Monday Q and A July 23 2017


(suffice to say Al had a very relaxing vacation. Thanks OuterBanks!)

Ready? Set?  Here we go!  Have fun. Join in if you wish.

*Do you remember a bad sunburn?

*What is the last game you played?  (card game or board game)

*Do you have a statue in your house of any kind?

*Have you seen the new needle that threads your safety line for lace?

*Why do they call them point protectors when they are really protecting the stitches from falling off?

*What kind of knitting or crocheting has dominated your summer?

*Have you seen an ice cream truck this summer?

*Cold summer salad preference: Pasta salad or bean salad or fruit salad?

*Your favorite summer sandals are made by _____

*Do you have a favorite old photograph taken in the summer ?

My Answers

*I had a very bad burn in my teens.  I had a strapless navy one piece swim suit that showed too much chest.   I was on lakes in the Boundary Waters and I burned badly. I couldn’t sleep at all for two nights.  They blistered and ouch ouch ouch.  Never again.

*The last game I played was a card game called ANOMIA, very fun.  Two weeks ago

*I have a statue of the Blessed Mother (a few) and a Statue of St. Joseph.  St. Jude fell off his stand, and he’ s in a drawer.  Sorry St. Jude, I just found you and felt awful. I also have a gnome that is cracking outside.

*I’m trying to upload the photo of the needle that threads your safety line as you knit.  Here it is!


*I consider them stitch protectors.  Thanks heavens they keep those stitches from falling off.

*Shawls!  I never thought it would be a shawl summer, but there you go!  It is wonderful that there are so many things we can choose from when we create.

*I have NOT seen an ice cream truck out here in the country.   I have, however, found 3 very good ice cream shops within a short drive…..a dangerously short drive.

*Pasta salad……

*My sandals are made by Chaco. I live in them.

*My favorite photo is of me and my mom at a placed called Deer Park Lodge.  My mom is wearing white pedal pushers. That’s what she called them.  I am in a huge sweatshirt that was my big brother’s.  You see my mom and I together outside a cabin in the 60s.  She has a big big hairdo and cats eye sunglasses on.  It is one of the only photographs of just me and my mom.  We had a big family.  You didnt’ get my mom to yourself often.  I cannot find this photo.  I so wish I had it.






Tinking Day

DSCF1772Before I can start on this skein and the lace portion of my shawl, sigh, I have some Tinking to do.  Seems Garter and I had a little drop stitch issue as the storms approached us last night. 

Because Kim’s alpaca is due at any moment with a cria, (baby) and her name is Tink, I will be tinking back to my error while I think of them.   I’m so hoping for a successful delivery and healthy mother and baby.   

We have 8 wonderful ladies in our Anything But Yarn Swap.  Swap is now closed.  I’ll be sending all of you instructions and pair ups this weekend.  Cindy, I need your email please.  

Have a wonderful Saturday.  !


I’m Supposed to Teach You Something

DSCF1782I was reading about improving my blog yesterday.  One tip was to teach something.  People like to learn.  Oh gosh, what do I know a lot about?  I know quite a bit about burning cookies, ignoring sounds my car makes, throwing in the towel with golfing, and cleaning up cat vomit.  

So today I give you some places  TO GO  where you will learn something:

-I contacted Linda at NobleKnits Yarns for permission to show their darling coin purse kit.  Linda promptly said of course:


I’m in love with this little purse. I’ve never ordered a kit.  Once I looked at the price I was thinking second thoughts.  It is 75.00.  I’ll put this in my someday pile. 

-Have I sent you to the EMPRESS OF DIRT Newsletter?  She has so many great garden ideas.  Everything from which plants like each other in pretty containers, to how to’s on creating darling garden art.  She keeps it up all weary winter for you, too.

-Check out : RealSimple for their no bake cookies and cake bars. Who wants to turn on the oven in this heat?

So there you go! Enjoy.

(The sunflower is a volunteer present that found its way from the birdseed and is bringing me great joy.  I didn’t plant it, weed by it, water it or count on it.  Such a blessing!)

The Anything But Yarn Swap

unnamedPal Karen, is working hard on her Butterfly/Papillion by Melchior.   Isn’t it gorgeous?  I see she likes the round stitchmarkers.  She had begun this in another size needle, and ripped the entire thing out and reknit in a smaller needle size.  I think she nailed it.

DSCF1773.jpgWe have these frogs of the miniature assortment.  They are sometimes green, white or gray.  I ‘m not sure if the same frog changes color or if they are always different colors.  One poor frog got onto the porch today and a big Maine Coon cat had a blast chasing it.

Nurse mother me, took it away from them.  Salmonella fears and all that…..

So let’s talk SWAP.  Shall we?

There was some interest when I mentioned it as one of my goals for the Year of Knitting post.

Here’s the details.   I’m the boss of this swap!  ha!

Last years dishcloth swap was a simple one and we all seemed to have fun with it.

So I think simple is key.

We will call it the:

*Anything BUT Yarn Swap

Your entire swap contents must fit in a 9.5 by 13.5 mailing envelope.  (boxes are far more expensive to mail…let’s keep the cost down)

Some ideas to fill your envelope :

*cards your swapper will love.  Themes can be knit, crochet, or anything your swap pal loves. So cat and dog and garden or camper  themes are A-OK

*Stitch markers…..who doesn’t love them or need more?


*needle point covers

*cable needles

*bags!  Small knit bags

*accessory bag/holders tins

*Non melting treats




If you are interested in this swap, please let me know.  The deadline for the swap will be mailed by The date of the Solar Eclipse Aug 21.  You have a month.




Knitting, Reading, Reading, Knitting…

DSCF1771.jpg-My friend Sandy went to New York City.  She had a blast and brought me this big mug. I hear there are white chocolate M&M’s now.   I would like to try them.  Nothing beats of bag of frozen M&Ms in my book.  They are off limits, but I can enjoy the mug.  The coffee buzz word around here is Nitro.  Have you tried a Nitro?  Its a cold coffee with a heady foam.  Very mellow.

-I’m knitting away on my Shawl. I don’t want to jinx this but it could be the Summer that garter and I make friends.

-So then, Books.

I’m still making my way through the Year of Living Bibically, and liking it very much. I find it fascinating.  and I find it funny!

Zach is reading Perfume, in Spanish.  It is critically acclaimed, but I don’t like murder  stories.

Al is with friends in the Outer Banks and that means Beach book marathon.

Al is reading Furiously Happy and laughing out loud.

Ginny is re reading Harry Potter.  Am I ever going to read those books?

Others in the group are reading: The Husbands Secret by Moriarity, Before the Fall, and Wonder.  One just finished Code Name Verify and told Al it would be a stressful read for her.


Finally, I give you Fletcher.  My friends’ dog.  I shared his boat with him yesterday .



DSCF1754-We have a winner in the Twiddle Mitt thanks contest.  NANCY. (WyomingBreezes)   I’ll be sending out the darling flower project bag prize this week. Again, thanks to all who so were so generous and made mitts for the Memory unit.

-I’m loving my new shawl project.  I’ll be switching to the SUGAR SHACK colorway pretty soon.

-Beatles is behaving much better.  No accidents since last week. DSCF1753

-using these Kitty Kaps in their drinking water.   They have  b vitamins, valeria root and other ingredients to reduce stress

-Either the scale is stuck or I am maintaining my weight.  I’m still counting points daily.  My family hears me say, “Too many points” at least once a day as I turn something wonderfully delicious down.

-The Barn has asked me to fill a vacancy on their Volunteer Staff.  They need a new writer for the Newsletter that is sent to sponsors.  I had mentioned my blog to someone there and there you go.

-I’m meeting with the Director Friday to see precisely what is involved.  Having just come off the Board at the Shelter back in Illinois, I am cautious about taking things on.  At first glance, however, it seems like a good fit.  Could be fun as I would BE the voice of the horses.  Advice?

Monday Q and A, July 16th 2017

Tis that time again.  Another week of Summer 2017 ….poof! gone.  Time for Monday Fun day.  Wanna play?


*Have you ever changed up a S’more?

*What yarn is on your needles?  (That you will work on today?)

*You can have a gift certificate to Knit Picks, Etsy, or Webs.  Which do you choose?

*What’s your middle name?  Do you use it at all?

*Last place you went that took cash only

*Have you ever had Baked Alaska?

*Give a yarn skein a name that reflects the nighttime

*Bar soap, foam soap or liquid hand soap?  (in your bathrooms)

*Last time you got a ticket?

*Last time you had a car-hop bring your carry out to you?

(Had to share this beautiful bling on a horse I saw today.   I was volunteering at the horse show in the County Fair Arena for our Barn benefit)

unnamed-2-I have heard the way to improve a S’more is to use a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup with the graham and toasted marshmallow.  I’ve yet to try it, but I WILL!

-The yarn on my needles is Sweet Georgia Sock Yarn in Linen.

-I’ll take the Webs Gift card, thanks

-My middle name is Ann.   Don’t use it much

-Cash only at the canteen today at the horse show.

-I have never had Baked Alaska, but I WILL!

-Night time yarn name: Firefly Dance:  it would be yellow and deep blue

-I love foam hand soap

-I got a parking ticket March 1 in Lake Geneva.  I didn’t know it is the start date for meter parking each year here.

-Last week!  Dog N Suds.  Diet Rootbeer please.  (and I had a few of Fireman’s french fries)

Hope to see your answers, I love to read them on your blog or mine