Simple Knits

DSCF0963Knits with a head cold.

Simple stitches.

Yarn: Mighty by KnitPicks

Yarn: Gifted from Kim at Handeye!

That’s it.  Gotta keep my germs to myself.

Not going anywhere today.

Fine by Me.



May 8th, Monday Q and A

DSCF0916Here we go!

*Do you prefer an analog or digital clock?

*How good is your sense of direction?  (we are talking about times when you do not have your phone to use as a compass) (the good old days, of I say we go this way, and he says, nah we go this way)

*What do you like to knit in worsted weight yarn?

*What was your favorite subject in school?

*Have you pulled weeds yet?

*Do you figure out who you caught a cold from? (the blame game)

*Are you ripping out everything you knit this weekend?

*Do you have your appendix?

*Do you have your tonsils?

*What would you name a colorway today based on your morning weather?


-I prefer an analog clock. The digital in our room is impossible to read in the morning.  I bought a little windup clock this weekend. Wheeee. Cheap thrills thrill me.

-50/50 with the direction thing.  Maybe I should say 70/30.  I usually take my cues from the sun, if there is any.  I also look at how flowers are facing.  I do know a 20 minute trick if there are shadows,to determine the direction.  This is all pretty unnecessary in the day and age of a computer in your pocket!

–I like to knit scarves in worsted.  I have knit sweaters in worsted.  I do not like to knit socks in worsted because they seem like slippers then.

-English or Reading or Literature was my favorite subject.  I think it was called English in lower grades, then reading, then Literature.  My favorite teacher was Sister Katherine Madigan  at Marillac high School.

-I pulled weeds yesterday.

-I do try to back track and figure out my cold connection.  I woke up with a whopper of one yesterday.  I think my little charge on the horse Friday is the contact.  His nose was all red and runny despite his laughter and his smiles.

-I am ripping out the Trap scarf I began this weekend.  Why begin something when you have a head cold?  I will cast it on again today. I made the start too wide.

-I have my appendix and my tonsils.

-My colorway name for today would be: Dew on the Grass



A Very Long Post

DSCF0921DSCF0932DSCF0920********************************************************************************Yesterday was Fireman’s birthday.  He loves a good outdoor time, so I took him to Ledges’State Park near the Horicon Marsh.  We hiked for two hours and it was a beautiful unique kind of hike for us.  Lots of wildflowers that I cannot identify, were in bloom!  


We went out for an early dinner at Rugan’s.  We had a very fun waiter named Nick.  We were his first table of the day and he was chatty and so was I.  (no!) 

The Kentucky Derby was coming on and I asked Nick who his pick of the horses was..

“I don’t know anything about the horse race,” Said Nick.

“Oh I love the Derby,” I said.  “Would you like to know a bit about it?”
“Sure,” Nick replied.  (and it wasn’t snarky or perfunctory either .) 

“Well, they are all three year olds and the fastest record for the Derby is under 2 minutes. ”  ” The Record was set by Secretariat years ago.  Do you know the name Secretariat?” I asked

No, I really don’t.  But that sounds dangerous!” Nick replied. 

Oh no, there’s rarely an accident, in these race” I said. 

Nick was astounded.  “How can that be? It can’t be safe” he continued.

“The jockeys really know what they are doing,” Fireman said,

and then a light bulb when on in Nick’s head,

Oh My gosh, ” he said, “I thought you meant the jockeys were all 3 year olds” 

We had a polite little chuckle and a real belly laugh all the way home. How funny is that?  Fireman said, I had to tell you all this conversation.


Can I just tell you another story?  

I awoke with a screaming headache on Friday.  0500 and my head hurt.  I rarely get a headache.  I carried my poor little head downstairs and took some Ibuprofen.   Back to bed.  I had an early call to the riding volunteer class.  I realized by the time I got up with the alarm, that I hadn’t had an caffeine the day before.  Well, minimal caffeine.  That’s pretty pathetic, I’d say I’m addicted.

However, a cuppa or two and I was feeling much better.  I got to give my student Paul, the signed poster from Clancy Brown and the Sponge Bob Cast.  Paul was silent as he looked at the big poster and identified all the names and drawings they did for him.  Paul is rarely quiet.  Then he gave me a huge hug.  The teachers from the stable and his own teachers watched, smiled and got a tear in their eyes!


Finally, in knit news.  I had a pretty stressful day in other ways Friday and finishing up with my Board obligations this week has been very very time consuming.  I couldn’t start the other glove.  I needed comfort knitting.

Guess what?  Kim D. Sent me some knitpicks washable wool and I grabbed its soft colorful woolyness and began…a modified Trap scarf.   Thanks Kim, it is just what I needed the past few days.


Hope you enjoyed all my chatter this morning ! Happy Sunday!

One Fourth of a Pair of Gloves

I decided I needed to make a pair of Sideways gloves.  

Gloves have not been kind to me in the past.  I cannot stand to go round and round on double points for the fingers.  I get dizzy thinking about it.  Leave it to someone clever enough to figure a way to knit gloves flat.  Really?  How smart is Shara Lambeth?  When  I came across Shara Lambeth’s Design ,  I knew I could knit them.

It took me a bit to figure out what part I was knitting in the beginning, but it soon became very clear.

Knit on size 3 straights, I’m using Schoppel cat pruit admiral yarn.  Color 2157.

75% washable wool, 25% Nylon.  I put three different skeins against my jacket and the knit group helped me decide on this colorway.  Cause this pairs’ for me!

Now, I need to knit 3 more sides.  Then you sew 2 pieces together to make each glove.

I know, I’ll need encouragement for that part.  Right now, though, I’m really enjoying knitting the sides.

Happy Friday!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Mama’s Boy

DSCF0426So the breeder texted me that Fezzik was chosen to do a commercial.  He wasn’t even submitted for the commercial but they saw other photos of him and offered.  I was really torn.
He would have to go to Ohio with the photographer for 3 days.  I asked if I  could go along.  They said the budget did not include owners.

You know how I love to show this boy off.  But, I said no.  I couldn’t send that face away with strangers for 3 days.  He cries when I go to get the mail down the driveway.

I would have LOVED more fame and a bit of fortune, but I just couldn’t stress this boy out.

Tomorrow: back to knitting!!!!

Now For Something Completely Different

DSCF0873I give credit to Deb, Caffeine Girl for my foray into embroidery.   This is just practice on an old pillow case.   My thoughts:

Kind of fun, need to watch you tube videos to get some stitches correct, probably using the wrong needle as my fingers hurt after just a bit.  Hints, tips, thoughts?

My ideal is to stitch a few pillow cases and perhaps ….my ultimate goal, to stitch on a jean jacket.

Now back to knitting.  I have absolutely no idea what I’ll knit next.  I have nothing on my needles. Zip zero ……so off to the knit shoppe I go!


Above and Beyond

DSCF0871I’m not a superknitter.  I just happen to love this fingerless pattern and it knits up in a FLASH in worsted.  This is Malabrigo Rio in the colorway Liquidambar.

DSCF0869What is this bush?  Anyone know? I love the tiny pink flowers.

So I asked a favor of a friend I met while I was working.  One of the students that rides with us for therapy is a huge fan of the movies.  (cartoons)  I asked a friend who is the voice of a cartoon character to sign something for this student.  He sent me two huge posters and the entire cast of the very famous nationally known cartoon, signed the posters to this student personally.   I know this child will be overjoyed with this gesture.  Isn’t it great when someone goes above and beyond to make a child happy?