Thank you for all the hugs!


I really appreciate all your wisdom love and  hugs from yesterday’s post.  This is an amazing community.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. You are so kind and so sweet.    You are a part of my life that I never expected!    Going to the barn helped me yesterday, too.   I had a little cry with one office person and felt so so much better afterwards.  Now enough of the crying!

I have to tell you how amused Fireman and I were the other day.  We were asked to feed our friend’s cats  while they were away.  They also left us a note to turn on the automatic floor vacuum.  The ROBO vacuum.  Have you seen these things in person?

We were pretty amazed and we laughed at how we watched the thing sweep their floors.  We were so skeptical.  But it seemed to work.  So George Jetson like!

I’m loving the shawl pattern and will show it to you tomorrow . !!!  It is easy and fun at the same time.  I should make some big progress as the weather encourages me to knit today and tomorrow. Sunday warmth returns for MOTHERS Day!!



A Recipe for YOU!

DSCF6399 (1).jpg(The orioles are Fireman’s favorite.  They are here all day now. Several of them.  We have to fill the grape jelly holder every day. Wow. )

I am going to give you my very favorite Delicious Dump Cake recips from Wyss and Moore’s book.

Triple Berry Cobbler

Heat oven to 350

Spray 9 by 13 pan with non stick spray

You need 3 ingredients!

2 (16oz) bags frozen berries  I use all blueberries.

1 18 oz box vanilla cake mix

12-16oz lemon lime soda.


Put the berries in the pan

Whisk the cake mix with the lemon lime soda well.  Pour over the berries. Bake for 45 minutes till bubbly and golden.
THIS IS SO LIGHT and so yummy. I serve it with cool whip.  ENJOY

Now here’s my little confession:

I had a big boo hoo about Mothers day last night.  Fireman asked me what I wanted for mothers day and I said for it to be over.  My mom died the day after mothers day last year.  I know it is all normal, but the wave of grief felt so sad.  Then I read someone’s post about missing their mom and I felt much better.  And i cried a little more.

I want to change my focus and celebrate moms of all kinds on this mothers day.  I talk to my mom every day.  I love my children and am so blessed to be their mom.  So  can you go through all the stages of grief in one day?  Do you have a good tip for me?   How can I celebrate and be happy?  That’s what my mom would want….

Onward with the Shawl Knitting


Okay, I’m done with dishrags for a bit!  I knitted 5 cloths and we desperately needed new ones.   The Crazy Eights pattern was awesome (Judy? Thanks) It is easy to memorize.  I made 3 of those and 2 squares.  What better way to show you than with Deb’s soap?!!


This Poncho Please is no more.  After a couple of weeks of knitting, I ripped her out yesterday.  Why did I want something that would look like a box on me?  I timed my ripping out: 12 minutes to undo the stitches.  You have to laugh!

I found a lovely shawl pattern that I am using the same yarn for: Free pattern from The Woolly Brew,  The Super Eyelet Shawl.  You’ll be seeing it grow here.

We have storms and everything is exploding in the trees and shrubs. It is so very green and lush.  The funny thing is Fireman and I feel this Midwest pressure to do EVERYTHING while the sun is shining….as if the door will close and winter will be back.   He rode his mountain bike in the morning yesterday and he cycled with the local group last night.  I took a good walk after weeding yesterday.

I have to tell you that we have so many tracks in the snow in the winter that I got fireman a camera for his birthday.  It takes photos of animals that go by.  So far. Nada!  Not a squirrel not a deer, not even dogman.  We know they are out there.  It was a very inexpensive toy.  Stay tuned for WHAT IS OUT THERE?



Monday Q and A , Just Because


Sunday was Fireman’s birthday.  Late Saturday we got a call from friends who asked if I wanted to ride their horse Tucson on Sunday.  So for Fireman’s birthday , I got to ride.




WordPress won’t let me add a photo tonight ! I’ll try again tomorrow.  Gheesh.

My hair is doing a whoop dee doo in the wind!!  I don’t care.  It was great.  I haven’t been on a horse in 5 years.  Fireman shared his birthday with me!


  1. When’s the last time you rode a horse?
  2. Did you knit as much as you wanted this weekend?
  3. What is the last thing you made with Bisquick.?
  4. Are you watching out for romaine lettuce problems?
  5. When your sister gets a new puppy do you want one?
  6. Do you add salt to taste to your food?
  7. What’s your favorite summer dessert?
  8. Have you memorized a knit pattern?
  9. Did you keep a plant alive from last year inside until this Spring?
  10. Does your hair misbehave more in summer or winter weather?




Teresa’s Bead Win, Thanks!

DSCF6352.jpgThe little beaded purses I made last fall, just couldn’t stay closed with the drawstrings.   I think the bead, handmade by Teresa, and given me in her contest, is the perfect closure.   The strings are a tight but moveable fit.  A perfect use for the gift bead. Thanks Teresa!!!  I love it. I’ll think of you when I use this little bag.  The bead has flowers and stars pressed into it.  Adorable!


If you missed the full moon the other night…here you go.  The trees have budded out significantly with our warmth, storms and encouragement since then.  Soon we will have leaves.

Happy Friday!

Thanks for the Dishcloth Support


Well that’s a funny way for this forwarded photo to come up.  But isn’t it beautiful? My friend Helen, has a niece who is a baker by hobby.  This was the cake she made for a relative last weekend.  Wow.   I love the chocolate flowers.

Thanks everyone for the dishcloth love!  I’m plugging away.

Judy suggested the Crazy 8 free ravelry pattern and it will be next in my cloth cast on plans.

I think I will try the hobby lobby brand as you’ve said it is easy on the hands.  I know cotton can be troublesome.  The yarn I’m using now is very light so I’m not having issues and that’s great.

The Dishcloth support group is a good one for me!

Seems we have had a run of friends with some difficulties and I’m trying to be a good listener.   It is the least I can do.  My niece is improving especially in her spirits. I’m trying to be very mindful of all the good things in life to counteract the sad circumstances friends are enduring.  I tell myself the good things as I can get bummed out if I don’t.

So :
Yesterday we had our first hummingbirds of the year come to our feeders.  We had just put the feeders  out the day before.  Wheeee!

We had a tufted titmouse bird at the water bath for a few fleeting moments too.

We had great storms come through which herald the true sign of Spring here.  They were not dangerous just beautiful to me.

As the storms were approaching late last night we could hear the turkeys gobbling somewhere in the woods.  That was odd and kind of funny.

More storms tonight.  I find them beautiful.






Don’t Laugh, or Go Ahead


I cast on a dishcloth yesterday.

This is the cotton yarn I have on hand.

After mentioning my dishcloths are all well worn and weary….I wanted to knit some.

I hereby proclaim May Dishcloth month.

For those of you who see right through this, yes I am about to frog the poncho.

I’m not feeling the love.

I need to let it sit before I rip it out.

So sit it will.

This is perhaps the ugliest colorway  I’ve ever purchased.  So I won’t be sad when the spaghetti sauce ruins it some day.

There is no shame in dishcloth knitting.  I have used mine and those given me to the point of holes.

Dishcloth knitting is not fancy or fair material, but I’m into it.

Anyone want to join me?