Rare Sunday Round UP

Here are a few good things we discovered recently: 

This Bai water tastes pretty darn good.  In Truth I add a tsp of sugar to it and that adds some calories but not many and it is refreshing.   Trouble is: It is expensive kool aid!  

DSCF1354DSCF1358I have also discovered Nabisco Good THins Rice crackers.  They are light and yummy.  Satisfying my need for crunch and salt.  

I discovered I can make I cord rosettes for Twiddle Mitt add ons.  

We found a parking area in downtown Lake Geneva that you can park for free!  Yes I am too cheap to  pay 25 cents for 15 minutes!  

We spent a boring, but important hour yesterday, tagging all the water shut offs in the basement. Should we ever need to, they are easily found and labeled. You can bet this wasn’t my idea!  

Finally, I realized we have to take in our hummingbird feeders at night.  Raccoons 2 Us 0.  They have cracked and distroyed 2 feeders this week.  I’m only putting enough sunflower seed out for the jays, cards and nuthatches, to last a day.  The weather is great so it is not a big deal to add this to morning chores.   I can set seed out in the morning and put the hummingbird feeders out then too. They must have been fighting over the sugar water because they made a huge racket in the middle of the night !! 



More of the Wonderful Same

DSCF1338There will be knit talk!  But,  this is my best photo of our friend Amanda last night.  It was so lovely out: warm then as the sun went down, chilly.  We were treated to a spectacular moonrise as well.  The Strawberry Moon the weather people have informed me.   (Sorry for the blur)  Did you see it last night?  Did yoU?

It is such a different culture here.  I love it.  People sitting in their pick up beds around the arena.  Girls on their horses laughing, sharing bags of popcorn, and of course….. checking their cell phones.   Dogs, oh the dogs.  There were 3 young pups, Id’ say they were, 16 weeks or so, and they just tumbled and ran and tumbled and ran around and around all of these horses. Not one horse spooked.  I was told barrel racing horses are pretty immune to it all.  I was told if these had been Show Horses they would likely spook at all of it.

I don’t know why I love looking at these creatures so much, I certainly don’t want to ride one.

DSCF1352DSCF1262Then theres this.  Yup . I decided I had to have a teeny weeny amount of bangs.  And yes I did it myself.  Kudos to me.  I did a fine job!  I stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror for a full 5 minutes.  Parting, reparting, thinking, and then I did the old twirl the hair and cut it.  

DSCF1261Wonderful Grace Y sent me these two Twiddle Mitts!  Thank you thank you Grace. They are so so soft.  I am so touched with each package that arrives.  I’ve been in contact with The Nursing home and they are looking forward to my sending a big box to them.  

I can’t believe how some of  you who have never commented, but read this lil ole blog, are making Mitts for my goal.  I’m so touched by all of you. I’m doing well with Mom grief the past few days.  I think with that awful Alzheimer disease there is some PRE grief .  For me there were so many tears and nights we drove home after seeing my mom, where  I just sobbed.  It is sometimes very peaceful to know that journey is over.  Bittersweet. Yup that’s the word. 

My plans for today include:

* finishing a second sock.  This is a plain vanilla sock piece o cake!  I’m already near the foot.  

*Starting another Twiddle mitt.  

*Continuing to work on the screened porch arrangement.  Miss Pie was giving me sass after I moved two chairs and a table around.  She does not like HER things moved.  I love that sassy pants girl. 

*Watching the last of the Triple Crown races today!  

New Yarn Prospects

DSCF1252I have been helping out at the Barn during our Break.  I need to stay in the mode with these big big horses.   They are happy for the help.  It is a huge mind stretch for me to groom and walk them.  Perhaps, because I don’t want to dwell on my mom’s passing, it is good for me.  

DSCF1259Thank you Meredith for your gift of Two Twiddle Mitts.  I need to find some of these beads to work into my next  mitts.  We are up to 14 mitts so far.  Finding them in my mail is a joy!  

I’ve been knitting on a fun little shortie sock and should finish the pair today. 

Last night while Fireman was out cycling, I listened to a May production of Grocery Girls podcast.  It was fun.  Basically the gushed over yarns for an hour and a half.  I did get some good ideas for new sock yarn dyers. I will be drooling over their yarns later today:

Coloring Book sock yarn

Beautiful Mess (etsy)

Louleigh (etsy)

and a new podcast : A hippie Knits.




DSCF1227This butterfly was one of at least two dozen that fed and fed all day on the last lilac in bloom.  I know someone knows the type of butterfly……..? Help? 

If I was a yarn dyer I’d dye up some yarn in this yellow with a touch of blue, orange and black.  Nature: no one does it better.   DSCF1229I washed all of my winter woolens and am drying them now for storage.  Hats, mittens, fingerless, socks and two shawls were washed.  I put some vinegar in the bath because I was told long ago that wools like a tad of vinegar in the bath. I also chucked a pair of socks that developed a hole over the winter.  Whee, now I can knit another pair. 

I took these butterflies, in all of their group, as a sign from my Mom.  I take almost everything as a sign from my Mom now.  It feels great to feel her presence all around me.  Please tell me this doesn’t fade away…..



Sometimes You Fail

DSCF1220Sometimes your knit is such a fail you give it as a cat bed.  I know I’m not alone in this!  When will I learn that 3 dollar yarn is really 3 dollar yarn.?   At least Mr. Beatles who Turned 6 last week, thinks I knitted it just for him.  Sorry for the black blob of a photo of him.  He doesn’t like that camera and he just photographs as a black soft blob.  So glad he loves it.

DSCF1217Vera Vera Thank you for the colorful wonderful Twiddle Mitt.  I am so happy when the Mitts arrive.  Each one is so sweet and I know they will be appreciated because they asked for 30 of them!   I think this makes 11.

DSCF1221Although my obsessive mind wants to knit Mitts continually until I’ve reached my goal, my fingers just won’t allow it.  I was starting to get unsettled when I realized I needed to knit a sock.  So I am working on this toe finish today.  That’s sock number #1.  And then I went and ordered some Lorna’s Laces from Simply Socks site.  What is it about the sock that comforts and relaxes me?  I’m going to use the grieving excuse….to go on a yarn binge.



Boss, Blooms, Bangs and Bits

DSCF1190We watched some young people show their horses on Saturday at the Walworth County Fairgrounds.  This young girl was showing her horse who was boss as she left the arena.   Every time he got in front of her she turned him around.

I am nowhere near as skilled as these young people in their ease of being around horses.  I’m trying to learn as much as I can about horses because I love being at the Barn for Volunteering.  We have 3 weeks off between sessions and I’m still going to help groom so I stay comfortable.

DSCF1206We have some peonies in a cluster here!  I just love them  The delicate petals, the smell divine, the briefness of their bloom makes them even more wonderful.  My mom only loved them outside as she didn’t like the ants that helped them along coming in to the house.


Will these bangs ever grow out ? I’m pretty sure as soon as they grow out, I’ll likely cut them.  NO!!!!!  Don’t let me.

DSCF1212.jpgThank you Deb and Nancy for the Twiddle MITTS!!! Nancy was fresh out of doo dads so she sent the mitt along and I had no problem adding some.  I happen to have the same light green yarn in my stash.  Perfect match. Thank you all who are sending mitts to help.  I so appreciate it.  Bit by bit we’ll get there!

June 5th, Monday Q and A

DSCF1203Here we go!  Hope you enjoy !

*1. Who or what  inspired your last Knit?  (Details below)

(Kim of Hand Eye was the inspiration for the above scarf.  I started it awhile ago and finished it last night.  Kim sent me Knitpicks Mighty yarn for a prize. She sent the purple and fuschia. I bought some pink .  This yarn is wool and acrylic and so so soft. I used about 500 yards?  The Pattern is : 134-22 Balade. (a Drops Design)  I made it in worsted not fingering.  So mine is 90 inches long instead of 72.  It starts skinny, gets wide, and skinnies back to the end point. Thank you so much KIM!!!!!!)

*2. When was the last time you saw someone pray in public?

*3. Do you have a favorite fountain?

*4. What is the price of a gallon of gas, by you?

*5. Wave pool or Ferris Wheel?

*6. What is the softest wool blend you know?

*7. Name a favorite singer who has passed away-?

*8.  What blog pal’s skills, or superpowers do you envy?

*9. How you avoid sun damage?

*10. In a word, describe your lawn chair…


My answers:

  1. already gave that answer above! Kim
  2. The judge at the horseshow on Saturday, prayed quietly  before the event began.
  3. The Fountain at the Bean in Chicago is very fun.
  4. 2.38 a gallon, Wisconsin
  5. Wave pool
  6. Knit picks Mighty!
  7. Harry Chapin.
  8. Val’s beading and designing are just amazing. But you all have special skills I admire.  Truly
  9. I stay out of the sun from 11-3 mostly.
  10. My lawn chair: heavy