I Need a Little Christmas

You remember the painting my friend Larry Bychowski gave me last Christmas….I leave it up all year because I love it so.  Coming home from a large family cousins gathering last night, so many homes were already decorated and lighting up the night.  Lovely, just lovely.  I dont’ decorate this early, but I just adoreContinue reading “I Need a Little Christmas”

Thanksgiving Week Monday Q and A

Happy Thanksgiving Week 2016  Let‘s play Question and Answer.  I’m thankful for you playing along, it really helps me know you better! *So it got cold here!  What’s a silver lining for you and the cold? (the crazy bugs are dead.  I’ve never seen so many bugs now that we live in the countryside.  Box elderContinue reading “Thanksgiving Week Monday Q and A”

Thank A Worker Bee Movement

I’ve got a new plan.  To finish 2016 I’m going to thank a worker bee every day by filling out a form that goes to their supervisors.  Yesterday at my Piggly Wiggly grocery, Crystal, above, quizzically asked me if I was a Senior Citizen.  The manner in which Crystal  asked was complimentary, and I responded, “defineContinue reading “Thank A Worker Bee Movement”