Monday Q and A Dec 19th!

This beauty was sighted in a driveway in Williams Bay.   So…today is Monday q and a.  I compiled a list of all the questions this year and today’s list makes 469 questions.  Without checking back, I managed to only repeat 2 questions a few times.  It has been fun.  SO without further adieu, Please joinContinue reading “Monday Q and A Dec 19th!”

The truth of the matter…

My lastest socks are a Joy to knit.  The yarn is real sock yarn from Online and We are not having any fights.  Man, I knit a lot of socks.  Hope they don’t bore you, but I’m really happy knitting socks, finding sock yarn, buying sock yarn and mostly succeeding with my knitting.  That’s reallyContinue reading “The truth of the matter…”