Mother Bear Project KAL

DSCF0629Something made me want to buy a kit and join the Mother Bear Project.  If you are not familiar, it is all about knitting and crocheting stuffed bears.  They are given to create comfort and hope for children in “emerging nations.” 

Want to know more?   They have a Ravelry Group and a Facebook Page too. 

It is very fun. So far the pattern, (there are 4 sets of instructions, so you can choose the instructions that you want to follow.  knitted flat or knitted in the round. Or crocheted!  ) is quite easy to follow.  

To make it even More Fun, My pal Karen wanted to make some bears,too.  We moved so I don’t see Karen often, but we text during SURVIVOR each week and more.  She patiently waited until my kit arrived, and we are both knitting bears. 

It is not a contest at all to see who finishes first. It is simply something we can do together to make the World a bit better.  We decided we are both making girl bears.   

So many of my bloggy pals are charitable in their knitting, sewing, crocheting, etc.  I wanted to up my charity.

And since we are on the verge of a snow/slush/rain/wind event for the next 48 hours, I guess I’ll have to sit and knit.  Lucky me!!



Brag Brag Bragging,

DSCF0619We found out this weekend, that Fezzik made the Purina Ad.  He’s on their website.  This is a photo of the screen.  He is the cat leaping off the couch, the big guy.  The cat on the bag and the coupon is his father, Chili.   But our boy made the print ad.  The Video “watch now” is not Fezzik, but another cat at the same photo shoot.

We may see more of him, Liz, our breeder and the connection to the this fun, says. So  keep an eye out. If by chance it comes out in the ad section of your paper with the coupon, please let me know. 

The other kitties in this house are just as loved and special you know!   Everyone got treats to celebrate Fezzik’s success.

You may recall the process was a long one the day of the photographing.  We got paid a one time fee of 300 dollars.  Fireman says we have crossed that one off our bucket list.

(My shawl knitting has halted.  I don’t like the pattern.  Time to frog it and start anew)

Thanks for sharing our joy about the little star in our house.

Monday Q and A April 2nd 2017

DSCF0567Happy Monday Q and A!!!

*What’s your safe place in turbulent weather?

*Are you more likely to alter a pattern or stick right to the instructions?

*Would you rather a hottub or a cold pool?

*What was the name of a pet you grew up with?

*How many knit dishcloths do you use, or have on hand?

*Have you ever been give an trophy?

*Would you rather knit, under a shady tree, poolside or beside a roaring fire?

Just seven questions today.  Here’s my answers:

  • I think my safest place is the basement under the stairway
  • As I continue to knit, I take more and more liberties with patterns.
  • Pool
  • Crumpet was our english springer spaniel
  • I have 7 dishcloths I use all the time
  • Ive never been given , or earned a trophy . It’s okay, don’t need one because…I share the World Series Trophy!!!  It’s never going to get old!
  • under a shady tree …thanks
  • DSCF0604



The Thing About Fingerless

Happy April!!! No fooling here, just thrilled we made it through March.

I worked on angora mitts last night.  I have one finished.  I cast on 40 stitches on size 4 needles and worked in the round until my knuckles. Then I knit back and forth in garter only for the cuff.

I’m still pulling little fibers out of my nose.  DSCF9125Now this is very very old fingerless from years ago.  They are perfect for working in the stables with the horses.  Machine wash and dry ….and they are warm.

Fingerless gloves/mittens are so useful.   Along with socks I think I use them the most in my life.

The sun is out!  It came out yesterday.  True to March bleck, it was absent from our viewing for the full last week of March.  The stars and the moon came back last night too….Happy April Everyone! No foolin!

Crazy Layout

DSCF0594Wonderland Yarns Finish: Only Lime will Tell .  Ribbed cuff, in no way at all fancy foot.  Knitted on 2s.  48 stitches in the round.  How Much Did I like the yarn ?  Much.  Very Much.  Soft with some spring.  26 dollars though for the fancy skein.  That’s kind of a lot.  Right?

I’m not sure about the new blog layout. It is fine once you get to the newest post, but maybe all the other posts on that entry page….maybe it is too much.  I dunno.  Is it a bit crazy?

So, the big news of today is: CRAYOLA is no longer making dandelion yellow.  I don’t know who led the grass movement to kill the dandelion, but it makes me kind of sad that they messed with tradition.

I told Allison, when I heard there would be an announcement:  “It better not be Cadet Blue, my favorite color of all time”  Some things just shouldn’t be messed with.

What’s up with you on the final day of March 2017?  I’m getting my Cubs flag out.

I Caught the Card Bug…..Araignee……

Almost all of you know my only craft is knitting, with an occasional simple crochet edging.  I was at a craft fair on Saturday nearby.  A woman was selling an “old” kit with a cute tin for 12 bucks.  I think there are 12 cards in the kit. 

Deb, I took the plunge.  You can see how very basic my creations are, but it was fun.  I figured a dollar a card and a cute tin was a good value. I didn’t really follow their instructions, haha.  I’m sure you can believe that one!  So will I need extra postage? Perhaps.  I guess we’ll have my little mail lady at the corner office weigh them before I send any.  Thanks for the inspiration Deb!

On a very interesting note, Fireman and I gave blood yesterday.  The staff at the Red Cross mobile are very fun.  I asked if there is an upper age limit for donating and they said nope.  In fact, they have a donor who is 92 that lives nearby.   So that’s my new goal.  Be the oldest blood donor and beat his record some day!