First Finish 2017 28’s Big Sister 77

dscf9851My first finish of 2017, is 28’s Big Sister 77 Shawlette. 

I’m pretty excited about it.

Free Ravelry pattern published in 2010.

Yarn: KnitPicks Chroma in Fingering weight

Colorway: Lupine

Used 1 and a half skeins on size 7 needles.

It is a big success for me.  I didn’t drop any unnoticed stitches and when I did drop I was able to correct.

I have a hard time with knitting when I cannot stretch it out and see it all at once.   This is the case on this pattern for me.  I kept plugging along.  Kept believing in the pattern.  It is a good one.  Clear line by line instructions.  Nothing fancy.

As others said On Ravelry notes, there is a lot of purling.  Because I prefer to knit, I think you could reverse the knits and purls and get the same effect?

It was all ripply when I finished, so……I actually blocked it last night.  I got it really wet in the sink and laid it out on a towel.  This morning it was laying down beautifully.

I’m really happy with it.  I encourage anyone to do this pattern.  It is straightforward and a quiet hygge knit.  Go for it!



A Case of the Pinks

unnamed.jpgThis isn’t even all my pinks.  I have another from Al.   Clearly I need COLOR right now.  I am a few nights away from finishing my shawlette.  So, my thoughts are turned to what next???

This is not the Hygge way.  I am supposed to be content in the now.  But it is zero degrees out. I don’t want to step out the door and I probably won’t.  Is  hibernation part of Hygge?  For those of you unfamiliar: Hygge is the new trend in an old Danish way.  It is all about simplicity and appreciation of right now.  It is about hunkering down in the dark of winter with a warm cup of something and enjoying the people and pets around you.   I do the hunker part fine, it is the Being present part that is so tough for me.  It is a good problem to have. .

Yesterday I organized my double points.  I have 20 sets of double points.  Most of them are wooden.  Some were tossed.  If they were incomplete sets or the points were splitting or snaggy, out they went.  So I have 20 sets After the culling.  Of those 20 sets I probably use 5 sets most.  The zeros, ones, twos and threes get used most often for socks of course.  The 7s and 9s get used for hat decreases when you switch to double points for the small part on the top of the hat.  

Do you you know you hybernate? Do you Hygge? Do you know your needle count?   What’s your collection like? 





A Couple of Good Things

dscf9844Val from Wandering Cat had a yarn end of year sale.  I scored this Reed Grass in 100% merino.  400 plus yards for 11 dollars.  It is so soft and even lovlier in person.  I plan on something ribbed with it because it is pure merino.   I don’t expect much springiness but that’s okay.  I’ve learned to achieve spring with ribbing. 

I was worrying about my shawl as the instructions were perplexing me.   I found a way to understand the instructions.  I went to Ravelry and looked at all the photos knitters posted of their finished shawls.  THEN, voila!  I saw it.  I saw how the construction is going to look if I stay the course.  So, I am staying the course.  I’ll show you soon when I’m finished with it, but it is kind of a crescent shawl with a bib portion in the middle  .  Oh dear, that doesn’t sound lovely, but trust me it is.  

I went back to my old blog and looked at some of the posts from 2010.  We redid the kitchen in the old house that year.  We are currently choosing paint for the new houses interior.  They pretty much white washed everything to sell it.  Fireman wants a bit of color, its below zero out, and we have the time to paint. Comparing the old kitchen paint, to what we want now, is interesting.  Going back that far in my posts made me realize how old some of my socks are.  My goodness they are practical and have lasted a long time.  


Finally, today I have to tell you about the Weight Watcher Lemon Bars with a points value of 3 points a square.  They are awesome and delicious.  Look them up.  The crust is made of animal crackers crushed and a teeny bit of butter.  I tried them yesterday. 

So there you have it: new yarn, new paint and new lemon bars.  Sweet!


Winter Sow


I’m still working on my shawl.  I’m a little worried though.  After I made this huge stitch count, I’m now ribbing a bit.  In just a few more rows I am t0 cast off quite a few stitches on both sides of the row.  I guess this is shaping, but I’m worried about his.  Follow. Directions. Just. breathe….

On with gardening ……as it is freezing outside and with the wind blowing it is the last thing I’d normally spend time on.

Yesterday a woman in my Home Depot was searching for seeds on the store panel.  I figured she was going to Florida.  So, being the usual nosey one that I am, I asked why she was buying seeds. “Already?”

She proceeded to explain the WINTER SOW method.   She said I could google it.  I did when I got home.  She was buying Lupine, so I copied her.  I also bought hollyhock  because I want them to climb up our lattice in front of the hot tub.

Basically, you nearly cut in half a gallon milk jug.  Carefully, put holes in the bottom of it. I read if you heat the plastic it helps not to stab yourself. (Don’t worry I’m not going back to Graphic Monday)   So I filled it with hot tap water, emptied it and put my holes in.

Then you put a few inches of potting soil in the jug.  Add your seeds.  Gently.  With warm wishes and the thoughts of flowers……

Then put another inch or more of potting soil  on top of the little hope seeds.  Wrap the cut part of the jug with duct tape.  Leave the top of the jug open.  Place it outside in sun.  Be sure to place it where it can get rain and snow when that happens.

Then just wait.  When Mother Nature decides to sprout them in your little milk recycle jug, she will.  When they are nice and tall, it should be warm enough to transplant them to the ground.

Here’s hoping!!! Have you ever done a Winter Sow?

If so,

how’d it go?

I’d like to know.

Cause cold winds blow….


Shawlette Progress

unnamedI cannot even tell you how gray it is outside, oh and foggy, oh and damp.  So I just might have some extra coffee today.   Phooey on all those studies, because one day coffee is the key to whole body health and the next day it is toxic.   I’ll choose my studies carefully so they match my whims.  

I know I told you I’m knitting a shawl.   When Santa brought the Knit Picks Chroma in these joyful colors, I had to cast on.  This is 28’s Big Sister 77 – shawlette.  So nice of Lynne Ashton to publish her free pattern in 2010 on Ravelry.  Thanks Lynne.  

I usually cave mid-shawl.  This time, I’m chugging along happily as we approach row 48.  We went from a baby count of cast on 130, to the current line up of 514 stitches.  I can’t wait for my 4 pm needle time.  

I remind myself today, that some of my most productive knitting gets done in Januarys .   Are you more productive with your crafts in certain months?   Go ahead gray gloomy days, I’ve got my Gorgeous colorful yarn and a good pattern to boot, just try and bring me down.  My bloggy pals have taught me to embrace your kind and they are a wise and wonderful lot.  

(Kim at is having a great easy contest yarny giveaway.  Head over and leave a comment.  If you win you’ll thank me! )


Monday Memory

Happy New Year Bloggy friends.  I’m so glad you visit.  Here’s to some laughs as we go along together for yet another year.  

We visited the Lake at noon yesterday to watch the local polar plunge.   This is an unsponsored, just for fun, and only for the crazy to participate, event in Williams Bay.  Some came in their superhero suits to participate.  One man clearly took his wife’s floral robe to keep him warm until the plunge.  One woman came in a fur to watch.  

Of course, I had to ask one person, ‘Why?
This dude totally, like, totally said, 

THIS IS LIFE!  This is what its all about!”  How refreshing actually.  He answered the meaning of life question….

Rest assured dear reader, it was cold despite the fact that there was no ice on the Lake.  The wind was blowing in these brave ones faces and the water was cold.  Very cold.  The event lasted all of a minute and a half.  This surprised me for some reason.  Well, of course, Kathy, no one was staying out there! 


#2  Here’s to Mary turning 90 last week.  Thanks for all your suggestions.  I got her some soap that I love.  One of those fancy face cream soaps.  As long as I can keep knitting and have my family by my side, I’d like to see 90!  I am so inspired by John Glenn going into space at 75.  Jimmy And Rosalyn Carter doing amazing work in their post career lives.   unnamed-3

fullsizerender__4__small_best_fit #3 Meredith tempted me with these Ying Yang Kitty Socks that she found on Ravelry.   I just may have to in 2017.  

#4 I’ve run out of question lists.  I’m going to change it up here on Monday’s but I’m not sure exactly how yet.  I’ve been thinking and thinking.  I May declare a Monday MOMENT, in which I pick a moment from the week before to mention. Will it involve the craft by which we honor our time and our hearts?  I hope so. It may be a Meatless Monday Recipe.  Just not sure yet.  But for today:

This moment is brought to you by Fireman.  On any given day Fireman will bring up a memory from his Fireman career life.  Yesterday, something triggered, pun intended, him telling me a story of a man who shot his finger off.  

Said man, was half laughing as the fireman/medics arrived.  “My  wife is going to kill me,” he said.  We just had a baby and she told me to get that gun out of the house.   I sold it.  Someone’s coming to pick it up this morning.  While I was cleaning it ….it went off.  ” and off went  his finger.  Fireman looked at it and said, ‘Yep, that’s not coming back”  He was more upset that his wife was right and he’d never live this down, than he was upset about his finger. 

This brought up another finger story in Fireman’s career.  The local historic Farm in town, had two large draft horses.  A woman was visiting with her grands and was not watching herself, when a draft horse bit her finger off.  The fireman immediately renamed him Chompy. 

Which brought us to a few firemen we know who have also lost a finger to a lawn mower blade and the like. 

As I said, earlier I’d like to enjoy knitting on this Earth for a long time to come.  We seriously addicted knitters, would not think of cleaning  a gun or lawn mower or offer our precious hand to a horse.  If I go without knitting for more than a day, I twitch.   I’ve had the horror of having to rest my arms/hands and it wasn’t good for me or for my family!  I. Must. Knit.  

So for this Monday, I’ll be very thankful my fingers, my tools, are all ready to work on my shawl later today.  How’s that for a memory? Got one to share? 



Good Bye 2016


So good-bye to 2016!  As we were driving in the country to get to a dear friend’s house for dinner, and yes Christmas cookies, I could not get over the sunset.  Then it hit me, I’m knitting with these very colors on my shawl.  I also have similar colors that are up next.  

Thanks for being with me through the changes in my life in 2016.  We didn’t plan to move in 2016 per say.  We planned to move soon, but things fell into place.  Here we are in Lake Geneva.  Through it all , I knitted and I blogged and you were there!

Socks were the unchallenged winner in 2016.   I’m a sock head. What can I say?  Dee, the sock Queen, just spurs me on.  

I’m so blessed.  Here’s to a new Knit year together.   Because no matter what changes, we have our yarn to

comfort to

challenge to

pet and to share.