Saturday Sock Finish..and



Finished the INDULGENCE 6 ply socks last night. !  As per my usual, I cheat and the toes are done by three needle bind off.   I turn the sock inside out and work  the stitches.  I’m very happy with this pair of socks. They are so soft, thick and will be a delight to wear.  I’ll buy this yarn again.  I could see it making a really cute stocking cap.  


I’ve totally changed my mind and have cast on a cowl with the gorgeous Ol’Yeller yarn Bridget gifted me.  This is a first for me. I’m knitting with a dog hair blend!  A samoyed.  It has a lovely halo.  I could spin Fezziks’ hair I bet.  Put that on my list okay? 


unnamed-4.jpgFezzik is fetching a milk carton ring, by the way.   They are his favorite toys.  He actually runs when he hears me open a jug of water or milk.  

Travel story aside ……

We had dinner with friends last night.  They told us a story of a flight they were on a few years back.  John, a firefighter Paramedic who worked with Fireman, assisted the flight attendants when a passenger collapsed.  Gheesh.  They were flying to Mexico and about to leave US airspace.  The person who had collapsed, seemed to have fainted.  She came to quickly and it turned out she was a dehydrated athlete.

John said the flight attendants gave him  the phone to speak to the pilot.  The pilot said if they needed to start an IV then they would land the plane at the nearest airport.  John felt pretty confident that since she was drinking water by then, she would be fine.  He kept his eye on her the whole flight, and all went well.  The whole plane full of vacationers was pretty happy not to be delayed. 

I would have said, Land the plane if the pilot left it up to me!  Do you have a plane story?  ONLY good ones please!  



Beautiful Things


*Beautiful things number one: 

These plates were for sale in a shop in New Glarus Wisconsin.  The tiny bowls below these plates would make perfect bowls  for supported spinning.  I had no idea I’d see that type of bowl  at the next store we went into (where I told you that lovely woman was showing me how she  spins.  I’m a sucker for blue and I loved the dishware.  The shop tender said it was all made In Poland.  “Dishwasher ,microwave safe, and cleans up beautifully”

Beautiful things number two: 

Tea pots, same shop.


Beautiful things number three: unnamed-4.jpg

My socks are at the gusset decreases.  I want to finish them today so I can cast on anew.  I like the warm, fun colors. In the name of quantity, I can’t make them match line by line without running out of the yarn.

Beautiful thing number four is a maybe , (high probability)

Last night fireman told me to put on my coat and come outside.  He was pretty sure he was seeing the Northern Lights.  We watched, we weren’t certain.  The fingers that moved across the sky were very quick and white wisps. They were not clouds. There was definitely times when I was certain it was them.  Then I’d look very hard and try to see them.  We went outside a few times and we watched inside once too.

They were not obvious by any means.  We had heard we had a little chance to see them after a sun storm earlier in the week.

So I did what I do: I emailed WTM4’s weather team and asked if we may be seeing them.  “Josh” replied to me this morning:

Good morning Kathy!

I would say that’s a very good possibility and probably likely what you saw. The best viewing conditions were across the UP and northern Minnesota last night, but a faint sighting was certainly possible down here, especially if you were away from the city lights!

– Josh


I’m calling it a very beautiful thing.  I’m calling it a sign from my Irish mom who I’ve been missing terribly with St. Pat’s coming.  Love you mom, I know you are with us!  That’s a beautiful thing. 

That Reminds Me….


Since I don’t have any finished socks to show you,  I will show you an adorable blue eyed baby with a Noble Knits Mouse Free hat pattern offer.  Now that’s pretty cute.  It says it is knit in Dk.  I do wonder how those little garter brims work out.  They wouldn’t have much stretch would they?  Then again, they might stay on very well!  Until the baby pulls the hat off.   I thought of how I trained Al early to wear all kinds of hats and bonnets and bows.  She had  head full of hair as a newborn.  


And this pattern showed up in an ad recently.  I thought of Mr. Rogers.  


We helped put thousands of items out on tables for the upcoming Barn Sale yesterday.  I thought of KIM! (handeyecrafts) when I saw these used boots. 

Has anything reminded you of someone lately?    

I’ll be knitting on my long leg socks today.   Hopefully, I’ll have a finish for you soon.  


Sit, Knit, Sit, Knit, repeat


Fireman needed to get out of the house yesterday.  Winter is making lots of people have a little cabin fever.  In the grand scheme of things, this too shall pass.  So he offered to take me to a yarn/coffee shop over an hour away.  I love this guy.  I said , “yes!” 

This was my sock yarn purchase.  (named FUNFETTI!) Yup them’s sparkles. And it is washable wool! !WHEEEE.  If that doesn’t brighten a cloudy , cold March day, I’m not sure what will.   True to my strict knit nature, I’ll not start the socks until my current WIP is finished.  This skein was 30 dollars.  That’s a lot of money isn’t it?  


When I walked in, this lovely lady took off her headphones ,when I glanced at her spinning,  and began to talk to me.   She was so excited about what she was doing.

She’s using a SUPPORTED spindle.  I need all the support I can get!  She learned to spin while in New Zealand on a trip.  See how the spindle sits in the little bowl on her lap?  This type of spinning looked easy.  (haha.  I know it would take me a class or two or three)  

Spinning is on my list.   PERHAPS, I’ll take a class someday.  I’m not ready yet. This lovely woman likes the spindles from SPANISH PEACOCK, in Maryland.  They have a lovely website.  

Watching her spin was a treat.  She made it look easy.  For now, I’ll knit, and sit, and think about spinning some day.

And who are we kidding?  It would be a great excuse to have a pair of angora rabbits. only live once.  And Spring, and rabbits and all that….

So that’s on the someday list! 




For Old Time Sake: Q and A


Sock start!  This is one skein of 6 ply Indulgence.  I’m going to try to make this pair long in the cuff/leg portion.  I usually cheat on that part.  I think I have plenty of yarn for this long pair.

Let’s have a few questions for old time sake,  okay?

*When was the last time you went to a yarn shop that was new to you?

*Is there a show you can watch over and over?

*Do you have a cure for canker sores?

*When was the last time you forced yourself to get out and walk/run etc when you really didn’t want to?

*If you could sit on your couch and knit with anyone today or a few folks, who would they be?

*If you could have one plant/flower/tree flourish this Spring/Summer what would it be?

*When was the last time your wore sandals?

That’s it!

My answers are in the comments.  I hope you have a great Monday!

It has been awhile since I looked for a new yarn shop.  That may be about to change. There are two shops that are about an hours drive from here, and the weather is gloomy today……..Fireman offered to take me for a drive.  So…… can I say no?

I can watch Modern Family over and over.  It makes me laugh.  It is tender and sweet while hysterically funny, too. I love to laugh.

I wish we had a cure for canker sores!  UGh.  3 of my family are prone to them and nothing seems to help.  Any  ideas?

I forced myself to get out and walk for an hour yesterday.  I don’t know if I can explain how March is around here.  It is not pretty, it is leafless and it feels like you would love to just go back to bed.  However, a good brisk walk at least made me feel like I was sticking my tongue out at March!

Well, I always love to sit and knit with Allison. I think, though that I’d love to knit with Karen by pal from Glenview and Leslie from Glenview too.

I’d love our evergreens, that we planted 1 and a half years ago to grow a bit and fill in an empty spot.  I’d love the rose bush my aunt gave me after my mom died, to come back and flourish.  I’d love the seeds my friend Regina gave me to sprout and grow in fabulous bunches.!  I’ m not asking for much right?

I haven’t worn sandals in MONTHS. I cannot wait for the weather to change and to be able to slip into summer sandals.  First, I’ll need a pedicure that ‘s for sure!  For now, warm wooly socks and clogs are still my pals.



Socks and Nurses

On the knit front, I’ve cast on a pair of socks.  Yesterday  went like this:

Shawl? try it. Shawl? not sure. Shawl? not liking it.  Wait!  I have a skein of sock yarn I’ve been waiting to cast on.  Deep breath…..sock zen.  

On a far different note, Al sent me an article this morning.

I don’t agree with many things in my church, but  there are some good things.   Pope Francis, on March 3rd of this week, thanked the nurse who he felt saved his life when he was 20 years old.  In an article from by Angelina Gibson he was quoted as thanking thousands of nurses who are members of Italy’s National Association of Nursing Professionals. 

You can look up the article if you want, but he called the nursing profession “a real mission,” and referred to nurses as “experts in humanity.” 

Some days I think I should write a book about my nursing career, but I am sure it has already been done.  Suffice to say, I’m in awe of nurses.  The two pictured below, My Al and her dear friend Allen are amazing nurses. They went to school together.  They worked together and now many miles apart, they remain great friends.  Nurse friends get you through those tough, sad, impossible shifts. 

Even though I retired a few years ago, those nursing traits are with me.  I think on Saturday nights, of all the challenges that we went through every single shift. (I worked Saturday and Sunday night shifts in my last years in NICU)  My friend Helen, a nurse mentor, says, “you get your masters degree in life in this job” .   

I’m sure as a person who has a different threshold for anxiety, the job may not have been ideal for me.   I think it may have contributed to some very dark days that are past me now, ,but never forgotten.  On the other hand, it gave me a meaningful career and I still hear from some families that I cared for.  I still have wonderful nurse friends from those days.  

Sometimes the hardest person to care for is yourself.  So, please take care of you. You matter.  We all matter.  How will you take care of you today? Maybe knitting will be your gift to  you today.  




Project Peace 2017 Shawl in 2018




I really enjoyed knitting this Shawl :  Project Peace by Christina Campbell.  The original pattern called for a feather and fan section on the end, but as I’ve mentioned  already, I wanted something easier.  I used the ONE ROW LACE Scarf pattern by Turvid for my lace edge.  And as easy as it is, and it is truly EASY, I still had to rip a few rows back (ahem TWICE) when I  got distracted. I’m glad I did.  I love the result. 

Yarn: Gifted me by Fireman ( per my request….hahaha, don’t go thinking your family is remiss; I have no qualms about suggesting yarn I want for gifts) It was Malabrigo merino and silk and it is not itchy at all. Hooray.  Colorway: Mares.  I used almost 3 full skeins.  

My hair is doing a woop de doo this morning.  But we are all friends here.  Right? 

I found this pattern because one of you was knitting it. Elisa from Lovely Yarn Escapes.   Thank you Elisa!!Now I’m on the hunt for my next shawl.  I may be looking more than knitting today.    Thanks for tuning in for the big finish here.   I’m up for any shawl suggestions, too.