Lindsay Shawl Finish

Presenting: My Linsday Shawl.  She’s long. (18 inches)  She’s really wide. (80 inches)   She was fun to knit.  She blossomed as she blocked like you said she would. 

Knit with Lorna’s laces sock yarn for the multi colored portion, and  koigu for the stockinette.  Size 6 circulars the whole way. 

The pattern is in the new book I won from Wendy Knits;  Interweave Presents Classic Knit Shawls, 20 TImeless Designs.  

You do not want to see the pattern.   I wrote all the row counts down on the pattern.   Darlene at Needles ‘N Pins, gasped when she saw it.  For the next shawl, a simple version of a pi shawl, I’ll copy the pattern and then I’ll scribble all over it. Or use sticky notes….  In my defense, I did keep track of all the stitches and rows accurately with my sloppy notes.  

unnamed-5Must give credit to Zach, my photographer for the fence image.  Yesterday’s comment word was: Too dah loo.  My mom and Fireman’s mom said that when we parted.  That will end the comment creativity challenge for self for a few days!




DSCF1749Meet Sugar Shack and Linen.  Sweet Georgia Yarns.  The reds are really wine colored.  Tough to photograph deep wine colors as most of you know.  I’m hoping to finish the last 4 rows and cast off  my first Lindsay in the yellow.   It has been a joy.  

Now for the very NON knitting portion of today’s post:

I’m not sure what’s bothering the Beatles….could be the incredible lightening and thunderstorms that have been pretty constant for the past few days.  Could be the fireworks that started days before the storms.  Could be the fox that has reappeared twice this week.  The foxes scream wildly at night.  He’s such a sensitive thing.  I know he’s upset because he peed outside the box.  There I said it.  If there is one thing that drives me NUTS

it is accidents.  When we first moved here he had a few accidents.  I know that pets are not perfect.  I cannot stand it if my house is not really clean. I mean ridiculously clean.  But having pets means having accidents and that is what a good carpet cleaner is for, right?  I am meticulous with their boxes.  Is this TMI? My nose is acutely sensitive. THat’s a good thing. I know in an instant if there is anything amiss.  I can get completely nuts about it. Super crazy nuts about it.   OR I can clean it up and be calm about it.  

I even bought the UV light thing that you shine around the house and it turns any urine spots bright purple as you shine it in the dark.  This way I know there are no other places that have been stained.  

Cannot believe I ‘ve nearly spent a whole post on this.  How do you deal with accidents.? (by the way I NEVER yell at my animals if they have an accidents) Of course I will bring him to the vet if it happens again. 

*one more thing.  In yesterdays comments I deleted the word “I” .  Today’s word will be pretty easy to figure.


Photo Caption Day (no new Knitting)



“Excuse us.  Hello. We changed our minds”  (Beatles and the tiny Pie)

DSCF1380“Technology has really improved weather warnings ” I say.

DSCF1430“Future Tour de France winner, already loves chocolate milk”

DSCF1607“Would make a great sock colorname: Bing Bing Bing!”

I haven’t decided on a comment word for today.   But I shall think of one. I’m off to read your blogs.

Let it Rain

*First up Gardening.  You can skip it if you wish, it is followed by knittingDSCF1736It’s a funny thing about my gardening.  The things I neglect are thriving; the things I protect are …not.   We have two lovely wild apple trees in our woods.  They are just overflowing with apples.

No doubt most of the apples will be for the wildlife here and that is their purpose.  I will, however, pick a few for us and for the horses at the barn.  I ‘d like to think my pollinator houses helped the bees who helped the trees who live in the house that Kathy did not build.

We are having those heavy thunderstorms that can produce inches of rain very quickly.   If you are having them too, I hope you are dry and safe.  Ever since the big rains started,  my Clematis , newly planted, are wilting and the leaves are brown.  I think they are not going to make it.  That’s 3 plants at 15 dollars a piece and all for naught.  That’s two good skeins of yarn friends.

The Cosmos seeds, I casually dropped in the soil and forgot about are growing and look very happy.

Geraniums: blooming.  Such a no brainer

Stone crop: established and ready to bloom

Lupine; took well, but no blooms this first year

Petunias in pots, getting leggy.  I trimmed them back yesterday.

Ornamental grasses : they were split in spring and took well to new locations


This is a prize knit bag.  All of you lovelies who have created Twiddle Mitts are entered in the drawing.  I will draw soon.  I love these cheery bags.  They are thick and solid.  I know you knit them without the promise of a prize, but I want to say thanks again.  I take some time out from my shawl to keep knitting mitts.  It is a nice balance.


I’ve been challenging myself with leaving you interesting comments.  If I visit your blog you may have noticed I left some rhyming comments the other day.  It is good for my brain.  Yesterday, all comments included the word SUPER somewhere in the text.  Today I will incorporate the word “rain” into all my comments.




DSCF1732What can I say?  This Lindsay Shawl is making me a very happy knit lady.  As Pride Goeth Before the Fall, I’ll stop there.   I have a tendency to mess the whole lovely thing up in the end.  (Ahem, sock toe finishes are often the worst part for me) 

So, today while I knit on this, I’ll just pretend I’m not nearing the end.  It is just knits and purls, Kathy B, just knits and purls . 

Both Al and my dear great knit pal Karen, tell me I complicate things.  I’m trying so hard not to, on all levels of my life.  Since my mom’s passing, I feel an akward sense of calm.  I keep telling myself this is good.  We don’t need drama. 

So, Simplify.  Embrace the peace.  My mom would want that.  She led a simple life in a complicated marriage.  She looked for peace all her life.  I think she is sending me some now.   Thanks MOM!!  I feel you right here with me.  It is a good feeling.  


Monday Q and A, July 10th 2017

Shall we?

DSCF1728*I’m overjoyed that the mason bees are putting their eggs  in both pollinator boxes here.  What kind of crops do you see in your state?

*This has been a question before, but it is a good one: When was the last time you wore a handknit ?

*Have you ever seen the Secret Service in person?

*Do you know  a poem by heart?

*Do you attach a new ball of yarn to your knits at the end of a row or a few inches in?

*What is a rule in your house?

*Have you been stuck behind a cyclist, a tractor or a bus most recently?

*What’s your favorite summer pie?

*Do you know a clever yarn shop name?

*Are you still hearing fireworks?

MY answers:

1- We have asparagus in one field, beans in others and always always corn fields.

2-Saturday night I wore my acrylic poncho at the summer outdoor concert.  (America the old band was playing nearby)

3-Fireman and I were sure we saw Secret Service at the concert.  The next morning a friend confirmed that indeed two Governors were in attendance.  I ‘m not a fan of either so I won’t name them!

4-Cloths of Heaven, by William Butler Yeats

5-I usually add the yarn at the end of a row, but the new shawl book I’m reading suggests otherwise.  She says go an inch in or so then change.

6-Rule: Those that cooketh, do not cleanith!


8-Key lime

9-Three Bags Full in Northbrook Illinois

10- YES. C’mon folks  .  9 a.m. on Sunday morning!  STOP!

Therapy on a Boat


Life’s good when:

-a friend takes you out on their boat for the day

-you catch walleye and blue gill

-your son is in town and has to spend the day within the same few feet as you on a boat and appears to really enjoy it

-the weather is about as perfect as can be, 79-80 with clouds that are only for decoration in the blue blue sky

-you master the next step of your knit shawl that you were….ummmm…..kind of….not sure you could master

-you sleep soundly after a very very good day

-there is no time for T.V., news or the like

-you feel a bit restored, a bit righted, and grateful for the invitation to Boat therapy