Wash Day


These beautiful flowers stole the show at the outdoor arena the other day.

Yesterday I decided it was time…Time to wash the winter woolens and carefully put them away until at least October……

So hats, scarves mitts and vests all got a good wash.  I used people shampoo as I have heard that wool likes it.  Usually I add some vinegar to the bath, but I would have had to run up the stairs again…so I did not use it this time.

I learned and should share with you that the malabrigo yarns I loved using for the two vests both bled.  I washed them in the sink. Each done alone in their own bath. The water turned green from the green vest.  The water turned brown from the brown vest.   My alpaca vest did not run at all.

Now they dry on a thick towel.  Then I will carefully put them in a big rubbermaid container, safe from the summer moths, I hope!

Any laundry tips for us fellow knitters????


Winding In the Sunshine


I’m trying so hard to hold off starting my second Log Cabin.  I must finish the FALL colored one first. AND Allison loves it and would like it.   But, because it was in the 70s I had to go out on the deck and wind my 8 new balls of yarn for the new log cabin!!!!  The new one is blues and purples.


We were at the barn yesterday for afternoon/evening classes.  We  got to have class outside!  What a treat.  This is me saying hi to the LITTLES as I call them.  Meet Brenda and Linda.   Students groom them. Students who cannot ride.

I’m not into the Royal Wedding so much, but I am glad for a happy event on the news!

Finally,  on this  beautiful Friday in Wisconsin, the hummingbirds are busy busy at the feeders.  They remind me that if they can come all the way from Mexico to me……someone else surely will…….



Baby Birds and Log Cabin Knitting


We have baby robins!  I was helping Fireman cut the grass when I saw a nest .  I wasn’t tall enough to see into it, so I just poked my finger in hoping to feel eggs.

It felt like raw chicken.  YUCK.  Fireman came over and took this photo.  They are kind of raw robins ….. I love babies so I’m excited to see the activity from a distance.


The apple orchards are in bloom. The bees must be busy.  Birds and bees…and

log cabins.


I’m on a mission to finish my log cabin and

START ANOTHER.  I enjoy picking the colors as I go.  Yesterday I bought sale yarn at the shop in  a totally different color scheme.   Blues, raspberries and purples.  I am also awaiting a book on log cabin patterns. I want to change the second one up.

These blankets take time, but I love the look and enjoy the process.  I may treat myself to winding the new yarn today before we head to the barn for volunteering.

Oh and I returned half the yarn from the Poncho Please.  So that cut the cost of the new yarn down.  That dang yarn doesn’t know what it wants to be.  I’m ready to rip the last shawl attempt out.

Feels so good to have a knit plan I’m excited about.  Lucky you, you get to see me crawl through another blanket.   Do you mind?



Needles ‘N Pins LYS motivation


I’m promising myself I’m going back to the Wednesday knit in  at my LYS.  This is Pat’s brioche wrap.  She’s hiding.  I told her that’s fine.  She and a pretty large group have mastered brioche over the winter.  Isn’ t this lovely?


Bailey worked up this darling hat from a thin book called : Celebrity Baby Fashion. Looks like bulky and would be a fun work up.


Karen loves her shirt and I asked her to model it for us.  She’s a rowdy one in the group.  Since Fireman and I are operating on ONE TRUCK as a family, I couldn’t stay today.  But Pat offered to drive and pick me up anytime. Nice nice ladies!

I’m still  Logging along with my Log cabin.  The one I started for FALL KAL.  I have ordered a Log Cabin book and already have my next color scheme purchased.

Everyone was talking about all the birds we are seeing during migration.  THEY have all seen indigo buntings and I have not!  I’m on the look out.  What’s inspiring your knitting these days?


Judy is amazing…


I was so very lucky to get to see Judy before she headed home across the country.  Judy thank you, for being the shoulder I could cry on today.  I warned Judy when she asked if we could meet, that this is the anniversary of my mom’s death.  Judy is a wise and compassionate woman.  She said she’d be there even if I was feeling melancholy.  Judy has a calm and a wise that is infectious.


Her daughter Jill even said a prayer because , as we were sitting,  we got the news that my niece had the fixator removed from her body this morning.  It is what we’d been hoping and praying for on this anniversary.

We sat, we knitted and we laughed.  Judy has some very funny knit requests to share with you soon.  She was knitting a lovely sock and we chatted about our mistakes.  unnamed.jpg

She gave me this lovely dishcloth and bar of wonderful smelling soap.

Thank you blogland for the gift of Judy.

Now for a Little Fun


This is Fireman’s first photo capture on the wildlife camera!  Sorry fans, it is not dogman. ( But a fat raccoon who is clearly headed to our birdfeeder. )  The sunflower can disappear in a night sometimes.  I now know the culprit.

The weather’s nice, so I will only put a scoop of seeds in the feeder each day.  The jays, cardinals and grossbeaks can eat in the day and I won’t spend money feeding the raccoon you see!

We were ridiculously giddy with this first PROOF of wildlife in the yard at night.  As you can see he came around 9:30 at night.  We were still up!  Sometimes Fezzik runs from window to window and perhaps this is why! Fireman plans to move the camera around the property weekly.

The camera uses night vision, not  a flash.  This cheaper model stated clearly that the night photos are grainy with this version.  It is still fun.

Mother’s Day was met with joy as both my kids contacted me and celebrated with me.  I mostly didn’t dwell on my own mom.  I think perhaps I got it over with earlier in the week.  Fireman and I took a big walk around part of the lake.

Al gave me TOTAL CAT MOJO a book by Jackson Galaxy.  Great reading on a rainy cool weekend!  Lots of knitting occurred as well.  All of the knitting made for progress on the new shawl.



My Super Eyelet Shawl


Here she is. I’m loving this pattern.  The Poncho Please is now becoming  a shawl …thank you!

After the next purl row, I’m going to put it on my longest needles to make sure it looks right and even.  My stitch count is pretty close side- to -side but a few off.  If it still looks pretty, I’m movin right along with it.

I’m all about the dk weight.  I am easily amused.  THis is the Wooley Brew’s free pattern Super Eyelet Shawl.

This mom talked to both her kiddos yesterday.   I am now looking forward to playing the mother’s day card around here today and tomorrow!  Al got me Jackson Galaxy’s book, TOTAL CAT MOJO and I intend to read it today.  It is in the 40s and rainy.  But good weather is on the way.

I’m feeling much better about Mothers Day .  I realized looking back that I was very upset on the 9th and 10th.  The last time I saw my mom alive was 5/10.  So that anniversary is past!!!!!!  Maybe my mind knew that.  At any rate, I wish you all a great Mother’s day and thank you for mothering me.  I love being a mom.  Even a cat mom.