Bye Bye MotherBears

DSCF0700Cubbie was bear number 3.  I under stuffed this guy on purpose.  The suggestion is to make it squeezable and soft.  I like his eyes and they were a suggestion on the pattern as well.

DSCF0701So to review, here’s  Cubbie, Olga and Barney.  Shipped them off to the Minnesota PO Box with 3 dollars per bear for shipping costs out of the USA.

I’m done for a bit, as is Karen.  They were fun to make.  I did get a bit stressed with the ears and faces each time.  I sure hope someone will be happy to have them.

Knit plan: Back to small yarn and small needles. Possibly for fingerless mitts for gifts at Christmas time.

Monday Q & A….April 17th

DSCF0740*Easter goodies surrounded me yesterday like yarn in a yarn store.  I caved for the cookies.  Did you indulge in any sweets this weekend?

*I’m mailing my Motherbearproject bears off today.  I’m ready to knit some fingerless.  Do you have a favorite thumb gusset for fingerless?

DSCF0727.jpg*This little Easter toddler was enchanted with the hoola hoops that her bigger cousins could use.  She preferred stepping in and out of the big colored circles. I could never hoola for long, could you?

DSCF0721 (1)*Our fun pals from Connecticut, who moved to Chicago are our orphaned holiday buddies.  Nick, Dayna and Matt visited this weekend for Easter.  I fed them, I hid Easter candy for them and I thoroughly enjoyed laughing with them.  Do you have holiday guests of this nature?

*I don’t know why, but Miss Pie decided to let Nick hold her.  For a loooooong time.  Miracles happen .  Have you been watching April the giraffe and her baby delivery?


*The malted milk ball dump cake was just okay.  I made another dump cake with berries, yellow cake and lemon lime soda.  It was fantastic.  It may not look as nice, but I bring food to parties in disposable containers.  No fuss for the host or me afterwards.  Do you prefer to put your contributions in a nice dish or an easy one?

*I am knitting a garter shawl in Noro cotton.  Don’t tell the shawl.  Garter and I usually don’t do well.  It is a small shawlette and it will be great for next to my neck chill chasing.  I’ve finally found a Noro yarn that I like a lot.  Have you tried their cotton blend yarn?

*The Ravelry Motherbear group threads were a huge help to me while knitting the bears. Lots of great tips.  I think this is one of the best parts of Ravelry.  So much information is out there for us for free.  Do you study project pages comments on Ravelry before casting on? I do.

*Go ahead. Ask ME a question!!!


Easter Weekend 2017

DSCF0703So Easter is upon us!

Our grown children are away, so we are having other grown children who live far from their families for Easter dinner tonight. Tomorrow, In law time and all the great nieces and nephews will be in their Easter finery.

I did find Easter malted milk balls and am preheating the oven now to bake the dump cake.

I was more involved in Lent this year than recent years.  All of your posts about past Easters made me think of mine as a child.

Mom always made sure we had a wonderful basket with jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, a stuffed bunny and all that fake grass that she vacuumed up for weeks.  When I saw mom this week, I sang Here Comes Peter Cottontail to her and she laughed.

Surely her day of Glory will come, and she will be welcomed by the Saints and Angels as she meets her God.  There is comfort in that.  Happy Easter.

A Bear of a Bear

DSCF0694This guys giving me arm troubles..  (His arms not mine.)   I think I’m on my fourth ripping out of the arm.   I want each bear to be better than the last.  This one will be Cubbie.

I’m in charge of dinner on Saturday and Desserts on Sunday.   Dump cakes will reign supreme.  I plan a berrylemon and  a chocolate peanut butter.  I looked everywhere for colored malted eggs and could find none.  What happened to those?  There is a recipe for malted milk ball dump cake…..maybe I’ll try Target….

Spring, Passover, Easter

whatever you celebrate I hope you feel extra peaceful this weekend.

Sister Visit


What’s behind Door number 1?  Four cats.  Dear Dash, my sister’s Gordon Setter  (an top agility GS last year) knew his nose did not lie.  He was on point a few times yesterday.  The cats go into the basement while the silly boy visits. 

unnamed-4Yesterday was perfect for a Lake Geneva trail walk.  Flowers are blooming and soon, I hope, all the piers that block our views on the walk, will be back in the water.

unnamed-5I’ve never seen the lake so calm.  Visits with Michelle, my vet sister are always moving and full of sisterly family love.  We tell stories about mom and we love our animals so much.  Our family of origin has many painful memories, as do so many other families.  Ours was far from perfect.  Still, my mom’s love for us got us through tough times.  


Here’s a not great image of the Wisconsin Capitol last night. Deb, Caffeine girl gave us some dining suggestions!  Thank you Deb.  Deb and I are hoping to have a pretend friend meet up in MAY!!!

Some car knitting was done on a simple shawl in cotton/linen.  Today I’ll get back to my 3rd bear


A Quick Post ….

The rest of the cats are just as beautiful as Fezzik.  Tank’s eyes are the most beautiful blue.  Ice blue.  Miss Pie is a beauty because she’s so tiny.  Beatles does not like the camera, but he is one beautiful black cat who is in sleek, muscular shape.  See, no favorites. 🙂

Fireman has had this Paramount Schwinn Track bike for over 25 years.  I know he rode it once on a velodrome track.  She’s been in our basement, our living room, our lives for years.  Time to let go!

There is a brand new bike and coffee shop in Lake Geneva. The owner is thrilled to have this bike in the shop for others to enjoy.  It may sell , it may not.  I don’t find bikes or cars for that matter, to be things of beauty.  But those that do, find this bike amazing.  So off she went yesterday to be admired there.

DSCF0687DSCF0671.jpgFinally, big news of the day. My sister is coming to visit!!!!!!  She arrives soon with her dear dog Dashielle.  He is a goofy Gordon Setter who has won big agility awards. She is my veterinarian sister.  There won’t be much knitting today, but I’m still working on bears.  I also cast on a mindless shawl knit yesterday on the way to visit mom while Fireman drove.  I have to focus on Motherbearproject knitting, so I needed a car knit.  This is my 5th cast on for the cotton blend Noro for a shawl.

Sisters.  I love my sister Michelle. !!!

8 Hours Without Tech

DSCF0667Meet MotherBearProject #2 Bear: Barney.  I’m still having ear issues which I hear is common as a newbie to the project.  He’s Barney because I had to cover a mistake with a crochet heart.  Barney Clark was the first brave artificial heart recipient.  Remember?  He passed away, but wanted to help advance science with his efforts.  So here’s Barney.  (Karen’s second bear has blue jeans on…..oh it is so cute) 

I made it for 8 hours without iphone, text, computer, email or the like, yesterday.  I have to admit I was a bit anxious to see my mail and text messages by 5 pm.

I didn’t develop a facial tic or anything, but around 3 pm I was definitely thinking I wanted my FAST to be over.  While I was busy,  yesterday , it was of course, easy.  As the day wound down though, I was ready to communicate via cyberspace again.

The wasps are back.  I read they are pollinators too.  Sigh. I have decided to try to trick them instead of kill them.  I read you can make a fake wasp nest with a paper bag. They are territorial , and hopefully not too bright, so the bag should make them think there is already a nest here….so move along.  We’ll see. I’m all  about the bees and I can’t justify killing any pollinators!  DSCF0676.jpg