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DSCF1604Twenty Twiddle Mitts are on their way to the Nursing home in Chicago that requested 30 of them. Thank you so very much.  Ten of them were made by you! I so appreciate it.  Keep them coming if you please! 

Karen, from Wisconsin, contacted me and sent a really cute mitt.  Now:


  • the cat in the photo yesterday with her kittens is a Persian. I didn’t know they could be short haired.  This cat belongs to a vet breeder.  It is his first successful litter. I want that black kitten!
  • thanks Meredith for your comment about a good Exotic Sanctuary near you.  I’m so happy to know that there are some that are clean, spacious and better than the one I visited
  • Fireman and I went to a cycling race last night to watch.  (East Troy) It was very very fun.  The young men who ride are cray cray crazy.  They ride in a different Wisconsin town for 11 straight nights.
  • 4 dollar craft beers at the event tent.  Fireman was already happy just being there..then that!
  • Somehow we were staring at the riders going round and round the town in the designated path, and I missed that they were riding past a YARN SHOP!!!!
  • Fireman spotted it, laughed, handed me his wallet because I didn’t bring my purse along.  Let’s just say, there was a little stash enhancement that I’ll show you soon!  It was a very good night.
  • Happy Saturday! Happy Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Uncles and people who father us!DSCF1516

How About Some Happiness?

unnamedZach has a friend in Mexico who is a veterinarian.   His cat had kittens this week!   Now those are some freshly born babies!  I can’t wait to follow them as they grow up.  

unnamed-3Fear not! Stanley is just taking a good sleep in his stall.  He is so funny.  He comes in from pasture and just goes soundly and peacefully to sleep.  I have read that horses only sleep this way about an hour a day.  He is a very very sweet horse who is easy for new humans to learn to halter, lead and groom.  The horses at the Center have wonderful herds that they “belong” to.  They get lots of brain work and physical work.  Any nick or scratch is immediately noted and attended to.  Their stalls are kept impeccably clean.  The equine massage school gets their final grade after giving them massages.They are turned out to pasture more than they are in their stalls.    They are valued animals who work hard and are appreciated and …yes loved. 

DSCF1201Have I already shown you the little catbird that bathes in our well stump almost daily?  So sweet.  

Knitting now,

*anxious to make three more MItts and get the box of the first 20 in the mail this weekend.

*am thinking I want to knit something new, but just don’t know what.  Here are my list of constraints:

-A sweater has to be cotton and no one can wear a cotton sweater without it dragging to the ground

-I’m still mad at my last pair of socks so I have two sets of fingerless on the needles

-i’m not in a hat mood

-so many are knitting gorgeous shawls but I dont feel like blocking and intricacy.

-perhaps I need to knit a few quick dishcloths to get my quick fix and fun in order..waht is up with me?



unnamed-2On Sunday, I volunteered at a Sanctuary nearby.  I had been invited by my friend Kristine to join her staff. ( She and I had worked together for the animal shelter in Illinois in the operating room. ) They were headed there to volunteer for the day. 

It was brutally hot and humid.  We worked hard, cleaning the cow barn, the alpaca and sheep pens and dozens of cat boxes (in the upstairs of the big barn) .  I quickly lost any desire I’ve had to raise cows.  This was dirty dirty work.  “Try to scrape up the cow pies and leave the mud if you can distinguish it” we were instructed.  

Let me say that the people who devote their time and money volunteering here are obviously animal lovers.  But I left feeling very sad.  

My little cell phone took some photos of the big cats.  They are in very small enclosures.  That was the hard part.  Several lions, tigers and a bear live there. There are also some wolf hybrids and wolves.  They live in areas not much  bigger than a dog kennel or two.  We were told there were 4 wolves in an enclosure  at one point. Mama, Papa and two daughters.  The daughters picked off the parents one by one. 

Over 200 feral cats roamed the property and barn.  They are fed, watered, and they have many many litter boxes.  They are all altered.  Their lives, void of human touch, seemed fair enough.  They were free to roam or form colonies and they had.  

When I arrived at the gate, a dead calf was lying on the deck.  Farmers are permitted to leave dead livestock there for the animals to consume.  Roadkill is also taken in.  We were told we could bring chicken drumsticks, raw, to offer the Big  cats.  Venison is welcome, frozen, even freezer burned.  

They have a huge pig that has had its eyes removed for pain and medical reasons.  .  It will gladly eat any dessert you bring. I had a pineapple pie in the freezer so I brought it along. The enormous pig  guzzled the pie up, and seemed to have no trouble finding it . 

The Sanctuary is on 9 acres of land.  As I mentioned, enclosures are very small.  There is a black bear that someone tried to raise and failed.  Apparently, it is legal to buy a bear cub in some states.  Most of these animals were exotics that failed at human hands.  

Although we had a great volunteer who could tell us all about these animals and their individual stories, my mind started tuning out her voice as I seemed to fall into the deep dull faces of these creatures.  One of them vocalized aggressively as we walked by.  Most just ignored us.  

I won’t be volunteering there again.  I have some tools and things on their wish list that I Can drop at the gate.  I just couldn’t handle it there.  Everyone else that I went with seemed to be eager to return and help more.  

I have my first non-fiction read for the summer.  Zoo STORY, Life in the Garden of Captives.  Zach read the book awhile back. He says it was a good read.  He said the issues are complicated for zoos.  I, for one, have always loved going to the zoo and seeing creatures I would never ever encounter in Chicago Illinois.  Now, I’m not as sure.  I’ll let you know what I think of the book.  

This was a tough post to write, but I always tell you what I’ve been up to.  Just look into that tiger’s eyes.  





DSCF1398I’m making more fingerless gifts.  Making it up.  Put a tiny cable on the front. Enjoying the process.  

Thank you blog support group for your wise and wonderful words about my sock ruins.  Katherine, dear Katherine, you are right, they are going to be inside the shoe, so I can carry on.  You can all charge me a few cents like LUCY from the Peanuts Gang!  DSCF1396

  Hope you aren’t bored with the Twiddle Mitts.  I crocheted this one in reds and blues.  I think we have 17 total so far.  I’d like to send the first 20 soon to the Nursing Home that requested them.  

DSCF1368 My last peony is so pretty. 

So many of you are reading and playing Book Bingo.  I have a book ordered from my library.  I’ll keep you in suspense until it arrives.  Suffice to say, its Non Fiction.  My favorite!  

This is hysterical:  I had a dream that our Church pastor had been reading my blog. He quoted a bunch of my lines in a sermon  and scolded me for content.  In my dream I was freaked out and decided to make my blog private.  What in the world was going on in my subcon last night?   I have the strangest dreams and I have them often.  Maybe we’ll call that one a nightmare!  

A Real Knit Mess

DSCF1356.jpgI really messed up these socks.  They are just for me, but dang.  I hate when I put time into something and then I see a big old mistake later.  See the goofy line mid  right foot ?  I also messed up on the three needle bind off on BOTH toes.   Somethings gotta give here.  I love knitting socks.  When I have a mishap or several as in this case, I get that defeated pain in my knit heart.  These are SIMPLE Plain top down socks and I messed them up.  I’ll wear them.  They’ll probably last a long time just to mock me!!DSCF1359.jpg

What’s a girl to do?  Cast on again.  This is Lorna’s Laces Frankensteins  Cotillion. (Shepherds sock, 80/20 Superwash)  I love this colorway and see nothing scary about it.  I see Sunflower yellows and tans with aqua highlights.  I ordered lovely square needles in their smallest size at SimplySocks.  So I’m knitting them on 3s.  These needles are slick!  I have to catch the live ones from slipping off them.  But. I . Like! DSCF1388I’m thinking I’ll rib the entire thing. We shall see. Did I mention Simplysocks will send wound yarn for no additional fee?  Whee!

 I’m going to cast on for a Twiddle Mitt now  in red.  I want to let these socks simmer while I Keep up the Mitt campaign.   I also have a pair of fingerless in malabrigos on my needles.

It is highly unusual for me to have more than one thing on my needles.  It feels good to have some choices.  I may get used to this.  Sometimes I rush the second sock just to finish it to go to something else.  Perhaps having a few things on the needles will help me avoid that finish stress. 


Monday June 12th Q and A Time

DSCF1208Happy Monday Q and A!  

  1.  Here is my stash.  (this does not include leftovers OR the one skein I plan to return to the shop) We all have our stash quirks.   I keep mine small because The yarn usually loses the thrill for me if it sits too long.  Would you say your stash is small, medium, large or plus sized?
  2. What’s a favorite summer movie?  (Mine is What About Bob!) oh Bill Murray!
  3. When was the last time you broke a sweat ? (I volunteered at a Big Cat Sanctuary yesterday with my Veterinarian pal.  Shoveling poop and barn cleaning had me sweating like a pig.  All I could think of was….maybe this is worth a Weight Watcher point)
  4. When was the last time you wore a uniform? (easy.  Scrubs as a nurse about 2 years ago)  I also had a McDonalds uniform in my teen years. can you say ugly polyester brown?
  5. What do you prefer: Fingerless, Mittens or Gloves? (Fingerless! I love to knit them and to wear them and to give them as gifts)
  6. What is your favorite way to eat graham crackers? (In a pie crust)
  7. What is the Last bird you saw or heard? (Mourning Doves are coo ing right now)
  8. Do you like to fish?  (I do.  With the following clauses: someone else has to put on the bait and take off the fish.  Fireman informed me last night that he has decided he doesn’t really like fishing.  He likes being on our friend’s boat more than actually fishing from the boat.  I was shocked. Does anyone need tackle? haha)
  9. Have you had a lipstick mistake purchase?  (I have a hard time finding just the right shade for me.  The current stick is too purple/red.  I need to find another today.  I LOVE a frost .  Do they even sell them anymore?
  10. Do you like your name? (I love my name Kathleen, but most everyone calls me Kathy.  My mom would call me Kathleen in a loving greeting.  )

Rare Sunday Round UP

Here are a few good things we discovered recently: 

This Bai water tastes pretty darn good.  In Truth I add a tsp of sugar to it and that adds some calories but not many and it is refreshing.   Trouble is: It is expensive kool aid!  

DSCF1354DSCF1358I have also discovered Nabisco Good THins Rice crackers.  They are light and yummy.  Satisfying my need for crunch and salt.  

I discovered I can make I cord rosettes for Twiddle Mitt add ons.  

We found a parking area in downtown Lake Geneva that you can park for free!  Yes I am too cheap to  pay 25 cents for 15 minutes!  

We spent a boring, but important hour yesterday, tagging all the water shut offs in the basement. Should we ever need to, they are easily found and labeled. You can bet this wasn’t my idea!  

Finally, I realized we have to take in our hummingbird feeders at night.  Raccoons 2 Us 0.  They have cracked and distroyed 2 feeders this week.  I’m only putting enough sunflower seed out for the jays, cards and nuthatches, to last a day.  The weather is great so it is not a big deal to add this to morning chores.   I can set seed out in the morning and put the hummingbird feeders out then too. They must have been fighting over the sugar water because they made a huge racket in the middle of the night !!