Having FUN Despite the Weather


Here’s our girl, cracking up, after her team finally WON BAR TRIVIA last night. 

It is so good to see her laughing!  And it is so good to see others laughing with her. It is a new YEAR!  After many many months of concern, her cat had a negative urine culture!!!  Minion, her gorgeous gray, had to have emergency surgery last summer.  This was upsetting, expensive and it seemed to continue to be a problem for a long time.  Finally, he’s improved!  I think  I told you Al’s pipes froze last week.  It was still 2017 however..and now it is 2018 and  here she is!  unnamed-3.jpg

Here’s my little First of 2018 sock.  The aqua pot in the image keeps hot water hot all day long!  Al gave it to us for Christmas.  No more running to the stove to reheat water for our pour over coffee.  It is wonderful.  I don’t have to tell you how a nice hot cuppa helps when it is so cold outside! (brand : elechomes)

Fireman joined a group of cyclists called the Treadheads last year.  I am happy to report that he did not join the crazies, (I believe there were 8 of them) who bundled up and rode their bikes on the snowy trails LAST NIGHT.  He must think that  I must be a lot more fun. (huddled under the electric throw with a big Maine coon cat by my side, occasionally moaning about my tooth.  Right?)

IF I happen to be in a post extraction delerium today and I happen to see that sale still going on at Simply Socks…..I may have to cave on a colorway that’s been taunting me. 

IF you happen to know of a good article for me to read today, please pass it along.  I like to read a good article !  I figure I don’t need an ice pack, there’s plenty of snow.  And it is cheaper than a steak.  (why did cartoons show people with a steak on their face after swelling) ? 

Here’s the pretty sunset last night. Stay safe, find a way to smile!DSCF5367 (1).jpg




The First FOUR days OF January 2018


Blowing snow and horses.  We helped out at the barn yesterday.  It is a tonic for whatever ails me.   (Sort of.)   It was warm enough for our lovely herd to go out while we cleaned their stalls. Poop freezes like poopsicles.   Did you know that?

What the Barn couldn’t fix is my tooth.  I think Stef went through this last year.  I need a painful tooth extracted tomorrow and we begin the healing and eventual implant process.  This particular tooth has been an issue for years for me. I’m at the point where I’d pull it myself if need be.  Well that’s just hyperbole, but you get the idea.  If ANYONE has ideas for me, thoughts, etc, I’m ready to hear it.

Please pass along your most delicious non crunchy, food thoughts.  I have to maintain my weight, too, so I’ll only have one day of poor me and a milkshake.  Thanks!


This is a Parachico.  In Chiapas, where Zach is teaching, they have a big big festival in the streets of Chiapas De Corzo.  The festival is from Jan 15 to 23rd.  It has it’s roots in the old indigenous culture.  It is a tribute to a wonderful mother who saved her sick son.  So one night of the festival the town’s men dress as women to honor her.

This is how they dress.  It is a big big deal.  Zach gave Troy this parachico.  I’m all for honoring mothers!

I hope the weather does not hinder any of you in a serious way.  We are warm and safe and dry and I’m grateful.  I hope the same for you. Oh and Al’s pipes did not burst.  They unfroze.  She has her washing machine back in her life!  She’s happy.

As for knitting, I’ve been very tempted to order from SIMPLY SOCKS big sale, but I’ve Resisted.  So far.  We are 4 days into the new year. Have you ordered any yarn?

It’s so cold……that


How cold is it?
It’s So cold I’m wearing my knitted sweaters again.  I knit this one last year in a flurry with big needles and sore hands.  However,  she’s an acrylic wonder and she kept me warm yesterday.   Funny, how in warm weather the thought of sweaters chokes me.  Not this week!

Where’s the shawl ? (you ask) 

Well, the shawl is in a time out.  It was making me crabby.  I need help with the C chart of the pattern. And , I needed something to make me knit happy.  So, thanks to Allison and Dee, I’m knitting socks again.

Allison gifted me some DELICIOUS YARNS Frosting Worsted in Color: Jelly Bean

Delicious Yarns is from Valley Village, CA.

Dee created this fun pattern that I knit first thing in 2017.  It is her TAKE FIVE pattern.   Thanks Dee and Thanks AL!  I’m in the needle Zen again.

Again, how cold is it?

It is so cold, I had to play ping pong with Fireman as he already has cabin fever.  I do believe he’s patient zero this year.  Call him the first case!!  In order to keep it fair, I insisted he play me with his left hand.  We were laughing hard as he transitioned to using that hand.  Then he got better fast.  Still, I beat him 21-20 in the end.

How’s the weather effecting you?  I kind of like this…..


Into the Post year 2018 We GO!


Happy New Year!

Like many of you, we are so cold today, that I could only run out and fill the fresh water and bird feeders all hurry scurry.  I want to build a fire for the birds, and Fireman laughs and says the birds know how to stay warm.  Really?

Last night in the hot tub here, my hair literally, froze.  We have a new tradition in the new house, where we get in the hot tub new years eve.  That’s about as exciting as we get!

Poor Al.  It is only 4 in Oklahoma City and her pipes froze.  It was like one last slap in the face from 2017 to that girl. She keeps fighting back though.  She’s a coper.

She will be hosting her first Tuesday TEXT post tomorrow here!  For all you readers out there, this is our 2018 gift to you!

I have ONE question for you today.  For Old times sake:

A friend said, yesterday, that her mom would say: “Do you want to come back to the house for coffee and?”   We never heard that?  Did your family say that?

Hope 2018 Starts out with love and knitting


A Fun Blog Finish to the Year 2017


*Isn’t this a fun photo?  I ribbed some fingerless and gave them to a dear friend of Zach’s this year.  Lara loves her fingerless.  Her she is with Zach, far away in Mexico using the fingerless gift.  Zach knew I’d love to see her enjoying them.!

*I have nothing left to give away. !!!!  I managed to gift or donate all that was in my drawer as Finished objects.  I’m very utilitarian.  I’ll start the year anew, with you!


And this is a very old sweater that I fit in once again!  It is so so cold here .Below zero digits.  This wooly wonder was a Knitting Pure and Simple Pullover sweater.  I made one for my sister too. I bet it is ten years old.

I want to tell you all, if you watch the Rose Bowl Parade on New Years, AL’s office has a float in it every year.  Oklahoma Life Share does a wonderful float with donors families  and recipients both included on the float!!  So watch for it!

Finally, I won’t review the whole knit year, but the beading was a fun addition to my skills.

I’m ripping out my lace shawl to the lifeline today!  Wish me luck .

THank you dear ones for another fun year of knitting, blogging and sharing the things that matter so much to us.   Here’s to a better one in 2018!

Beyond Happy

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  I’m knitting it.  I’m doing it.  Lace shawl. 

Look close.  G’head.  See my floss lifeline?  Oh my gosh, I just saw the leaves. 

Okay, so I have to admit, the next Chart C has me completely bamboozled.

But, someone on Ravelry had my issue and wrote it out clearly! 

I better go get a lottery ticket. 

If you’ve been busy, and who hasn’t, it is the First Fallen Leaves Shawl pattern and I’m knitting it with Claudia’s Handpaint Exuberance in Magic Elixir. 

Scored it for 30% off at a Yarn sale !!!!!

I think this is a miracle! 

A Question and an Answer but not a Q and A


I’ll be hosting a New Years give away.  Al found this gorgeous butterfly needle checker somewhere in the South recently.   I say it will  be amongst the prizes. DSCF5348.jpg


Oh I can’t even tell you how slow the knit go is around here as I launch the lace shawl.  First Fallen Leaves is the pattern.  I don’t mind though because I’m succeeding slowly!DSCF5347.jpg

The technology challenged couple that lives here, had a a 90 minute discussion with Apple Technical support last night. It appears we are up and running.  It made for a massive headache, literally on my part. Some skinny girl margaritas may have been sipped during the conversation.  Shannon at Apple support, thank you.  You have kept us from the dark and noisy chambers of the APPLE store.  

Finally, I am going to end this year with another charitable knit giveaway. This scarf is so soft and is going to the Wisconsin Winter Clothing Drive today.       My goodness it is cold here today.  I went to bed thinking we should have a fire in the firepit just for the poor wild birds’ sake.  


And lastly a question:  Do you want me to respond to your comment questions on my blog in the comments?  I find that would be a pain for most of you. My answer is to email you directly when you leave me with a question.  Perhaps, this looks to others as if I don’t answer you.  What should I do about this in the future?