The Juncos are back….cold is coming

DSCF4077Sock knitting continues.  Gleefully.  At the toe of sock number one! 

It’s coming….the cold is on its way because the first winter junco has been sighted.  They are beautiful winter birds.  I’m going to celebrate EVERy day of winter this time.  

Have you ever been to KateGabrielle website.?  She is all about the color pink.  I’ve asked her if I can show some of her for sale items to you.  Waiting for permission.  In the meantime, I’ve asked her in an email how she likes her PINK INSTAX camera.  I finally found someone who uses one!  Hope she answers.

Honore, you know I hug you.  I really do.  One of us isn’t going to be happy with the outcome of the game tonight.  I honestly don’t know which one it will be.  But I know I’ll hug you no matter!!


DO you See what I see?

DSCF4049Al and Tank have a deep bond.  He knows and adores her.  It was difficult for her to leave him with us, but we are a cat family and we all knew he’d be best not moved much.   Tank does NOT do this to anyone but our family.   I love this photo.


I’ve started a sock.  I can’t even tell you when the last time I knit a sock  was, in this year.  This is DIANA a colorway from malabrigo.  Al got it for me at an Oklahoma Yarn shop going out of business sale.  (always a sad sight)   The magic is that it is Dk.  Just a tiny bit above fingering and wow it is better on my eyes.

I’ve blamed a lot on my eyes lately.  The reason I don’t like golf, one of the many reasons, is that I just can’t see that ball against our cloudy skies …ever.  Fireman would say, “Why don’t you know where your ball went?”  Because I couldn’t see it!

We were watching a 16 inch softball game the other night killing some time, and I said , ‘You know, I could never catch a ball in softball because I couldn’t see the dang thing”  Even a 16 inch Chicago ONLY softball is skycolored , against a Chicago sky, so there you go….can’t see that either.

Also, I can’t see fishing line in the water without a bobber.  This drives my dear fishing pal Larry a bit nuts.  I ALWAYS want to bobber fish.  Hard to do in 60 feet of water…but that’s why!

I’ve decided, again, that the things I use most and are most worth my knit time and enjoyment are socks.  I have 3 lovely shawls I’ll never use and I’m not sure anyone would want.  But socks, so utilitarian.  (Dee are you smiling ?)  Also, fingerless do get a lot of use in this area of the world where we have more cold than warm.

This is not to say I won’t finish my log cabin blanket. Surely I will. Just not all in one sitting.  (now that’d be a lot of sitting!)  Speaking of, I saw a chair in a print ad that has a foamy seat for those who work at a desk seat all day.  What a good idea!  A butt mattress.

Finally, in rambling, here is the plate I liked most on our drive yesterday:


October 9, Monday Q and A 2017

Todays Q and A is an abbreviated one.  100% fun with Allison’s visit. I Made weight watcher herb rolls this weekend.  We knitted.  Lots!  OK here we go: 


*Where do you go to meet new people?  

*What is the craziest diet you’ve ever put yourself on? 

*Name something you’ve knit and never worn ….

My answers:

To meet new people  I Volunteer at the Barn.  I went to meet the horses and ended up meeting very nice people.

The craziest diet: I pretty much ate popcorn and tomato soup for a few months before my wedding.  My sweet mom suggested I take Dexatrim to curb my appetite.

Something I’ve knitted and never worn: I ripped out a fingering weight shrug that I loved making and hated wearing.  It fit all wonky.  I was unable to rip it out well so it ended up a big tangled ugly mess.  I had just enough to make a baby hat with it.

*Here’s Al’s hat progress.  Enjoy!


Things WE Love Saturday

DSCF4030This little kitty came to stay with me yesterday!  This kitty face is very familiar to me.  I know we had a ceramic kitty with this same long eyelash face in something growing up.  Its nostalgic for me.  I love these salt and pepper shakers.  This was a surprise in the mail.  Thank you dear bloggy pal. 


Other than knitting, we’ve been tending to the woods.  Here you see the evil buckthorn with holes drilled into the stump.  Then a mean killer is poured into the holes and this kills it.  Happy to say all that was cut down last year stayed away.  

Today’s tips are from AL: 

*She loves BOBS RED MILL WHOLE GRAINS AND BEAN Soup mix.  Hard for her to find, so she orders it.

*New product she loves: LUSH sleepy lavender hand lotion.  Uses it before bed.

*Trader Joes.  She keeps to her list there.

*Modcloth is her favorite online clothing shop.   They are inexpensive she says, has great sales and free shipping returns.  Also people review and give you sizing hints.  (aka: IF you are big busted, go up a size. )

*Al loves her KINDLE.  It is at least 5 years old. The only thing she would say about it negatively is that it is difficult for reading outdoors.

*I found a warm thick Lands End wintery/fall jacket for 15 bucks at the resale shop yesterday.  Perfect for the Barn.  Already washed it and ready to go.  Fireman and AL called it a mom coat.  Fine. I’m a mom.

*Last product love comes from Fireman: Buckeye candy from the local candy store Kilwins.

And YOU???




Lotsa Fun

Allison is here!  She is knitting the QUINCE and CO Hat.  I love the colors, and she said they are from a kit.  We plan to sit and knit quite a bit!  I love her R2D2 bag.  The pattern is called Alba.  Love the kit colors.  

We are having a big old dinner.  Crock pot pork chops, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts with crisp bacon bits.  I put the potatoes in my little crock pot. Little red potatoes in a little crock pot, on low. They cooked fast.  

My friend Regina, brought me a huge bag of yarn yesterday.  In my magic yarn fortune telling globe I see: socks, baby hats for donation, some black yarn in my current blanket, and twiddle Mitts.  Regina is very fun to knit with and very fun to be around.  One of the best things about her and her husband Pat, is that they really LIKE each other.  After many many years.  They just got back from a trip to Portland and they loved all the gardens and all the trees and all the great walking.  

Gotta run.  Cubs coming on!  We are so excited!


What’s on your LIST?

Have I told you that we ditched our Keurig?  We are making our coffee a cup at a time with a drip cup and paper filter.  I really taste the coffee now.  

Log cabin blanket knitting continues.  The Rows are getting longer, but I’m still enchanted.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have joint fatigue by the end, if I don’t watch it.  

I looked up ergonomically friendly circular needles.  I did not find much.  I used to have plastic needles that had a permanent kink/bend in them.  But the join at the needle and ?wire, was poorly made and stitches got stuck there.  Do you have a needle you love?  Do you wear a compression glove?

I’m going to try prevention …….any thoughts on this would be great~! 

An aside:  Friends asked me what’s on my bucket list.  When they asked, I couldn’t come up with much.  They were all African Safari and travel lovers.  

I’ve been thinking about it and in one way, I let life happen.  I never thought I’d leave our home of 33 years and move to the woods.  In another way, I know if you don’t plan, things can get lost.  

Here are some of my thoughts:

*Perhaps go on a horseback riding vacation.

*Help Leader Dogs for the Blind by taking in a pregnant mom and disrupting my life for 10 weeks.

*Bake pavlova.

*See the Northern Lights

And what about you?