The Difference Between brrrrr and Burr!

0-1 (this is ONLINE Supersock in Caribbean colorway. )

Here they are.  All finished up.  I LOVE them.  They fit just perfectly in the heel so the knit vibe must be good out there in our universe.

I should have mentioned to you that the after thought heel is, as some of you know, knitted exactly the same as the toe decreases for any sock.  So you are basically knitting…..

a toe for your heel.

Clear as mud?  Trust me?  If you take a previously knitted sock, and put the toe of it on  your heel, it will just confuse the heck out of you.  But, this manner of knitting heels is way old.  It is my new favorite sock method.


Now about those brrrs and burrs.  My clematis is defying the odds and continues to blossom despite our near freezing night temperatures.  Brrr it is chilly then.

The other Burrs are,, of course, the tiny ones that stick all over your clothing when you spend the day clearing buckthorn from your woods.   They don’t hurt, but I think they may have ruined an older knitted hat I had on.  Pulling the burrs off , left it looking very very tired.  That’s ok.  I just get to knit another hat!

Finally, dinner tonight is a treat.  Our county’s Special Olympics is offering carry out dinners for ten dollars a piece from a very good restaurant in town, called SIMPLE . Everyone loves this place.  It is normally open only for breakfast and lunch.  I know they will do a great job and 8 out of every ten dollars goes to the cause.

ONE woman started this event 5 years ago.  All on her own.  It is amazing how much a kind heart can get done.  And I don’t have to cook!~



I’m Here to Report:


Here’s the heel challenge report:   I did it!

I managed to successfully, carefully, with the help of really good lighting, wrangle those provisional stitches off the sock and pick up the necessary top and bottom stitches.

I won’t  try to “splain” it to y’all because there is a fantastic tutorial that I followed and I would highly recommend: has an April 21, 2009 post entitled,

“Afterthought Heel Tutorial.


Reporting on the afterthought heel finish.  I like the heel in black.  I think I’m in love with after thought heels.   I’ve been knitting heel flaps and gussets for so long, it was great to succeed.  We all know this is not always the case here at Compasssionknit.   I have the second sock heel stitches ready to go later today.  I think I will double the black yarn.  The  sock above ‘s heel is a little , well thin.  These are for me, so I’m not taking that nice heel out on the sock above.

Also, here to report as loyal Cub fan, that I am rooting for the Brewers to win it all since Cubs are out.  If you like baseball, you should watch the sneaky kick that the Los Angeles Dodger pulled on the Brewers first baseman last night.  I was already in bed asleep.

If it had been the Cubs, I would have stayed up.  Anyhow, the benches cleared but it I didn’t see any punches thrown on the replay I watched today.

IF the Brewers had won the game in the 13th inning, there was a promise of free long johns for fans today.  0-1

I’m here to report: you’ll have to pay for your long johns for today.

Coming Up Next……


Coming up next: the toe  and heel finish……

As you can see, I’m almost to the toe of my after thought heel socks.  Honestly, having only done this type of heel, maybe once or twice before, I’m getting a bit nervous about the “hard part” that is coming up.  (The afterthought heel part)  How silly .  I can look at it as a fun challenge.


This is a zoomy past the field of pumpkins photograph. Of course, I am the passenger or I wouldn’t be taking photos.

There was no time to stop and so you just have to trust me, all the orange you see are real, honest to goodness, pumpkins.

Coming soon:

I don’t know if you have ever watched : TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RHINEBECK SWEATER (on you tube)M  Last year’s episode lasted about 90 minutes.  It was a great way to feel like you went to Rhinebeck even if you didn’t.  It was a wonderful to see the yarns people chose and the patterns .  I am not a sweater knitter and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Allison and I are looking forward to this year’s episode.  Maybe you will want to watch it, too.  It is all yarny, creative, positive goodness…just what I need more of. (insert Smile)

Charity Knits….

Recently, I mailed one scarf to Operation Gratitude per their very specific instructions.  I received a thank you very quickly.   Then, late in this week, I got an email asking for more donations to ensure more soldiers will get care boxes over the holidays.

So I’ll send these along, too. As you can see, both are pull through scarves. I think these make great scarves because you don’t have to knot them and they stay close to your neck for warmth.

If you want to donate a scarf or an item they need, just go to  The photos there, make me feel happy.   I know that is not the point, but it is a great bonus.   It only takes me a night or two to use double thickness malabrigo leftovers and create a scarf.  The site is well organized and you will be told just how to send the scarves.


I’ll leave you this weekend on the swingset in town. I’m doing my best to embrace the colder weather.  We went from 80 to 4o this week and it really bothered me.  I am going to fake it till I make it.  I’ve decided as long as the sun shines I will be thankful for that.

Flowers for You


We put on our winter coats and hats and headed into town for the Thursday Farmers’ Market.  It was really cold.  Everyone was bundled up.  These flowers are dahlia’s I think.  There were hundreds of them.

I’ve grown dahlia’s before and there is some effort involved.  From planting the tubers (which I believe are stems or roots) to digging them up in fall, and storing them, they give back by creating these amazing flowers.

We were looking for buckwheat honey, for Fireman.  No one had this.  The beekeeper did have local honey.   So we purchased some.  We then stopped at the library and I got 7 magazines to read.  My mom used to give me her Better Homes and Gardens and Family Circle Magazine.  So these magazines are a great memory.  I also had a memory of my grandma yesterday.  She could peel an apple in one long strand.  I tried.  I was able to peel one in two strands.  Not bad!

I bought unusual apples: Haralson, (which is described as not acid. What?  I’ve never had an acidic apple. Have you?  ).  Its other attribute is:  good for baking.  That was the goal.  I wanted to make Fireman apple cobbler.  So I mixed those with another new apple: The Roxbury Russet.  Cobbler is a  no brainer, so I cannot be too proud of it, but it was very good and the apples retained their shape instead of turning into mush.

Today our new baby willow tree is being planted.

Today the Brewers being their baseball quest, to move on to win for the World Series.  I’m not ready for the cold that already arrived, and I’m not ready for  baseball to be over.

Today,  there will be knitting.  But not until later, when the yard chores are done.

What’s up with you today?

All Over the Place Post


I have a lot to share with you today.  Much of it is not connected so I’ll try to write clearly and not jump subjects.

*Fireman and I went to the Lake to see the sunset last night after storms. We did catch a rainbow, but these changing leaves seemed even more special.  Meredith I know you miss this time of year in Wisconsin, so this one is for you. And anyone else who needs some breathtaking fall foliage.

This is also a new way of my dealing with a lousy cloudy day.  They  make for nice sunsets.

TC: topic change

*Yesterday I saw two posts on Facebook that were interesting knits.  One was called Sleevie Wonder and it was a one sleeved wrap.  Interesting concept.  Look it up if you wish.  I can’t post the photo without permission but I can tell you it was under Knitting Fever and Euro yarns.

*I also saw beautiful asymmetric shawl with a three button closure that appeared to have big leaves knitted in to it. .  Very very pretty.  Again, sorry I’m a bad blogger and I don’t have that name    But I could be tempted by it if the pattern instructions were super clear.  I’ll be hunting down that pattern today.


TC : topic change

I got an email that Operation Gratitude needs more knitted scarves, so I’m putting aside my second afterthought heel sock for a few days while I knit another scrappy scarf for a soldier.  It is the least I can do.

TC: topic change

I watched Amy Beth’s newest podcast and she is always interesting and funny.  She mentioned getting some yarn from DeStash.  I looked up Destash and found an etsy site.  Is this what she means?  If none of you know, then I’ll try to ask her directly.  She mentioned an app for yardage for hats, scarves, sweaters and the like.  It was called knitbot.  Have you used it ?

Finally, I can get very hard on myself if I change plans that I’ve made.  I was fussing over going to see the Botanic Garden China Lights display tonight.  I was going with my dear friend Sandy.  I read the reviews, saw the roads to getting there were under construction (and unfamiliar to us).  It is a night time event and we are supposed to be under strong winds and temps in the 30s.

I called her and she was so sweet.  Turns out she was going for my sake and I was going for hers.  She has a packed schedule this week and she’s relieved.  So I can stop beating myself up about it. Right?

TC: I know I post often and I understand if people don’t read them all.  If you do and you enjoy them all great. But never feel like you have to. Writing is an outlet for me and I love to post.  So if you miss some there should always be more.  Hugs to all of you!

Reknit Rewind

I spent the better part of yesterday’s beautiful record breaking weather knitting the toe of my sock. (on the screened porch)   When I was almost finished, I realized my big mistake.  The toe decreases were lined up in such a way that my afterthought heel would be perpendicular to my toe.

I took the toe out, gave it a good look see, and realigned it.  The good news is the stitches are not so tiny and it was easy to pick them up with a size one needle without dropping any.

Then I reknit the toe.  Much better.  The big challenge will be the after thought heel part.  I’ll wait until I’ve knit the second sock to put both heels in at once.  0.jpeg

The sight outside our driveway looks like this.  We shall take it a day at a time. The transition from summer to fall is here.  I’m thinking of all of you in hurricane Michael’s path.  Be safe.