Swap Details……..


So this was the group I COULD have ridden along with on Thursday, but I’m happier on the ground.  The horses were beautiful.  We met them all where they tied up the horses,  and then we went inside RUSHING WATERS and we ate lunch.  (Anyhow.  Im happy with grooming!  )

Here are my swap thoughts:

*I need all interested to let me know YES by Monday.

*If you need instructions or help email me.

*Those who told me yes! already are:

Vera, Val, Betsy ((Queen) , Deb, Kim,(KIMknits)  Nancy, Delighted Hands, Judy and Ruth.

Those still pondering: Teresa, Sprite, salpal….and anyone else?  Commit by MOnday please. NO PRESSURE.  🙂 

The Summer Swap will have a deadline of July3rd.  This means your pal should have their yarn by July 3rd.
The contents must be able to fit in a large mailing envelope.  (cheaper to mail this way)  

You need to send your swap pal : A lovely skein of yarn , something red, white and blue, and ONE BUTTON.

I”ll be making matches late Monday !  Whee . Let the fun begin.





Hooray, Regina’s Log Cabin


Regina and I met through our husbands.  They are both cyclists and they have ridden many miles together over the years. ( Some of those miles in spin classes which Pat coaches.  )

Regina is an amazing person.  She knits almost exclusively for charity.  She decided to have a go with a log cabin.  LOOK!  Isn’t her start amazing. I did not put a question make there because it is obviously not even a question.   She didn’t even have a pattern to go by.  She is great with colors and combining them.

Regina and I can chat for a long time.  Our husbands go out cycling together a few times a year now, and we get our time knitting together .   Last time she visited, we stopped at the barn and she fed dandelions to the horses.  She’s a doll.  She’s one of those women in  your life that you cherish.  DSCF6612.jpg

Thursday: Some Questions for Fun


*Last night as the sun set on on our friend’s pier I captured this still image.   What is it about water ?
What is your favorite lake, river, inlet or ocean?


This is my catch.  Captain Larry holding the fish, cause I don’t hold fish. What’ s the biggest fish you have ever caught?  Did you eat it?

*I did not have time to knit one stitch yesterday.  I decided it was good for my arm to take a break.  This made no sense as I fished with that arm.  Getting a bite and then losing the fish is a bit like dropping a stitch.  Oh Im so theoretical this morning.  Did you knit yesterday?

*I am still entertaining the thought of raising angora rabbits some day .  Any resources for me?  Any friends I can run it by? Books?  I’m talking maybe next summer.

*Cubbies ended their game with a walkoff homer grand slam in the 9th last night. It was super fun to watch.  I text my friend Karen during games.  Do you do this text stuff during sports with friends or family?

*I kind of want to organize a swap.  Anyone in?  I’m thinking summer theme: easy swap.  Swap must fit in big envelope, contain one skein of sockweight yarn, an item that is anything red white and blue, and a special button .  NO more, no less!

*Wrap and turn instructions tend to fool me.  What fools you in patterns?

*As a  ten year old, someone pushed me off my bike.  I had a bloody knee and hand scratches.  My mother sent me to the friends mother to clean me up .  She was that mad.  Rare for my mom to be so bold. !!!  Any similar bully stories?

Answer any or all in the comments please!

Wednesday Simple Things


The goldfinches had a big convention at the water stump yesterday.  They are always singing.  I think they were having BOOK CLUB.  DSCF6773.jpg

This wren and another are very busy at a birdhouse hanging in the pines!  More babies?  We hope so.  They are busy at the window without going in.

Having fed babies of my own on demand, I wondered How often birds feed their babies.?  Every 10 minutes it seems!  The wrens sing a marvelous song.

Did I already tell you that our bluebird eggs were never fertilized?  We took out the nest which was CRAWLING with ants.  I put it on the grass near the large sunflower feeder and within MINUTEs, Minutes I say, the bluejay came and took the eggs away. Not a crumb of a shell anywhere to be seen.

On the knit front, I decided to listen to the Bea and Rose Podcast that one of you suggested. Oh my. I LOVE the brogue.  I enjoyed the chatter so very much. It is just one woman,, with her daughter be bopping in and out of camera range, and she’s wonderful to listen to.  I’m so happy to have found another fun podcast to listen to while I knit.  Amy Beth, Fat Squirrel is great, but I needed MORE.

Al suggested I listen to Jen Hatmaker being interviewed about books.  In a nutshell she loves all things David Sedaris , and  the Flavia De Luce series by Alan Bradley got high marks from Jen.

We are hoping the rain and storms blow through quickly.  We have a boat date with our fishing pals this afternoon!  I asked Fireman to bring their pup a toy.  He picked a pig squeaky toy……..What was he thinking?





Tuesday Text by Kathy B


*Okay , you asked for it. Here is my second Log Cabin blanket in progress.  Long way to go!

Al is very busy today So I will pick up the reading/text post.

  1. I received a 365 Days of Gardening Book by, Christine Allison.  If you like gardening or life in general, one page at a time…this is great.  Yesterdays information spoke to those of us who use water softeners.  I needed this info.  The effects of the treated water can cause yellowing of leaves.  This is  exactly what is happening to my citronella. (although it surprised me with a bloom)  I will just use distilled water from jugs for that plant.  
  2. I have a prayerful book of grace filled days, from 2014.  I haven’t read it in a bit.  So, it is all new to me again.  TOday: What will you see in me today? Sorrow, worry or gratitude.  (probably all 3 if you know me!)  

3. I love cartoons .  HOW TO TELL IF YOU CAT IS PLOTTING TO KILL YOU, is worth the reread chuckles.  I have to find Zach’s book of FAR SIDE cartoons to reread. Some of them are so clever it takes awhile for me to get the joke!

That’s it.  Do you do any 365 day reading?  Do you love cartoons?

Short and Sweet Monday Prompts


Good Monday Morning!

*I’m thinking: As for yesterday’s photo and question about what it was in the tree: Wow , you all know your caterpillar destroyer stuff. Thankfully these were noted by Fireman on a bike ride. They are not on our property!  Phew.  Your responses were ….all alike!  and equally terrifying!

*I’m entertained: by the log cabin knitting. I have 8 squares done.  The colors are keeping me interested!

*I’m hearing: a mourning dove coo ing  and a wren singing.

*I’m wearing: Jeans and a long sleeve sun protector shirt I bought years ago.  Oh and a baseball cap.

*I’m planning: to weed in the yard and must keep covered from sun and ticks.

*I’m loving: the peony bushes that are blooming here.


*I’m sharing with you the Nobleknits.com website.  It is lovely.  I like many of their patterns.  They do free ship over 40 dollars in the USA.


*I’m ending the post with adorable Linda.  She actually let me put a flower in her mane for the photo.   She’s a mini  horse

Happy MONDAY dear blog pals!