Let’s Do Math

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Going to fill bird feeder + ice under snow = Falling down hard.

(just sore.  nothing broken)


Lady feeds pigeons + Chicago Streets = Hitchcock like swarm of birds flapping all around her.  (this is sure to give me nightmares.  Also signs up all over DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS…..500 dollar fine.)


Rio + winter = Had enough!

Marie Green’s new book on seamless sweaters + pretty pictures = remind me I don’t like to wear sweaters, please.

Lorna’s Laces yummy sport weight + one slipper done = just sit down and finish the second already.

3 friends having babies + one set is twins = find a poncho pattern I like for babies.

Any math going on by you?


Happy Monday Q and A


Cute lil Brenda is asking for a treat.  She’d like an apple thank you very much.

Here we go: answer any or all…..

  1. My sister calls me on the cell phone and says, “Did you pocket dial me?”
    I am going to adopt that phrase.  Do you like it better than BUTT DIAL?
  2. Yesterday , Zach and I traded cat toys.  Sometimes you think your cat will love a toy and its just a fail!  But you give it to another cat, and it is perfect. Does your family trade toys?         0-1.jpeg
  3. How much snow has to fall before you cancel a doctor’s appointment?
  4. My girlfriend City Katie (her nickname) slipped on the ice yesterday  and did minimal damage to her birthday body. Yup it was her birthday.  Have you ever had a birthday mishap?
  5. Valentine’s Day is upon us.  The classes at the barn are very SWEET this week.  Will you have any Valentine Fun this week?
  6. I am trying to learn sign language. I took my first class yesterday. IT was difficult . And there is homework.  When is the last time you had homework?

I had run to the barn so my answers are late:

1  I’ll say pocket dial from now on. I like it.

2. Yes we obviously trade toys and it works. This makes me feel like money on toys is not wasted.

3. Fireman just called and cancelled tomorrows Doctor appointment as we are expecting 7 inches of snow.   Its not worth the 45 minute drive there and back on slick snowy icy roads.

4. I fell from standing on a kitchen chair to empty a cabinet when we moved two years ago, on my birthday . I broke my tail bone.  OUCH OUCH OUCH

5. Valentines day is always fun.  Ive sent Al a card and I bought some Collective Coffee for Zach when we  were at the bakery yesterday.  Fireman and I will get a sweet treat to share I’m sure.  I’m thinking a bakery cookie or two!

6. I have to get to my homework tonight for sign language.  I was able to say

Hi, Nice to meet you, to our deaf volunteer today!  She was happy.  She has been trying to teach me a few signs.  Tonight i Work on the alphabet. When the memory fails, I can always spell out a word to communicate.




Hello Blog Pals

Happy 4th Birthday Fezzik. This was also, Huck’s birthday.

Some of you have already commented on wordpress changing our format a bit. I do not like one bit how it chooses to cut my words up at the end of the margin. Does anyone know a way around this?


One slipper done, one to go.

I am going to have to rip out my second slipper because my mind was all over the place yesterday and I fudged up the garter. No big deal. These slippers knit up in a flash. I am going to look for a rubber that I can put on the bottom to make them no skid……. Thoughts? Has anyone done this?

Poor Honore (of Morning Glory Studio blog) lost a precious ring yesterday. It was a ring that represented a Tom Thumb wedding. I had no idea what this meant. Thank you Honore , because it is a darling tradition that should make a comeback. Tom Thumb weddings began with two dwarfs from P.T. Barnum’s show getting married in the 1860s. Somehow this developed into a child’s friendship promise ceremony. Two children dress as bride and groom. There are many others who attend dressed up as well. They share vows of friendship to one another. Have you heard of this? Well a ring is involved and Honore cannot find her ring. Go to her blog and you’ll understand more.

I hope she finds that ring.

That’s it for today. Fireman’s been waiting for me to get off the computer so we can venture out in the tundra for groceries…….. stay warm !

Oh and thanks KAT!  I found the classic editor option!  You are so smart!

You Just Never Know

Wonderful Donna

Wonderful things can happen when we connect. I read a post on a local TRASH NOTHING thread. A woman and her son needed yarns for making Twiddle Mitts.

Regina had just given me a very large sum of yarns that needed a home for charity knitting. So, since Regina is an amazing charity knitting person, and this woman Donna, was making twiddle mitts, I felt the yarn was meant for her.

I had the joy of meeting her today when she came up my ice driveway and I gave her lots of yarn. I had Fireman help me go through my own leftovers and rewind them , last night.

Donna is delightful. She and her son are making Twiddle Mitts for the alzheimer patients nearby. Donna’s son Nick has Downs Syndrome. They like to keep their hands busy creating for others.  During our conversation she taught me that tonight is the nationwide NIGHT TO SHINE. It is prom for disabled people.  The dances and fun take place at churches who support Tim Tebows mission.   Sounds wonderful to me.  Have you heard of it?

Donna told me about two craft sites she visits for listening :

Ewe university.com


Sheepislysharing .

I will check them both out!

So thank you Regina and Donna for being the kind of amazing generous knitting souls you are. I promise I will do some charity knitting too this year. You both inspire me.

Survey Results and Ice

My poor newly planted Willow tree…….please be okay

Below you can see the front woods. This is a color photograph. Everything has an amazing ice glaze on it. It is only amazing because I don’t have to go out of my house in this ice storm. So far we have power, and we are very lucky.

ON WITH THE SURVEY results. IF you took the survey thanks! I had 44 respondents, an all time high!


So : 50/50 split on how many of us know how many hours a day we use our mobile device.

60% of you knew you could see your daily usage on the screen time setting

56% of us use the calendar feature ……I used to but I’m back to paper.

A whopping 63% don’t rely on the GPS on your phone. I’d be completely lost without MAPS. I love MAPS.

And while 42 % of you knew you can schedule downtime, and whopping 81% were not at all interested in trying it for a portion of your day. This made me laugh.

60% of you take your phone to bed.

70% of us text more than talk with our device phone

and 63% of us have more than 100 photos on our phone.

Thanks Zach, I love these surveys! Great idea. Obviously lurkers and commentors feel comfortable taking the survey.

Beatles is so trusting and sweet. This is typical for him to lie on Fireman’s chest and nap together.

As for Knitting, I’ve got some fun slippers going on.

Also, I was reading in our local TRASH NOTHING mail that someone is looking for yarn for Twiddle Mitts. I responded to this person and she is just a few miles away. I will be giving her some of the yarns Regina gave me for charity knitting. I’m happy to pass it along and how serendipitous that someone here currently needs that yarn!

Where Does My Time GO?

My favorite slipper pattern because they stay on me.

So I’ve been aware of my time on the computer and phone lately. I’ll have a survey on this topic tomorrow.

It took me all evening to find this slipper pattern. This is my favorite pattern because they stay on. I wear mine all the time but they are totally pilled now and I want to make another pair for me.  So time meant research last night.

My time also went into making granola yesterday. For the first time, I made it in a crock pot. Great results. Less Mess. Easier to stir it up. The key is to keep the lid slightly ajar so the oats etc get crunchy.  You don’t add your dried cranberries or any other dried fruit until the cooking is over and the granola is cooled.  I think any of your granola recipes would work.  Just spray the crock with pam well first.

My library called me! There is an opening in the sign language classes. I get to go to the last 3 classes. I hope to learn a bit because of our hearing impaired students and volunteers. I know it is not an easy thing to learn. So some of my time will go there.

I have decided that I am a connector. I spend lots of time when people ask me about animals, volunteering, health and other things I have a bit of life experience about.

For instance, a parent at the barn, yesterday, said she really wants to get her son a therapy dog. I told her I know a friend who works to train such dogs. She said she’d appreciate any information. So I came home, looked up the link for the place my friend helps out, and I sent the Barn a letter to forward to the mom.

My sister has been struggling with her scars after her skin cancer was removed on her nose. I’ve been googling information and trying to give her support at this difficult time .

So Time means: follow through when people ask things of me. My parents would say: Stay out of it. DOnt get involved. But I am one who feels I should get involved if I can be of help.

I’ve been listening to Ted Talks and podcasts. There is a TED Talk on defining sexuality which is very interesting. A woman born with testicles and a vagina gives the talk. We saw ambiguous genitalia at least a few times a year in the NICU. SO time means educating myself.

WHere does your time go? Are you a connector?