Whoa……..that was close!


This hot air balloon came very close the the house last night. DSCF8833.jpg

This is how far away it was when we noticed it.  It went right over the house, and we thought it might hit the house…..yikes!!  It was fine and we were able to watch it sail so beautifully over the house on a gorgeous Summer day.   ( i guess i should say it floated not sailed…) If you want to see a video it is on Facebook.


This Toad entertained Beatles for a bit on the porch.  I think he was afraid of it, honestly.  Below is Zach’s great photo of the beautiful ugly one.   And, why yes, I am wearing gloves to hold him.   Salmonella and warts and all that…you know me!hornytoad.jpg

There was some knitting this weekend amid the balloons, toads and cleaning the house.   Yes, I had to clean all the wood floors.  When the humidity finally dropped, I took advantage of the dew point and washed all the wood floors. concertknitting.jpeg

And there was knitting.  We went to an outdoor concert (Dennis DeYoung and music of Styx) and I had to bring some knitting.  Good music.  The younger guitarists had a ton of energy and balanced the very gray Dennis.  Above is my go to sock in progress.  There was work , too, on my log cabin shawl, and now I’m thinking I want to change it to something else……..So we will say I practiced with the yarn.  It is lovely to knit with koigu.   Great spring to it.

I’m off to the barn!  Then friends are taking us on their boat this afternoon.  We live for this weather.  Haha Winter, we survived and I think we are thriving.  (Despite the rib injury that Fireman is still gingerly nursing)!


Brave Ones


To every brave soul who commented on estrangement yesterday, thank

you!   I thought it was just me.  I’ll pray for all of you as we  work our way

through the murky river of family pain.   All of your stories ring true with me.


It isn’t often I can get a multi cat photo.   The other night the 3 boys were all on the chair.   It is a rarity.  I wish It was a better photo.   They were all tired, I think, from Zach’s fun pal Steve being around.  He’s a big guy with a huge heart and a big voice and a big presence.   (the voice is happy and loud, but the cat’s don’t like it)

Im off to weed.  It is finally less humid and I even got on the porch last night! To knit!!!!! Oh and I use Miracle Grow….

yours truly,

kathy b




Letters Format


Dear Camera,

You sure make it look like we have a big television outdoors by the hot tub.   This illusion was unintentional.  I probably couldn’t replicate it if I tried.  The television was ON behind me as I shot the storm clouds through our big window.  So thanks for the fun Fuji.

Dear Blog Pals,

You can all come over to watch our outside TV in the delightful crisp days of fall if you wish.   Aint nobody wants to be out in Mosquitoville after all the rain we have had here. And dear pals, you may notice we have taken down the hammocks.  Yup.  Dear sweet Jen, friend of Allison and Zach, fell onto her tailbone when her hammock fell.   I sold the ENOhammock in 2 hours on Facebook marketplace.

Not only will I not have a hammock again, I certainly won’t be sleeping in the millennial fashion ,whereby six or so hammocks are stacked one above the other.   You really should look on  youtube and see how people get into these things without killing themselves.  Oh, and the nurse in me wants to know how one gets down to pee in the middle of the night with everyone else hanging below.  I know, I know, I’m not the chill type who can just take the leap on such sleeping arrangements….But I’ve lived enough to know to think about the little things before I leap into something trendy!


Dear Dee,

I believe you are on of Tank’s biggest fans.  He is only wheezing once a day now and is quite happy with Zach being around.  This ones for you.


Dear pals who have some family things going on that are painful,

I met my father last weekend for the first time in many years.  We have had a slow, start to repairing our relationship.   My father is a good man.  I am a good…well , GREAT daughter.  We hand some troubles as my mom’s dementia progressed.  There were angry words between he and I .  There was silence for a few years.  But, slowly, with the help of Zach, whether he admits or not, steps towards love and forgiveness have been taken. I must keep working on a new relationship with my dad.  I need to take it slow. But he was very happy to see us last weekend.  My Uncle Bill, accompanied him and Zach was taking this photo.   My father is almost 90.  My hope is his back feels better soon and he can golf again , because he loves the game.

So pals who have distance and hurt going on, I hear you and it is not easy.   It is horrible no matter how you got there.  I’m not telling anyone to contact anyone, or repair anything that appears to be broken.  For me, for now, I felt called to connect and my father felt called to see me in person.   Regina sits by my father in church every Sunday.  The same Regina who knits all charity items and went to get my wallet.  I know her prayers for my father and I were heartfelt and quiet.  So I had that going for me.

Wow, pals, that got deep fast!

Dear new knit project,

You are amazing.  I love knitting  your log cabin sections and I love changing colors and skeins with each step.  It really helps me to have all the colors picked out for me.   I ‘m dreadful with mixing colors!  I hope to knit quite a bit today!

I think I love you…..

hugs, Kathy b




Happy Fourth, and I have a long post!


Happy Fourth of July Weekend.  Hope yours is whatever you wish for.  I’m about to take a nap and then knit the rest of they day away.  Really. No interruptions.  I celebrate our family coming over from Ireland and Hungary today.  My grandparents became citizens of this amazing country.   I celebrate all that Mexico means to my son, today, too.

TOPIC 2: Wallet

I lost my wallet but let  a few days go by ; I thought it was probably in the house.  After a few days I decided I needed to go looking for it.   Things got desperate. I was in the stinky horrible garbage that had been in the garage getting really gross.  I nearly vomited.  I turned the house upside down.  I check pockets and you know, we all have done it.  Everyone helped.  Then I started calling the places I could remember going in the last few days.

Yesterday I made a call to a Barnaby’ Pizza in Northbrook.  My father and I met, after many years, ON Sunday at his request.  It went well.  I called Barnabys and they had my wallet!  JOY JOY JOY.  Who could I trust to go and get it and send it to me?
REGINA OF COURSE!  With one quick call she was all over it.  Regina , you are so dear to me!  I know she was very busy with company and she came through for me as if it was nothing.  l love her.  I was very happy to hear it was found.

SO the world is full of good people , still.  Someone turned in my wallet and took nothing from it.  I wish I knew who.  I’d love to thank them.

Topic #3

Poison Control.  This is becoming a habit.  Haha. Not really.  But Zach informed me yesterday, that he just ate some yogurt I had purchased that morning, and the expiration date was June 4th.  A month ago!  He said he thought it looked lumpy!  I called poison control. They are so nice!  The guy said since yogurt is already a spoiled product, it probably won’t hurt him.  He said to hydrate well, in the unlikely event he had stomach upset.

Then I called the Jewel Store where I purchased it. They, of course,  said they would pull from their shelves and refund the product and the money.  I said I rarely go to that area.  I asked, Could they donate something to their local food pantry collection instead ? The manager said, Sure!

Zach was fine. 🙂

Topic #4

My mystery flowers are going to be blooming soon. I think they are cosmos and Poppys!

I cannot wait to see!

Have a nice day.  Maybe take a lil nap?  

Successes and Fails, or Starts and Stops


I’ve started my log cabin shawl.  Ohhhh, it is so fun to change

colors with the Paintbox Koigu.  I hope to knit quite a bit more


I thought I’d give you a list of patterns that I have, mostly , in my Ravelry

collection.  These are patterns that I was originally crazy about, but the just didn’t speak to me, after I cast on!

0-4.jpeg(Zach’s rainbow capture yesterday)

Here we go:

Cuffed Dolman Shrug.  I think I got one sleeve done and realized, it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea.  It was too losey goose.

Stolen Moments by Amy Swenson

Reyna (Can I just say I loved everyone else’ s Reyna and wished I could stick

with it. ? ??)

The one row Handspun scarf.  That thing is gorgeous but I think even that simple lace got to me.  I may have to give it another go some day.

Numilntu Shawl: Oh how I wish I  could have made this.  I have several pages of notes on this, so I know I got aways into it.  I think I got tired of counting.

Mini Mania Scarf….such a cool pattern…sigh…..but we didn’t get along.

Axel pullover….I’m not crossing you off forever….

The Flame Out Shawl……Why did I think I’d want a shawl that would not be for

keeping me warm?  Too many dropped stitches incorporated.

and Sandy Beach failed to keep my interest too.

I know so many of you have done Find your Fade…..but it doesnt speak to me either.

Do you have a list of patterns that didn’t go you way?

Happy 4th of July Eve.  May your neighbors be kind and your pets be calm!



Where Have I Been?


How can it be July 2nd ?  I’m not ready.  The days are flying by.  I’m not exaggerating.  Before I know it , the clock says 9 pm and I haven’t knit a stitch yet.  I don’t know quite how to handle this because I can’t seem to find the time sucker…..

It could be that instead of enjoying knitting in the car, I’ve been the driver this week. That certainly takes a good percentage off my needle time.  With Fireman hurting his ribs, Zach and I have been doing the driving.   Also, the doctor appointments have been freakishly on time, and that has meant no waiting room knit time.  Please, stall folks, I’m beginning to get  goofy without my knitting time.

We are back in session at the barn, and I’m thrilled to be there, but again, it takes some chunks of time out of the day.


I could say that weeding is taking up time , too, and it is , but there are still countless weeds to pick .
There was a significant family event on Sunday, which I’ll blog about someday, and it went well but it also took up some of my time, because I was preparing for the meeting and consulting with other family members and friends .   This involved phone time and email writing time.

Oh my word. I sound like one of those people who say they can’t find time to knit.

I CAN!   I WILL. !  I MUST!  I have the best new yarn and pattern going!

I promise some knitting progress tomorrow.