Cascade 220 Aran Splatter Shawl

Very happy with the finish of the shawl.  I used two skeins of Cascade 200 aran Splatter.  I had Daffodil and Forest as my selections.  The picot bind off was really a fun way to finish this quick shawlette.   I gave it a soft wash in a vinegar and soapy bath.  

I loved knitting it on big needles, well 8s.  The pattern was so easy to follow.  The MESH-en-ger shawl is just garter sections and simple knit two together mesh sections.  

I hope to be knitting away on the new shawl during the Holiday weekend.  I frogged the Lorna’s laces socks and began a shawl from a book win.  Wendy Knits sent Interweaves Classic Knit Shawls new book to me.   So why not continue the shawl love? 

Do you make anything special for 4th of July?  I’m thinking I should make something special.  Zach’s coming home!



Time Out

DSCF1682I saw this Patriotic Hot Air Balloon on Tuesday evening.   I still won’t go up in those things.   But here, like where you are I’m sure, the red the white and the blue are coming out in force.  DSCF1676We’ve have been outside for therapeutic riding this week.  There is a different feel to riding outside.  You get a sense of how big the draft horses are if you look at the white back end of one horse, and how small the leader is in comparison. Time outside seems doubly good for the students.

As one who absolutely detests working out, I think I’ve found my motivation.  I had to keep a rider up on her horse the other night.  My upper body is a weakling of the highest order.  It was perhaps the hardest workout I’ve had in years.

So, I found the 2 lb weights in the basement and have begun a very gentle regime of curls.  It is funny where motivation comes from , isn’t it?

It is so humid here that my shawl is still blocking after a good vinegar soak the other night.  So, no pictures today but perhaps tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve cast on a lovely shawl from a new book: Interweave’s Classic Knit Shawls.  I spent good part of my night casting on the 363 stitches to begin.  I chose the Lindsay Shawl by Tabetha Hedrick.

Cable cast on is THE way to go when you have so many stitches that need to be cast on at once.

Are you relishing the TIME OUT side this summer?  I really am.  It was a long winter!


A Book Review: Zoo Story

DSCF1690Mail call! This area near a lake, has all their boxes in a row.  I think all the lake cottages folk  have to come up to collect their mail. Since most of them are only living there in the summer months, it seems like a nice walk to collect the mail.  We also have a mail boat you may have heard about.  The Mail for the big Mansions on Lake Geneva gets delivered by a boat runner.  The tourist boat goes around the lake and kids who have tried out to be runners, hop off to the dock, deliver the mail and have to run back to the boat because it doesn’t stop.  I think the show SUNDAY MORNING did a segment on this tradition. 

DSCF1682Far far away in the evening sky, this patriotic Hot air balloon was enjoying the calm.  This was the best shot I could get with my zoom , miles away. DSCF1695I love all the barns and farmland here.  Some nights we just hop in the truck and drive around enjoying the vast open skies and the country landscape.  

I have no knitting to show because I’m blocking the shawl right now.  I did purchase totally different yarn for my next shawl. Casting on this morning. I purchased Queensland Cairns in a greens and purples colorway.  My plan is to knit the Sweetie Shawl which is also on the bias.  

Finally, my personal thoughts/ book review on Zoo Story, by Thomas French.  Overall I’d recommend it.  I enjoyed reading about the animals and their lives in Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.  The book is very well written in my opinion.  

Thomas French, a pulitzer prize winning journalist is the author.  He spins a story of captive animals and their lives in the zoo environment.  He also spins the stories of the animal keepers, vets and the Executive Director.  Much of the end of the book concentrates on the political and ethical challenges that revolve around the leader of the zoo, Lex.  His ego and his ‘living in his own reality’ to quote a politician, lead to his downfall at the Lowry Zoo.  

It is a challenging book that made me think quite a bit about our place and our duties on this planet we share with God’s animal creatures.  IF you need a nonfiction book for BINGO, I’d recommend it. 

Shawl love

This enormous pup that was at the bike races in Elkhorn a bit ago.  A pooch of that size is really something.  Oh, and I love the aqua shorts the owner is wearing.  


I hope to get to my tried and true knit Shoppe, Needles ‘n Pins today between the storms.  The worsted shawl has been a joy to knit, so I’m after soft, soft yarn in worsted.  I’ll admit it.  I need a quick fix.  I can knit one in worsted without getting bored.  I can even knit garter in worsted.

I thought garter was my enemy , but in worsted we get along fine.  Guess there is something to SEEING what you are doing.  

I love the projects that use one needle size the whole way through.  I love minimal to no shaping, or knitting that shapes itself. My mind just needs the lull of the process right now. 

WOW, I’m lazy.   That’s just where I’m happiest now with my needles.  Oh and I’m using a carbon needle with a good point.  

Wish me luck!!!  


Happy Tears

FullSizeRenderAhem, wrong momma.  That’s a pig,  honey.  You need the milk from your mama goat.  Kids.  They are beyond cute to me.  They were at a little honey/produce stand in a nearby town.  We stopped to get some local honey.  

We were headed to a Little Yarn shop that I wont mention the name of.  It was supposed to be open at 9.  It was 9:45 and the sign on the door read, BE BACK AT 9!  We went to another shop that used to carry yarn but only carries quilting supplies now.  

I am used to shops being prompt, open on time and clear about their contents.  I wonder if I will become a more frequent mail order customer.   I hate to see yarn shops suffer, but they simply cannot compete if they are not customer driven.  

On a happier note, the nursing home that received the Twiddle Mitts sent me photos of their residents enjoying them. I am trying to download the video they sent me.  It makes me cry


IMG_3690I can’t dowload the video without upgrading.  But imagine, my dear pals, this woman’s wise hands, as she moves across the mitt and picks and touches it over and over.  I am overwhelmed by this and by all of you who sent mitts.  If you wish to send another go right ahead!  If you already have, I thank you. Im having a little drawing for a prized for all of you who have donated your yarn, your time, you love.  I’ll draw in August.  A pictures worth a thousand words, yes?  yes. 

Monday Q and A June 26th, 2017

DSCF1649 ( I’m all about the shawl lately.   More on that tomorrow)

Now for Questions:

*Do you remember where you were on July 20th, 1969 when Man first walked on the MOON?
*Have you knitted with any of these? : Blue Moon Fibers, Lantern Moon yarns or Juniper Moon yarns?

*When is the last time you won something?

*Would you rather knit with 3 interesting skeins or one gradient yarn for a shawl?

*Have you dropped something in a lake?

*Years ago: Cartwheels? Headstands? or Handstands?

*Favorite Breakfast order?

*Leave for a road trip: Early in the a.m. or head out at night?

*Tubing, banana boating or water skiiing?

*Do you change purses in summer?

I love learning about you all with your answers.  I look forward to it on Mondays!!  Here are my answers…

1- I remember my cousins being over and staying up very late to watch the astronauts walk on the Moon.  I was 8, almost 9.  I remember being impatient for it to HAPPEN and for the screen to be more clear.  If memory serves it was a hot night.  (Now I have to go check the weather records!)

2-I recently started a project with Juniper moon and frogged it.  It was a fun periwinkle blue so, I will find a use for it.

3-I won something this weekend!  Wendy Knits had a contest and random number picked me out of over 100 entries !  I will be getting an awesome new Shawl book and I’ll tell you all about it when it arrives.

4-I am lazy! I’d love not to change yarns and weave in ends… so I’m looking for an interesting gradient yarn for my next worsted shawl

5-I dropped my wedding band off a pier years ago.  Fireman dove in and got it.  It was pretty miraculous now that I think about it. I know I was sobbing that it had come off my finger and fell in.  I think he had a snorkeling mask with him and that is part of why he succeeded.  ( I also dropped a camera in a lake in northern wisconsin and I told you all about that then!)

6-Headstands.  I could stand on my head forever and beat anybody who challenged me!
This cannot be good for you, right?

7-Favorite breakfast out: Light as Air French Toast.  With Sausages and syrup.

8-I love to leave at night.  Fireman, however, is a day driver.  It was probably safer to drive in the early a.m. anyhow. I just love driving at night. Coming home from work at midnight was always a treat in summertime. I’d have the windows open and just enjoy the drive.

9- If my back was in great shape I’d say: banana boating. It would be fun to sit on one of those with other people and hang on!

10-I do change purses with the seasons.  I actually am back to using my summer FANNY pack/bag.  It is a duluth trading company sturdy burlap that has a million pockets!





You Were Right…so Right

DSCF1627Oh Lorna’s Laces how I love Thee.  Just look at those little blue touches amongst the yellows, golds and browns.  Today felt like a good day to work on my socks.   I am digging this several- things- going- on -at- once- knit plan.  So socks today, maybe socks tomorrow or perhaps I’ll switch back to my worsted shawl. You were right, this is a great way to be a knitter.

Did I tell you the  nursing home got the Mitts?  Mila the activity director said,
Thank you very much for thinking about our residents.  Especially our residents with Alzheimers disease.  God bless you. ( And God Bless all of you who have helped me make them and are still sending them. ) You were right, it helps me honor my mom’s memory to knit and donate.

DSCF1625 There’s a bike theme going on around here.  The red Carmenere, was O.k.   The Giretto is not yet opened.  I am HOPING to go riding my bike with Fireman either Saturday or Sunday.   Just an hour or so on the trails.  Shhhhh, Fireman wants me to get an electric assist bike.  This bike does the hard hills for you, and you still pedal along.  I’m not sure I can swallow the price, but it would make our rides more pleasant.  My current bike is at least 10 years old.  So it might be worth it, right?

As for the mulberries, yes yes you are all correct.  I will leave them for the birds to eat .  Apparently Cat birds really love them. Perhaps that is why we have the catbird bathing in our birdbath daily.   I love when you are right.

Right on