A Wonderful Knit Visit


Regina came to visit me yesterday!   Isn’t her hospice shawl donation lovely? It is not one bit scratchy.  I french braided her hair.  As soon as she got here, I asked if I could.   She was thrilled. I think her husband  thought it was kinda odd.  We were like lil school girls all happy making her braid!  ! She is beautiful. 

She brought a bounty of gifts.  Fresh parsley and mint.  A new perennial from her garden in an adorable pumpkin vase!! 3 Books on Flowers and gardening, and an apple crisp.  There was more, I just can’t think of it right now.  She is so happy to give things away!!  As a giver myself, I felt kind of like a taker!!!!  Hard role for me ! 


Oh and Karen sent me the coolest stitch row counters I’ve ever seen.  One has a horse on it!!!  You move the row each time you finish a row and you don’t need a pen or paper or to remember to click a thingy dingy.  


I took her to see the goat farm nearby , just because.  I showed her and her husband two hiking trails that they would like and didn’t know about AND I took them to the pretty cemetary where you are high up and can see the lake: 0-7.jpeg

We get excited about many of the  same things.  Regina and Pat have prayed so hard for my father and I to reconnect.  And we have.  They go to the same church.  When I couldn’t go to my mom’s funeral, Regina went and took notes and gave me the program and the funeral card.  She’s amazing.  

We pray in earnest for each others growns.   Her grown have had hard hands dealt them.  Mine need some prayers too. Who doesnt? 


So I’m deciding on my next knit: 

I am finishing another flower today. 

I have some bulky and super bulky to knit up.  I found a hat that doesnt really need you to go to double points in the end… I may go right for that one.  But bulky could really hurt the hands right now……

My stash is low.  BUT Jean at the barn is bringing me more wool scraps for flowers tomorrow.  So that’s going to be fun. 



Q and A Animal Crazy


I had to braid Sharon’s mane yesterday.   I just had to.  I think it looks amazing.  Do you enjoy grooming, brushing, or doing other care for your pets?  Better yet, do your pets enjoy it?


We pass these sheep on our way to volunteering.  I FINALLY got a photo for you yesterday.   What is the hardest animal for you to photograph?


This is crazy Jean. She is petting Prince but It looks like she is telling him to stop or something.   Have you ever had a animal trainer help you with your pet?


Fireman has turned into a great horse volunteer.  I never imagined it.  Here he is with our biggest draft horse, Lincoln.  He is ever vigilant.  He is never 100 percent trusting.   What animals make you be extra careful?  You know so you don’t lose a knitting finger!



Do you have a pet that will run away with your yarn given any chance?

  • Have you ever had to call the fire department for a pet or animal?
  • Did you parents FORBID certain animals in the house as pets?

I”ll answer in the comments !  Regina is here and we have lots to catch up on!!!


Sorry I just had to show you one more photo from theHalloween Camp trail.  The moon was coming up and it was kind of creepy in the Phantom Lake shore, but not really.  

Friends who love the National and State Parks and have a camper to explore them, suggested a book.   I got it used on Amazon from a library apparently: 

Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon.   Wow.  So far I ‘ve learned that while having never been there myself I won’t be taking ANY risks if I ever go.   Seems according to the well researched Ranger stories, most likely to die are young males under 30 or so.  They try to take short cuts.  Many fall to their deaths.  Most underestimate the heat that will be upon them.  The same patterns emerge in the first chapter.   The biggest factor is going SOLO into the Canyon.

I can knit simply on another smaller flower, while I read the book.  

What else?   My neighbor girls carried over their 5 month old black kitten Boo. My neighbor, the mom, was with them.  They brought raspberries to sell us, (cheaply and they are so delicious) and they asked about the bump on Boos neck.  Well there were 3 bumps.  I pulled all 3 ticks from her neck.  

Mom seems astonished.  I hope not.  Everyone needs to be aware of ticks here. She claimed new cat parent, and had no idea she needed to give their kitten, who they are letting outside alone,  (trying not  to judge: it is the countryside here but i would NEVER) tick and flea preventative.  I gave her all three ticks in a nice ziplock bag.  She can ask her pediatrician to check them if the girls were to exhibit fevers or aches in the next few weeks.  Studies have shown that ticks that feed on our pets and then feed on us can transfer the lyme in half the normal time. 

Patient Zero Podcast.   So interesting!

Lastly, WE are beginning to see peeks of reds in the trees here!  Sun is expected tomorrow! fezzikslerthalloween.jpg

Mr Big guy, Fezzik is not ready to give up the porch time and neither am I! 

Happy monday!


Halloween and Time


Knitting Later!!!  Fireman and I went to a local charity event last night to raise funds for YMCA Camp for disabled kids.  I’m pretty sure some of our kiddos from the Barn go to this camp in summertime.  They had a great Halloween trail walk, with just enough suggestion of spooky.  No one jumping out to scare you.  It was cold but the woods kept the wind away , and they had several campfires going that you could warm up next to.


I know a few of you don’t like Halloween, but the artistry was wonderful. The event is one more night.


In one dark little tented area, they had a rescue screech owl.  She was very tame and the children loved her and so did we!  She cannot fly due to a car accident.  So she lives at the rehab center and educates us .  We hear these owls often here, and I was so happy to see one!


Okay….onto the subject of TIME and our knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving projects.

LovecCrafts is launching this knitting calculator.  Since we are all looking for the right project (insert ……..) with the right Yarn, (insert…….) and the TIME to create it, LoveCrafts  gives you their tool to figure the time you are likely to need to make the garment.


Right project for me : currently knitted flowers, right yarn currently wool that felts.  I’d tried the calculator for a sweater yesterday, and it said 3 weeks.  I think I overestimated the actual knitting time I use each day.

No seriously, I think I knit more than I do.  Is this better or worse than knitting more than I think I do?  Depends on who needs my attention I guess!
Anyhow try the tool for fun.  Lovecrafts would like our feedback.

Boo!  I love October ….







It tis a flower



I am making a flower for the hat I’m knitting.  It is felting as we speak.  It was very fun construction as you can see.  The hat is part Yak and is a beige color.  So the blue flower should perk it up !  It has been hard to find time to knit this week.

Phew, THAT should change tomorrow.  I have spent too much time on the phone with issues.  BUT, the tide is changing and so is the weather!  We shall enjoy high 60s tomorrow before big winds and 40s come in.  It is the Oktoberfest in town, and weather doesnt stop many in this area!


Yesterday, a good chunk of time was spent making MILKY WAY Coffee Cake.

Google it.  IT is really really good.  But it is a many stepped baking process. I don’t make it often but it came out great.   We took it to our friend’s house, because they asked us to come watch the sunset on their farm.  With their horses.  It was so peaceful and we both needed it!

So there you have it.  NO one guessed it was a flower I was making.  I hope it felts perfectly!!!   Happy Friday. !




Letters FOrmat


Dear Readers,

This is my full day’s work of knitting.  It is a surprise so guess if you wish!  I’m into prizes, so if you guess what I’m knitting by tonight 10/9 at 9 pm you get a prize!

Dear Man on the Phone from Major Insurance Company,

I know I was not my usual delightful self with you yesterday.  You don’t know that.  But if I have to have two cell phones , one by each ear, to play tag team to get an appointment authorized due to your end being unclear about things, then you may not get happy Kathy b.  And you didn’t. We drove 2 hours to out appointment to hear that you have not authorized it yet and it is pending.  You knew we had this appointment .  Fireman called you Friday to be SURE there were no further issues. But you screwed around with us anyhow.   I’m going to burn sage and dance around Fireman and I and the cats to get rid of whatever hex you have put upon us.  So there.

Dear Elephants,

I found this awful photo that we took years ago. 0-3.jpeg

When the circus came to Chicago, the elephants got off a train and marched a few miles to the auditorium where Barnum was having their show.   It was a sight to see, but one I’d as soon forget.   We have mistreated you so.  And on that note, we have also mistreated the Native Americans on such a horrific scale it is unmeasurable. And African Americans,   and Jews. and and and….

BUT , our Governor in Wisconsin, where cheese is King and Packers are a cult, has announced he has made a day in october : Indigenous Peoples Day.  No more Columbus for these dairy loving folk.  And I’m glad about it.   Now we need a Elephant day to help you all.

Dear glasses, wallet and cell phone,

I hope not to misplace any of you today.  Its not my fault. Its just my goal.  Slow down Kathy. Slow down.


kathy b


Tuesday Q and A!~

DSCF2541 (1).jpg

All In the FAMILY Q and A today~!

This is Jean and she is amazing at the barn.  She quilts.  She’s making this one for a barn pals new grandchild.  Just because.  No one ever had a baby quilt in our house growing up.  We didn’t have any seamstresses.  We had a lot of crocheted baby blankets ……they were gifts.  Did  you have quilt or blankets or both?  By the way neither is allowed in a crib anymore.

MY Uncle Bill is such a great story teller.  He is the youngest of my father’s siblings.  Their whole family was made up of crazy characters, but he is the best storyteller! He always tells the story of how they were so poor, that they had to put their names (men only) in a hat and two names were picked.  Those two men had to eat outside and the family pushed the table end out to them.  They had to open the window to get their dishes.  Can this be real?  Who is your family storyteller and

DOUBLE QUESTION…IS there a story that’s hysterical but hard to really believe?

4. Is there a joke that only your family really understands ?  My kids hate Raggedy Ann.  I don’t know why. They hate clowns too.  My sweet sister Pat, gave Allison a huge raggedy ann as a baby.  So now, when the kids visit, I think I’ve told you, I hide raggedy in their closet or drawer or somewhere to shock them.   Kim (professor) made me these awesome stickers !!! :  I can’t wait to put one in Al’s first Halloween card.  I send her several in October! 0-1.jpeg

5. How many kids in your family of origin.  Where do you fall?

6 kids.  One boy, the oldest.  The last 5 girls.  Im the middle girl and 4th child. And I wore a lot of hand me downs and never cared.  Maybe thats why I have to really work on STYLE!!!

7.Do you have documents from your great grandparents or the like?  I have a copy of the manifesto that my Irish Grandfather is named on.

8. Did you parents have hard life stories, that they speak of as just part of life?
Fireman’s mom had to pick beetles from tobacco leaves, the summer after her dad died.  She , her brother and her mother worked to have money to live on.

9. Did any infectious disease effect your relatives?

Surprisingly no.  But, My aunt Mary Jane was only two when her appendix burst and she died in her home.  I kind of wonder if this is really how she died.  2 is not the age of appendicitis.   I wonder if she had a belly infection that killed her. More likely.  But I don’t mess with their stories  .  My uncle, her twin, holds her so dear in his hearT!!!

But no polio in our family although many friend of my parents suffered with it.

10.  Is their a family drama in literature that you just love?   Me: COLD SASSY TREE

Full of humor and great writing.  Old but good.

Hope you will share you stories if you want to!  IT takes time, but they are fun to share!