Q and A

1-do you like to go in guided tours or go it alone?

2- when u go to a yarn shop do you  look at all the yarns ?

3- when was the last time you swam in a pool?

4- whats your favorite college or universiity team to folkow?

5- what radio station is your car set to?


my answers:

i love a good guided tour.  We just went to the national weather center in norman oklahoma for a great tour

2- i go directly to the sale yarns

3- i swam yesterday.  It was so wonderful.  Almost 100 degrees out so the pool felt so refreshing!

4-als an oklahoma sooner now so i will follow them!

5-my car is set to 96.1 the Lake

happy quick q. And a!


The Answer my Friend is Growin in the Wind…..


This plant was one that my friend Regina gave me last fall. It was very short and had no flowers at the time. She promised me if I put it in the ground last fall it would come back tall this year.  Regina, so smart!  She was right. I hope the bees are loving these.  I may pick some and bring them inside.  Wouldnt’ that be lovely?
I wish we could put yarn bits in the ground and see if they came up in the spring and grew into skeins.  That would be so fun.

What yarn would you try to grow?  I think I’d try for a 80 20 blend of wool and acrylic in sockweight.



Spin Plans and Perfect Light

dollarsunlitghtnumber tw0

Right place, right time.  I was thrilled with this photo of Dollar.  What’s with me and these horses anyhow?  I cannot wait for my wild apples to be ready to pick for the horses.  I LOVE to give them treats.  I love the smell of the hay in the barn.  I love to pick the horses hooves.  I love to turn them out to pasture.  I love to photograph them.  I love to watch them go into WORK mode when their student rider gets in the saddle.

If I had the room I’d have two shetland ponies.  Just to groom and give treats to, and pick their hooves.  I’d make them go to nursing homes too.  And while we are at it, I think the next dog breed I’d want is a Bernese Mountain dog.   They are such lazy dogs.  Or maybe a whippet.  They look like deer to me.  Oh and the next maine coon will be a black beauty.

The next yarny adventure for me is to learn to spin.  I have a store very nearby that will teach me.  I dont want a wheel. I want the little bowl you put the spindle in while you spin.  I hope to learn by November.  For when the weather turns.

I’ve thought this before and backed down.  This time…I think I’m going to really do it.





Goals for This Weekend


1. I need to take these gorgeous nearly one foot long feathers and get them cat ready.  Translation: put them in a big plastic bag and sit them in the 90 degree sun so any mites will burn off, I hope. Or I could let them sit in a hot car right?   Then they will be ready for the cats to play with them. With supervision.  Do you give your cats feathers?

(Zach and I found the feathers while photographing headstones in a local cool old cemetery) 

2. Keep the tiny knits going.  Keep the shoulder healing.

3. Only put my backpack/purse on my left shoulder. This takes lots of concentration.

4. Refrain from giving any advice. To anyone.  Ha!  Bet that won’t last long.

5. Don’t do any laundry.  Don’t cook any meals.  Listen more than talk.

I’ll check in with you later.  Let’s see how I do.


Friday Rambling On…

Well, good Friday to y’all.  Seems we’ve had a week of non-stop non-stop around here.  Some of it is emotional non stop…….some of it is physical.  Either way, today’s a day of quiet, rest, knitting and telling myself nothing HAS to get done.

One day this week I made about a dozen phone calls to companies, doctor offices, charities and friends.  I sit on speaker phone while I am on hold . Do you go to speaker while you wait? I think those calls took up my whole morning and part of my afternoon.  What would Edith Ann think of a cell phone?  (one buzzy vibration , two buzzy vibration)


My desert bloom is in full swing. First blossom opened yesterday. I overwinter this big bulb like tree thing every winter.  I think I’ll move it to nearer the hummingbird feeder.  Seems a perfect hummy nectar flower to me.


And we had baby bees hatch this week!  See the top two rows towards the right side? You see the paste with a hole in it . That means the mason bee hatched!  Hooray hooray.  I had no morning sickness, no labor pains and no weight gain during the birth process. Go little bees, go.  Go pollinate and thrive!!


What about the knitting?  Well, this is Santo, a volunteer with our mini ponies at the Barn.  They are small but powerful when they around grass.  They live in a dry lot without grasses and  when they see grass or weeds they will pull you like crazy to get to it.  

I love these ponies.  However, Brenda was fighting me the other day and my right shoulder is very sore.  So I am teeny tiny knitting for this week.

Teeny tiny means: Fingering weight only. on tiny size needles only.

And Icy hot spray helps my should quite a bit! 

I’m planning a contest soon.  Stay tuned.  It may have to do with Oklahoma in some way!  It will be knit themed of course!  Happy Friday .

Summery Things


Why Hello!  This lil ol cosmos bloom is one of dozens that bloom each day.

Have I already bragged that I have good luck with cosmos?  Have I told you that I very carefully buy a 99 cent package of seeds from just anywhere and toss them in the poorest sunny soil I can find?  Have I told you they LOVE to grow and bloom for me?  They do.  I dont know if Id’ say I have a green thumb.  Does one success year after year equate to a green thumb?


Have I shown you my new favorite barn photo?  Oh the light was amazing yesterday afternoon in the barn.   This lovely nosey pants was looking to play with someone.  No one was around so he took his fly mask off and started nibbling on his halter that was outside his stall.

Speaking of things animals get into…..I came home two days ago to find Miss Pie freaking out all over the house with a plastic bag stuck on her head. I lost at least 3 of my 9 lives.  I had to talk really sweet and slow, but she’d scramble when I got close.  Finally her back paw caught the damn thing and it came off.  I take responsibility for this…….She loves baked goods and I know it. I should never have left cookie crumbs in a bag on the kitchen counter right?  I know must be the plastic police, too.

Oh, wait this is a knit blog!  I’m planning my next knit up.  I am nearly done  with my cowl, as in , I’m ready to be done with it and it is almost the size I want.  I’m thinking i”ll make some more of those lil Christmas tree ornaments that are sweaters.  I have plenty of yarn.  My arms are sore from the barn work this week.  I need another tiny needle project.

Cause you know, Christmas is coming!  (I’m so not done with Summer yet . SO NOT DONE I have so much to do.  Paddleboarding, bringing apples to the barn from my wild trees, Growing my lil trees before the soil freezes, more porch sits, Corn on the cob from Wisconsin because we are in the Corn belt, grooming Sharon the horses long Friesian Mane into a braid, 100 more sleeps with the windows open, having my fun neighbors over for a porch sit and some libations, watching the persiod meteor shower, HAVING my BIRTHDAY which I love, and on and on and on….

What summery things do you still want to do?  THere’s Time!!!! There’s time. Id’ say we are in the 6th inning, and we  may go to extra innings if we are lucky!




*I am able to view much more of the sky here in Wisconsin.  Last night I looked at these clouds and just smiled.  They were taken with the iphone;  these images are pretty good!

*Okay, so I don’t have any real progress to show you on my little knit up that I think will be a cowl afterall! I am enjoying the koigu and tiny needle work .  My shoulders are sore; and Im blaming the barn work.  So tiny light work is very manageable right now.

Product preferences is my topic today:

*Zach got new ADIDAS tennis shoes.  He likes them because they are very light with a modern design.  (AJ he runs in New Balance because they are minimal and light weight, built for toe striking)

*We love our GO PLUS inflatable paddle boards.  They are such easy fun on the water! 15 pounds light and even I can carry them without any discomfort.

*Al told me to check out the bra sale on aerie’s sight.  They use models who are all sizes, some models use braces to walk, some have Down’s Syndrome, one even has a colostomy bag.   I love a company that looks for real people for their models.  I bought a bra!  Free Shipping and returns.

*We bought 4 new tires for the truck…….on Amazon.  Seriously.  It was much less costly than the service station estimate.  They did not mind that we bought the tires and had them do the install!

*Our Starbucks has nitro coffee now.  It is a cold brew that is very creamy tasting although there is no cream in it!!!! have you tried NITRO coffee?

*I’m using a purple shampoo and conditioner because I highlighted my own hair a month ago.  The purple was a tip from a friend who is a stylist and says it takes the brassiness out of it.

*Finally my last product like for you today is: knit related.  I love the FIX A STITCH hook that was gifted me. I can pick up stockinette so quickly and correctly with  it!

Any good products you want to share with us?   🙂 Thanks