Leprechauns on the Loose

DSCF0467Yes, Teresa they have thumbs.  And apparently the jokes on me and the little leprechauns are making snow here today.   I have enough yarn to make a few more pair.   

So have you played this game?  My new LYS is offering this stash buster:

You can bring in your leftover yarn bits and they weigh them.  You get 75 cents a pound for them.  Wheeeee.  I went through my leftover stash which is much larger than my regular stash and I hope to have 4 pounds worth to swap.  I realize this will be a 3 dollar gain, but it is so much more than that.

Almost all my stash is leftover sock yarns.  I already made a leftover sock blanket with some of it.  The Shoppe donates the yarns to places that use it for their patients, their students, their seniors.  

I do not like to weave in ends.  There are little balls of leftover sock yarn from years ago.  I’ve already worn out the socks I’ve made with the original yarn.  Face it, Kathy B., you will not miss this stuff.

The weigh in starts in a few more weeks.   I’ll be letting you know how much my leftovers weighed.   What do you think yours would weight?DSCF0468



Morphing into Mittens

DSCF0458Maybe you can tell me what I didn’t like about the Vesper sock yarn shown here.  The yarn is too round.  There is a lot of bounce in this yarn, but I thought it was not going to make a sock I would end up happy with in the end.  

So, Mittens.

Because, Charity. 

These will make some cold hands happy I hope.  ( Even if they do match my winter jacket…perfectly.)   I have plenty of this yarn to make a few pairs of mittens in various sizes.  





For the Birds

DSCF0450.jpgFinished!  My Take Five Socks (Dee’s awesome pattern).  The yarn was gifted to me from Al for Christmas.  Knit on size one double points.  It is an Oklahoma Yarn from a local dyer.   The color is a bit more pink than has shown up on the photo.

I started them a bit ago, and then put the second sock down while I knitted summer tops.  It was nice to have them ready to pick up again over the weekend.  You know this is a huge departure for me.  I normally stay true to one knit until it is done.  Could it be?  Am I becoming more flexible?


Blueberry Dump Cake for Two last night.  There is nothing easier than dump cake.   It is more of a cobbler to me.  The recipe is from the book Delicious Dump Cakes.  There are many free dump cake recipes on line.  Go ahead, try one.  Best eaten warm in my opinion.  I’m a corning ware lover.  Are you? My mom always had corning ware in our cabinets.

Fireman and I walked for two hours around part of the Lake Geneva path yesterday.  He suggested we bring our trekking poles and I am so glad we did.  The path is uneven and changes in character often.

Finally, today we saw some shoots coming out of the ground Sunday when we did some yard work.  I was HOPING this new house would have some flowers in the springtime.   There are daffodil shoots coming up and hyacinth, too . I’m not sure if there are irises or day lilies coming up in a few spots.  We are far from over with the cold here, but the signs are there….

and we cleaned out a bluebird house that was just jammed with junk.  Here’s hoping a bird makes a nest there.  I’m very nosey and would love to see the birds carry on there.

Do you have bird houses?  We did in the old house and no one ever wanted to move in….

Here’s hoping for this home, let’s hope its FOR the Birds!




March Monday Q and A 2017

dscf0453* Aren’t these tiny skeins adorable?  (rhetorical question) 

*How many KITS of yarn and pattern do you have in your stash?

*Have you ever seen a snow rainbow?

*Have you tried virtual reality glasses on?

*What is the farthest thing OUT marked on your calendar right now?

*What one item in your wardrobe is most lacking?  In other words, what do you need to shop for soon?

*How many National Parks in the U.S. have you been to?

*What will you do with a single skein of handspun in dk weight that’s pure wool?

My answers:

  1. I only have one kit and it is the one I’m showing you.  It was a gift.  I think I’m too picky to buy someone else’s idea of a knit.  With my itchy wool reactions, I have to substitute yarns to be happy in the end.
  2. I have NOT seen a snow rainbow.  Next year will be fine, thank you Mother Nature.  I had never even heard of such a rainbow until the knit group ladies mentioned them last week at Needles’n Pins.
  3. I have tried virtual glasses on and I found them interesting.  I think they are a fad for kids.
  4. Memorial Day is my farthest out event. AL comes in!!
  5. Shoes.  Oh man I need a pair of clogs, I need a pair of inside -ish shoes, and I need some gym shoes to walk outdoors in.   I wear shoes out.  I need to shoe shop apparently!
  6. I’ve been to Yosemite, Sequoia National, the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Everglades, and the Great Smokey Mountains ……I want to go to more.
  7. I think I’ll cast on a hat with my really wooly handspun that I purchased from a vendor that spins it herself.   No tag,  Just a basket of wool to pick from.  I’m in the mood to knit a hat.

Happy Happy Monday.  We are expecting southernly winds to bring us to 60s!  and then some thunder storms.  I know it will be a great Monday for Judy and Dee who are meeting up in Florida.  ahhhhh when cross country knit friends meet…its magic

Helena by Coco Knits Finish

DSCF0438.jpgI finished Helena.  It was a super easy knit.  It needs blocking, Captain Obvious here.

Details: Knit with Berroco Remix.  One and a half skeins.  I chose the 3rd version of the pattern.   Basically this means I knit it in the round for the first half of the pattern. I may make another.  I figure I’ll wear this one out.  dscf0440-1

Yesterday I thought we would clean our carpets.  We rented a machine and worked, like DOGS, for 3 1/2 hours.  Why did I think this would be a snap?  Moving furniture, running buckets back and forth to the machine etc.

I was worn out.  Pie was not happy.  She does not like the noise or the furniture moving around.  Given she can’t really see, I understand.

Anyhew, Fireman suggested we go to a fish fry for dinner.  We tried a new place and loved it.  I had a margarita and ahhhhhhhhh it was so good.  When our funny waitress asked if I wanted another, Fireman said yes for me.  Then she brought a 3rd….because the bartender made a mistake.  I did not drink much of the 3rd.  I really don’t drink often.  I stay away from it because of my family history of alcoholism.  But wow, I felt TOTALLY 100% completely relaxed as Fireman drove us home.
It is a good thing alcohol is too many weight watcher points, and I’d probably pick a bakery cookie over anything else anyhow.

Happy Saturday!

Finishing Helena

dscf0436I’m getting there with Helena.  I have one back shoulder to complete, then three needle bind offs.  Weave in ends.  Try it on.  Cross fingers.  

I like a finish without angst.  No, I love a finish without angst.  


I needed to laugh last night, so I watched an old podcast of the Fat Squirrel.  Amy Beth can always make me laugh…outloud.  She asks for a micro donation to her podcast.  I have no problem giving her a micro donation.
That said, I hope knit blogs never charge for their words.   

She talked about how garter stretches out of control.  Does it?  Garter and I don’t get along you know, so I would not know.  

I watched a darling movie called ARRANGED yesterday.  Al gave it to me.  It is the story of two teachers in this day and age whose families are arranging their marriages.   It is an easy movie to like.  Thank goodness I don’t have to arrange my childrens’ marriages.  Thank goodness my father could not arrange mine! 

Finally, the photo above is our sunset last night in Wisconsin.  Either the weather folk and the Chamber of commerce are in cahoots, ( is that a word?) or we will be getting 50s and 60s in the next few days .  I. Cant. wait.




Shawls and Simulations

dscf0414Yesterday at Needle’n Pins Wednesday Knit,  Doreen showed us her finished Multnomah Falls shawl.  Isn’t it pretty?  She knitted it with Gypsy Girl Creations Transitions 100% superwash . This is a Stonebarnfibers fingering yarn.  (and I think of Teresa with the name of the pattern of course) 

I just love how the colors melt into one another.  She said the pattern is easy.  I’ve seen it knit by others but not in this wonderful yarn.  

It is snowing lightly this morning, so according to the Farmers Almanac Spring is on its way. dscf0421

This guy was outside the knit shop.  

Fireman got an indoor golf simulation gift certificate for Christmas.  I think he’s going golfing today…maybe he’ll golf Pebble Beach……

If we could have a knit scene simulation where would you knit today?  I’d knit on a screened porch at a cabin in the northwoods with my family all around me.  How about you?