Somethings to Try or Not ….

If you haven’t watched Cat Walk on Netflix , you really might want to.  It is crazy cat stuff.  It is only 75 minutes long.  I laughed out loud more than once. 

I don’t have any new knitting to show you.  This head cold is making me move in slow mo.  I am using a 4 way fast acting nasal spray and it  is making it much easier to breathe . I usually take sudafed or some medication by mouth and it makes me groggy and doesn’t work that well.  This nasal spray is great. I’ve slept really well even with this virus!

So, I heard about a Lysol detergent that kills bacteria.  Fireman couldn’t find it so I read a bit more.  Seems the key is how high your heat is on during the dryer portion of the laundering.  Any soap or surfactant is going to lift bacteria off your sheets to some point.  So Lysol, I’m not convinced.  


 AL sent us this grooming glove and I love it.  Beatles , especially, loves to be brushed with this glove.  Usually the fur comes off in one hand shaped piece.  Fezzik likes it too.  But, Fezz’s coat is so thick I have to use another rake brush as well for his grooming.  


I bought this Buddha board at a book store. You can paint with water on the little canvas.  I don’t like it.  I’m going to give it to a child to play with. The brush is too thick to really paint anything in detail and it dries up so quickly you may as well not spend much time “painting” with it.  

Another product review for you: Reynolds Quick Cut plastic wrap. Sorry other plastic wraps this one is a winner.  It comes with a sliding slicer and the plastic wrap behaves as it should. I no longer do the kitchen fight with plastic wrap. So Reynolds you win my prize.  

Finally, I was alerted by Teresa that my comments section was asking you for your information with each comment.  WHAT?  YUCK?  I’m sorry I had changed that setting inadvertently.  You should be able to post without all that now , like it always used to be.  

Have an awesome day.  





Remember how Regina donated a large amount of yarn for my charity knitting? Well,  you know a local woman was asking for yarn for her charity knitting .  She, her mom and her son (who has Down’s Syndrome) all work on Twiddle mitts for dementia patients.  She sent me this lovely photo of her mom , who has dementia, winding some of Regina’s yarn.  Is it me, or does she looks focused?


I have a head cold.  I haven’t had one in two years.  I will be laying low, and napping today.  I ripped out this baby sock.  I’m making a pair of Toast mitts.  I use my other pair all the time at the barn.  It is Leslie Friends free pattern on Revelry. She uses a worsted weight I think, but I  use sock weight.  I cast on 56 stitches and just knit and knit a long tube.  No finger holes, no thumb holes.  They are great for covering up that cold spot between your jacket cuff and your mittens or gloves.  Fun knit with no concentration, that’s what this person with a head cold needs !

I realize that while I don’t join in on book reads, I do a lot of reading.  I read blogs, I read links within blogs, I listen to Radio Lab, I read medical studies, and I read recipes, too.


I leave you today with my modern art. Do you like it?  Do you know what it is?

Go ahead guess!

Warning this Post has no theme


My friend Regina offered to put my SECOND  log cabin attempt together for me.

(and USPS please stop telling me you are still looking for the log cabin I sent to AL. I’m over it and every time you write to me, it opens up my knit heart and stabs it again) 0-1.jpeg

Looks here!  Regina made 8 of the 14 squares into a pillow for me !  I will treasure this!  I can’t believe she wove her magic Regina wand, and it became a pillow.

You KNOW what this means don’t you.?  I can enjoy some log cabin work this year and be done in 8 squares!!


Dear Pal Karen, asked if I go through the heels of my socks quickly.  I don’t but I go through the toe if I work a round top finish to my toes.  So ,any advice for Karen to build up that heel so her socks last longer? She wears them in her home and she wears them often.  Help!

I’ve been noticing sweater patterns that require little to no shaping. Pieces of Silver  and ALANIS by Smith are looking interesting to me.  But don’t anyone hold your breath.   It is rare for me to commit to a adult sized sweater.


This is Brenda wishing I had a treat for her.  Sorry honey, just some loving on that nose of yours is all you got.   The barn was freezing yesterday…until….I was assigned a big new horse with a rider that loved to trot.  Within ten minutes I was peeling all the layers off.  And it was a fun good workout.  And then there was a hot tub soak with a full moon last night .  Ahhhhh, the hot tub does help with muscle aches.

misspiepie.jpgMiss Pie says hi.  She wants to be on the porch for about 3 minutes and then she runs to the door and says, “I made a mistake, can I come back in? ” of course you can silly.

Finally, I read an article on how we are all fatigued by all the decisions we make every day.  All the decisions, from, “Oh can I sleep for five more minutes, to

What should I wear today? to: What do we have on hand for dinner? to should I take the long road or the highway?

The author encouraged us to make fewer decisions.  I have done this by putting on my jeans and just taking the first shirt I see off the hanger.  No wondering if I wore it already this week.  Nope no decision.  I need to cutback on other decisions too.  Mostly it is fine if Fireman controls what we are watching on TV.  One less decision. Maybe cereal is fine ALL week for dinner?  That would be a load of my mind. !

DO you have decision fatigue?  What could we do to eliminate a few decisions that we spend too much time on anyhow, you know , so we can go to our knitting and make lots of decisions there!

Yes and No Weekend


Is this a black and white photo? NO. You are looking at Geneva Lake frozen and covered in snow.  There’s a little one in a blue hat holding hands with mom , as they look at the cars and fishing shacks on the ice.


Is this a baby sweater?  YES . It is the hood finish of Knitting Pure and Simple’s Easy Baby Cardigan.  It is officially on hold just as I most want to knit on it.  I was able to find more of this Lorna’s Laces color way from Jimmy Beans Wool.  Now we wait. But ! they will wind up to 3 skeins of yarn when you order from them.  All you do is ask in the message portion of the computer store page.

Do I have something else to knit on while I await the rest of the Lorna’s wool for the baby sweater?  YES. .  I have a baby sock, sitting in the wings, and it will need a partner.

Did I have a surprise this weekend?  YOU BETCHA!  images.jpeg

We have a channel on our DISH network that AXS channel.  Last night Fireman and I  found a Kenny Loggins Concert on AXS.   We love Kenny Loggins.  Jim Messina played and sang during part of the show.  Wow.  Their voices are still strong and amazing.  ( House at Pooh Corner, Forever, and I’m All Right, to name just a few) And Kenny is still easy on the eyes!

Finally, despite the slippery roads and snow, did i make it to the library for another sign language class? YES.   I swear, I am the slowest student to catch on to it all.  I am trying. Practice practice practice.


Slippers Finished


My SLIPPERS FOR LAURA by Melissa Knits are finished.  This is my favorite slipper pattern.  I have nearly worn my others out. This simple pattern is created on straight needles. I used some Lornas Laces Sport Weight.   My other pair is made from Cascade 220 and I wonder if these will hold up as well.   Time will tell!

In other knit news, I have started a hooded baby sweater for a good friend’s first baby .  It is a girl baby , due in June.  I’m using the same Lorna’s Laces yarn that I used for the slippers to knit the sweater .  Im using Knitting Pure and Simple’s Easy Baby Cardigan pattern.

Thanks for all of your survey responses.  Here are the results in a nutshell from WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT:

75% have a special item created for them by someone who has passed on.

64% of us have seen a heart shaped diamond.  (my engagement ring diamond is a heart)

Only 25% of us know a heart transplant donor or recipeint.  Al says that heart transplants are not nearly as numerous and kidney or pancreas transplants.

64% of us have had a long distance relationship.  (for 2 years in college, Fireman and I were apart)

67% love I love LUCY

80% of us would have trouble not knitting or crocheting for a month.

72% of us love a good nap.

and 69% of us love a pet as much as we love a person.

I saw a commercial for GOLD BOND Crack relief and I am thrilled someone made this product.  We get painful little cracks around our nails in the winter.  Have you tried this ?

Finally, 0-5.jpeg

We nearly had a deer join us for dinner the other night.  We have not seen deer  in our woods for months.  We have seen hoof prints, however.  This deer was alone. The next morning we had another smaller deer in the yard.  Fireman thinks they are having a tough time finding food in the ice and snow.  Today a whole family of deer were walking around our woods and yard.  Our cats watch them with fascination through the windows .

I have to tell you that we were invited for a lovely dinner at a friends home last night. Their driveway was a sheet of ice.  I LITERALLY got on  my hand and knees and crawled to their front door.  It was the only way I could be a hundred percent certain I wouldn’t fall. I bet the neighbors had a good laugh watching me!



I’m Lazy…I rarely swatch..


Are you remembering to vote for Hunks and Chicks on Kim’s blog?  We have a very important tie breaker today.  Head over and vote!


Karen my knit buddy, created this Snood for her mother-in-law.  She made up the pattern.  She used LionBrand Scarfie soft acrylic yarn. 0-1.jpeg

This photo shows the stitch pattern well.   I hope Karen will write this pattern up for us all.  She is a talented knitter who taught knitting and worked in a Knit shop for years.  She’s math smart too.
She loved the little handmade tag that she found at JoAnn’s.  I like it too!

I just read an article on Mason-Dixon’s blog on reading those yarn labels.  Seems there is more to it than meets the knitter’s eye.  My takeaway: swatching is always the way to figure out how the yarn will behave for you.   The label is a suggestion as far as they are concerned.   Interesting.  The yarn shop ladies always say the same thing. Sit down and swatch!

Perhaps this is why I love to knit socks.  Usually a sock weight yarn is pretty standard and I can look at it and decide if I’m knitting it on 1, 2 or 3’s.

Hats can be tricky for me.  I should swatch for hats, but rarely do.

Do you stay with a particular yarn because you know how it will knit up for you?

Do you swatch?   I only really swatch for a sweater.  If I  am going to go through all that for a sweater, it better fit !  Unless it is for a baby…then whatever size it comes out will work at some point, right?  I’m lazy.   But I like it that way!