A little game for Friday the 12th

These delicate and perfectly circular mini pompoms have bloomed! Third year in a row , if I am not mistaken. Regina’s babies bloom all over our gardens and woods. I did not pay one penny for them, or the echinacea, or the tall grasses or the columbine etc etc etc. She gifted me big ziplock bags full of seeds to toss into the soil in the fall. I see and pray for Regina and Pat, her husband, whenever I water the plants. We met them due to Fireman’s love of cycling, and Regina and I just hit it off.

This is a volunteer plant. You know , where a seed finds it ‘s way to the right spot and grows for you. You don’t even have to plant it. I think it is an acorn squash. I hope it grows like crazy for my food pantry donations.

Okay, I”m thrilled she’s off the needles in one piece. This is the Cobweb Shawl by Emma Crew. I used the wool with opossum fur in it. For now, It is playing dead. I have to block her and put an edge on her. Ugh, oh that was backwards. And thank each and everyone of you for your vinegar bath suggestions to get those red striped mittens to stop bleeding!

Mama deer was here this morning! I am so glad that Fireman reported this. There is a huge dead dear carcass down the road. We hadn’t seen Mama in a few days….I assumed the worst. HA! Take that Kathy B! She’s fine and she’s still enjoying the woods and the clover I planted for her. I can’t wait to see the baby!

Okay, I have to show you BO. She’s gotten herself into a bit of trouble. Dona isn’t fond of cats . Dona is Zach’s landlord. Bo has been there two months and Dona hasn’t come knocking, other than to spare Zach from the rapture. Well, apparently when you make a spectacle of your self in the window, you are going to get discovered.

In a way I cannot explain, a 100% Zach way, Dona decided to let Bo stay. He did throw in her lamb of GOD markings on her face. I think that may have swayed Dona. Dona is deeply religious. Bo was angelic in Zach’s arms. Zach said they are deeply bonded and he would have to move if Bo was forced to go.

Dona knows a good deal when she has one. No one is visiting or moving in during Covid and Zach’s a good tenant who pays on time and doesnt make waves.

Okay Let’s play a quick game:

name the first thing that comes into your mind when I say:


“dressing room”


” cartoon”


wet nose

No Blood

My very happy son, is now mountain biking. He has friends who are experienced and that really helps. Wouldn’t it just kill that man in the White house to know the stimulus check was used in Mexico to pay for anew bike? Tickles my funny bone. And I pray there will be no injuries.

Well, shoot this blogger is bad at partial information sharing. I should have the name of the yarn I Used to knit these tech mittens. But I cannot find it. I spent too much time trying to find it. I could go on Ravelry later….but

Here’s my Point. The dye is STILL bleeding out of this pair of tech mittens. The reds just won’t stop. It has been days of my passing it in the sink, rinsing it and continuing to see it bleed. Gheesh. At this point it is a contest more than conquest. I don’t want to even think about reds. It is a good thing I don’t look good in red. I know a color catcher would help. But, I want to see how much more one pair of mittens can bleed?

This is a portion of my giving garden . . I love the little colored pots. On the lil ladder. Thank you for all your kind words about the plan I hatched to make it a project to help others out in my community. .

These two are doing so well in isolation!!! What a great thing to find out. YOu’ d really like to live with this person. I miss them!!!! Al is knitting again folks! She wanted some yarn from Carol’s shop so I sent her a skein. We are planning a possible virtual knit day if she comes up for my birthday. She wanted to take me to Rhinebeck! But , alas, Covid. I figure we could spend a lot more with a virtual Fiber fest. Just have to find one during August 14, 15 , 16.

Summer is Here

It may be COVID 19 of 2020 , but we are able to get out and avoid almost all of humanity. Yesterday, I told Fireman I wanted to take him to see the man’s farm down the way. This is the Amon Farm, and more information is at : http://www.stopnsmelltheroses.org. He is the man who planted 20 roses bushes after his wife died, and now has over 400.

Storms were on their way, but we stopped. He was outside gardening. He is always happy to show you his roses. There are so many wonderful colors and names to these beauties.

Almost any color you can think of is grown there and many are tipped with shading as this one above. I’m partial to pinks.

Because I cannot go to the barn now during Covid , as they reopen, I am missing seeing those beautiful horses. Mind you, I’m still afraid after being knocked down and breaking my tailbone, but I love to look at horses. Well, lucky me. Our neighbor has another new foal. They protect the baby, but they let you have a sneak peek at it. Sometimes I drive by and it is lying down, but it is fine. I learned that another year.

So here’s my baby to watch. They are Andalusian’s . I am waiting for Kim’s Tink’s Cria. I can’t wait to see that baby! We have some baby going on around here. Fireman and I used a dental mirror and snuck a peek at the wren’s next in the bird box. We saw at least one egg. The parents are very busy so I don’t think we spooked them.

This is a rare chair share by Bea and Pie. I love this photo. It was taken last week after Beatles was not feeling well one day. Miss Pie gets very brown in the summer.

So , you know I’ve been contemplating many many things now that I cannot volunteer at the barn. I went full circle from : Fostering animals, to fostering infants, to helping a certain candidates campaign……but what I settled on is a giving garden.

I called our food pantry and they would love fresh produce for those in need. I went out and purchased, (mask on…outdoor greenhouse) baby cucumber plants, 3 cherry tomato plants, Bush bean plants, and squash. I planted them all yesterday. I will grow them high on our upstair porch where no hungry critters can get to them.

My dad taught me how to garden. Well, he Let me garden we could say. He gave me an area of our yard and I grew things. I need to find a nicer way to display them on the patio. I picked up some plastic black crates that someone was throwing out. But they are not pretty. I want to see this garden grow and be beautiful outside my door.

Any ideas? I want them on something as air will circulate better and the deck material gets very very hot.

Finally, I’m working on my shawl again. I’ve started the edge. Back to knitting from the break I got crocheting my felted purse.

I’m very excited to get my yarns from Carol at the Chicken Coop, but I need to finish the shawl first. I also need to write out my purse pattern.

Finally, I have to tell you that Fireman has been paddle boarding but he has a wet suit and the water in Lake Geneva has been only in the 40s and 50s. But now, the temp is up and we went out paddling this morning. It was as smooth as could be… It was very quiet. We saw folks on the shore. We didn’t fall in. It was so good for my spirits to be on the water with him. I hope it is the first time of many many times this summer.

A Purse Many Years in the Making

Dear Purse Handles ,

You were purchased someplace for a really deeply discounted price. I’ve been hanging on to you for years. Finally, I decided the wool Al gave me, that was given her from a friend who went to Peru, was going to join these handles.

I made up the pattern. I intend to name it something and sell it on Ravelry. Opened up it could be used another way:

But, Dear creation of mine, you are too floppy for my taste this way. I like your sides tucked together in the front with a non functional button. There is currently velcro sewn to the button area and the other side front as well.

Dear leftover colorful yarn,

I am so thrilled I decided to throw you in the mix. Because , look:

Dear wools used,

Despite my washing you three times in hot water in the washing machine with lots of jeans to rough up things, you weren’t felting near as much as I anticipated. So forgive me for boiling hot water and pouring it over you in my clean sink. Did you like how I used oven mitts and a ladle to agitate you once you were in really hot water? It worked didn’t it? See? Nice job wools.

Dear those afraid to felt,

Honestly it always works out. Embrace the shrinkage. You don’t even have to line this purse it is so dense.

Dear everyone,

I have another small Mail problem. Sigh. When I went to my mailbox yesterday a letter with prescriptions from my psychiatrist was there. The envelope was open. What is going on!!!!???? I Felt violated. Someone knows the psych meds I take. I spotted the fill in mail carrier down the road and told her it was opened.

“Oh yeah, I noticed that too,” she said. “Guess they forgot to put it in a baggie to tell you SORRY this got opened” And , she looked at me like I was a 10 year old whining. “No one read it,” she said. I said, but this is my very personal information! It should not have been opened.” She said nothing, cocked her head and waited for me to go back to my truck.

Thanks for nothing. I guess I’m going to get a PO box around here. Nothing but issues.

I’ll end with a positive note: While I weeded yesterday , I could smell my neighbor baking chocolate chip cookies. Unmistakably. I loved it. I got to smell them the whole time. Wasn’t I good not to text her and say, MAN THOSE SMELLED GREAT HINT HINT HINT. This is not the woman who I told off about her cat having kittens btw. She, to follow up, waved at us from her jeep yesterday. Smiley Face

How Knitters Can Help


ChickenCoopDyeworks: owned by Carol, in Texas.


I had the pleasure of talking with Carol from Chicken Coop Dyeworks this morning. She is a black woman who has her own yarn dying business in Texas. ChickenCoop Dyeworks was founded by Carol 3 years ago. In response to George Floyd’s murder, she created a I CAN’T BREATHE mystery box of her yarns. A portion of the funds raised, goes to help pay bail for protestors who are arrested during protests. You can directly donate to that cause, through a link on her website. All of her I Can’t Breathe boxes sold out almost instantaneously.

Because she has sold out so much inventory, you can pre order ,starting tomorrow , one or two or ten of her dyed yarns that you will want to see tomorrow, Sunday morning. It will be her fingering base 75/25.

She is offering 10% off to my blog pals . You can use the code she created :compassion. This code is good until 12.31.2020 .

Her color ways are enchanting. I love Al’s Overalls! (Carol, my daughter is Allison, and we call her Al. I love blues!) I love her autumn color way.

She will take pre orders and have them ready for you in 2 weeks. She is also extending her Casspinka pattern promotion.

Take a look over at her site, her blog her yarns! I know I said my new years resolution was to only buy from my LYS Deb , but I want to help in this way for #blacklivesmatter.

Carol is so proud and happy to see young people involving themselves in change. This is a wonderful generation. We have hope because of them. Carol is not trying to capitalize on the situation, she is trying to offer her yarns and help others by parting with hard earned money, from her creations.

I’ll end with one of Zach’s sketches: He loves the Blues. He loves Johnny Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, Son House, Willie Dixon and RL Burnside. He has been sketching them for years. #blacklivesmatter

Because now is the time for #blacklivesmatter . There is time for so many other groups that need help and effort. But, right now, the conversation for my family, is #blacklivesmatter.

Somethings are in balance…Some are howling the full moon.

The clematis is obviously in balance .

These folks were enjoying a river float around 4 yesterday. If the bugs are any indication, get ready round here. There seemed to be a influx of moths in the house. I don’t like paddling or cycling or working with flies, bugs, etc. But in terms of a lazy river ride, I think they all balanced well. I had the front door open a crack, (LONG LONG STORY) into the wee hours of the morning ,and a huge thing came flying into the ante room. I went berserk. I was sure it was a bat. IT was not, Thank you LORD. IT was a moth with big eyes on its wings and it was bigger than a bat.

I’m plugging away at the purse pattern I’m making. When I am felting for a method, I am always anxious to be done done done . I’m not that way with shawls or even baby sweaters. So I ‘hope I can finish this baby off today. Then, the yarn gods will decide if I have enough favors in the tank to pull it off and have it look correct. If only the washer can stay balanced while I felt it in there.

Balance: I”ll be balancing on my paddle board very soon . I just kneel, cause that’s what I like to do!

Thursday Q and A

Photo: Vegan chocolate ice cream from Maggie Moo’s little, corner, freestanding, closed in Winter, place. Have you tried Vegan ice cream? It is so good. Some Vegan ice cream is low fat. Some has just as much fat as real ice cream. I read ice cream labels. I can undue a weeks worth of watching weight watcher points if I think all ice creams are created equal.

No photo: I am onto the second half of my purse creation. It better felt. It looks floppy and funny and just how something before felting is supposed to look. Do you crochet or knit when you felt something? I always crochet. It is faster, and the stitches meld into one another anyhow.

I have dropped my computer lap top too many times. I cannot believe it still works. The screen is cracked, but I am so used to it, I don’t even see the cracks anymore. Have you dropped your computer lately?

I drop my phone more than I drop my lap top. Thank goodness for the Otter Box cover. Things just seem to jump out of my hands these days. I think it is happening more because I was having some joint pain after all those knit 2 togethers in the shawl. Are you a phone dropper ?

Someone was caught on the kitchen counter this morning. Blind? Really? Sometimes Miss Pie is such a fooler you’d swear she had vision. However, we recently moved the furniture and she was upset for 2 days trying to figure it out. She did. And now we have so much more light coming in to the room. Fireman is the one who says, in our marriage, “Let ‘s change the furniture around here” Does anyone do that in your house?

Do bike shorts make everyone look fat? My shorts for cycling came……it is not a pretty look. Fireman tells me they don’t look good on anyone. Is this true?

A neighbor asked us to cocktails and dinner Saturday night. We said no because we are still distancing and the dinner was to be inside. He understood. Thinking back, those dinners were a lot of cleaning, planning, cooking and clean up….I don’t know what is with me but all I want is Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and Cheerios. What am I ? A TODDLER? Any oddities in your eating since COVID?

Last question for today’s Q and A:

What do you wash your wood floors with? I always use a flax wood soap. Like Murphy’s oil. Am I not supposed to ? Is the rule of thumb, just vinegar and water?

Scatter brained Days

At times like these……I do think of my father . He wanted people to take a positive attitude in life. He wanted his kids to reach for goals and never say never. It was not the easiest way to grow up, but now…..I find myself looking at our last photo taken together . I hear him saying, “Stay positive. ”

He did not like my anxiety or depression one bit. He did not understand mental illness. He saw me as weak and crazy because of my illness. He said, Nervous breakdown. However, he worked his entire career spreading positive mental attitude thoughts. His boss had him working for a foundation, in the end , where books on positive thinking wear sent for free, to prisons everywhere. Prisoners wrote letters saying the books changed their lives.

So I walk past that photo and think, ever since COVID actually, Stay Positive. “That which the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Napoleon HILL.

I hear you dad.

Mama is full of milk. I saw her quietly walk past me and the cats , last night. We were on the porch and she came very close. Then I followed her to our woods, snapped a shot and let her be. At bedtime, we heard the fox screaming and screaming. I was reassured by my sister the Vet, that they don’t kill little deers. They are just mating. I hope to see the fawn with her soon.

Dolly time. Miss darling. Miss photogenic. Miss Tabby Torti.

This post is all over the place. Here’s my second type of clematis, blooming. They are so lovely. I need some lovely right now. We all do.

I need to buy some wool for the purse I am crocheting . I want a bit of striping.

Finally, I say goodbye today to my psychiatrist of many many years as he retires. I hope I don’t cry. Starting with someone new is going to be great…..or that’s what my positive mental attitude is trying to say.

What do you hear your parents saying to you these days?

Creating for Therapy

I gave a lot of thought to many of your posts, yesterday. How can I make a difference? I’m closer to an answer, but not quite ready to commit.

The barn is readying to open and they sent a newsletter. So many of us have opted not to volunteer this Summer Session due to Covid that they need those who are volunteering, to pick up more shifts. I know this is so difficult on this exceptional program.

Last night sunset was so surreal and so quieting. Then we got home……..and Fireman found a tick on him. (envision the SCREAM face) . Oh I hate those things. It wound me up a bit. Then I told myself to imagine it was a lady bug. We have showered and been very careful and this is the first tick since we’ve moved here.

By the way, while I was showering at 4 after weeding, the bell apparently rang. Fireman greeted a neighbor , who is 85. This neighbor is from a farm down the way. She told Zach and I when we stopped to say we loved her flowers, two years ago , that she is ready for the Rapture. She invited us to divide any of her flowers and take them. Well, she drove up the big hill in her car, and was going door to door passing out information about the Rapture. At 85. Yesterday. Now that’s kind of inspirational even though I’m in the Blessed Mother camp, not the Rapture Camp.

Fireman was a nice listener and told her, oh yes, we have other neighbors here that are home. And he kindly directed her. She said, ‘you think I am crazy don’t you? My family thinks I am.’ Fireman said, no, not at all. Times are strange right now.”

Working with yarn is very very calming to me. I am crocheting a purse that will felt. I’m making a pattern. This is making me very happy. My sore joints in my fingers are getting better.

Remember that crazy sideways glove I started 2 years ago? Well, I never made more than one side. So it is now my Peace sign.

If you are looking for a good read: I am Malala is a great book. She is so inspiring.

I like reading autobiographical books. I found Micheal J. Fox’s second book better than his first.

and Finally, every one in my family has read Trevor Noah’s book, except me.

Who are the people in you neighbor hood? in your neighborhood, ? in your NEIGHBOR HOOD,

they’re the people that you meet when your not even in the street

they ‘re People you don’t meet each day.