Merry Little Christmas to ALL

Oh Yeah!  I’m wearing the Christmas socks!  I waited until today. We really are drinking a red wine called Crapula.   Because Fireman thought it was funny and hey, it is good. Santa was more than good to this crowd.  Cub World Series gifts..oh yeah!  We are still living it !   As a matterContinue reading “Merry Little Christmas to ALL”

The Christmas Knit Rush is Through

I’m off to the post office in a few.  Finished the socks for Uncle Billy last night.  No  time to wash and block.   He’s a very fun Uncle and Great Uncle to my kids. He never married and has been an ordinary man his whole life.  He tells great family stories.  I feel likeContinue reading “The Christmas Knit Rush is Through”

Monday Q and A Dec 19th!

This beauty was sighted in a driveway in Williams Bay.   So…today is Monday q and a.  I compiled a list of all the questions this year and today’s list makes 469 questions.  Without checking back, I managed to only repeat 2 questions a few times.  It has been fun.  SO without further adieu, Please joinContinue reading “Monday Q and A Dec 19th!”