how I took it.  You can guess my goals:  There are only 5-

Finish my promise  of  30 total mitts for the nursing home.  (8 to go) 

Finish current shawl which has 300 plus stitches per row and is a bit of a challenge for me. 

Leave the 17 pairs in 2017 group.  I know I’m such cheater!  I’ll never make 17 pair this year.  Leaving that particularly wonderful group was hard, but realistic.  And, I’ve completed a goal already by leaving the group. hmmmmmm

Plan a swap this year.  We all seem to have a good time and they aren’t that hard to organize.

Last but not least, knit one more gift pair of fingerless for the girls at the barn. Winter will come.  I have two of 3 pair made.   

Movie Review:   Sometimes your family encourages you to step out of your genre zone.  Zach asked me to if I wanted to watch a Netflix movie called : Okja.  I love subtitles in movies.  He coaxed me by saying it is an animal rights movie .  Well, it is.  

I will say it was very entertaining.  Not for children. Action, science-fiction and some seriousness and some very weird humor.  The South Korean film maker Bong Joon-ho created the film.  It is a Netflix movie.  They utilize some puppetry in the film too. 

If action sci-fi is up your alley, then give it a go.  Dare I say it is a cross between Born Free, Godzilla, and Jurassic Park.
I did not do any lace rows during the movie.  

Are you still with me?  If not, no problem. This is admittedly a longie post.  Some days we just don’t have the time. If you are still here, well thanks.  So the final topic is a book.  

You know me, I am very very picky about my reads.  Anything that interrupts my knitting has to be worthy.  Fireman’s Aunt gave the book, A YEAR OF LIVING BIBLICALLY by Jacobs.  Almost every page so far has made me laugh.  It is early yet, but so far I look forward to snatching some time to read a bit of it.  

I’m still having a few tearful outbursts missing my mom, but it is all normal.  They are spacing out a bit.  It is good to have Zach home for a bit.  And it is good to be on track with my shawl knitting and on track with a fun book. 

The end.  


Sandy and Dandy


Zach’s home!  Just for a bit, but we are enjoying the reality of him in person.  Fireman and Zach went river paddling on Monday.   The river is very clean and exceptionally clear.  Tea colored.  Sand bottom.  Fireman saw a nice sized trout.

DSCF1718I was able to get lots of knitting done on the 4th.  I am 3 repeats into the lace edge of my shawl  with one repeat left.  The body of the shawl will be  stockinette and I considered using a skein in my stash in solid blue.  I don’t think it will work.  Do you?  I know colors don’t have to match exactly to the blue in the variegated Lorna’s, but over all I think it is too dark .   I may head to the store to find a pale yellow koigu skein.  The other option that stands out to me is a sandy shade.  Steer me right here, my friends.  Color is not my strong point.

Sandy river bottom, sandy shawl yarn…..things around here are  sandy and dandy!

Happy 4th of July 2017


My very talented sister, Michelle, has taken up painting again.  She was always the artist in our family.  She painted this a few weeks ago.  It was an assignment and the image is from a painting technique book, but it is her rendition. 

We saw the fireworks in town from our bedroom porch last night.  No crowds, a few trees in our way, but overall a real treat.  

I always think of my immigrant grandparents on the 4th.   My Irish grandparents and my Hungarian grandparents.  I am so proud of my son, Zach, who has embraced the cultures of Mexico.  He arrived here Saturday; home for a few weeks.  In these trying times, I remind myself that we are part of a big world and there is much goodness all over the globe.  

Today there will be a trip to watch the local parade; it is our first 4th here

and then there will be a lazy porch day full of knitting and podcasts.  And a picnic on the PORCH.   In other words, I’m planning a lovely quiet day.  

Happy 4th of July blog pals.  



Monday, July 3rd Q and A

unnamed-6A few Summery Questions: Please fill in the blanks-

  1.  This summer I have no ________.
  2. My Favorite State in the U.S. is ___________.
  3. My favorite summer scent for soap or lotion is ________.
  4. My favorite art fair, craft fair or State or county fair is __________.
  5. What is the most number of times you have frogged a single  skein of yarn .  _____
  6. No matter how hot it gets, I have to _____________.
  7. I enjoyed this comic strip as a child __________.
  8. The last thing I ate that was red, white and blue was ____________
  9. If I could create a summer yarn colorway and name it, the name would be ___________
  10. Name the last drive in movie you saw _______________

My answers:

  1. This summer I have no Tan! !!   It is July and I’ve kept out of the sun most days .
  2. My favorite state in the U.S. is California .    I’ve been to Disneyland, the Seqouias, and Yosemite.  I’d like to see wine country.  I love the California tourism commercials.
  3. My favorite summer scent is : LEMON!!  Anything lemon.  So fresh .
  4. My favorite fair is the Walworth County Fair.  Second only to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.
  5. Number of times I’ve frogged a single skein.  3.  If I cant’ decide what to do with it after 3 starts…I have no hope I’ll ever knit with it.
  6. No matter how hot it gets, I still have to sleep with something covering me. Even if it is just the lightest sheet.
  7. I enjoyed PEANUTS comics very much as a kid.  Also that Jughead one.
  8. I passed up the red white and blue donuts in the volunteer lounge at the Barn on Saturday. But Oh, I wanted one!
  9. Summer yarn colorway would be called: Coffee at the Lake and it would be very light latte colored yarn with dark blues.
  10. Last drive in movie: that I can remember was Jaws or the Postman Always Rings Twice.