Let the Vest Love Continue

unnamedI’ve started another.  This is Illusion in Malbrigo Rios.  It is not as purple as it looks in the image.  You’ll see as I progress.  I cast on for another vest, FOR ME, again , last night.  

Did I tell you that Fireman found a pear tree on our property last week? Full of little pears. They are delicious.  Seems apples that grow wild with no “spraying” get mothy and are best for the animals.  These pears, although small, were so sweet and juicy.  They had no worms in them at all.  I gave most of them to the horses who were eager for a pear treat.  I am contemplating planting another pear tree here.  I love the idea of unsprayed fruit that we can enjoy.  

Pear trees are not entirely new to us.  Our old neighbors had some very old barely alive pear trees in their yard.  The pears would fall into our yard, but were broken, eaten to some extent by the huge squirrel population in that area, and generally a great way to find wasps eating the pear flesh.  

We have almost no squirrels up here.  I think the abundance of hawks, fox and coyote, keep them at bay.  So I think we could successfully have more pear trees. I was truly thrilled he found this tree.  

Finally, another thing about living in this area.  Seems EVERY church I pass has a COOKIE WALK in December.  Yikes. Must stay away.  Would LOVE to go to all of them.  Well, maybe, I could go to one Cookie Walk…..YES, YEs, and then quickly give the boxes away.  At least they do it in December here.  Back in Illinois they did it in October.  My sweet mom’s gone and she used to keep them in her freezer so I couldn’t get at them before 12/24.  I’m shameless about eating cookies.  Frozen, thawed, fresh, hot……I have no control.  How about you?






A Good Finish

DSCF4604.jpg(Taken late last night….so sorry for the fuzzy photo)

Same vest, different lighting.  I love the finish.   The color is truer on the right. This is the  Knitting Pure and Simple Basic Cardigan Vest for Women.  The Yarn is Coco by Malabrigo Rios.   The buttons, ironically are called coco too.  I love this pattern.  It used 3 skeins of the yarn for my bust size of 38.  I don’t envision me buttoning it up all the way when I wear it, unless our heat is out!!

I will admit that my favorite part is the endless stockinette stitching rows.  I really have to start thinking and measuring once the back is finished.  I am starting another one right away.  (This time in Malabrigo Rios :  Illusion colorway.  )

I can wear vests without the itch factor and that is crucial for me.  I know I will wear this one for a long time to come. The yarn is buttery to work with and blocking it before adding the button bands was the KEY for me to succeed.  Nancy gave me good tips about measuring for the button holes.  Thanks NANCY!  I, also,  owe my yarn police some donuts.


Also, thank you all for standing up for me!  I laughed at your responses yesterday  and I know you all have my back. WOW !  I could feel your love.


*Because it needed to be done,  because I don’t want Fireman to do it with a broken rib, because it is not difficult just dirty: I cleaned out our gutters.  This was a first for our marriage.  It made me appreciate Fireman a bit more. Winter’s coming and stuffs got to get done!   The sun was shining and warm despite temps in the 30s.  As long as the sun is shining I don’t mind the 30s …….really!




The Final Touch

DSCF4559 (2)This is it.  These are my buttons on hand. I need 7 buttons to finish my vest.  All of your encouragement with the button band and collar band really helped and I succeeded last night!  As for the buttons, None of these fits the bill.  When I bought the yarn, Bailey at the shop, said to wait until the knitting is done to pick the buttons.  

As we are mastering the one car family, there are a few challenges. The truck is in the shop, but if she’s back early enough I can trek to the Yarn Shoppe and find me some buttons.  

I’m a little nervous to pick buttons as yesterday, my confidence hit a low at the doctors office.  The nurse who took my vitals, (normal endocrine appt) said, “Oh your turtleneck and your vest clash” .  Yup, Just like that.  She kept up and up about it.  I just smiled and let it go.  But now I need help picking buttons for my brown vest.  I dont’ know what her deal was……


When Friends Don’t Let Friends Bail

DSCF4527I am working on gift fingerless today.  (Urban Fox colorway)   

Easy peasy no thinking no counting no measuring.  

However, last night the knit police were out in force.  Ahem, Karen and Allison via text.   I was trying to move on with the Pure and Simple vest.  It really  is a lovely pattern and I love the yarn. 

Tired, plus, more than 4 hours of knitting equaled poorly picking up the neck and front bands.  I told Karen and AL via text that I may crochet the edge. 

They were having NONE of it!  Texts of ” NO!” “Work the problem” 

Watch this link”  “You can pick up, you do it all the time with the log cabin”

and then the aha moment for me :”Block before you do the bands” …

Oh! Now that made sense.  So did the video.  So it is blocking.  

And I’m certain they are correct.  I can do this. It is possible.  ….

I think….

Who are your knit police?  Pat them on the back today!  Or buy them a donut !

Monday Nov. 6 2017 Q and A

DSCF4528(Good morning Sun)

*What is the farthest you’ve gotten on a project this year, only to end  up ripping it out?

*Can you remember the most expensive yarn you have purchased? .

*If you  brew your own coffee, what brand do you use? 

*Do you have gifts left to make for the coming Holiday Season?

*Thinking about the last week, what was your favorite dinner? 

*What’s your favorite brand of blue jeans?

*You have to give one up tomorrow, for a day : television, computer or phone?

*Favorite breed of dog or cat?

*How many blankets did you sleep under last night?

My answers

*I just ripped out an entire hat because it fit terribly.  The last one I showed you, the twisted rib hat.   I can’t stand when a hat doesn’t fit well.  It was a quick knit, and I recovered all the yarn so, a good rip!  The next hat I knit will have a good brim that is doubled.

*I remember thinking I was paying a lot for some Lorna’s Laces Mineshaft for a throw many years ago.  We still have the throw and it is soft and lovely.  I paid over a hundred dollars for the yarn.  5 skeins of it at about 21 dollars a skien.  I was a newer knitter and it felt risky.  🙂

*Fireman likes Collectivo, (regional brand)  but it is pricey. I like any  Mexican coffee that Zach brings me.

*I have a pair of fingerless to finish.    Other than that, I have knitted up the rest of the fingerless gifts already.

*Favorite dinner: No contest. Fireman made crepes.  Filled with roasted vegetables and low salt ham.  mmmmmmm. So savory.

*Best blue jeans: Old Navy Curvy .  They fit me well, they are cheap. It was Al’s suggestion and it was a good one.

*I’ll give up that noisy TV anyday.

*Dog: Golden retriever or German Shepard.  Cat: Maine coon!

*The thermostat goes down to 65 at 10 pm every night.  We slept with a down comforter and a quilted bedspread on last night.  I’m sad to say the windows are closed and we can’t hear the fox and coyotes now singing their night song……but we are in the 30s for temps……




The Beaver Moon

DSCF4520I’ve divided for the fronts and backs on my vest.  Loving this so far.  Thinking i can find HORSE buttons for my buttons.  Maybe ……

Love the Malabrigo Rios Feel.  Don’t mind the subtle dying variations. 


Here’s all I got for you of the moonrise last night. In and out of clouds.  

So, we never know how we will effect people…

I don’t like to talk too much about my weight struggles.  We’ve all got them.  There are times we succeed and times we don’t.  We live in the land of cheap, quick and easy donuts that taste amazing.    I now live in Dairyland.  

Anyhow, as I was in the grocery checkout yesterday, my checker, says to me, (at the Piggly Wiggly, ( because we find fat pork amusing in Wisconsin)
(Their shirts say OINK if you are a local)

She says to me, “You know you inspired me and I joined weight watchers.  I’ve lost 6 pounds.  I love the program”  I was so happy for her.  She was really proud of herself.  Then she told me that she had no idea her daily roll of mentos candy was 1/4 of her points for the day.  

So sometimes it is just about cheering each other on.  And it feels good. 

Note to Self:

DSCF4315Progress is being made on my vest, but not enough to show you.  I hope to divide for the back and fronts today.  

So, I’ll give you some horse goodness.  And a quick  story.

I had a routine , (Normal result!) mammogram on Halloween.  As you may know, they now place stickers on your breasts and nipples over moles and the like.  No big deal.  It was a quick xray. 

After being out and about most of the Day, I realized about 10 pm that I had forgotten to take the stickers off my chest.   I basically walked around with boob stickers on all day.  Note to self, take stickers off before putting clothes back on.