A Ravioli Recipe


I was comforted by the fact that many of us are pushed into and out of weather moods.  I am determined to find a way around this.  Join me as I figure out a way to embrace this coming Winter weather.    Perhaps I’ll call this my Weather Buster moment here at Compassionknit.

No need for a weather buster today: it is gorgeous out.  70s and sunny and a touch of humidity.  I’ll be on the porch appreciating the goodness.  We slept with windows open wide last night.  Perfection.

I found Cat Borshi’s Socks Soar book yesterday on my shelf.   I’m knitting socks and she says , “Are you really going to walk all over your knitting by wearing it?”  I love this.   And yes I am.

Finally , I’ll share with you the dinner I made for friends this weekend.

Ravioli Toss

*purchase ravioli of your choice. I choose Fresh Sausage Ravioli

*2 packages of basil

*One jar of roasted red peppers

*Pinenuts ( I know they are crazy expensive but the make this meal I think)

*One jar of sun dried tomatoes


*Romano or parmesan cheese


I ribbon cut the basil and set aside.

I slice the roasted red peppers and set aside.

I warm a few sun dried tomatoes in the wok as set aside.

I brown a teaspoon of chopped garlic in the wok with a tablespoon of oil from the sundried tomato jar. Then I slowly brown the pine nuts and set aside.

I cook the ravioli in the boiling water as suggested for 4 minutes.  Then I transfer it to the  wok . Again, I will add a  teaspoon or so of the oil from the sun dried tomato jar, into the wok and I brown the ravioli.  I add the roasted red peppers carefully to the ravioli and try not to break the pasta.

I plate the ravioli and sprinkle it with basil, pine nuts and cheese.  I serve the sun dried tomatoes on the side.

I love the fresh basil taste.  Let me know if you try this Ravioli dinner and like it. 🙂



Monday Questions….


The Online Supersock knits up quickly.  It is bit thicker than fingering and I’m liking it very much.

*Something crazy got into me and I have decided to try after thought heels again.  I like how some people realize they are really, before thought heels, as you have to plan where your heel will be after you finish knitting the body and toe of the socks. Do you like after thought heels?

*The weather was gloomy for the last many days and boy, I let it get to me.  I really do not like when the weather wins.  Do you let the weather win?

*Do you plan your television time?  Or do you just turn it on and look for something that interests You?  I’m a planner, Fireman is not so much.

*You know that robotic vacuum that I swore we didnt’ need?  Well , I love it.  Has a purchase surprised you of late?

*Are you holiday knitting? I am , surprisingly not.  Well, I may knit a few more hat ornaments……but no pressure there.

*A friend gave me mini pom seeds last fall to plant.  They came up by the dozens and  have bloomed since July.  Today I dug up two plants to give to someone else.  Did you share any plants this yea?

That’s all !  Just 6 questions. I’m up early to go help at Barn classes , and my brain is still half asleep…….So answer if you wish!!!

What’s your secret?

Here are my new choices.  Not cheap.  I was kind of sticker shocked when I was asked for 50 dollars.  However, these two sock skeins should keep me busy for a few weeks.  I had campfire and October glow in my mind when I chose them.  Both are 75/25 merino wool/poly.  Both have a little heft to them.


This is my current WIP, on size one’s.  They are coming along nicely, but dear Birds of Feather Yarn, I am finding you fiddly.  My new yarns, the On line and the 6 ply Indulgence will be knitted on size 3s I think.   The colors should amuse me as I go along.

Friends are coming for dinner tomorrow and for some reason they don’t think I cook.  How can it be that for years (and I mean years) when we’ve had them over I’ve either ordered a pizza or carry out of some kind, or had Fireman grill.   Well, I do cook and I am making them a pasta dish.

I’m always amazed when I hear someone say, “I don’t cook.”  What?  How does one manage that?  Please tell me.  Does a little fairy come to your kitchen and make you delicious meals?  Do neighbors just drop off meatloaf and casseroles to keep you sustained?  Does your partner grab the pans out of your hands and insist on cooking?  This all sounds very appealing to me.  I must be missing something here……

Have a great weekend, whether you cook or not!


Do you have a favorite sock yarn?


There is always something to do in the woods and in the yard.  I love this oak tree.  0-1.jpeg

I almost forgot to look up and see that amazing sky view.  Then I realized, I had to take a photo for you.  So here you go.

I’ve been knitting on some socks slowly.  I’m tempted to get to my closest yarn shoppe, this weekend and buy some sock yarn.  Can I tell you what I won’t buy?

*Mini skeins.  They are oh so pretty but I like my socks to be one continuous thread from cuff to toe.

*Gradient yarn.  I think gradients suit me well for a shawl, but not much else.

*Zuberball.  Tried it and just not a fan.  It is too much like string for me.

*I’m steering clear of superfine sockweight. I’ve got a few of those in the stash already staring at me.  I’ve got one on the needles right now.

*I won’t pick Noro for socks.

Gheesh!  What do I like?

I’ll be on the lookout for:  Socks That Rock, Local dyed yarn, Sweet Georgia, and Lorna’s laces.

What’s your favorite sock yarn?




Mittens finished. Pattern: Mittens on Straight Needles, by Viola Soffe.

Yesterday was so warm and wonderful.  We went to visit Zach and we left our car windows open much of the way home.  I wanted to savor every moment of the warmth. I’m feeling a bit panicked that the weather is changing.

I think I need to get out and walk no matter what the temperature is.  I think a walk around part of the lake would do me some good, today.  I’m going to focus on 3 positive things today.

*I have socks on the needles and they are a go to for me.  Knitting socks is calming to me.

*I have a goal to find a new walking route.  I don’t have a dog to walk, but I feel the need to walk more .   Just to clear my head. Now that paddle board season is over, I may  go back to walking.

*Tomorrow is my hearing aide consult.  I feel too young to be needing the hearing aides, but I should be grateful that I’ll be able to improve my hearing.  Right?

Any positives you’ d like to share?





Somewhere the Sun is Shining…


Baseball warning:  It was not for the faint of heart.  It required loyal intense fans.  The Cubs lost in a play off game and our season is Ovah! The game went long into extra innings.  Our family texted each other throughout the highs and lows,  as is our tradition.  Raggedy Ann became Rally Ann, to no avail.  Fezzik found her very interesting.  At one point he pulled her off the hearth by the leg. 

My love for the game runs deep.  We will be rooting for the Brewers now. And,  not in a painful way, because Cubs do have a World Series under their belt. 0.jpeg

As a result of the game, I had to rip out several rows on my mitten.  I began the decreases too soon and neglected to compare Mitten 2 to Mitten 1.  These are going to be awesome mittens.   I love this alpaca blend yarn.  It is soothing and soft, and just what I needed, last night during the game.  So what if I have to knit it over, this means I get to touch it more. 

Somewhere the sun is shining as the poem goes (Casey at the Bat) , oh and it is shining right here on my porch. Happy Wednesday. 

Pretty and Functional or #bohobandeau


I know most of us are limiting social media.  I like Instagram because I get quick inspiration.  I control what I want to view. (at least I think so)  (with the exception of a national Geographic post that is included somehow) I follow the Yarnit and she posted this gorgeous grouping on Instagram. 

I also follow Nathan_thebeachcat.  He’s a swimming black cat that plays on the beach and in the water……..


My pal Kristina, sent me some goodies yesterday.  The purple Boho Band is amazingly soft.  It is so light and lovely.  It made me feel like it is the ultimate cowl.  But that just can’t be.  Those of us who are knitting cowls are creating furiously warm garments.  

We can’t expect the soft and lovely little purple cowl  to shield us from the wild winter winds of Wisconsin.  But, for now, I love wearing it around my neck.  Which is saying a lot.  I am intensely sensitive around my neck.   Even acrylics can be harsh to wear.  

As for wearing it around my chest, as shown in the diagram, that’s just not happening. (I laughed at the sketch)  I won’t even attempt it!  Or maybe I should…I’ve yet to find a bra that is perfect and comfortable…..