For Nancy


Nancy (Wyoming Breezes) thought it would be fun to show each other our front door winter/holiday decor.  This is it folks.  I got the pot on clearance for about 7 bucks last summer.  Our birch tree had to come down but we saved some branches just for this effect.  The while lights and the little red sled, in the front,light the way into the house.  In the back of the house, we hung a lit wreath by the hot tub lattice.


I couldn’ t help but interrupt my gift knits for a night to start the hat.  I don’t know if I’ll finish it by Saturday’s Barn Holiday party, but no matter.  It will get warn this Holiday Month.

Speaking of Barns, I found a barn gingerbread kit and treated myself to it.  12 dollars and it arrives tomorrow.  Segway now to the gingerbread house shares. 0.jpeg

This one is very nicely done. I think.  I  love the foil round base. I may have to do that.  The little white chocolate covered Tree fence is darling.  I’m not sure about the popcorn snow.. 0-5.jpeg

But I give an A for effort as everyone else seemed to use coconut for their snow or white sprinkles.   They certainly covered up the entire house.  I’m not sure how they covered that Christmas Tree Cone.  ? Fondit? But who keeps Fondit in their house?

Their candy cane corners on the house are darling.  I’m interested to see what comes in the kit I ordered.  I also like the large mint circle roof tiles.

That’s what is going on around here.  If I’m going to finish my miniature surprise knits I better kick it today!


Is There Time for A Hat?


I literally ran into this white/red holiday yarn at JoAnn’s today.  I had no intention of buying yarn.  I was there for other items, but this yarn jumped into my cart.

When I finish the secret gifts I’m making, or perhaps before, I’ll cast on with this soft washable candycane yarn.  Perhaps a hat….I have a book of hat patterns that are nearly all made in bulky, so I finally may use one of those patterns. I don’t knit with bulky often.     I know I’d enjoy wearing a holiday hat around town.


Today’s Gingerbread entry is a favorite of mine. I LOVE the non parells .  If I decide to make a gingerbread house, and the odds are looking good, I will frost and cover the frosting with the non parells.  I also like the green CHUCKLES trees.  There’s lots of red and green in this entry.  I Love that. The sidewalk certainly seems to be coconut.

If I make a house, I’m going to Walgreens and heading down their holiday candy aisle.  I want it to be loaded with red and greens.  So gum drops, jelly beans, Chuckles and sprinkles here I come.

Hope you are still enjoying our gingerbread themed December days!

Ginger All the Way Around


This handsome ginger boy was adopted by Zach last week.  Meet Bear.  He is about 5 months old.   He’s loveable, huggable and loves to play.  After fostering the other cat from a different shelter, and returning her,  Zach tried again. I think I told you the other older female was not a good fit for him.  She was beautiful but a biter and a scratcher .    We are an animal loving family as you know.  They bring us such joy.

So we are very happy with all the photos Zach sends us of BEAR . He is a gem.


I continue to knit my secret projects.  So I can’t show you knitting .  But, as promised we have another gingerbread scene from the contest. Another camper scene.  I love that the gingerbread folks are relaxing by the lake.  Again, there are swedish fish swimming in this lake scene.

I like the graham cracker camper door. I’m betting the big string of fun lights are peanut m and m’s.  I’ve been knitting at night to the Food Networks Holiday Baking shows.  It is fun entertainment.  And, they use a lot of ginger!


Our Next Gingerbread House


I was happy to see someone use some Hanukkah colors for one of the Gingerbread creations.  Happy Hanukkah to everyone of my Jewish friends.  I can’t be certain that was the creators intention, but I love it.

Highlights of this house:

I liked the nearly whipped frosting for the roof.  The white pretzel fence is adorable.  I think they got the fence to stand up using blue gum balls and frosting?

You have to love the rock candy door step and the Chicklets walkway in blue.   I’m not sure the snowmen are edible.   That said, if they were made of homemade playdoh, they  would be edible.  Allison used to love to eat homemade playdoh….and she survived.   I just can’t figure them out….maybe fondit?

The snowy lawn , appears to me, to be white sprinkles.  The frosting trees are pretty cute given their uniformity.  I suspect they covered ice cream cones and they did it well.

As for the lake in the front, the blue pool has green  swedish fish in it.  Quite a few of the houses we saw had lakes with swedish fish swimming in them.

I am not sure what the cinder block is made of, but I love the effect.   Well done!

As for knitting, there was some knitting in miniature this weekend.  It is a super secret project.  Very fun, and keeping me in the holiday happy mood!

Any happy holiday sightings by you?

A Little Theme for December


*All of my December posts will include a gingerbread creation.  We live near a fancy resort and they host a contest yearly.  Last night, Fireman and I , went to see this year’s creations.  It put me in a very holiday mood.  Well, maybe the margarita helped.  And maybe the piano player and all the decorations helped too.

I’ve made a change in tradition plan for this Christmas. Hold on to your knitted hats, I will not be going to the cookie walk.  I realize the cookies are primarily eaten by………me.  Al, Zach and Fireman don’t get the thrill that I get from them.  I will, however, allow myself ONE gingerbread cookie a day.  Just One.

If I am presented with a homemade cookie at any point in the month, I can partake, but I won’ t be purchasing the homebaked cookies at the church this year.

For today let me point out that the above Campground Entry includes a rice crispy lake.   Looks like you can color them blue, in crispy treat fashion and they make a ripply lake.   I also love the ice cream cone trees.   Many of the entries had sugar cones turned over and decorated.  Why not? They make darling trees. The only thing I didn’t like about this one, was the soup cracker walkway.  I prefer  gingerbread themes that are all sugary…..

So we begin with this scene, in honor of Betsy and those of you who have campers!!  Some of the cutest scenes had campers.

Onto knitting: 0-5.jpeg

Here’s a better look at my first Dewberry cowl.  The short version…… Rios.


And here is the second cowl made with Cascade 220. 0-6.jpeg

It needs to be blocked, but isn’t it fun?

Hope you enjoy our gingerbread month.  I’m just excited to have a fun plan to show you with my posts.  Will I make a gingerbread scene?  That remains to be seen…….

Time to Shovel a Bit , Again


String Theory Yarns in Illinois is offering this unique yarn box.   I think it is very clever.  I think it is 75 dollars.  If you subscribe to their mail, they are having 12 days of Christmas gifts ideas. It just started yesterday, is you are interested you can join their emails.  They are coming up with very quick knit ideas for gifts. So far the yarn they are using is bulky.  Makes sense right?   Bulky means quick to me!

I think I am done gift knitting and charity knitting for this year, but I enjoy seeing their ideas.

Ravelry has reported that more hats have been recorded as Knit finishes this month, than any other item.  No wonder, winter is off to a cold start here and in many parts of the country.

Last night I misread where I was in the cowl pattern, so I will be taking a row out today.  It happens right?  Especially when we knit tired…..

I’m off to shovel a little snowfall from last night.  Just an inch, but I’d like the driveway clear before the rain comes in a few days.  Brrrrrrr. I’ll have my old coat, my orange neck warmer and my blue hat and mittens on.  No worries, the neighbors can’t see me through to snowy woods.

Do you mismatch your woolly hats, mittens, cowls and scarves?  Or am I the only one?  Have a sweet day.