Thursday Finish and Perhaps, Too Much Information?

I Decided to make another leaf bookmark. I’m done for awhile now. Fireman laughed at me, because I used 14 pennies and moved them from one plate to another to keep count of my rows. Hey it worked! He actually said, “hey you are doing another complicated knit, why?” I dunno. I like the ideaContinue reading “Thursday Finish and Perhaps, Too Much Information?”

Tank is happy to model my knit progress from the weekend. Looks like I got about 2o rows lined up nicely and am finally feeling the pattern groove . City Katie, as she is fondly known at the Barn, and her esposo above, Rick, took me out to dinner on Saturday night. City Katie startedContinue reading

Miss Pie’s loving her blanket. I made it out of acrylic when we drove around Yosemite National Park. Some National Parks require a lot of driving as they are beautiful sprawling places of nature. Zion in Utah, involved almost no driving. So a lot less knitting happened on that trip! It is a sturdy comfyContinue reading