Letters Format


Dear Apostle Islands,

You did not disappoint.  My readers are probably tired of hearing about our trip, but I just love the beauty of a National Park and you nailed it.  You were very chilly though.  It felt like Summer was over when I was up by you.  That was not great, but your amazing dark skies allowed me to see the Milky Way for the first time in many years.  So ..Many….Stars.  And fireman saw a shooting star! So thanks Islands.


Dear Readers,

Sandy and I are short people!!!!  I’m 5’2 and she’s about 5 foot.   We could both have that heart shaped chin.   Sandy and I have moved on from work related stories, to making new memories.   We have more time to see each other than when we worked side by side and were so busy we  couldn’t even catch up.  Sandy was a great nurse.  She would be loaded down with 3 big big bags every weekend when she worked, with enough food to feed half the hospital.  Short little Sandy and her cargo.   I was on her boat when I got the news that my mother had died.  It was just perfect to hear the news with Fireman , Sandy and her husband Larry.  My mom planned that!


Dear Mexico,

You have cast your golden spell upon my son, yet again.  This is a happy man.  This is a man who suffered last year while working under horrible conditions in OUR country.  Mexico, thank you.  I’m so sorry your children are being treated with such cruelty at our borders.  It is shameful.  I am glad my son can show some of you that Americans can be compassionate and big hearted.


Dear Readers,

Fireman and I are off to help at the barn.  Even when we are off session and class for 3 weeks breaks, I cannot stay away.  Help is always needed in the barn.  A big nap will be in order as we both were awake most of the night.  The lightening and thunder show was unreal here.  No damage ! Blue skies this morning.  But, oh those horses are going to be dirty!!!

Thank you for all your comments. I love them . kathy b


No Theme Today…Randoms ONly!



Who Knew?  The woman at the farmers’ market told us you can freeze her cheese spreads.   WAIT,  you can refreeze it too!  What?  I did not know this.  This opens the door for me to have amazing WIsconsin cheeses in my freezer for guests at any time.  This feels like I won a little on a scratch off lottery card….


I”ve gone a bit nuts.  I’m saving Fezzik and Beatles hair to needle felt something for Zach and Something for Al for Christmas .  🙂


Meet chipmunk number 4 in 24 hours.  This guy is going in the back of the truck bed, down the road a piece and being released in a corn field.  Fireman is feeling that the birdseed I put out is causing chipmunk troubles.  I cannot stop feeding my birds. THe variety of birds we get is amazing here.  Woodpeckers, Cardinals, BlueJays, Orioles, Hummingbirds, chickadees, nuthatches and more.  So I am relocating the chippies.  Anybody want to guess how many I will catch from yesterday to SUnday?  go Ahead!


YOu know  I loved COme From Away, the musical.  I loved the book, The Day the World Came to Town too.  The NPR tiny desk series is part of the musical…..you get to see and hear.  It is wonderful . Please enjoy . All the good people of Gander Newfoundland took care of so many stranded there on 9/11.  It is a wonderful story.


Here’s another wonderful story.  GUess who lost her wallet AGAIN????? Me.  I thought it was in the house for a day….(translation I could not believe I had to look for it again, after losing it about a month ago and finding it in Chicago)   I started retracing my steps. The gas station in town has new owners and I go there often to get a Jolly Rancher slush after the barn.  That’s how the gas station people know me.

Someone saw my wallet in the gas fill area, and turned it in to them.  THey said they only looked at my liscence and knew who I was.  When Fireman called them yesterday early, (because I was sleeping while I was concerned) they said, Oh yes they  had it.  Your wife is the slush lady, we know her.

By the time I got my arse out of bed, the wallet was next to my freshly made cuppa coffee in my kitcehn from Fireman!!!!! I was so happy!

I used a permanent marker to draw a halloween face on one pot  I used caulk to put ribbon on the other pot.  Let me just tell ya.  We had inches and inches of rain last night.  The pumpkin face stayed on the porous pot perfectly!!!!  So I dropped the flowers thank gifts to the gas station today..   The lil pot is echinacea . THe pumpkin pot is phlox.

I explained to the person at the desk, who I’ve never met until today …. what they were and why I brought them.  The can replant both and they will come back next year.  They need some flowers on their grassy sign area.  I hope  they like them. !!!  People are so good.

Bank, credit company, police all say to just watch for unusual activity. No need to do anything yet.  People can be great!!


I think I want to try this technique with the koigu I have left from my last shawlette in Paintbox mini shawls .  Is this difficult?  I like the look!

Still skirt knitting.  Getting close to another needles size change and the final stages! I love it.  I pray it fits AL!

More crazy storms expected tonight . Last night was electric, loud and the rain poured and poured.  We are expecting a repeat tonight.  THen nice sunny warm weekend 80 weather!  I love this.  THe hummingbirds are eating all the time!  The pollinators are dizzying to watch on the stone crop.  The windows are open and the breeze is awesome!

Hope you liked my disconnected post thoughts today!  Care to comment? I’ll be over to your blogs later today!


Honoring 9/11 and Good People


God Bless America.   We remember all those lost in the 9/11 attacks.  We remember those who helped, in any way.  There were so many beautiful and honorable ways that people, all over the World, offered.   The families of those killed are forever in our hearts and in our prayers.  Those who survived and had survivor guilt, we honor you , too.  Those who donated blood, and stood in long lines to do so.  Those who spearhead the medical coverage for the workers at the sites that became ill and are dying from their exposures. Those who won’t know their parents in this lifetime because they were killed just because they went to work on 9/11.  Those parents who buried their adult children, and younger.  The chaplain of the NEW York Firedepartment who died that day.  The dogs who worked with their handlers to search and locate the bodies.

The young men and women who fought the war with their own lives and risks by joining our military to fight the terrorists, are honored too.
As much as we complain about TSA and security and all the people who work daily to keep our airline passengers safe, they are to be respected and appreciated.

There are good people out there.  We certainly learned that Millions of people did wonderful things in the wake of the attacks .

God Bless All Peoples Who suffer from this event, to this day.  God Bless all who protect us.  God Bless the artists who honor the lost in the sculputres, the museums, and local Community Gathering Places.

9/11 brought me to knitting.  My neighbor Abby, suggested it because I couldn’t sleep.  This lead to my knitting obsession and ultimately the blog and all of you!!!

Great News


Karen’s cast is off ~!  She was amazing. I  never heard her complain once the initial pain wore off.  Wearing a cast on a arm/hand is really difficult to do.  Try using one hand for even a half an hour and you’ll be so happy you were given two of them.! She can knit again……Well, the doctor didn’t say that specifically, but I told her it was an oversight.


This darling face appeared on my Facebook thread.  I have always though that a dachshund golden would be an ideal mix.  Sigh.  No dogs per Fireman.  The cats are wonderful, you know that!  But I love this little face.  He’s probably taken already!


This was the sunset view in Bayfield one night.

There will be knitting in abundance today!  That’s the plan.  Off to paddle board on my quiet lake .


*The baby cardinals are fledglings and they are still expected to be fed.  They sit here and wait for momma or dad to feed them.  Aren’ t they beautiful? I’m thrilled we have had a season of bird babies.  The wrens, I believe, have had two broods.  The cardinals at least one.    My plan to put the seed out in the middle of the lawn, has I believe kept them safe from outdoor cats here.


*What am I growing here?  Does anyone recognize these leaves?  I know there are chives mixed in.  Hmmmm. Id love to know what this is since it is not going to bloom this year.  I started this pot from seeds whose labels I lost.

I was surprised to learn I grew red clover in the other pot.  I hear it is good for your garden.  I’m going to see if I can feed it to my favorite horse at the barn.

*I spent hours yesterday Editing photos for a gift book for my father.  I found his cabin in Wisconsin is still where he left it . My father loved that place he built.  I hope he likes the photos.  Many of  his original unique items are still part of the current owners’ home.   (Including the towel rack this is made up of deer hooves……I know…..)  The book came out really lovely .  Walgreens book on sale for 15.99 .

*Still knitting the skirt.  The Little Flirt Skirt . I have 3 more inches before I go down a needle size and start the hip tapering.  I’m using Kenzie by Hikoo, a merino, nylon, angora , alpaca and silk blend.  I love this skirt.  I got almost no knit time in yesterday what with all the photo editing and planning of the gift book…. but today I knit!

*Thanks to everyone who played Q and A!  So many commonalities from those of us who shared our thoughts.  Many of us are worriers.    If you usually skip reading all the comments, I’d say try to read some of them.  They were interesting and fun to read!!!


*Finally, on our trip to the Apostle Islands, our friend Larry showed us the site of his buddy’s burial.  His buddy was considered POWMIA for years and years.  Recently they recovered his jaw bone and dog tags.  A wonderful ceremony was held in Bayfield, involving the military, the community and many Vietnam Veterans.  This friend who lost his life in Vietnam, and his mother and father are the only people buried on this un inhabited island.  A lovely tribute.  A detailed memorial service.  We felt privileged to view the American Flag that marks this hero’s grave.

Have a wonderful Monday!



Q and A for a Saturday 9/19


*Do you think of yourself as a worrier or as risk averse? 

*Do others call you a worry wort? 


*Do you consider yourself brave in any particular circumstance?

*Aside 0-1.jpegThis yarn 1.99 on clearance in Bayfield.  How could i NOT?

*Do you fear: a)running out of yarn that is no longer available b)giving a gift and hearing it unraveled or c)having to confess how large your stash is

*Are you afraid of air travel? 

*Do you fear a hand injury ? 

*This one is quite personal, feel free to skip it: Did you ever fear you were pregnant? 

*Were you afraid of a something as a child?  (the dark, etc) 

*Do you fear having to get a shot? 

*Are you afraid of sharks, jellyfish or coral in the ocean? 

That’s it !  Have fun! My answers in the comments.!




Little Trip Getaway….I’m Baaaack!


I didn’t get to your blogs because we were away for 4 nights.  We went with our dear friends : sandy and larry, to Bayfield, Wisconsin to see the National Park Apostle Islands.  

On our way up, the road south was crammed, ON Labor Day, with those leaving summer and the northwoods behind.  We kept seeing bars at the roadside with people with blue shirts on and they waved and waved to us.  We could not figure this out.  There would certainly not be a parade on Highway interstate 51…….

When we got to Bayfield, Larry explained, that’s the local folks tradition, to say BYE!!!!  We get our town back now!  Have you ever? 


This beautiful functioning Light house is on one of the Apostle Islands. If you have never heard much about Lake Superior, I’ll give you some details.   The water is always cold.  Labor day water temp: 50 degrees.  Better not fall in because you will die of hypothermia in  minutes without a wet suit.  The weather is unpredictable and can turn in an instant.  The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald happened in this area.  

People who have never known the Great Lakes (Huron Ontario Michigan Erie and Superior) , imagine them as nice little lakes.   These Lakes are enormous, huge ships carry goods on these Lakes.   The are powerful bodies of fresh water.  Many good things happen on the lakes.  Many Sail Boat lovers handle the Lakes well, but with challenges.  Many people drown in the Great lakes for a variety of reasons.  One of the best movies that highlights this is : Ordinary People.  Starring Mary Tyler Moore.   It is magnificent and won many awards in the day. 




These folks are handling the Inland Seas well.  It was touch to capture this image.  The boat was rocking and my image finder was fighting the sun and I could pretty much only see my reflection, so I love that this one came out.  

DSCF1781.jpgMany many people see the amazing caves of the Apostle Islands by kayak or canoe. See how the splash is hitting in the left of this photo?   You can easily get knocked around, tipped over, or  hit your head hard on these cave walls.  People die every year thinking this is a little kayak trip.  If I were to do it, which I won’t, (way to risky for me and I’m risk averse ) I would have to have a dry suit on and a boat to let me off and on my kayak standing watch for me.  The water is 50 degrees as I said and that’s the warmest it gets.  

Still, our friends Larry and Sandy, gave us an amazing tour of the Apostle Islands from the security of a big boat with a large motor and a full tank of gas.  I took 3 dramamine that day and one the night before.  I did not want to get seasick or nauseous as is my tradition on a rollicking boat ride on the Great Lakes.  

You may have seen the ice caves that were created a few years ago due to many things happening weather wise.  People walk over a mile on the ice to see these caves when they are covered in ice .   No thanks.  Photos will do me! 

As always, the spectacular beauty of our National Parks never disappoints. I’m glad we got to see this unique geography. More on a wonderful event held on one of the islands for a Vietnam Veteran. DSCF1827.jpg

and a lot of skirt knitting got done!  


I’ll be catching up on your blogs today!  It was great to miss the news most of the week.  We were praying for all of you in the hurricane’s path.  Bless you all in the Bahamas.   Allison’s old pals at CHKD children’s hospital are riding it out in Virginia Beach/Norfolk area.  Nurses are required to stay and keep working during the storm.   Bless all of them!