May 15th, Monday Q and A

unnamed-1Before we start, let me explain that I am once again having some issues leaving comments.  Rest assured this is on my end.  You will probably get an email from me with my comment because I can’t be silent on this end. I love to leave you comments.

Okay …away we go!

*Did you get or give flowers this weekend, Mothers Day weekend?

*Did you send your loved ones off with the same phrase every day?

*Can you watch a commercial?  Or do you have to flip or speed through?

*How many blogs do you read regularly?

*Have you had a dream about knitting?

*What is the total number of live stitches in your work bag now?

*Name a meatless meal-

*Number of times you have moved since you have been 21.

*Chips or popcorn?

*Last piece of advice someone gave you that you didnt like!

Here are my answers:

*I gave flowers to two lovely ladies.  One in her 80s , one 90 that we were able to visit with over the weekend.   Just a small pot of cyclamen, but they seemed thrilled. Fireman also gave me a lovely hanging basket of New Guinea Impatients.  Red!

*I would tell my kids as they got on the bus, “Be a good listener!” every day.

*I can watch commercials.  Fireman just cannot. He flips and flips and avoids them.  Usually he is interested in two channels at once so he is just trying to catch up on both.  Sigh.  Too much work. I’m busy counting stitches and knitting. 🙂

*I read about 25 of your blogs daily.  And I love my blog reading time.

*I sometimes dream that my knitting is all a muck and I cannot pack it up at all. I am moving somewhere and I cannot get my knit stuff packed.  This is odd because when we moved I knew exactly where my yarn was at all times!  (with me mostly)

*Live stitches: 60 on the scarf so far, and 48 on the socks I started this weekend!

*Meatless meal: Quiche.  But it is too many points and I dont eat it anymore.

*I have moved 3 times since 21.  Chicago, to Glenview , Illinois, to Wisconsin.

*Popcorn, these days.  Chips are too many points.  Ah chips I miss you

*Well meaning and truly lovely ladies told me to be patient as my mother dies. I didnt’ like this advice.  I nodded and thanked them. But inside:   Im done being patient.  Being a nurse resulted in seeing many many deaths.  I have a different perspective because of nursing.  If someone asks my advice on this in the future, I may say, “Be angry! Go ahead.  It is easier!”   And thank you all for the loving support.  I do feel it and it is hugely helpful.




Mothers Day Thoughts

DSCF0975The Oriole appeared a few times yesterday.  This is the first year for us to have them come to a feeder.  They are brilliant that’s for certain.  I was very far away from him when I took this image.  Thank goodness for the zoom lens.

I have to say my refurb camera with the zoom is just worth every penny I spent (and didn’t spend)  on it.   I would buy a refurb again for sure.  My macbook pro is also a refurb and I’m happy with it as well.

DSCF0978Ugh oh. My cold is improving and I’m getting bored with the scarf.  The yarn (mighty by KNitpicks) sometimes likes to split a bit.  Still, it is very soft.  I’m nearing the halfway point.

Wishing you all peace and time to knit on Mothers Day weekend.  It is a difficult one for me but I am invited to spend it with a dear friend, her 90 year old mother and their friends for dinner out.   I Want to thank you all for your support as my mother continues on her journey.  My prayer is that she is blissfully unaware of her physical state and is already in heaven.

On a fun memory note, I was trying to think of the things my mom always had in her purse.  Kleenex for 6 kids who always asked for it in church, gum, a rain bonnet that usually came from a funeral home, cigarettes and a lighter.  🙂

A Bit More Tick Talk

DSCF0915Sorry.  Here’s the deal.  I heard a local news report tonight that the ticks with the new virus did increase last year in Wisconsin. From 1 infection to 4.  Yes.  1 person  to 4 people .  So yes, there was an increase, but the numbers are very low.

Nonetheless, I cannot stand those little buggers.

I also discovered through a facebook friend’s post that opossum love to eat ticks.  Guess what? So do wild turkeys and guinea hens.   These wild turkeys were at the end of our driveway just a bit ago.

Welcome turkeys, opossum and hens!  Come one come all and eat those ticks away.

unnamed-2We had a campfire around dusk tonight.  More soft scarf knitting got done.  I am now changing to deep purple and pink stripes.  Towards the end of the scarf I may resume the berry/purple stripes.  It is a very fun mindless knit.

Have a fantastic Friday my friends.  See you in the comments

Movin on

DSCF0966I gathered up some tulips from the front patch.  I think these are the last to bloom of the tulips here.  There have not been many but they have been lovely none the less. sent me this lovely painted portrait of Fezzik yesterday.  It was a great surprise.  I love being a Chewy influencer as they call us.  DSCF9189I don’t have much stash these days on purpose.  This little skein of barely processed and handspun wool keeps asking me why I bought it.  I keep telling it I don’t know.  It has to simmer awhile longer I guess.

The new Board of Directors at the Animal Shelter will be elected tonight. My term is done.  It takes a lot of people to make a non-profit keep running.  Animal rescue is an emotional rollercoaster, often times.  It was a challenge for me to work in a group situation, and I know I grew throughout the year.  The distance factor became difficult for me.  I felt like the others on the Board had many more day to day interactions there.  Yet, being farther away, I think, gave me more objectivity when situations arose.  I know I did the best I could, I gave it my all.  I wish them luck in the future.  Movin on


Equal Love

DSCF0964.jpgUncle Tank feels it is time he get some attention.  I happen to think he’s gorgeous.  I need to knit an  Uncle Tank kitty, but I also need to get out and get some gray yarns.  

Fireman spotted our first hummingbird at the north feeder this morning.  I’m thrilled. We put the feeders up 10 days ago.  

Since we moved north, we have driven back south to our old home town at least 3 dozen times.  Mostly for mom and for Board meetings.  Sometimes to meet with friends who are missing us.   Sometimes for extended family gatherings. 

My last Board meeting is over and the new shelter Board will be elected tomorrow night.  

Besides going to visit mom, ,I anticipate much less traveling back.  I think I needed it as I adjusted to a new town, but not anymore.  I have my yarn shop, my dentist, my hairsalon, my grocery store, my Target, my library, and more here.  

Finally, there is a lot of talk about a new tick borne disease out there.  Apparently, the tick only needs 15minutes attached to transmit the disease. This is very worrisome.  I will be changing my hiking habits accordingly.  The Powassan type of tick infection is nasty.  Look it up.  Be careful .  Protect the animals in your care too!  




May 8th, Monday Q and A

DSCF0916Here we go!

*Do you prefer an analog or digital clock?

*How good is your sense of direction?  (we are talking about times when you do not have your phone to use as a compass) (the good old days, of I say we go this way, and he says, nah we go this way)

*What do you like to knit in worsted weight yarn?

*What was your favorite subject in school?

*Have you pulled weeds yet?

*Do you figure out who you caught a cold from? (the blame game)

*Are you ripping out everything you knit this weekend?

*Do you have your appendix?

*Do you have your tonsils?

*What would you name a colorway today based on your morning weather?


-I prefer an analog clock. The digital in our room is impossible to read in the morning.  I bought a little windup clock this weekend. Wheeee. Cheap thrills thrill me.

-50/50 with the direction thing.  Maybe I should say 70/30.  I usually take my cues from the sun, if there is any.  I also look at how flowers are facing.  I do know a 20 minute trick if there are shadows,to determine the direction.  This is all pretty unnecessary in the day and age of a computer in your pocket!

–I like to knit scarves in worsted.  I have knit sweaters in worsted.  I do not like to knit socks in worsted because they seem like slippers then.

-English or Reading or Literature was my favorite subject.  I think it was called English in lower grades, then reading, then Literature.  My favorite teacher was Sister Katherine Madigan  at Marillac high School.

-I pulled weeds yesterday.

-I do try to back track and figure out my cold connection.  I woke up with a whopper of one yesterday.  I think my little charge on the horse Friday is the contact.  His nose was all red and runny despite his laughter and his smiles.

-I am ripping out the Trap scarf I began this weekend.  Why begin something when you have a head cold?  I will cast it on again today. I made the start too wide.

-I have my appendix and my tonsils.

-My colorway name for today would be: Dew on the Grass