It is Miss Pie’s Day Pi Day

That IS her happy face. So, She’s not thrilled with the tiara. How can this baby be 7? She is so fun and funny. I hope you have Pie to celebrate miss Pie! on Pi day. 3.14159 blah blah blah

So you know that fingerless mitt that you only made one of and you know you’ll never make the other ? Because You (me) didn’t like the way the cable looked stretched over your hand? Well, it sat waiting it’s turn to be loved and used…..

as a Deb soap cover. You know Deb is so generous with her soaps and give aways. Well, I don’t like a scrap to get wasted. I put her soap in the tube and tied the ends. It is an awesome shower soap scrubby now. Thanks DEB! Every single sud gets used.

It is time to get started on a baby blanket! Stop me if you think I’m nuts. Well, no you think I am nuts, but stop me if you think this is futile. The thing is that, Al has a friend who is adopting a baby. I can literally drive this blanket gift to her Oklahoma. Not that I’m going just for that reason, but I don’t have to worry about it getting lost if I make it!!! Al assured me babies in Oklahoma need blankets …too.

More on that later. Fireman and I shall go for a drive later. It is truly March weather here in Wisconsin today. Dreary. Gray. Damp. Sunless. But, the cardinals and jays are all twitter pay ted as they say in Bambi. So Spring must be coming. The ice is off the lake. It can’t be a long drive, because of the arse situation here.

There once was a woman who knitted,

by some she was constantly kidded,

So she got off her arse,

but she stayed in her house,

and she knitted a hat out of Quivit.

Cloche by Default

I”ve covered my nose and mouth. This is my double brim hat fail. Oh and look at that tail I have to weave in! Yikes. It failed because I used a cotton mix with absolutely no bounce in it for the brim. Wrong wrong wrong. Live and learn. Only make that cute hat in wool. But, the hat’s got some character now that I pulled the brim up secured it. I will use this hat.

Last night I finished my book! First finish of the year. I read in bed , under the covers, I kid you not, with my little light my sister Michelle gave to me! I read :Lost in the Wild by Griffith. There were some parts that got a bid…..tedious. So I skimmed the chapters that were over descriptive, and got to the recovery phase. I’d recommend it. Especially if you like non fiction and search and rescue details.

I’m back to knitting my shawl. Easy peasy.

Fezzik likes momma at home!
My favorite guy in the barn: Prince.

I hope to get my nerve back at the barn. I haven’t handled any horses since my tail bone injury. I’m feeling better this week. We are starting week 5. How am I going to resolve my fears??

Thursday Finish and Perhaps, Too Much Information?

I Decided to make another leaf bookmark. I’m done for awhile now. Fireman laughed at me, because I used 14 pennies and moved them from one plate to another to keep count of my rows. Hey it worked! He actually said, “hey you are doing another complicated knit, why?” I dunno. I like the idea of giving a book mark, that I made, to someone. There is another cute leaf pattern that is a pocket you make for your pages. I have to find that pattern. Probably because we are leafless here, I need to see some green!

Fireman spotted some cranes not very high in the sky. By the time I got my camera they were gone. Then we saw a Hawk fly and flutter in our tall Pines. No getting that one on film! They are beautiful birds. But I did spy some mourning doves. They were quite shy so I used my zoom . Apparently a pair of doves always indicates Peace and Deep love. I like that!

Can it really be? Daffodil shoots!!!

If you haven’t seen Nancy’s post on Winter in our section of the country , she explains the many winters we get before we really get Spring! These little toughies can stand sleet, hail, snow. They are hardy and they love to multiply .

Karen and I are thinking of knitting something during the stay at home, which is now, part of the Virus control strategy. I say we have to create our own pattern. Karen? For anything from a dish cloth to a coat. ha ha ha.

Well, this may be too much information, but, that has never stopped me before! I have had an issue with my tongue for a few months. I had a tongue biopsy, which I am so glad was normal. The pain on my tongue was getting worse and worse. The ENT did the biopsy. Then I saw my oral surgeon and he said, “Oh, you bite your tongue don’t you?” Well , I didn’t think so.

But I went to get a mouth guard at Walgreens. I could start out with it in, but always awoke with it somewhere in the bed.

Finally, this week my gums started getting involved and my oral mucosa was so sore. I found SCALDED MOUTH SYNDROME.

That is what I had. I was having a reaction to a medicine I take every day. I started it late last spring , and the problems started a few weeks later in Summer. I didn’t make the connection. The ENT didn’t, make it., The oral surgeon didn’t make it, so I kept digging.

I wondered if it was from reflux. It got worse as the day went on every day. By evening I wanted cold cold water or a skim milk low fat (hahahah) vegan shake. The cold felt so good.

How did I finally come to know what was the problem? I started googling side effects of my medications …and there it was.
Have you heard of this? It isn’t life threatening, it isn’t an emergency , but my goodness it feels wonderful to have my mouth begin to get back to normal now! I’m almost there! My doc changed my medication, and he was unaware of that side effect.

But he is a doc who listens. He is so reasonable and so good at listening. Sometimes we have to keep digging until we find what ails us. But I wanted to share this in case any of you ever have scalded mouth syndrome . It is a thing. !!!!

Letters for FUN

Dear Nail Salons,

I once loved you. I went for manicures regularly. In the NICU there came a time when acrylics were disallowed for good reason. I missed my manicures. I always got one before vacation.

Now,well, I ‘m a horse volunteer. I do a scrub like a surgical nurse when I get home from the barn. So fake nails are not clean enough for me. HOWEVER, when we have 3 weeks off, I love to have my nails all purdy.

Guess what ? Stick on nails you have come a long way baby : Move right over polish. This new product works like no other at home manicure I’ve tried in well decades. And I have a new empty drawer to boot! Thank you beauty scientists! 7.99 is a deal.

Dear Bloggy Pals, Pretend Friends, etc

A coffee shop within ten minutes of me has opened with a FRIENDS theme . They bought one of the original 8 sofas used on the set. Here ye Here Ye: When you visit Kathy b we WILL go here to knit! It is in Twin Lakes for those of you familiar. My kids loved that show. They were pre teen to teen, and I would walk into the family room with all their friends there and say; “Well they act fine, but if they really slept around as much as they say, they would all have herpes. Herpes is supposed to be very painful to the genitals. ” They would die a thousand deaths. right there .

Dear McDonalds,

You know I am a forever fan. I worked at McDonalds and met Fireman there. I met some LIFELONG friends there. It was a blast to work there. And any time you want to make a big mac that is essentially unchanged from the original , Im in. Of course, I cannot eat you. My stomach cannot handle 42 grams of fat in a serving. Thank God.

Dear Bloggy Pals,

A dear dear dear life long pal, is having a very hard time. ALL of the cats knew. None of them hid. They all paid attention to him. And Lots of it. This pal only visits our place about once a year. They know! Fezzik is the baby and he hides when people come over. Not this time. I thanked my lil fur buddies for helping our pal out.

I do have knitting going on!! Bookmarks and the summer cowl that will take a lot of time to knit are my go to this week. I’ve enjoyed MDK ‘s site which just taught me how to cable without a cable needle . They also do their March Maddness pattern brackets . It is very fun and I encourage you to visit and play. You get great new pattern ideas for free!

How are you doing? We will get through the coronavirus spread. We are fortunate that have learned a lot about this virus and it did not hit here first. Poor China and Italy. When 9/11 happened I just thought, this is so wrong on so many levels We are not all supposed to grieve at once. Someone has to be reassuring and calm. I am healthy beside my arse issue. I will go and donate blood later this week. They are very very low do to the virus.

I should get to the police station here too , because they are collecting to help Nashville.

We gotta love one another right now! Love you my blog pals..

Tank is happy to model my knit progress from the weekend. Looks like I got about 2o rows lined up nicely and am finally feeling the pattern groove .

City Katie, as she is fondly known at the Barn, and her esposo above, Rick, took me out to dinner on Saturday night. City Katie started at the barn when we did. She’s a doll. She is City Katie , because we already have Short Katie, Curly Katie, and Katie Lu. A longtime volunteer nicknamed her city Katie as she works north of Chicago and comes up here once a week or so.

The wait staff was confused. They thought we had a birthday .. Rather than belabor our point, Rick said, Okay, its my birthday. Isn’t he funny ?

Meredith wrote in her post this weekend about how her beginnings of one project outdoors led her into many directions she had not planned on. This happens to me daily. I had no intention of trying to paint a pillowcase Saturday. But, while searching for a knit gauge gadget, I found these pillow cases I had intended to embroider , oh about 3 years ago. On top of the shelf with the cases were the puff paints. And so on and so on and so on.

Finally, the brothers were at it tonight. I’m surprised. Fezzik spent the whole 60 degree day on the screened porch . To be fair, he was stretching out to sleep on the sofa next to me, but Tank is completely intolerant of him even lightly kneading his paws near him. I just put the pillow between them , sigh, like kids in a car.
Other times you swear Tank is begging Fezzik to play but Tank just doesnt know how to play really. He was raised alone for a year……we just accept the Tanky boy

Honestly, I’m a Cat Lady

All Gifts!

I do have another black beautiful cat that is marble in my collection, but I don’t dare climb on anything to get it down from up high. Broken arse here, is starting to heal.

All of these cats are gifts from people who love me. I also, have a brass wind chime of cats on the porch.

Al gave me the darling dessert plates with cats eyes

Kath , from High School, gave me the gorgeous crystal clear cat, whom I call Deannie Jolene, the long cat planter, which I use for pens and the sturdy coaster for hot pans which has a lovely cork backing.

Okay Knit wise: I am knitting in the round on my simple shawl in cotton . I’m on that one stitch knit high. Round and round just knit them stitches.

I may work on another bookmark. They are so cute.

I get to go to a Wisconsin Supper Club with my horse pals tonight. My favorite place. Fireman did not like the treatment once and he won’t go back. Ugh. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I love that place. My pal Katie, just texted about my arse, and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner. Um YES! Fireman is going to meet his newly retired fireman buddy for chili anyhow tonight!

HEre’s a few rules I learned about Supper Clubs on a short dvd I got for a song at a resale shop: OLD Fashioned, The documentary film by Holly De Ruyter . The story of the Wisconsin Supper Club:

*you can only serve dinner at a supper club.

*You go to the bar first and wait for your table. You are not in a hurry. You like being here.

There are table cloths.

The establishment is family owned and no chains allowed.

During prohibition they had such awful moonshine they had to add sugars to it to drink it down. That is how the old Fashioned was created.

Everyone could get alcohol at supper clubs during prohibition. It was kind of mob land up here.

Wisconsin leads the nation in Brandy consumption due to the old Fashioned.

It must be served with two straws.

Food is made by family: Ribs, broasted chicken, duck, prime rib and fish fry. You must have a choice of potato.

Upon arriving at your table you are given a relish tray to enjoy with your drinks or a cheese spread with crackers.

Desserts are only one or two options. The real desserts are liquored up ice creams etc: A grasshopper or a Pink Squirrel????

This lil documentary was so fun to watch. And in the end I spied my neighbors on a deck enjoying a lakeside wait for their table.

Have you been to a Supper Club in Wisconsin?

Miss Pie’s loving her blanket. I made it out of acrylic when we drove around Yosemite National Park. Some National Parks require a lot of driving as they are beautiful sprawling places of nature. Zion in Utah, involved almost no driving. So a lot less knitting happened on that trip!

It is a sturdy comfy blanket for a kitty. The back of it is all garter and I crocheted the two pieces together. Miss Pie is having her birthday on Pi day of course. 3.14.

I’m knitting my summer shawl but do not have enough to show you yet. I did change the gauge on the pattern and the yarn. I took out the last thing I knitted with that yarn and took the gauge from my notes. I think this will work. I watched a lesson on line that said as long as your math includes the same end width you can proceed.

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind……

This is how leafless we are in Wisconsin today. Breezes out of the North. I hope you are not feeling stressed about the big Corona Virus as it marches across our Nation. As viruses will do, they are smart and make their mark.

This one doesn’t leave pox marks on your face, or require you to live with HIV drugs, or paralyze you . We have found ways to contain some infectious diseases in the past. So far you don’t have to burn your clothing . So far you don’t have to go to a sanitarium. We recently had a friend who had TB. He was /is a brittle diabetic.

He was sequestered in his home and the county came out to watch him take his meds every day. His wife with him all the time, never caught it. As you know there is no TB vaccine.

We’ve all seen Old Yeller. Thank God for the rabies vaccine.

A rhyme I may have shared in the past;

TB or not TB?

That is the question. Consumption be done about it? Of cough not, its not the cough that carries you off, its the coffin they carry you off in.

Humor is the best medicine. If I have to stock up on ONE thing, it will be : frozen white bread dough………

Smart Money ….Questions

Below is a print Zach made of Carlos Santana. He is going begin to sell his artwork. I wish I could rotate it for you. His guitar is a snake for some reason he told me and I forgot. IT has Santana significance

copyright zach boyer

OK , My questions

Have you ordered prescription sunglasses on line If you were pleased, who made them. WE found a company we’ve used before by they are trying to upset us on their digital lens for 50 dollars more.

Next question:

Do you know of any place that takes double aa batteries for recycle?

Thank you. Off to knit …I’ll be back later!

Bookmark Finish!

This leaf was a blast to create. You are supposed to block it. A hahahahhahahaha . I don’t block much, a shawl here or there, but no way am I blocking a book mark. My book is good. When I go in the hot tub I can’t just sit there so I read. It helps my arse to go in the hot tub.

You could also make a i cord at the end of the leaves, so it was longer, but I didn’t want to. Or add a tassel but nope. Not this time.

I should cast on for my summer shawl again,,today, but I’m leaf addicted.

I don’t want to push Mother Nature, but I saw some green outside today. I know better than to think Spring is here. You know how I always talk about the big Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade ; I talk about how the little Irish Dancers dance along the parade with bare skinned legs and crazy curly haired wigs. They are always freezing. I don’t care how much heat they generate moving, the winds blow in off that cold, cold body of Lake Michigan , (which is really a sea, you guys) and it could be 70 out and it feels like 20 degrees whipping at you. It is not the time to visit Chicago. Perhaps that is why there are so many bars in Chicago….

But I’m ever hopeful. Ever grateful for the snow melting mostly away. Ever grateful for knowing my grown kids are in sunny warm locations. Hope you are seeing signs. To those of you posting garden images, please keep them coming! Here’s another sign for you: He’s Baaaaaaaack

It’s March Q and A Day

The great thing about the Spud and Chloe Leaf scarf pattern, is she suggests you make a bookmark too from the pattern. I love it.

*Do you prefer to knit with bigger needles or smaller needles?

*Do you like to have a bulky knit or crochet going with a sock at the same time to alternate weights?

*Do you have a pattern that can be a bookmark or a shawl?

*Do you think Leaves are the easiest object work into a project or are you a feather and fan wave person?

*Do you like to read books about places you have been to visit?

*Do you know an author?

*Do you know a pattern author?

*Do you wish you could write like someone ? Who?

*Do you plan months ahead for a local person or within an hours drive, for a get together?

*Do you like a text: Hey, we are at such and such, want to join in?

My Answers:

I like to knit with smaller needles overall, but there’s nothing like size 15 to make a project fly!

I”m pretty monogamous, but I do think I like it when I have something tucked away that’ s mindless for knitting , and I keep it in the car.

Leaves are easy for me to knit. Feather and Fan’s okay, but not my favorite.

I knew an Author: Father Andrew Greeley.

I know Dee’s pattern of soxs are awesome. I know Val writes great patterns.

I wish I could write like Ann Lamott

I think it is ridiculous to schedule with old neighbors 3 months in advance.

I do like an informal, hey want to meet up ?

And I do like to read about places I’ve been . Those there old photos are from my Trek into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in 1976. Im loving reading Lost in the Wild. I had no idea we could have gotten lost . We never did. We must have been quite lucky or taken a really well know path for 11 days. For all I know we went in a circle, but every day the lakes were calm and clear and beautiful.

Join in for any or all q and a!