Let’s Count the Days!


ONE: less than 3 weeks till my son visits!!!! Will he stay? Will he go?  Only he will know!!!

TWO: 12 more days until the swap deadline!  I’m mailing my package out today.  If anyone is having any problems with the swap please let me know right away!

THREE: 45 more days until I See my dear daughter ALLI JO!

FOUR: Days until Summer solstice : 2 .

FIVE: Days until I get to the knit shop for more yarn: 3.

SIX: Days until Christmas………gotcha. Just kidding. Im not going there yet.



Are you counting down the days for anything?




June 18, Monday Q and A Fun

Shall we?

  1. Share a tip for  a low fat meal or snack that you love.
  2. What’s the last thing you purchased at a farmers’ market?
  3. Have you put a knit/crochet project in a time out recently?
  4. Did you know you can join Craftsy free (2 week trial)?
  5. How do you try to reduce your carbon footprint?
  6. Name a product you love.
  7. As a kid, did you play GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD BLOODY MURDER?
  8. How happy are you with your internet service?
  9. What color are you knitting with this week?
  10. Are you wearing any rings on your fingers today

unnamed-2.jpgHere are my answers:

1-Best low fat tip: Cook ground turkey and add Fennel seeds to the meat. If you add spaghetti sauce, it tastes like Italian sausage because of the fennel.

2- This weekend : Kenosha Farmers’ Market: smoked salmon for Fireman

3-The log cabin squares are in a time out.  I tried putting a few of them together last night . and oh boy.  Also, Update: the postal service had me file an insurance claim today. Really?  Both blankets are in a time out if you look at it that way.  BOO HOO

4-I did join Craftsy for 2 weeks. Thanks to whomever of you suggested it!

5-I try to reduce my carbon footprint by planting more trees.  I also only run the dishwasher when it is full.  We recycle of course.  I buy most of my clothing at resale shops.

6-A product i love: the ilife robotic vacuum.  We wake up to clean floors with no cat hair every morning.

7-had to play that game in the dark. Lots of screaming and fun.

8-not happy at all with Hughesnet.  2 year contract up soon.

9-I’m knitting with a beach colors.

10-Im wearing my wedding bands 🙂


Friday Round Up


Meet our groundhog.  He is busy in the woods eating lots of greens.(we do not use pesticides on our property )  I hope he is eating ticks too.  ! I spotted him around 8 a.m. yesterday . He seems to like the weeds in the forest area. I am delighted with all the wildlife around here that enjoy our woods.  It makes me think that we are doing something good by letting the woods be the woods. Except for eliminating buck thorn, (ha that may never be finished) we let it grow and die back as it pleases.    Welcome GUY!!   This must mean we have 6 more weeks of Summer.  (please!)


I  hope we don’t get rain during our outdoor ribbon cutting ceremony at SMILES barn today.  Lots of people completely rennovated the outdoor trail for the students.  It has a Western Theme and is now named Buckaroo Bend.  They’ve asked me to photograph the event.  So please, storms, anytime after 6 is fine.


I succeeded at paddle boarding  yesterday and did not fall.  It was fun but wow, I didn’t expect such a leg workout.  I was balancing and trying to keep my knees bent and my toes were instinctually grabbing the board.  We were out for 90 minutes.  I did not appreciate innocent boats creating waves that would come by.  I stayed close to the shore and I held on to a pier post while they passed.  I’d do it again for sure. The water is getting warmer and dunking would be a pleasure as the water warms up.


Al has a beautiful memorial quilt in the office of LIfeshare , Oklahoma. .  It was lovingly made to honor those who passed and have given their organs so others could live.  I don’t know who did all the quilt work, but I wanted to share it with you.   Because there are names and photos of donors, I shouldn’t. Only the organization can share photos of it.    Just know that it is simply beautiful.  Nancy, quilter extraordinarrre, Val, Chris  and my other sewing friends,  I think I know how much work this took because of your explanations over the years.

I think it is just lovely.  I don’t know if it stays with the office or if someone will win it at a fundraiser…….

Maybe Al can tell us more.

Happy Friday. I’ve got knitting to do .  I’m still making squares.  I’m probably half done.

Everyone Stay Calm

I need my knitblog pal karma.  The log cabin blanket I sent to Al on June 2nd has yet to arrive. Tracking shows no movement since June 8. It was mailed in a long USPS box.  I have been working with our post office.

They are “shaking some trees” as Steve my new personal postal person says.  He says they rarely lose things.  I’m trying hard to let it go.  Next step is to send him a photo of the item.  

Steve prides himself on having a good track record. He takes it seriously. He has told the powers that be , that this was a handmade gift to my daughter that took months to complete. 

So let’s send out great karma today, call on St. Anthony, burn some sage or do whatever you do when these things happen.  I’ve NEVER lost a package with USPS. 

Here’s a calm image to help us all stay calm.     Lake Geneva around sunset last night. Fireman wanted to go to the lake and go to the lake we did. It was beautiful.


Summer Wishes


Encouraged by AJ from Countdownto95. wordpress.com I am making a list of summery goals.  Wishes.  Nothing to fret about, just some thoughts. If her young class of students can do it , so can I.

*Visit the National Weather Center in Norman Oklahoma

*Visit Al in Oklahoma and meet her friend Katie, who sounds amazing.

*Clean the barbeque grill  (they can’t All be fun!)

*Sleep on the screened porch once.

*Clean the screens on the porch .

*Go to a concert with Zach when he is home in July.

*Keep up with the weeds.

*Try paddleboarding.  This one is kind of Fireman’s goal.  I’m not sure…..but I said I’d try .

*Continue to maintain my weight.  I waver within a pound of my target goal and this is a daily effort.  This means, tastes of summer treats. Not whole servings.   Boo hoo. The County fair may make this difficult!

*Take photos for the barn at this weeks event and next weeks event without stressing.

*Finish the log cabin blanket I’m knitting.

*Hold a successful swap.

*Read one book. Don’t laugh!  I prefer knitting to reading.

*Keep up with haircuts at Greatclips.

That’s it .  It will be fun to see if I do these.

Any goals, even one for you?



Why I Knit Watching TV Baseball


Actually, I have to give quick thinking Karen credit.  We text during Cub games.  She spotted this fan during last nights Cubs/Brewers game and sent me a photo of her screen.  I love a knitting/crocheting  fan!  Worldwide Knit in Public day has passed, but many of us knit in public any day! 

Summer is making an effort to return to Wisconsin.  The past few days have been chilly and wet.  Great for growing things.  Not great for kids (like me) who want to be outside in the heat.  I spent many a summer day at our library in town.  I remember the aisle that had my favorite book series.  I remember the dewey decimal cards in long wooden boxes.  My overprotecive mom did let us ride our bikes there.  This was a big deal as we had to cross a fourlane road, and later train tracks.  

I think she reached her threshold of anxiety at the same time her 6 kids would be driving her nuts and she caved.  No matter.  None of us got hurt.  Isnt that crazy?  Poor Mom worried a lOT. 

And she kept track of all our friends.  She wanted to see their photos each Christmas over the years, and she adored seeing them have their own children.  

So there will be a special lunch today with my friend Eileen.  Her grandfather, whom she did not know, built a camp house facility (that is in Twin Lakes)  many years ago. It is now a clubhouse for the golf course and supposedly has many of her family’s photos on the walls.  We’re off to spot her family in those photos.  Hope we find them!  Eileen lost her mom in the fall, and we are very supportive to one another.  Both of our moms had alzheimers.  

Eileen’s uncle is Andrew Greely the author and Catholic priest.  He wrote racy novels and my mother loved them all!  After Fr. Greely’s terrible accident, she added him to her prayer list and prayed for him daily until he died.  

Can’t seem to think of summer without thinking and joyfully remembering our moms!  Noreen, and Mary Jule, we know you are watching over us!



(I’ve been log cabin knitting ..and only log cabin knitting)


Here are the Swap Details and Match Ups!

Keep it fun!  No stressing over it.  Send your match a beautiful skein of yarn,( enough to make one pair of socks,)    Also send them something that is red white and blue.  Also send one BUTTON of your choice. Place it all in a large mailing envelope and send if off so it arrives by July 3rd.

Please let me know if you are having any problems.  We want everyone to have a great time and receive a fun swap package.   Make contact with your match and share you addresses please.

Judy at Stitchalongwithme.blogspot.com and Deb at Caffeinegirlcreates.blogspot.com

SALPAL at whatimuptotoday.wordpress.com and Vera at thethreadedlane.blogspot.com

Cindy at Delightedhands.blogspot.com and Kim at kbshee.blogspot.com

Deb at Araigneestangledweb.blogspot.com and Betsy at thesimplelifeofaqueen.blogspot.com 

Kim at handeyecraftstwo.blogspot.com and Teresa at Teresakasner.blogspot.com

Nancy at wyomingbreezes.blogspot.com and Val at Wanderingcatstudio.blogspot.com 

Sue from Mrsmicawber.blogspot.com and I will swap!  


If I ‘ve left anyone out let me know and I’ll adjust!!! Thanks.