Color My World Please

unnamed-1unnamed-2It’s been a pretty gray few days around here.  If you have any thoughts on a Sun dance let me know!  Fireman and I needed a walk after dinner last night so off to the path we went.  My goodness those beavers have nearly felled those beautiful trees.  

I have good news!  The pollinators have begun to put their baby bees in the house with the tubes that I hung.  The paste has filled 3 of about 50 holes. It is a start.  I was so excited I went out and purchased another.  I hung it on the opposite side of the property.  Wheeeee.  

unnamed-3Off I went to the Needles N Pins yarn shoppe yesterday.  I found sale yarn to make Twiddle mitts. I wanted something colorful.  The ALANA is the wild skein. IT has a ton of stretch to it so I should be able to knit just fine with it.  

A woman asked what I was making, so I told her.  She’s going to make one. She said it may take her awhile but she had a grandmother with Alzheimers and she wanted to make one in her memory.   

The sun is going to come out at precisely 2:20 today when Allison arrives. You are my Sunshine sweetie.  You and Zach man. 

We Need 30 Twiddle Mitts !

unnamedMy dear friend Eileen, (her Uncle was Father Andrew Greeley the author of the Irish novels that were controversial ) has inquired at her mom’s Memory Unit.

Glen St. Andrews in Chicago has requested 30 Twiddle Matts!  I’m overjoyed. 

Eileen’s mother has early onset Alzheimers and has not spoken for over a year. She was diagnosed over 15 years ago. Eileen’s uncle, Father Andrew Greeley, died tragically.   He was campaigning for President Obama. He got out of a  cab the night before the election, and his coat caught in the door. He was dragged a long way.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury, survived, but his body was never the same.  So Eileen has a great understanding of brain injury.  

My mother loved each and every story Andrew Greeley told as an author. It didn’t matter to her that a Catholic priest was writing RACEY novels.  (as she said)  It bugged the crap out of my father.  

I met this great Priest on more than one occasion with Eileen.  He was brilliant and full of love for a church that just wasn’t ready for him.  When he died, the Cardinal said his Mass with many other priests.  The Cardinal said that Fr. Greeleys favorite opera was La Traviata.  Because…… the end all are forgiven.  

He had a home in Michigan on the big Lake.  He never took a vow of poverty by the way.  He was so generous.  Eileen had us there more than once.  But once, Huck came with.  The pool cover was on, but Huck jumped in anyhow.  We got him out, but laugh to this day that Huck swam in Uncle Andy’s pool.
When I told Eileen  I wanted to make the mitts, she was thrilled.  So we have been asked to make 30 for the memory unit where her mother still lives.  

My first mitt is above.  

*Baiscally you knit a tube that is about 81/2 by 11. Then you very securely add things that one can fiddly with.   Patients have been known to pull paper off walls because of the need to fiddle.  My mother was always picking at my sweaters although there was nothing there.   She also picked at my paper name tag until she got it off each visit.  

*There are endless things to add to the mitt to play with.  I bought some parachute rope at Walmart and added that.  I bought some netting and added that to the buttonholes that circle the mitt.  I knit  a one inch by 5 inch strip and secured it to the mitt.  

*I crocheted a round rosette and attached that.  

*About 5 attachments are the minimum. 

*If you prefer to sew a mitt, go right ahead!!!  

*I did not use buttons or beads because of the possibility they will come off and get eaten.  A few weeks ago I gave my mom a photo of Al and Zach and she put it in her mouth to eat it….

*There are some patterns in Ravelry for more ideas. 

*Use whatever washable yarns you wish.  

*Bright colors are encouraged. 

*If you wish to make one I’d love it.   

If you need my address, please email me : .

I don’t know if it is the Mitt project, Honey’s Hundred, or what, but I am  so peaceful and happy for my mom now.  

Just a note

DSCF1015This is Val’s Reed Grass colorway.  I love this yarn.  I have had it awhile and it hasn’t told me what it wants to be …yet.

I found a nursing home that wants some Fiddle Mitts. I’m thrilled.  I should finish my first one today.   So, you’ll see it tomorrow !  I’ve give you all the details. For now I’m still creating and planning.

The first order of the day is to purchase a new spot cleaning machine for the carpet. Beatles is our thrower upper and perhaps he’s sensed my emotions this week. He’s been extra pukey.  Nothing serious.  Cat people know that some cats are just hair ball cats.

As far as our weather. COME ON. We are back to chilly damp dreary.  I want those 70s at the very least.  It is time!!  As for looking ahead, Allison arrives in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




His Eye is on the Sparrow

DSCF0557Mom’s Funeral Mass and Burial is today.  Complexities within my family of origin means I cannot be there to attend her funeral.  As my friend Jen said wisely, you don’t have to attend her funeral, you attended her LIFE.  One of my favorite songs is HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW AND I KNOW HE WATCHES ME.

So todays Monday Q and A will go on because I need the routine …..

*Do you have a favorite funeral song?

*I would stick a cigarette in my mom’s casket if I could.  Did you put anything in your loved ones’ casket with them?

*I love that the Jewish tradition is to sit shiva.  Shiva is the first 7 days of mourning.  There is an Irish tradition called Month’s Mind where you go to mass and have a meal in the loved one’s honor a month after the death.  Do you know of other such rememberences?

*I’m probably going to plant something for mom in the woods or put out a special bird house or feeder in her honor.  Any other ideas?

Aside:  I am working on the pattern for the fidget mitts for alzehimers patients, and it feels good to do this.  My first one is in greens for Irish mom, Noreen.  Thanks to those of you who are interested in participating in Honeys Hundred.  More to come.

love you all thanks for the wonderful support, it is good to be among friends as I grieve and such. …..

Honey’s Hundred

DSCF1011Well Sir Raccoon was back last night.  I couldn’t get a better image.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have lots of opportunities to shoot more photos of him.  I did leave out cat food with spicy hot chili garlic sauce.  Thanks for that suggestion!

DSCF1010.jpgMy closest friends from high school, brought me flowers and cookies and cupcakes.  They knew my mom well.   I had the joy and privilege to know their moms too.

My calm and peace has been shaken this morning.  I’m feeling lots of things and I want to get busy doing something. I have nothing to do. No collage to help with, no dress to go buy, no Mass to attend.   This is new territory for me.  ( I will be visiting the Carmelite nuns, her favorites, next week with a cake.  I am planning to bring the nursing home staff one last cake, and I’m going to moms grave once she is buried) Zach also suggested we do it up big on Day of the Dead this year for my mom. Love that idea.

I’ve been thinking of a way to knit and honor my mom, Noreen.  For the past few days I’ve been looking at patterns and such.  I finally found what feels right.

There are these things called Fidget or Twiddle Muffs.  My mom loved to twiddle things in her fingers even as she became more and more handicapped with physical parts of the mental disease.  I’ll knit one up to demonstrate.

You knit a soft muff or tube and you add ribbons and knitted or crocheted flowers and bumps and things to the muff for the person to feel, twiddle and fidget with as they lie in bed or sit in their chair.

I would say no buttons or anything that is not washable.  Firmly attached things can be added  to the muff  ( some things of interest you knitted like a flower, or ribbons, with a few good knots.  )  I recently showed my mom a photo of Allison and Zach and she seemed interested in it and then put it in her mouth and began to eat it. Oh dear. So safety is a big issue for folks who are under the grips of memory disease.

If anyone wants to knit/crochet/ or felt a twiddle muff I will be shooting for Honey’s Hundred.  (inspired by Harry’s hundred )  All the grands called my mom Honey.  Her license plate said Honey.   All her friends began to call her Honey.  So …honey’s hundred.

Im going to knit now.   Please send me the muff if you choose to make one. I do not EXPECT anyone to make one.  Only if it  is something you wish to do.   It is not a measure of our bloggy wonderful relationship, it is just a way for you to use up leftovers in a meaningful way if you wish.

Hugs.  kathy b

More Later But First

DSCF1006My visitor this morning.  The interesting part is that my father once shot a fox and had it stuffed.  It was in our parents’ home and still is.  They called him Reginald.  Whenever they would ask if I’d like mom’s jewelry or dishes or anything at all, I’d laugh and say I want Reginald.

This morning mom sent Reginald to me.  I know she did.

More later on knitting



A Bit More Mom and Some Knitting

unnamed-3My mother and father were sometimes going on cruises to award salespeople for meeting and exceeding their quotas.  My mother was arm candy, a trophy wife and she wore it well.  She never gained a pound, thanks to her cigarettes which never did lead to any lung issues or cancer.  My father would be on her like you know what if she gained a pound.  I love this jumpsuit she is wearing and her matching clutch and shoes.  There are cigarettes in that clutch, I’d be my life on it!

I’m doing well.  Occasionally a little crying but over all so peaceful and calm.  Perhaps the grief was when she was alive in that bed in the nursing home. I certainly cried enough then.

I cannot say thank you enough for your love and support.  Each note, each prayer, each tender word is so kind and helpful.

My mother loved babies. She had 6 kids and fostered 5 newborns through Catholic Charities.    I’m thinking of a Harry’s Hundred type of initiative her.  If you didn’t know about Harry’s, it was a tribute to encourage charity knitting for 100 items.  You could send the items to any charity in Harry’s honor.  Let me think on this.

I’m in that weird place where I’m scattered.  So I’ve barely knit the last two days.  I am glad I have the easy striped scarf to mindlessly move around the needles.
Someone asked me (forgive me who ever) if I liked the carbon circs I’m using.  Actually for this project I love them.  I think they are my shawl/scarf go to for worsted weight.