Visitors of the Feline Variety

Out my window:DSCF0529This cat is not one we have seen before.  There are at least 4 cats that are indoor/outdoor cats in our area.  If cats are not SOCIAL animals, as some say, why do they want to meet my cats?  

My only concern is if they have fleas.  If they meet through the screens in summer, I do not want fleas.  Advice?  I don’t want to put flea collars on my cats.  

On my kneedles:

I am knitting the cowl in cotton/linen and a the Sockhead Hat from Boho knits in Ty-Dy Socks color 1233.   I prefer a knit hat that is a slouch AND has a big ribbed brim.  Like several inches of ribbed brim.  Trouble is I don’t like knitting that brim.  Sigh, but it must be done.   I shall carry on.

In my crockpot:

Turkey breast, with lipton onion soup mix, a can of whole cranberry sauce and orange juice.  Mmmmm. It is easy and always turns out delicious.


Have a wonderful Wednesday bloggy pals.



Happy Pi Day

DSCF0526It is Pi day and this is the day we celebrate our Pie’s birthday .  She’s 4!  She’s still a tiny cat but she is mighty.  She has a new mouse toy with catnip to celebrate.  Happy Birthday crazy one.  In addition to her congenital cataracts. she has some other odd qualities.  She rarely sheds a hair.  Her coat is different than the other cats’ coats.  She’s somewhat of a shedless cat.  Nothing wrong with that! 

My Rain cowl turned into a snow cowl.  We only got a few inches of snow here yesterday.  Perhaps one of the BEST things about moving that I didn’t plan on, but love, is that we are not in the Lake Effect area anymore.  

We enjoyed living near Lake Michigan and going to the beach with the kids when they were little. We went often.  However, it is a huge body of water. I also worked at a hospital just a block from the Lake.   If you ‘ve never seen the Great Lakes, they are more like small oceans.  Truly.  And …they impact the weather near the shores. Big time.    As in, it does NOT warm up in Spring until June due  to the lake breezes carrying air over the freezing waters.  

I ‘ve been envious of the places just a tad west of the shore who get a fully 15 to 20 degrees warmer in Spring because they are not in the Lake Effect area.  I live a full 35 miles west of the big Lake now.  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!  Now I’m hoping for a true Spring.  Fingers crossed!!

Being the bossy boss of my own knitting, I’ve manipulated the Rain cowl pattern.I just did not like the honeycomb repeats.  The holes were too big and the actual knitting was cumbersome.  So, I’ve decided to eliminate the honeycomb parts.  I’m probably half way done with the cowl.  In my early knitting days, I could not do this.  I’d just give up.  I feel like this is big progress for me.  

Have a great Pi day.  3.14159




Monday Q and A March 13, 2017

There are two sets of questions.  If you live in the snowing area/snowstorm area you answer group one.  (the foccacia bread in the above photo was a Weight Watcher recipe that came out great.  Google WW foccacia bread and it will come up. Delish)

If you live in the warmth of our beautiful country, you answer group two.

Group one: SNOW:

  1.  You are snowed in.  What 3 things do you need to have for a storm?
  2. Do you eat corned beef and cabbage?
  3. What is your favorite hat pattern to knit?
  4. Are you wearing wooly handknit socks today? What color?
  5. How do you deal with  your hair drying out in the winter?

Group two: the lucky ones right now.

  1. What is your favorite warm weather yarn?
  2. Do you eat corned beef and cabbage?
  3. How many pairs of sandals do you own?
  4. Do you miss the snow? (cause I’ll send you some!)
  5. How do you deal with humidity and your hair?

My Answers and as you know I’m in group ONE.

  1. I need yarn to knit with, a radio with batteries in case we lose power, and popcorn.  Lately I prefer Boom Chicka.
  2. I do not like corned beef and cabbage.  I do like green cupcakes and green cookies and green frosting on cake.
  3. My favorite hat pattern is Susan B. Anderson’s Modern Rib hat. Easy. Fun. Bound to fit because of the ribbing.
  4. I am .  And they are a pair of orange hand knit socks today!
  5. Help.  I am not dealing well with my dry hair. I think it has to do with needing a water softener in this are due to the well.  I’m going to try a leave in conditioner if I can find one!

I Over Complicate Things

DSCF0492DSCF0490I found my next project.  I’m knitting the Rain cowl in a Cotton-linen-nettle blend from EY Select Bel Viso.  Bailey at Needles ‘N Pins suggested this yarn when I asked for cotton.  My colorway is Cordelia.  Can you see the little bits of green tones in the fiber?  The joke of course is that we are not having Rain or Shine, we are having a snowstorm of March parameters tomorrow.  

I may have to call the shoppe and ask about the pattern.  Doreen knit it up so she will have the answers I need about the next part. (  There are 2yo’s and then in the next row you knit and purl into the 2 yos.   Does that mean you knit and purl into each of the yos or do you knit one yo and purl the next?   This is thoroughly confusing, I know If you have never seen the pattern or knit a honeycomb lace panel. )  If you haven’t even had your coffee yet, just forget I wrote about it at all. 

Both Allison and Karen are excellent knitters and they BOTH tell me I over complicate things.  They do this without knowing the other says the same thing. 

I had a grand time with my nurse pals yesterday.  This despite the fact that I flew out of the garage and took off my mirror in the process.  The silver lining to this happening, is that Al’s Nathan was super helpful via text.  I ordered a new mirror and it should arrive in a day or so.  30 bucks free shipping. He sent me a video link that shows how simple it is to replace it.  Nonetheless, that 30 dollars that could have been yarn.  Can you tell I’ve never had a garage I could park in before. ?

I’ve been told over and over by Fireman, Pal Kristine and others that I drive too slowly.  Well for once I sped up, and look what happened?  That kind of incident throws me for the whole day. I overcomplicate things…..Clearly no one suggested I speed up while backing out of the garage…..they meant drive at least the speed limit on the intimidating expressways.  Sigh.  To be human….

I did not let it get me while I enjoyed the company of my nurse pals.  Life’s too short for that Right?  I’m off to dust the house now, and try not to overcomplicate that ….. HappY Saturday and change your clocks tonight. 


Friday Randomness

DSCF0328All Allison has left to do on this cute baby cardi (this is the back) is add buttons and block.  And yet it sits. The hard part is clearly done with.  That lace back is going to blossom into gorgeousness.  When she does the big finish I’ll have her show us.  For now a yellow sweater is taunting her.  

DSCF0445In keeping with the green st. Pats March theme, I give you dilly bites.  They are made here in Wisconsin.  They are perfect for adding to a lunch.  They are crispy and pickly.  They are one dollar.  Sometimes I love creative packaging.  This makes a pickle perfect for traveling.  

There is green grass growing…..but be not fooled


I’m off to meet a few nurse pals from my work days. A handful of us have moved north and we enjoy a good chat together.  It seemed when we worked, we were all very close.  We went through a lot together, over a long period of time.  When you leave, or retire, it takes some effort to gather, but it is  certainly worth it to see friends.   It is usually as if no time has passed, and the caring is still very much there.   We still encourage one another, laugh and while I don’t wish to be back at work, I do wish I saw more of them and others.   So this should be a fun morning!  

Leprechauns on the Loose

DSCF0467Yes, Teresa they have thumbs.  And apparently the jokes on me and the little leprechauns are making snow here today.   I have enough yarn to make a few more pair.   

So have you played this game?  My new LYS is offering this stash buster:

You can bring in your leftover yarn bits and they weigh them.  You get 75 cents a pound for them.  Wheeeee.  I went through my leftover stash which is much larger than my regular stash and I hope to have 4 pounds worth to swap.  I realize this will be a 3 dollar gain, but it is so much more than that.

Almost all my stash is leftover sock yarns.  I already made a leftover sock blanket with some of it.  The Shoppe donates the yarns to places that use it for their patients, their students, their seniors.  

I do not like to weave in ends.  There are little balls of leftover sock yarn from years ago.  I’ve already worn out the socks I’ve made with the original yarn.  Face it, Kathy B., you will not miss this stuff.

The weigh in starts in a few more weeks.   I’ll be letting you know how much my leftovers weighed.   What do you think yours would weight?DSCF0468


Morphing into Mittens

DSCF0458Maybe you can tell me what I didn’t like about the Vesper sock yarn shown here.  The yarn is too round.  There is a lot of bounce in this yarn, but I thought it was not going to make a sock I would end up happy with in the end.  

So, Mittens.

Because, Charity. 

These will make some cold hands happy I hope.  ( Even if they do match my winter jacket…perfectly.)   I have plenty of this yarn to make a few pairs of mittens in various sizes.