Quotes for the Week


I’m pretty content with the lace edging on my Project Peace Shawl.  And yes that’s fresh snow.  And it makes for pretty photos. I have a ways to go before I finish.  I want this baby to wrap around me like a cozy blanket.  

I forgot to tell you that the sweet woman who told me to slow down at the barn,  also said, when the girth was too small for the horse,
It’s like putting a 32B bra on a 36DD woman…it ain’t gonna fit!” 

I heard another very sweet thing the other day.  Friends who have a yours mine and ours family, said, ‘In our house there is no STEP (as in step sister).  The only steps are in the stairway. We are all family here.”  


Instead of  the  Feather and Fan finish, I’m knitting a One ROW Lace border.  ( Yo, Knit 2 together, Knit 2 ) All the way across and back.  Very easy and peaceful knitting. 

I’ve also begun my March tradition of making Irish Soda Bread.  I couldn’t resist eating it .  It was so good.  It reminded me of my mom and my grandma in the best way.  My Nana would always say, when we came for dinner, “Theres nothing to do but eat!”  She put on a feast for every family visit.  It was her way of saying, I love you.  

Have a wonderful Wednesday!   OH, wait, one thing.  If you have been commenting, and I haven’t commented on your blog, please let me know.  There are a few of you who are so kind to comment and I haven’t found you yet.  Maybe you don’t have a blog and you just comment, which is lovely too!!



A Gesture Goes a Long Way


Knitting in a minute….

First a quick story.  At the barn on Saturday, I was hurrying to saddle a horse for a class.  I’m learning but those western saddles and their girths still have me baffled.  I can’t tie a man’s tie, but everyone keeps saying to me, “it is just like tying a tie”.  (This is where you tube videos must come in handy. )  

So, I asked a woman, an older woman, a  volunteer…. for help.    This lady, and many other volunteers, are well into their 70 s and still coming to the barn and helping out.  These are hearty folks.  (pun intended) 

The first thing she did was put her hands over mine on the buckle, and said, “Don’t hurry, you don’t have to rush dear”  I hadn’t even noticed until then that my hands were shaking.  (are you a shaker? I’m still trying to be more aware of how this body tries to tell me to slow down and take a breath. I don’t shake all the time. Far from it.  Sometimes, though, it is a visible reminder to me to relax.  Stop being so serious.  This is not the NICU.  Old habits die hard don’t they?

I barely met this woman.  She was so tender and so sure.  I can’t say why, but her way was just so kind.  It struck me.  I’m going to remember that.  

What? That’s it you say?  Yup , that’s it.   Half the time I don’t know why I’m telling you things, but I feel compelled to.  


I knitted on my Peace Project Shawl.  I’m changing up the border.  Al said I could.  I just didn’t like the feather and fan work.   There was time spent tinking.   Now I’ll be knitting  a new border for a few days.  I won’t RUSH and I won’t hurry.  I want to get the border looking pretty just like the rest of this peaceful project. *********



Gotta Go, Watching PBS Mr. Rogers

  • PBS is doing a special on the wonderful, Mr. Rogers.  We need Mr. Rogers.
  • https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/03/opinions/fred-rogers-trump-budget-cpb-tom-hanks-blake-opinion/index.html
  • Allison told me this was going to aire in March.
  • If you haven’t seen him speaking for funding for public television to Congress, and you have some tissues, look it up.
  • I’m off to the barn with fireman.  We worked in our woods yesterday and got all giddy because it was warm out.  We also needed Advil as the day wore on!
  • Then there will be counting of stitches and changing to the border of my Peace Shawl.
  • And Miss Pie’s fur loss is no different the last two days Thanks for the reassurances.
  • unnamed-8

Little Things


*I love taking photos of animals.  Isn’t this horse looking so relaxed?  I so wish I hand’t cut his ear tops off.  I have a cat question for you:

Miss Pie got her rabies/distemper shot this week.   Her hair has fallen out around the injection sites.  She is acting just fine.  I will let the vet know, but has this happened to your pets?

*Watching Jeopardy yesterday , I learned you can mail all kinds of things just as they are with postage attached.  Coconuts, frisbees, pinatas (really?) and candy to name a few. (  Oh and a potato, too.  What?)   The things you learn.

*I’m knitting away on my Peace Shawl.  Oh dk weight, I see you . I really do.  I see each stitch and goodness, that appears to be key to successful stitches.  What’s your favorite weight to knit ?

*If you are on either coast and in the way of snow and storms, be safe.  Stay in if you can.  For all of you who have to get to work in this weather because you are a nurse, firefighter, police officer, I’m thinking of you.  It got to the point in my life and career where I would not tell my mom if I had to go into work in those situations.  It just wasn’t worth getting her worried.  My sweet mom was a full time worrier.  It was exhausting for her.  Do you protect anyone from worries?

Shawls: In Which I Take it All Back

DSCF5972.jpgThis has been my sweet peaceful knit since the Olympics ended.  I realize I said i wasn’t knitting shawls because I don’t wear them.  Well, I’m taking it back.  I may be the most fickle knit/blogger around.

But…..this one is more like a blanket than a shawl.  To me anyhow.

I saw this 2017 Project Peace shawl on Elise’s blog : Lovely Yarn Escapes.  I had the yarn from Fireman’s lovely gift at Christmas. It spoke to me as shawls will do.  I decided I’m going to knit this shawl AND  I’m going to wear it.

The feel of the Malabrigo Silky Merino, (dk weight in Mares colorway …..) is pretty great.  The pattern is simple and after this part extends for another while, the instructions have you knit a feather and fan big finish.

You are supposed to be hoping for Peace as you knit your shawl.  This means I cannot have CNN on while I knit it.  I don’t need all that CNN anyhow. You know what I need just for today?  A little escape:

I ordered The Incredible Doctor Pol Season 8 and it just arrived.  Every time that man pulls a live calf, I’m happy.   What’s your favorite thing to knit to lately?


When friends step in….


*I think it is safe to say that Allison was celebrated on her birthday.  Look at the cats on her “cake” that a friend made her.

(Moms out there you get it.  I couldn’t be there and I was so happy her friends made it special.  I texted her of course, in the day time.  I must, as my mom had, tell Al all the details of that exciting day.  ) When she got to work today, there was more nice notes and kindnesses.   Little gestures and big gestures can really make one’s day .

(and the parents’ day too)  I have to say grief jumped in and I was missing my mom again.  She adored my Al and My Zach.  Guess what?  I hear anniversaries are like that.  So why am I surprised?


*So on another kind note, Vera sent Bridget the book A STASH OF ONE’S OWN.  Then Bridget sent it to me when she finished it.   Bridget also, sent me this lovely gift yarn.  I love the halo of it. It was not necessary ,but Bridget I LOVE  it.

The book is a compilation of stories about our yarn and our craft and our stashes. It is a good read so far.  When I am finished, I can share the goodness if anyone wants to be next.  Sharing our stash is a part of this book’s message.  I love that.

*A funny thing happened at the grocery line yesterday.  It was nearly 60 degrees out and so the weather talk began with the elderly gent in front of me.  He asked me if I knew Robert Frost.  (I must have looked like a youngin’) and I said Of course I did.

He said there is a poem he wrote that includes this thought:
If the sun is a wizard, then the moon is a witch.

The point is that the sun can melt that black ice in the daytime, during March, and then the moon turns it to ice at night.  We are exactly there in our weather here.

*Fireman just asked if I needed anything from the hardware store.  I replied, “Only if they sell yarn”  .  It is going to be a great day to knit and to read here.   Because yesterday’s warmth is soon a memory.   But it was also a gift.  And I can still feel the warmth of my mom’s presence around me.  and for all of this I’m grateful.




Happy Monday 5 THINGS


  • My sister was in Hawaii this weekend.  Here’s an amazing shot she got!  Whale watching.  I say……gorgeous.  I have never!  (well I don’t think the whale kite flown over frozen Lake Delevan counts from last week)
  • Baby Novus by Laura Nelkin of Nelkin Designs
  • I really wanted to show you Laura Nelkin’s new baby sweater.  It is called Baby Novus.   She says it is a seamless construction knit side to side.  I don’t have any babies to knit this for, but boy I like the pattern.  Laura said I could show it to you. She just released the pattern.  She also, teaches 7 classes on Craftsy.  I think a white tee or onesie under this beauty would make and baby look comfy and cozy.  And I love to dress both girls and boys in blue!
  • unnamed-4.jpg
  • When in Wisconsin….. We were invited to a fellow volunteer’s 50th surprise party on Saturday.  We only knew the guest and one other person, but it was fun.  Look at Tom’s 50th beer cake.  I have never seen so many crock pots of food lined up for the guests.  It took place at a packed bowling alley bar.  There was something very wonderful going on there.  Someone walking around with a brand new baby.  Tom’s parents, in their 90s looking fantastic joining in.  Apparently TOm’s father still farms. ……wow
  • Four: I will miss the Olympics .  I’m all about a new knit since my sock games are over.  Just when I said I was not knitting shawls, I was inspired by a peace shawl and I happen to have the perfect yarn.  (Santa brought me malabrigo Mares) More to come
  • Finally,  there has been a cougar sighted rather regulary in southern Wisconsin.  Within 35 miles of us now.  He’s getting closer.  They have actual footage of this amazing creature.  However, he thinks nothing of going right up to suburban Brookfield homeowners windows and looking in.  YIKES.  Mr Fezzik has been  currently chirping and begging to go outside on our porch in the dark.  No way. I guess our possum is looking very benign now.  I will repeat myself and say again that the book, Beast in the Garden about a cougars in Boulder Colorado was a fascinating read!  That’s all I got today.
  • Wishing you a day where you are reminded how wonderful you are.