Picture Heavy Post


Hello Allison!
Thank you for sharing your shawl finish.  I remember the yarn has cashmere in it and was purchased at Needles N Pins last year.  I love how it opened up after you blocked it.

And below is my little shawlette scarfy thing.  I did not want to stick with it.  Oops, I’ve shown you the wrong side.  Well, no matter.  It is a take, a very different take on the Mesh-enger shawl.

I know you liked the colors but I didn’t.  I can’t knit something when I don’t like it.  I loved the Tink, but not the purple.  It will make a nice little colorful warmer for someone.

DSCF2872 (2).jpg

I’ve started another asymmetrical shawl.  In Dk.   DSCF2888.jpg

Last night’s sunset was a winner.  After Fireman and I ripped out carpeting and padding in two rooms here, we just had Pot Belly Sandwiches and watched the sunset.

DSCF2884.jpgSome guy was out on the lake enjoying a late swim.

It is still near 90 degrees and all water things are still enjoyable.  Gracie and Teresa, this shots for you !!

oh and MY Cubbies may clinch tonight.  It is still a big big deal for us.  I won’t bore you with the details.  Suffice to say it makes me happy as I Knit.






Monday Q and A, September 25, 2017

DSCF2708Many thanks for Nancy for sending me a list of questions.  Three of today’s prompt questions come from Her.  

*Did you have a hangout spot as a teen? (nancy) 

*Why did you choose the shirt you have on today? (nancy)

*What bill do you hate paying the most?  (nancy)

*Do you prefer a zipped project bag? 

*Tell us about your favorite buttons you added to a project….

*Shawls often list a wingspan for their results.  What’s your preferred wingspan? 

*The shawl I’m knitting has a picot edge bind off.  Do you have a favorite bind off?

*What is the age of the oldest  bride you know of?  (it can be a second marriage or the like) 

*Do you order something if it is on backorder?

*Advice. …..are you a fan or not?

My answers:

*Hangout spot: my dad kept such tight reins on us that the only place we could hang out in mixed company,  was the bowling alley on Sunday nights.

*My choice is a sleeveless gingham resale shop shirt with a bleach mark on it: We are working on floors and carpets today.

*I hate paying the cable bill.  We have 11 months to go before our “surprise you have a contract,”  time is up.  Then it will be all antennae time.  No monthly bill. Plenty  of channel access.

*I realized I have only two zipped bags. One is enormous and one is rather small. I need zips because of dear Fezzik who will find his way to yarn otherwise.  So for now I have to hide my yarn projects inside cabinets.  He’s worth it.

*My favorite button:  it is a tortoise we have never used.  What am I waiting for? It is not a relic.  I used pumpkin buttons lasts year on fingerless mitts and they were adorable.

*I like a big big wingspan.  At least 72 inches.  I want to wrap a shawl around me like a blanket.

*The Picot edge bind off is lovely . I’ll say that one.

*I think the bride who found love latest, was Eileen C.  We used to pray, St. Ann St. Ann, find Eileen a man. And she did.  After 40.

*Fireman has a bike on back order.  He ordered it in July.  I don’t think it is ever coming.   I say no back order.  I’m too impatient.

*I take advice.  I try so so hard not to give it.  I have found in my 57 years, people really don’t want the advice. They want to be listened to.  I often say, I know you’ll figure it out.

Hope you enjoyed todays Q and A!  Thanks Nancy for your help!




Just Stuff

DSCF2764.jpgAll hands on deck for the horse washing day at the barn.  My job: to comb and condition the manes and tails.  My hands have never felt so soft. Who knew? I’d better ask to do this in January when my hands are like sandpaper and bleeding willy nilly .

Fireman was cycling yesterday.   When he got home he told me he found a farm that sold Honey , Eggs and Wool.  What? Where? Let’s go?  Well he cannot quite remember where exactly on the long route he saw it…that’s just teasing ….

There were some hummingbirds at the feeder yesterday.  So , They are not gone for good yet.  Perhaps it was a freak late hummie, or perhaps the 90 degree weather is sending them off a bit later …

I made my own hummie food this summer and shhhhh

I used red food coloring every time ….

Weekend plans: volunteer at the barn for the student show today (long day)

count Cubs magic number and get hopes sky high

sit on the porch tonight after sun goes down.  These days are numbered

Count my points again.  I’m getting out of the habit.

Hear both my adult kids voices this weekend.




Shawl cast ON


I’ve started a new shawl. the MESH-enger shawl.  Again.  This will be my second.  I am using the darling yarn from KIM!!!  It is Mrs Crosby yarn and I love it.  This pattern is so easy.  One mesh section, one garter section.  I went with high contrast purple for the mesh.  Mostly because Karen and Al said it was a better choice than the orange I had planned.  They were right.  Also, there is only one needle for the whole project, size 8 circs.

This is perfect knitting for watching the CUBS as they try to win the division again. Breathe, breathe breathe…  unnamed-1.jpg

We have been invaded by among other things: turkeys, (eat those tics !) and elder beetles and flies.   The beetles are all over the outside of the house.  This happened last year.

Do you have a seasonal invasion ?







Snow? What? It is 90 degrees here…


*This is what Yellowstone looks like currently.  My brother in law, just sent this photo.   They are on their anniversary trip.  What?  I did not know the snow could be that deep in September.   

*Makes me think I better get knitting. 

*I’m pretty sure I bailing on my current WIP.  The sweater/poncho.  Why? I don’t like the 4 row repeat …..I’m serious.  

*Zach thanks you all for the concern.  He is going to be bringing more supplies to his friend’s house .  His friend Juany, has an aunt in Juchitan.  The area was hit hard .  If anyone wants to help in a more direct way, let me know. I know you have probably already given in some way to the ongoing disasters.  

I for one am a huge Red Cross fan.  I should go give blood.

*What’s your favorite charity? 

Fall KAL Finish


For those of you who follow closely, you’ll see right away that these are not fingerless mitts.  I decided after buying a pattern, that I’d rather a Halloween bag.  So I’m done Dee and Vera~!   I am very glad you started the Fall knit a long.  

Black yarn woes.  Black yarn photo woes.  In person, its much cuter.  

It bears repeating: Thank you for caring that Zach was safe after yesterday’s Earthquake in Mexico.  Thank you thank you thank you.  I will tell you that this past Sunday he and friends loaded a car trunk with water, rice, and beans and drove it to the local red cross distribution center in Chiapas.  (for the earlier earthquake victims)  unnamed-1.jpg

As dear Fred Rogers said, “My mom always said to look for the helpers when there is a sad event” (im paraphrasing)
Because there is hope where there are helpers” 

You all helped me yesterday!

Zach is fine THANKS!!!!

You are all so sweet and thoughtful.  Zach is fine.  WE called him the moment we heard it on the radio at around 1:30 today.  GOt right through to him.  He felt tremors last night but  not during the MExico CIty quake today. 

The last earthquake was nearer him.  Poor Mexico .   Poor Puerto Rico.

I cannot thank you enough for the love and concern.   Means the world to this mother blogger