In Mysterious Ways


If you could say a prayer for my mom, I’d appreciate it.  Not a good visit last night at the nursing home.  She needs to be at peace.  Then, I went to my last shelter Board meeting and fireman went to say hi to his firehouse pals.  Little did he know that he’d meet 7 Golden’s in training as comfort dogs.

The Lutheran Ministry trains these pups so they can be service dogs once they are grown.  I want two.

I needed a comfort golden after the visit with mom .  Glad Fireman got to enjoy them.


I promised knitting.  I’m knitting a black cat.  This image shows the tail already stuffed in the back of the toy.  I’m sorry, my warped sense of  humor knows it could be seen as a different part of anatomy, but I’m in a hurry this morning!  No time for another photo retake.



Around the House

DSCF0791I will have knitting to show you tomorrow. Promise!  Look, a few tulips in the new yard.   We planted 3 clematis plants over the weekend.  I’d love them to cover the lattice near the hot tub.  We picked some early bloom, mid bloom and late hoping for a season of buds and blooms.

I am almost ready to transplant my winter sow, lupine seedlings.  The hollyhock were a fail.  So I got one jug of maybe ten seedlings. It was a fun experiment.  IF the lupine actually transplant fine and bloom, then I’ll call it a success.  Val’s been far more successful with her winter sow.

DSCF0787The goldfinches are in all their golden glory.


Big news…  We saw a chickadee going in and out of the birdhouse around dinnertime last night. I’d  be overjoyed if they used that house.  DSCF0798.jpgDSCF0567

This sad little face appears when we pull out of the driveway.   Huck would always look out the window when we left him at home.  I’m sure Fezzik  heads to the couch and sleeps until we return.  (Because, when we hit the garage door opener he comes running to the front door. )  Still, they sure know how to tug at your heartstrings .

I’m writing you from the screened porch.  It is a glorious day here.  Yesterday Fireman and I rode bikes for an hour.  The windows in the house are open.

If you haven’t read Dee’s answers to my q and a, and you need a laugh, go over to Pointy Little Sticks!



April 23rd, Monday Q and A

DSCF0664Welcome to this Monday’s Questions and Answers. Please play along and per Teresa’s request, the questions will come first this time.

1* When are you most hungry?  Morning , Noon or Night?

2* Are you still eating Easter Candy?

3* Do you keep a shawl or wrap in your car?

4* Have you ever knit a snood?

5* What’s a neighbor’s most annoying habit?

6* What’s the population of your town?

7* What did you knit on this weekend?

8* Have you ever ridden a tandem bike?

9* Laundry: top load or front load?

10.* Price of your last haircut?

My answers:

  1. Hungry hungry hungry at night. Could eat a cardboard box at night.  I swear.
  2. Fireman always has jelly beans in the house. Always.  So yes.
  3. I’m going to start to keep a wrap/shawl in my car.  I was so cold at a restaurant Friday.  It made the whole dinner difficult to be so cold.  Over airconditioned!
  4. I want to knit a snood.  I have a pattern in mind.  I need the right yarn.
  5. Our neighbors have no fence and let their dog run amuck.
  6. Population 7,700.
  7. I knit on fingerless gloves (worsted goes sooooo fast!)  and a sock.
  8. We had a tandem bike.  We begged for it, my sister and I . It was the most awful thing to try to ride.  Bulky, combersome, and the like. I swear we fell off it more than we rode it!  It was green, I remember that much.
  9. Top-load!  I prefer it.
  10. Way too much.  I spent 58.00 on the haircut.  What?  I’m going to supercuts next time.  It is a simple style.  I don’t want to spend that much again. I hate to compare every darn thing to yarn, but 58 dollars is some good yarn money. Right?

Cowboy Boots

I’m very much regretting not purchasing cowgirl boots from Oklahoma.  I am currently using some from Mexico that are awesome….but when  I wear them out….I’m going to wish I had purchased some.  There were so many cool cowboy and cowgirl boots there.  Prices were pretty reasonable. 

Accomplished more than expected today! Took Pie to the vet, all’s well.  Then gave her a bath.  She may just run away tonight. She’s not happy with us.  She’s confined to the house so she can’t run far…..

Then I gave my car baby a big bath.  Little Honda Rhonda, at 19 years of age has 115,000 miles on her.  She’s getting 30 miles to the gallon up here on the country roads.  She even got the inside vacuumed.  

Now that the hyacinth and daffodils are spent, I moved them away from underneath the yews. They were probably planted there long ago and the yews spread out over them.  They should bloom in a nice spot next year.  

I’ll be taking out my knitting next.  The second long long fingerless mitt.  

Happy Earth Day.  !

Better Late than Never Friday

DSCF0774 (2)

My fingerless progress: 

*The yellows are the ones that looked orange in another light the other day.  Kim, your gift of the yellow worsted is already put to great use!  It is Schachenmayer Original in Washable wool 85.  Love it.

*The blues are a modification of the first pattern.  Same fantastic thumb gusset, but I knitted stockinette instead of ribbing the whole cuff.  I wanted long cuffs. Yarn is Malabrigo Rios.  I’m making some fingerless for our teachers at the Equestrian Therapeutic Riding Stables.   (Holiday gifts have begun)

*We have some flowering ground cover blooming in our woods.  The stumps are from the evil buckthorn that was removed by yours truly and Fireman last fall. We wanted to open up the choked area and remove lots of buckthorn.  Hooray we have a floor with flowers now.   Heard and saw orioles today!  Turkeys were visiting last weekend.

DSCF0775 (1)

Sorry for the late post today.  We are up and out early for Horse time.

A Thank You Post

unnamedThe night light makes this very golden fingerless glove look orange.

*Thanks Betsy for an awesome thumb gusset pattern in this fingerless!
Abernathy Naturals Simple Ribbed Mitts.

*Thanks Fireman’s friend Pat, who took Fireman to the WORLD SERIES WINNING CUBS Game yesterday.  Sorry you two were ‘COLD” and left before the WSW Cubs walk off homer!!!

*Thanks my Easter orphan guests who showered me with LUSH soaps and hair products.

*Thanks Wisconsin for your tornado warning drills today. Thanks for all the advance warnings that this is a drill!

*Thanks Arm and Hammer Slide cat litter.  I don’t even mind scooping the boxes anymore.

*Thanks Antennae.  Do to you we can get a lot more channels.  For a one time purchase fee of 89.00.

*Thanks all of you for being part of my day!

Making Peace with Noro

DSCF0745DSCF0743I should also call this post, making peace with Garter.
A small miraculous thing happened.  I knit this shawlette in Noro’s cotton blend and it feels perfect next to my skin.  I also, knit the whole thing in garter.

Garter and I usually fight. We fight hard.  We go to our rooms and pout.  What is the easiest stitch for some, is usually a hot mess for me.  I get too lazy while knitting garter and I drop stitches.  Mindless is as mindless does? 

This was knitted almost entirely in the car, between teddy bear knits.  I needed a travel knit.  I would actually try NOT to think of  how I was succeeding with this garter knit while I was knitting it.  

(shawl was :  cast on 20 . then for each row knit 2, in next stitch (only) knit in front and back,

to the last 3 stitches.  On third to last stitch knit in front and back.  Every row. )DSCF0756