Because Blog Pals Know How to Social Distance

We blog folk who knit and crochet, are usually distanced. Is that why our blogs are such a comfortable place for me right now? IT is one thing that hasn’t changed in our 2020. I Love that Deb (araignee) compared her daughter’s kittens sutures to my son’s kitten’s sutures . They found an infection afterContinue reading “Because Blog Pals Know How to Social Distance”

A Short Q and A on a Friday in May

Very proud momma, here. Zach created the logo for his friends’ cafe. I’m proud. Mother D in art here……..he didn’t get it from me. Can you see the panther? What was your last bump in the road? Here’s few or our bumps. They are bumps. Not potholes. (lol) *Ordered a coat for Fireman’s birthday .Continue reading “A Short Q and A on a Friday in May”