Saturday Still Sock Serious


SO:  Schaum Torte.  German version of Pavlova.  I would NEVER have baked this had my AL and my Zach not given me A Kitchen Aid Stand mixer for my birthday this year.   

While pacing the library room the other day listening to the Cubs nearly lose to the Nationals, I found an old cookbook.  It was one that our nurses made and I found a quick recipe for this torte.   (sheila ‘ s recipe) 

I had a lot of fun reading the names of the nurses I worked with YEARS ago.  Diane, if you are reading this, You would remember them all.  Diane I miss you! 


I’ve got sock plans for this weekend.  I should be able to finish a pair and start another.  


I’m on the look out for a used purse.  A specific purse.  If any of you finds A FRYE as in boot, purse for resale please let me know. It could take a year.  I don’t care.  I’m just putting it out there.    Are you on the lookout for  anything?  I can keep my eye open for you.  We could make a list here.  





Happy Friday the 13th! From the Cats

DSCF4095.jpgI was up way late last night.  Honore, big hugs to you.  I’ve been there.  Your team put fear in my heart every single game. Werth especially.  Your relievers are noteworthy.  Big hugs.  I was worried to the last out.  

(Translation for all you non sport pals: Nationals lost in a tough baseball playoff game with my team)

Do you have a shadow candle?  I love mine.  It is going to be a very good day.  Friday the 13th and two black cats have crossed my path a number of times today.  I love black cats because so many do not.  They are cultural undercats.  

Sock knitting continues.  Happiness.  

I just looked up sunny days in Wisconsin averages.  The number of days the sun reaches the ground through partly sunny or clear days is 190 out of 365.  Just over 50% .  I have to do something about my cloudy day attitudes clearly.   Im fine on stormy days.  So let’s manipulate the figures to 60%.  That means 4 days out of 10 Im not happy weather wise.  I’m not moving.  I need a attitude plan.  November and March are my worst months.  Why am I so affected by this?  

(no light therapy for me, I have cataracts already boo hoo)




Joining Three Things on Thursday


Thing 1: Finished first sock last night.  It looks little because I have little feet.  48 stitch cast on and three needle bind off for the toe.  As much as I love the Log Cabin it is undeniably hurting my joints.  So bit by bit there….DSCF4090.jpg

Thing 2: My test mail to Zach got all the way there and back, because I didn’t have a sufficient address.  My next plan: Send a letter to the Institute where he works.  They have a complicated address.  I’d just like to get a birthday card to him honestly in a month.  The letter was mailed on 9/7 and returned to me 10/9.  We went 9 months last year without mailing anything back and forth, so it is not imperative.


Thing 3: These guys are showing up more and more often.  They remind me that the holidays are here.  Because, I count Halloween as the start!   When I see turkeys, I think to myself: quick what are you thankful for?  Yesterday I was thankful I got to see adorable kittens at the new Vet office.  Then I was thankful that I had some self control…

The Juncos are back….cold is coming

DSCF4077Sock knitting continues.  Gleefully.  At the toe of sock number one! 

It’s coming….the cold is on its way because the first winter junco has been sighted.  They are beautiful winter birds.  I’m going to celebrate EVERy day of winter this time.  

Have you ever been to KateGabrielle website.?  She is all about the color pink.  I’ve asked her if I can show some of her for sale items to you.  Waiting for permission.  In the meantime, I’ve asked her in an email how she likes her PINK INSTAX camera.  I finally found someone who uses one!  Hope she answers.

Honore, you know I hug you.  I really do.  One of us isn’t going to be happy with the outcome of the game tonight.  I honestly don’t know which one it will be.  But I know I’ll hug you no matter!!

DO you See what I see?

DSCF4049Al and Tank have a deep bond.  He knows and adores her.  It was difficult for her to leave him with us, but we are a cat family and we all knew he’d be best not moved much.   Tank does NOT do this to anyone but our family.   I love this photo.


I’ve started a sock.  I can’t even tell you when the last time I knit a sock  was, in this year.  This is DIANA a colorway from malabrigo.  Al got it for me at an Oklahoma Yarn shop going out of business sale.  (always a sad sight)   The magic is that it is Dk.  Just a tiny bit above fingering and wow it is better on my eyes.

I’ve blamed a lot on my eyes lately.  The reason I don’t like golf, one of the many reasons, is that I just can’t see that ball against our cloudy skies …ever.  Fireman would say, “Why don’t you know where your ball went?”  Because I couldn’t see it!

We were watching a 16 inch softball game the other night killing some time, and I said , ‘You know, I could never catch a ball in softball because I couldn’t see the dang thing”  Even a 16 inch Chicago ONLY softball is skycolored , against a Chicago sky, so there you go….can’t see that either.

Also, I can’t see fishing line in the water without a bobber.  This drives my dear fishing pal Larry a bit nuts.  I ALWAYS want to bobber fish.  Hard to do in 60 feet of water…but that’s why!

I’ve decided, again, that the things I use most and are most worth my knit time and enjoyment are socks.  I have 3 lovely shawls I’ll never use and I’m not sure anyone would want.  But socks, so utilitarian.  (Dee are you smiling ?)  Also, fingerless do get a lot of use in this area of the world where we have more cold than warm.

This is not to say I won’t finish my log cabin blanket. Surely I will. Just not all in one sitting.  (now that’d be a lot of sitting!)  Speaking of, I saw a chair in a print ad that has a foamy seat for those who work at a desk seat all day.  What a good idea!  A butt mattress.

Finally, in rambling, here is the plate I liked most on our drive yesterday:


October 9, Monday Q and A 2017

Todays Q and A is an abbreviated one.  100% fun with Allison’s visit. I Made weight watcher herb rolls this weekend.  We knitted.  Lots!  OK here we go: 


*Where do you go to meet new people?  

*What is the craziest diet you’ve ever put yourself on? 

*Name something you’ve knit and never worn ….

My answers:

To meet new people  I Volunteer at the Barn.  I went to meet the horses and ended up meeting very nice people.

The craziest diet: I pretty much ate popcorn and tomato soup for a few months before my wedding.  My sweet mom suggested I take Dexatrim to curb my appetite.

Something I’ve knitted and never worn: I ripped out a fingering weight shrug that I loved making and hated wearing.  It fit all wonky.  I was unable to rip it out well so it ended up a big tangled ugly mess.  I had just enough to make a baby hat with it.

*Here’s Al’s hat progress.  Enjoy!