Where There’s Smoke,

DSCF1248This is a light in the world.  Val.  She is a PATH instructor and she is full of energy.  Or maybe she just summons energy.  Val has a big old laugh that carries through the barn.  She’s dramatic because some of our students need emphasis to pay attention.

My lob cabin knitting continues.

I thought we had some sort of fire outside yesterday.  I looked out the front door and saw a white cloud rising from the forest.  It took me a minute to figure out there were turkeys bathing in the cold ashes of the firepit.   Big huge grown turkeys rolling in the soot with their enormous bird bodies.  ……So, smoked turkey it is.

You saw that coming right?


We Need A Light in the Darkness

DSCF4003What a tough day.  What a tough YEAR.  I keep looking for the little lights.  Last night I had to light my lantern in the yard.  Light a candle today if you cant find the light.

When my father couldn’t enjoy the SPORT of hunting anymore, he turned to golf.  He found a new group of men to hang out with and they chased a little ball around.  Same camaraderie, probably equal in expense, and bragging involved a number not buckshot.      I owe a lot to golf.


There’s no Segway from yesterday’s news to knitting.  I won’t try.

Here is the Log Cabin I have always wanted to knit. It is fun, interesting, and I look forward to the knit time each evening.  There’s quiet in the knit movement and there’s a comfort there.


Happy October Monday Q and A



Anybody want to play?

*Tell me about a product you love:

*How do you start a campfire?

*Tell me why your are working with the yarn weight you are….

*Would you rather have tickets to HAMILTON or a Baseball play off game?

*Would you be frightened or thrilled to be on a space walk?

*Spices: cinnamon or pumpkin spice?

*Shoes your mother wore:

*Your knitting this weekend in three words or less:

*Apples eat them , cooked or raw?

*New baby?  What did they name it?

My answers:

-I love WINDEX OUTDOOR.  I do all the outside windows of the house with it.  You attach a hose, turn the knob to rinse or soap and spray away.  It does a really nice job.  Yes, I did the windows today.  There is a plaque of bugs around here in the fall.

-I start a fire with DIAMONDS Strike a Fire starter.  I usually have to use a little paper too, but these sticks are thick and they are cheap.

-I’m knitting with Worsted because it is the only way garter and I get along.

-PLAYOFF Baseball!!!  GO Cubs.  Squeal~!

-I would die if I had to go on a space walk. I’d just have a heart attack I’m sure of it.

-Cinnamon all they way.  I love cinnamon on toast, in ice cream, cookies, you name it.

-My mom wore Minnetonka Moccasins and I, all of the sudden, must have a pair.  They were so her.  She only wore them in the house.  White ones with beading.

-My knitting in three words or less: LOG CABIN BLANKET

-Apples, cooked!

-My niece named her baby girl : Addison Belle.  Or Addy Belle for short.


Thanks for playing. Happy MONDAY . Happy OCTOBER!  I LOVE THIS MONTH




unnamed I have no new knitting to show you.  I spent last night quietly frogging a few rows.  So, I am continuing to show you my sister’s vacation photos.  I know it is weird, but just look at the scenery in the Grand Tetons.

In weirder news, friends were over the other night.  In casual conversation about their cats and our cats, they disclosed this.  When their last cat died in winter, they put it in their freezer wrapped in blankets, until the spring thaw.

All of their pets have been buried in their yard.  I guess they don’t cremate. 

Now I am familiar with frozen cats because as a nursing student I had to drag one around with me for a semester of Anatomy and Physiology.  Dissection was not something I enjoyed.  My cat was black and white.  My mother wisely said it had to go in the hunting freezer in the garage.   So I’d get on the L with my frozen cat and come home after A and P and freeze it again.  

For a whole semester.  

You just never know what I’m going to share here on my little blog.  True, it is all true.  

Vacation photos


So my sister was in Yellowstone, as I told you previously, and they did see bears from a good distance.  This photo is a zoomed one.   Trust me, My sister did not want to see bear on the trip.  Her husband really DID!    They saw grizzlies more than once and a black bear. NO sightings on their hikes.  All from the safety of the road.  The Grizz sightings were courtesy of other folks who had telescoping capability set up on the road.  unnamedHow cute and creative is this ?  I bought our favorite horse’s artwork.  The horseshoes are obvious. Their tails were done in a contrasting color.  Rio is one of our favorites so we have his work.

Friends visited us last night after their trip to Iceland.  They brought their computer and showed us all their photos. I was, of course, wowed by all the folks wearing lopi icelandic sweaters.  They had sheep photos.
The got to see the northern lights, but faintly.  Iceland has no trees according to their photos.  Many films have been made there about outerspace.  The glaciers, the waterfalls, all enchanting.  One thing they cautioned, food is obscenely expensive.  56 dollars for a chicken breast.  Everything has to be flown in.
They were so happy to show us their trip photos.

I am an enthusiastic WOW person seeing others photos.  I fake it after the first 100 photos.  I was 100% truthful about the sweater wows and the sheep wows.

Our old neighbors had the right idea.  They condense their photos into a 3 minute slide show with music and that seems about perfect.

What do you think?

DSCF2896Here’s a peak at my Asymmetrical shawl start.  How gray, how neutral you say?

Well, that’s so I can wear it with most anything.  I’m in a sea of quiet color.  I like it.

*It was wonderfully cool, and rather chilly last night.  We had the windows open and could hear the coyotes in a pack howling, yapping, and calling.  I had two blankets on and my floppy socks that are best worn in bed.

*I’m going to make a list of treats that are worth it to me.  I’ve been running off the rails with my weight watcher points this week.  I don’t even feel well afterwards.  So far on my list: gummy bears and caramel corn.  Those two can be my treats for the next few days.  I mean a 1/4 cup of measured caramel corn.  Maintenance stinks, but I am terrified I’ll gain the weight back.  So…….

*Finally,  I am going to work on an easy Halloween costume.  The Barn has a 5K Fundraiser coming up and people dress up.  Something easy.  I have a graduation gown and cap…..I have a curly white wig, I have a dog nose.  Those are all I kept in the move up here.  It just has to be cute for the kiddos.  Nothing crazy.   Just to blend in .

I like blending in….


Year of the Shawl


DSCF2891I am impatient with cookie baking.  Meet the cookie pie.

One package of sugar cookie mix, as directed.  A drizzle of vegetable oil added until it just looks like the crumbs are gone.

I added a half package of peanut butter chips.  Pat it into a cake pan, and top with peanuts.  Press the peanuts a bit so they are IN the pie.

Bake at 375 until you think it looks like this.   This will be easy for transport as I made it for our friend who is taking me out on the boat today.


Meet my new shawl yarn : Smokey Quartz Everyday DK yarn, superwash merino. Ontheround is hand dyed and made in the USA.  You will meet the shawl later.  Suffice to say it is asymmetrical, and garter.

This is at least my fifth shawl of 2017.  I’m not even counting the little neck thing I gave up on two days ago.  Who knew this would be my year of the shawl.


Zach continues to be moved to help in Chiapas.  A local priest told him they need blankets and sleeping bags.   I think he learned a lot from working at a church school after he graduated from DePaul University.  The pay was low, but it was a teaching job and there is this incredible nun there.

Sr. Paulanne is the town saint in Glenview Illinois.  She lives it.  Everyone knows if they want to give, she’ll get the donation in the neediest hands.  Everyone knows her and she is very quiet.  She knows all but tells nothing.  When someone is in need they know their needs are private and She will help.

It is good to see my son.  The fourth reported quake on Sunday about did me in.  But he is fine.  Look for the helpers ,  Mr. Rogers says.  And Zach is a helper.  🙂