Letters, Letters, Letters.

Dear Electric Assist Bike Inventor,

Wow. All I can say is wow. On this quarantine day in Diary Land we were permitted to go cycling. It was Sunny, it was Windy and there were Hills. What wind? What Hills? Inventor: I beat my Fireman up each and every hill. He didn’t even mind. Thank you. I’ll never pedal another way again . Genius. Thank you! I never thought I’d enjoy riding a bike with my guy .

Dear Farmers,

I have always appreciated you. Truly. But here in the midst of a pandemic, those beautiful cows were a joy to behold. I think they are ganseys. They were happy to stick their heads out in the sunshine today as we rolled by. Thank goodness for our bounty of land and our farmers knowledge of feeding us . Moo.

Dear Vegan friends,

Are mushrooms vegan? I think so . These are growing wild on trunks of trees in our woods. I would not eat them. But they were just so white and beautiful on the underside, that if I were without food, I might just be tempted. Oh, and I don’t like mushrooms. Does anyone know what theses Pretties are?

Dear Everyone who already had bulbs bloom, thanks for giving me the hope that under the snow, mine too would come forth. WHEE. Daffodils and Hyacinth are here! I think we have made it to nearly Spring. The Willow trees are yellowing their branches. The Robins are picking in the dirt. The neighbors cats are screaming as they mate……oh that one really bugs me . And it really bugs Beatles. Thank you Feliway plug in . Poor Beatles was so upset before I plugged you in. I know you work because he was acting odd and we realized the plug in was empty. A quick refill, and we are all doing better

Dear BLoggy pals,

Hang in there ! Please! ITs ok to feel overwhelmed and angry and uncertain and fearful. We are all in this together. Thanks for YARN!!!!!!

love kathy b

Kitten Therapy

No name for kitten yet……

Dolly is a teenager now, Al says. She is just to busy bird watching to snuggle her.

More later. Knitting in quarantine, like the rest of you.

We will get past this! We are strong,, we are educated, we are smart enough to know better than to challenge a medical emergency.

Happy Thoughts

Fireman does not believe my car whistles which are designed for 8 dollars to keep deer away, work. He thinks they are nonsense. Well, the whistles work at 35mph or higher to emit an aggravating tone that deer want away from. Here is a herd I saw on Saturday. I had to use my zoom lens. I was far from them. But wow!!

I will be inundating you with photos of my new grand kitten in Mexico. He arrived yesterday to Zach’s open arms. No certain name yet. This boy was given him by a family whose cat had kittens. HE was never in a shelter setting so we are hoping he was never exposed to kitty illnesses like Bear Bear was. Zach is a seasoned Cat dad now . Each. photo. makes. me . GRIN!

Fezzik has taken the remote from Fireman who watches entirely too much news. He’s calm about this whole thing. I try to be like a cat!

I watched KNIVES OUT with Fireman while knitting last night. Then I hit a snag. There was a knot in the yarn. This was Sale Yarn deeply discounted by Lornas Laces so I was ok with it. I t inked back to the end of the row and purposely made the join there . I feel if I make sure I add yarns at the edges only the look of the blanket will be much prettier!

This blanket has used a bit less than half of the bulky that I have……

I’m debating adding another bulky to it. I think I will call my LYS that I wish to support anyhow at this time, and see what she has in stock. Then again it is not going to be a big blanket……Thinking thinking on this.

Fezzik doesnt want to play Farkle . He just wants to push the die around.

WE had fresh snow last night. Someone who is connected to the Chamber of Commerce no doubt told us 50s tomorrow ! WOW we’d love that if they make good on it.

Have you watched the astronauts talk about isolation and how to deal with it? I have. It is good. I have to get FIREMAN out for a bike ride soon. Soon. Soon. He needs to move.

I guess I should too!

When you under house quarantine:

Miss Pie is not amused as my model . I used my swatch to fasten her headband. That’ s her whole head in FIreman’s hand. Pee Wee Pie Pie. No new kitty for Zach yet . Some road issue. See these are the things they just go with the flow where he lives. They don’t get all worked up if their lives get a bit disrupted. Very good Forbes article he sent us last night.

Anxiety hit all time high when it was announced Americans should return to the US or face indefinite quarantine over our borders. Then we took some breaths and gave it up. And Started playing dolly with Pie.

We see these two showing up daily now.( Along with raucous blue jays and sweet singing cardinals, oh and a cool red headed woodpecker. ) I love crows as does AL and Zach.

Thank heavens I am finally on my way with the baby blanket in bulky for the baby on its way. A friend of Al’s is adopting a baby!

My hat in the woods find was beyond repair. I made it into a swallows nest. I found another hat that just wasn’t working out.

For some reason this hat fit a toilet paper roll better than a head so it is going to the Wildbird Sanctuary today too.

I’ll be doing a bit of yard work, and not using a sickle!!! Foot remains swollen and at times painful, but I think we avoided a out and out infection with my Mexican Amoxicillin.

Stay safe! I’ll be over to your blogs later today. I watched the Cubs win the World Series in about 45 minutes last night. It was lacking something..

Any comedians you can recommend? We like to watch stand uP.

Helping Out One Another

Well , Al had a good idea. She swatch the two yarns I intended for the baby blanket and wash them. I could see even before the wash it wasn’t going to work. Thanks Al! You stay safe in tornadoeville.

This adorable baby blanket pattern could be easily replicated without instructions , I think. I found it in an OLD Family Circle Knitting Magazine.

Ha ha to my sister the know it all domineering family buster. She saw fit to send me a group of little things from my Father’s house. Well , she sent me a dvd of my fathers fishing and hunting trips. WOW. What memories they contain.
I never went hunting with my dad. But his hunting companions and his son and their sons had many adventures. I heard the tip of the iceberg of stories.

It was so good to see my dad, my brother and my dad’s friends after so so many years. The photos are old and blurred . There is some video. Oh I am enjoying this so much.

Well I have to get going. out. I’m dropping off, through my car window, the mailings I wrote out for my friend who is running for alderwoman. I felt I could help her by doing that at home. IT took a few hours, but I got several hundred done for her. She’s telling voters that early voting is Open at Our city Hall if one wishes to avoid the election day crowds etc. She’s a great person.

Kitten Goodness for all Y’all

  • This is Alma , Zach’s friend. She was in a rear end collision but just look at her smile! Zach picked from her friends’ three kittens. He picked Middle Kitty . Boy. Names anyone?
  • I urged him to take two.
  • He arrives to his new home and life with Zach tomorrow!
  • Im glad AL suggested washing a swatch of the two yarns I was trying to marry for a baby blanket. I realized immediately it was a no go.
  • I’m now knitting a basic blankie in bulky loran’s laces yellow tones . I plan to spiff it up with a surprise in the corners…you will have to wait and see!
  • I have found streaming the Canadian Press Conferences to be much better for me than my other option right now.
  • Im helping a friend running for alderwoman by organizing her mailing today. No touching involved.
  • We may get a thunder storm that ‘s my favorite thing in weather
  • Yesterday was the first day without a donut! No, not to eat, my sit on donut. I believe my arse is healed !!!!
  • Foot turning yellow from bruise and swollen but not infected!
  • Current names for Zach’s cat:
  • Bilbo (hobbit) Guillermo , Billy, and his Chinese students suggest Tofu and Tiger. I don’t like Tiger for this cat.
  • How you holding up? Im thinking of all of you, lurkers too!
  • We will get through this.

All Kindza Good News!

Well THERE you are! What the snowmelt won’t uncover!!! IN the forest.. Yesterday , Fireman and I were doing a controlled burn as it is year ONE of the buckthorn attack . Suddenly There was my hat! I loved the long ribbed brim of the hat!

Will I fix it? No , But I will wash it and clean up the edge and send it to the place that wants people to knit little nests for eggs and birds

More good news! Kate Carter Evans who is a great knitter is generously offering 2 free patterns on Ravelry . Just use the code SHARELOVE and you wont have to pay when you hit the pay key I picked her :Echo Shawl pattern! Go ahead. It feels great to get patterns free!

More good news: The hospital I worked at for 32 years just came out with a Covid test with a 2 hours turn around time! This could mean so much to lots of people. I’m sad that those waiting for organs might miss out because we can’t keep people on vents for 48 hours waiting for results . Now, there may be a faster way and those who have been waiting won’t have to get pushed aside!

More good news:
My foot looks so much better after 24 hours of antibiotics.

More good news: The Whooping Cranes are back! I hate St Patricks day and its OVER . 2 days till Zach gets his new kitten.

More good news: I got my Discover return from the video chat that FAILED me with my new hospital affiliation.

Finally: My rubber boots that also got in the way of the sickle have been patched!


My own little Crazy

the calm the ice the sky!

*I managed to get myself good and wound up about my foot. I could see amputation ahead. I was certain I’d need IV antibiotics. I worried to some of you, I worried to Al’s Nurse Pal Ginny, I worried to Zach, I worried to my sister and Poor Fireman.

I decided to use our Hospital Systems Video Chat. Thats what I decided. Not what they decided. I paid the 45 up front that they want. Then I waited and waited and waited …..I had been told I’d get an email in around 2-3 hours saying it was my turn.

Well It is 10 A.m , a full 14 hours later and there’s been no email no video chat and I want my 45 dollars back. I know I will get it back.

I cancelled my doc appointment this afternoon because,

LUCK OF THE IRISH! My foot redness is significantly lesser this morning. I am still swollen and sore but thank you all, I am not seeing a doctor for it during this time of high prevention for the Covid.

I got very scattered while waiting. I went down that, but what Road and it aint a good one for this old intensive care nurse. Ignorance must be bliss, but I wouldn’t know!!

Deep Breath. I’m so relieved I awoke to a much better looking foot. I don’t know how the Christian Scientists do it…

The blue jays love that we chopped more grasses,

WHAT AM I SAYING? I DIDNT TOUCH A TOOL YESTERDAY! , Fireman did. I moved their food to the other feeder in the woods. The birds are deliriously happy. The sun is out today.

I have no idea who this dude is. We went for a drive to look at the lake and he waved. He was walking his dog. He stopped , I rolled my window a crack and said hey nice dog! That’s it. I didnt even get near the 6 foot invisible force field. Oh and last night we sold our bike carrier and Fireman did his first elbow shake with an old guy who got a big kick out of it!

I spent last night fiddling and drawing and deep breathing while I created a gift for a friend. Mums the word on that.

I think I may rent a camper and Fireman and I could travel somewhere…..But I have to be injury free for awhile.

How you holding up? I’m knitting the baby blanket now and I love it. Im so relieved my foot is improving that I’m going to hang onto this wave of relief for a bit.

Im all silver lining…you know me…..I can help anyone except MYSELF with anxiety.

Hang on !!!

Well you asked for more kitten adorableness and Here you go. Im partial to torti ‘s . Obviously inquisitive!

We start them young in our family. This is Zach around 3 with Fiona the day we brought that baby home. Our pets taught our kids, respect, not to tease, fun, companionship and loyalty. Just to name a few!

I’d like to thank my Walgreen’s for giving me a tetanus shot yesterday. Seems I can’t get out of my own way. I was trying to chop ornamental grasses down and swung missing, hitting and going through my new boots! My sock and my skin. OUCH.

Ain’t no way no how I was going to a ER. Fireman found out they give them at Walgreens. I called. They had ONE in stock! I wore my mask, A good good filtering mask, and blue gloves. Im sure everyone thought I was a kook. Go ahead stare, I don’t care was my attitude.

Today Ive called my doc for antibiotics. Trust me I scrubbed it out, used a to mac syringe to flush with peroxide, etc . ITs still angry this morning ,but the throbbing stopped. Ive a call into my new doc.
His response will mean a lot to me. Im not going in for an exam. HIs answerer person insisted I won’t get any abs, but given the circumstances CMON!. I m a nurse gheesh.

Lastly, Stay OK my friends. The old IM OK YOU’RE OK.

Im knitting that baby blanket and just realized that Betsy knit the same one for charity!

Please keep all sharp objects away from me!

There is Joy once Again…..

Clearly this guy is quarantined. He was all alone!!! Little Goat. So cute in brown. Fireman and I took a drive in the country and I took the usual moving car photos as he simply has no thought of slowing down for me.

I really want to change colors, but I also want this to be the end of this particular yarn . Hmmmmm. This is my cowl progress. I love cotton blends. I just do.

I can pretty much bet these are still on the shelves of grocery stores. Oh dear. They were Awful in my opinion! I do keep to my Weight Watcher guidelines and Maintenance is a bitch, but I can’t wast one bite with these. Ugh awful awful awful. And I can’t to cauliflower crust pizza either. My Chicago Pizza snobbery is showing. I Love raw cauliflower.

I’ started the baby blanket gift last night with Al’s stash in aqua blue.

I have to tell you that I was napping or trying to yesterday and I kept hearing Fireman laughing and laughing. When I got up I had over 18 messages between Fireman, Zach and our dear vet in Illinois, Kristina. She was helping Zach determine the sex of 8 week old kittens. I . can’t. even. They were so funny.

The one he wants, they determined has raisins, or testicles. Can the men in my family use correct anatomy?

Here , this is making me very happy today:

I think Bear sent him this guy. Now for a name……….