Mindful Saturday….Am I there yet?

unnamed-1I’m trying to practice mindfulness today.  Ha!  I’ve already failed a few times.  That’s okay there are more minutes in the day and I seem to be able to be PRESENT for only about a minute anyhow.  

My patterns are learned, and my mom (God Love her, asleep for our entire last visit) was so good at worrying about the future.  She really considered it part of her job to worry about all of us all the time, and our friends and our friends friends.   My father was a worrier too but he wouldnt ever admit it.   It came from a place of deep caring, but it manifested in a family that can act like rats in a coffee can.  

So being in the here and now is a real task for me.  Some of the ways I can be truly engaged in the moment involve this craft of knitting. 

When I use a chart I have to think think think and it keeps me centered.  

When I was working the Gala room, last weekend, for the benefit I was fully involved and focused.   By the way we achieved our fundraising goals and it was hugely successful.  

When Fireman and I are in the woods doing physical labor and cutting brush, I get lost in the work of it.   I’m outside, it feels good to be accomplishing something. 

Zach is taking salsa lessons and he says it is a great workout and he has to focus. 

Do you work on being PRESENT and not worrying? 

What are the things you do that get you so focused you can escape the constant chatter in your mind?  What? You don’t have constant chatter ?   It’s just me?  If it is I better find Charles Schultz Lucy and get some advice !  

The Jokes on Me

I could have cheated and not told you my error, but Fireman thought you’d all get a chuckle about my rather noticeable error. 

The quintessential thumb placement error.   I guess I was distracted.

These are for me.   You know I’m not going to frog again because of the sheep. The angora would get wasted.  So this goes into the ‘wont’ make that mistake again” file in my braino.   I talk with my hands….a lot.  So the sheep will get noticed either way. I’m far from perfect as a knitter and a person.   I can’t wait to wear these anyhow. 

There is no pattern for them.  I simply found a sheep motif and made sure I had enough hand (and I should say palm) stitches to knit him into the blank angora canvas.

I am starting another angora mitt today.  The yarn for the sheep mitts was from my nearby LYS and she had the yarn specially spun for her. 

The next pair will be very very fuzzy.   While I wound the new yarn last night it was so fuzzy it wanted to begin to felt itself right then and there.  I don’t know why I’m so in love with angora but oh I am. 

And my girl is so happy for December to arrive.  She loves the red Starbucks cups, the carols and everything Christmas.  I can’t wait to have both my kids home for Christmas. 

But Today is Veteran’s Day and I want to thank every single military family who gives so very much during duty and beyond.  Thank yoU!

Sheep on a rabbit Mitt

Sometimes you have to put a sheep on your angora rabbit yarn.  This is my fingerless reknit.  I think the sheep is so much cuter than my original cable plan. I realize this should be a rabbit on angora yarn, BUT, it is a angora/wool blend. So that works right?   

Big big shocker: I blocked it last night.  The sheep was a bit wonky in the tummy.  I have never knit intarsia and I better learn now.  The floats in the back are crazy pants, but I doubt that’ll be giving this pair away.  

Today I can work on mitt number two .  SQUEALS.  



Thank you!


I found a yarn that will compliment my winter coat.  I’ve gone so far in the past to buy a black coat, solely for the reason that it will go with anything I knit.  This coat was a great deal last spring.  So Ty-Dy socks Dots yarn is new to me but I gave it the old spring between my fingers pull and I loved the stretch.  20% nylon.  80% Superwash wool.  

Who invented superwash wool?  I’d give them a prize.  Having given a lovely really lovely shawl to a friend who then washed it and put it in the dryer, I hesitate to give anything not washable to a non knitter. (Crazy:  Then she actually asked me to knit her another. Crazier:   And I did.  But it was an acrylic the second time) 


I’ve a list of other knits in my head, for my head and my hands and for gifts and the like.  So this yarn will marinate for a bit.   I’m very happy with the redo on my fingerless and hope to show you mitt number one tomorrow. 

I have to say thank you to everyone who has followed me over and shown me the LOVE.  You are awesome. Your thoughts and your caring make this knit heart happy.  You are COMPASSION knit.  You inspire me. 

Somedays You Knit Somedays You Frog

It was one of those amazing beautiful sunny skied, warmish perfection of fall days here.  We still have enough colorful leaves on the maples hanging on for a beautiful finish to this Autumn.  It was also a great day to take stock and frog.  

I frogged the purple/aqua beret because I was never going to sew elastic to the brim. It looked more like a  popped JIffy POP creation than the pretty hat it could be.  So poof its back to being in two balls.  And I had a mighty save. I didnt have to waste any yarn in the frog. As soon as I used a crochet hook to find my woven in ends voila! it went to string in no time.

Then I frogged my angora cabled mitts. The were fine on.  They really were, but they can be so much more.  I love the bunny yarn too much to have it be less than a perfect something knit up soon.  I started the thumb too high anyhow.  I have a plan.

Since when does frogging make me so happy?  Something about realizing I can reknit it much better.  The yarns too lovley ; it was calling me to redo, rewind, remix.

Where are you on the knit journey today? Casting on casting off? frogging? doing the dreaded finishing work?   Wherever you are I’m there with you!  Thanks for finding me here.




New site: same blog. Monday Q and A


I’m so glad you found me.  I cannot blog on blogger anymore. It’s me. Kathy b. A bit crazy as always.  Please find me here: Compassionknit.wordpress.com.  It is just the old IRISHEYESKNITTERS morphed into a new name.

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I can’t explain it.  (Primarily because I dont understand why Blogger quit on  me after 12 years.  I believe I Started in 2004.  But I can’t check because I ‘m in this vicious circle of disbelief, lost and get on with it!)  

Please be so kind as to mention my new spot in cyberland on your post in the next day or so.  I hope folks will find me here.  I swear I didnt’ do anything even remotely goofy to have Blogger drop me.  Okay, well I frogged a hat this morning and I may pour myself a skinny girl margarita before 4pm Central time but lets factor in the time change and give me a little slack ok?

So on Monday’s we do my Knit/fiber and unrelated questions and answers: please play along

Here we goooooo

*Pick one: angora, mohair or alpaca.

I have to pick angora, i love the fuzz, i love the bunnies (this despite the fact i almost always end up with a fiber in my mouth somehow)

*Hot air balloons flew over the house yesterday.  Could you ride in one?

Not without a lot of xanax

*What are the odds that both my children, One in Oklahoma City and one in Chiapas Mexico would experience earthquakes on the same day?

Pretty good odds, cause guess what knit pals?  Yesterday it happened.  See I do need that glass of skinny girl!  Both are fine and not the least bit concerned. 

*We had our Animal Shelter Gala fundraiser Saturday.  I had a mild panic that afternoon for no good reason.  I had to email one of our blog heroes for support. Who was it?

If I tell you now, that wouldnt be any fun….see comments.  He hee I’ll be the first comment on my new site.  

*Do you take a probiotic, vitamin or fish oil daily?

I take a probiotic and i’m a believer!  no more tummy issues!  what?  yup. Allison told me to take it and she was right. 

*I’m knitting fingerless gloves right now.  They always get lots of use in the winter.  I bet you wear them even if you live in the South cause the a/c can make your fingers cold!   Do you wear them?

(I know you know I do, but I love how I don’t lose them in the grocery checkout because there’s nothing to take off!) 

*The Grove historic site in Glenview has a wonderful Holiday craft fair.  Time to find a new one in my new neighborhood.  Do you go to a craft fair?

*Final question today:  Its almost 70 out and that’s unheard of here in Wisconsin and the Chicago area too for that matter in November.  Will this late warmth make winter go by more quickly?
(nah.  We are quick to forget.  March will be March!  But Im sure enjoying the weather today) 

THANKS FOR FINDING ME.  I dont know how to reach my lurkers…..ideas?