A Good Visit

unnamedSo here I was  in the  Oklahoma City yarn shop.  Gourmet Yarn is a big store.  I bought a pattern there.   I promised to just run in.  Suffice to say I didn’t see half the yarn in this place.   This is a big shoppe. ….  a big big shoppe.   

I purchased this pattern: Take Me to Spain, by Drops Design.  Its a asymmetric vest. Later, I read the pattern carefully and it said,  “there are 14 related videos to this pattern” What?  I don’t want a class, I want a pattern.  It’s going in that binder where I keep patterns that I may or may not ever knit.  


I had a wonderful chat with my Aunt yesterday.  She is like a sister to my mom.  It just lifted me up to talk to her.  She visits mom and she knows her so well.  Then Fireman and I went to visit Mom.  She was in a good good mood.  She laughed.  She cuddled her baby doll.  We talked about the baby.  (her doll)  

Maria Shriver wrote about her mom’s babydoll dementia days.  Some people don’t react or relate to the baby doll but some do. My mom loves babies and always has.  Nothing made her happier than having her own babies, fostering newborns, knowing someone was having  a baby.  So it makes sense that it  makes my mom happy to cuddle the baby doll. 

When I left mom last night, she was happy to be babysitting for me. She cradled the doll and we hushed quietly so that the baby would sleep while I was gone.  I assured her I left a bottle in the fridge if she needed it.  

For all of you who pray and wish and think of me and my mom during this time, THANK YOU.  I needed a good visit.


OK! Okay. O.k. Monday Q and A

unnamed-5Something new from Noro seen In Oklahoma.  I didn’t even ask….I think someone told me it is roving. There are ten questions today. Play along if you wish!  I love to read your answers.

*Ever had a fruit bearing bush or tree?

(We have some apple trees in our woods.  I read they are wonderful for deer, squirrel and the like.  I’m on a mission to nurse those few apple trees along.  Tips?)

*Would you rather do the HARD part of your knitting early in the project phase or late?

(Well, I say early on…then knit like the Spring Midwest Winds.  Too bad I can’t do the finishing work first….but then it wouldn’t be finishing would it.?  It would be starting. Hey, that is  basically top down raglan sweater construction right?)

*Is there something your parents let you “quit” as a child?  How did that work out for you?

(You could quit something in our house, but my father would brand you a quitter.  My mom would say, Oh that’s okay.  I quit sewing after one summer attempt.  It left me something to try later in life if I want. )

*Have you ever square danced?

(oh yes.  Nothing on a professional or regular level, but we had a few square dances in highschool and if the caller was good it was very fun)

*Do you have something that only needs buttons to call it finished?

(yes a cute baby pullover in brown, that I made years ago.)

*Woody Allen.  yes or no?

(I’ve never seen a movie of his.  I think I want to see Annie Hall)


*Adorable Beret in OK yarn shop.  I think I’ll try to find the pattern.  Do you prefer a beret, a slouch hat, a stocking cap or a roll brim?   You can only pick one. 🙂

*Do you follow the stars in the sky seasonally?
(Yup.  I am thrilled to see ORION Moving out and away.  It means spring will come)

*Breakfast wouldn’t be breakfast without:


*It’s Al’s 29th Birthday.  What wisdom do you have for a woman in her final year of her 20s?

(Run that race you want to run.  10K, 5K, whatever.   Running seems to get harder in this family, with each passing year.  )


Drop-Shoulder Tee Done!


I am very happy with this knit.  Thanks for joining me on the journey.  Specs:

Doreen Marquart’s Drop-Shoulder Tee pattern from the book, saturday style

published by Martingale.

Knit in Queensland Collection United cotton/lambswool blend.
Knit in about 2 weeks, with a long car trip involved in the equation.

I need to block it.  I hope to wear it often.  The pattern is a huge part of the process for me and this one is spot on.

By the way, we have some snow .  Just a covering. The woman at the post office said yesterday : once you see your spring robin, you have three more snows for the season.  It is an old farmers almanac observation.

I say, once you start your lighter summer knitting, Spring has to come.

Hope to Finish Friday!

Can we call this finishing Friday or will it jinx me?  I’ve never been good at finishing.  (Really?  That’s why I knit so many socks) 

I went really slowly last night, and had a glass of Skinny Girl (margerita) and took some deep breaths.  Usually knitting soothes me, but finishing makes me hold my breath.  I can ruin weeks of knit love with a bad finish.  And I have. 

The shoulders were a three needle bind off.  No problem.

The sides were a slip stitch crochet join.  Thank you Darlene Marquart for a straight forward easy easy pattern to knit.   Drop-Shoulder Tee.  

Today I do the sleeve bands and the neck band.  Tips for me?  Oh and I’ll do them in Purple which was not my original plan.  

I’m not giving failure any power!  

More of Al’s current Knits

dscf0286-1More of Al’s knitting for your pleasure.  This is her Beatrice Cardigan.  (From Maddermade.com patterns)  It looks too easy to be an Al sweater, but the interesting part is coming.  Obviously she’s using EXTRA yarn.  Next: dscf0330We had fun looking at her stash and patterns.  She actually has a very small stash.  She will make these mittens with the tanis fiber arts kit.  She says the inside will be the pop of light green.   But for now, she’s finishing her other complex cabled yellow cardigan.  

We had this glorious 70 degree day yesterday.  I know the weather is all over the place for us all right?  I have to say it was a tonic for me.  Just being on my porch with the cats again and driving with the windows down = piece of heaven.  Now back to real winter.  

One more thing for today: we had the windows open late and we heard the foxes yapping and calling.  This morning we saw the BIG male run right past our kitchen windows next to the house.  I am so hoping to see baby fox soon.  

How are you holding up now that it is nearly March?  Cabin fever?  Spring Fever?

Oklahoma, OK?


Let’s start with Al .  We are just home from driving to see her in Oklahoma.  Is there anything better than being with your grown kids?   We got to two knit shops over the long weekend.  We celebrated Al’s birthday a week early, complete with buying her buttons and yarn.  dscf0325She chose Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play yarn for her intended shawl. I think the colorway is called Train Case?  It is nylon and viscose, 400 yards for 28 dollars.  The shop(SWAK)  said they can barely keep it stocked because it is so popular.  Al’s forcing herself to finish her gorgeous yellow sweater before she starts this baby.  I’m helping her by making her track her progress on the finish.  She reported, last night via text, “I made myself do 10 rows of the yellow sleeve”  


This is Michael an Oklahoma Bartender holding my knitting.  He was happy to oblige but it was clear he had never held yarn or needles before.  Poor guy, what one won’t do for a good tip nowadays.   Now Beer, he knew a lot about.  To summarize the food part, because I have to , I just do……here goes

*Best steak of my life, and I’m 56 now, at Cattleman’s .  Cattleman’s is an Oklahoma City Stockyards area diner.   I was always so proud of our fancy Chicago steaks….HA! Oklahoma has us beat hands and cowboys hats down!
This is a weird thought, but then if you read this blog for any time you know, I share a lot…

Could the steak be amazing because it is freshly processed?  I saw many little young mavericks winking their eyes at me from a  loaded truck passing me on the interstate…and I felt awful about it.   Not so awful that I didnt order a petite filet a day later.  and savor. every. bite.

*Amazing Pies.  I allowed myself one to two bites of a shared slice with Al, Nathan and Fireman.  Pie Junkie’s chocolate peanut butter was as close to perfection as dessert can be for me.

*Al’s pavlova .  She on the spur of the moment, decided to bake for us.  So so good. I’ll always think of her baking it whenever I have it again.

OH Sorry, this is not a food blog.  I have more Oklahoma to tell you about, later.

But one more quick thing.  I slipped getting out of the shower at the Hilton Garden Inn in Missouri.  I was not hurt, but shook up.  I was worried about my tailbone after last summer’s fracture.  I called the desk, told them and asked for a rubber mat.  They had none.  They were very nice and gave us free breakfast.  When I did the online survey the manager got back to me and insisted they refund my night’s stay.  I think fall risks are serious, and wrote in my review that I think they should make some changes. So, thank you my guardian angel,  for protecting my rear end!

dscf0367From the car, we were treated to this amazing sunset as we neared home last night.  I felt like it was God’s way of saying, “I’m here. Your kids may be miles away but you have the gift of their love each and every day. ”  For that I am so grateful, and fighting back tears again. 


unnamed-3Ohhhhh I found a felted bangle for sale.  I have to find the pattern for it now.  It was for sale and I wanted it for 5 bucks.  Now, I want to add it to my list of things to make.   I’m not usually an orange girl, but this thing just drew me to it like the uncanny warmth of the February sunshine lately. 

I am working away on my summer top.  I’m still really enjoying the ease of the ribbing and I’m picturing it ready to assemble soon. 

Have to tell you we watched FOR GRACE, the Movie.  It is a documentary that you  can get on Amazon for a few bucks.  The Director is a friend of Zach’s. ( Mark Helenowski grew up and took the same bus as Zach. )   It is a movie about a now famous chef who starts his own place in Chicago.   It is interesting and I’d recommend it.  While I am not one to pay huge prices when we eat out,  and am a bit put off by it, I still was drawn to the movie and I learned from it.

Have you seen any documentaries  recently that you would suggest I knit to? 🙂 thanks