Patterns Galore

From my shrub in the woods


I don’t think I can show you these patterns but you can find them easily on Revelry.

Here’s what I found today that I love:

Easiest and Fastest Ever Baby Booties by Saschavan Wagtendnk.

These baby booties do not have a tie to keep them put, but they look cute.


Trick of the Tog by Jeanne c. Abel.

This wrap looks like it stays put! I love this.  The pattern calls for A Lion Brand Yarn called Beautiful You.  They say it has lovely drape.  I think this is one time I should not substitute yarn.  I’m very tempted to purchase the yarn……..

First wild geranium to bloom!

Finally, a dear friend of ours who we have known since our teenage days at McDonalds is now bald and said he would love a hat I have knitted.   So I found the 1898 Hat by Byrnes that is a free Revelry Pattern.  I will put it in my library for Mark!

have you gone down the pattern Rabbit hole lately?  Do tell….


Gifts and A Survey on Gifts


For Mother’s Day, Zach got me this very cool reusable straw.  It is made by

LIFE WITHOUT  PLASTIC.  I love it.  Zach knows I am trying to be more careful with the impact I make on our Earth. DSC_0167.jpg

I got Fireman and Allison each this map that you scratch off as you visit the United States of America.   Fireman has been to all of the above. It was a ZUILLY purchase. Al and Fireman are having fun with this.  See Judy? See Teresa, we have to come and visit you and other blog pals in the northwest!

Here’s your anonymous survey for the week:


Monday Letters


Dear Clematis ,

You are so beautiful.  I love that you have decided to grow up the lattice and be all delicate and lovely.  Besides the dandelions, you are the first blossoms this year.  ( I don’t count the one tulip that gave up after a foot of snow or the two hyacinth that also tried to brave the APRIL winter of 2019. )

Dear Dandelions,

Not only are you abundant and loved by some of the horses at the barn,  our friend Efi likes to eat you!  She is vegan.  She looks like she is way too thin.  But, she is beautiful and sincere and if she wants to eat you, I’m going to help.  I read how I can pick you and dry you on a paper towel for a bit, and then freeze you.  So I did.  I have about a dozen of you in the freezer for the next time Efi visits.  She will be surprised!

Dear Outdoor Cat,

Diesel I normally don’t have much of a beef with you.  You never spray my shed or bushes the way some other neighborhood cats do, but you crossed the line today. I was sending Fireman out to see why the beautiful Oriole was sitting on the grass and not flying to the feeder.  When you saw Fireman you leapt out of the bushes and snatched that gorgeous song bird and killed it.  You can kill all the mice and voles you wish, but that was just so brutal to see.  I may set up a big bird cage in my yard for the wild birds to fly through.  One that you cannot get into to kill them.  It was so upsetting.

Dear Knitting,

I’m going into the zone mode this week.  I will be knitting baby hats instead of booties.   It is going to be a brainless knit time for me.  I am not in the mood for following directions or being challenged.  Maybe next week I’ll steek something, but don’t bet on it.  For this week, I’ll be going for the comfort knitting.

Dear Jockey at the Preakness,

Thank you for not being hurt when the horse threw you at the start.  I was so worried for you.  Can’t we have a normal race?  Lets hope for a uneventful Belmont Stakes.  Okay?

P.S.  Thank you blog pals.  I love the letters format.

Opinionated Saturday


Well shame on me for buying a book without researching the author first.   I fell for the catchy title, and I don’t like to leave negatives here, but let me just say, it was a waste of my money.   The author has no medical training and no psychological training and he wrote a long opinion and called it a book.  If you want to know what it was, email me.

Just look at my clematis!  I have 3 varieties and the spring bloomer is doing very well!  There are buds on the other types too.  We have them on a lattice that gives us some privacy by the hot tub.  Don’t worry, I don’t go in naked, I just want some privacy anyhow.  My friend’s opinion on clematis was: go for it.  They like wet feet.


This is the type of thing that just makes volunteering with the therapeutic riding center so amazing.  Often the riders will lie down after their lesson on the horses mane.  It is their moment.  I hope we will be in the outdoor arena soon.  My opinion: riding outside gives us all a new perspective and new fun.

This little knit /crochet community can be so supportive when we are troubled. I am busy praying for Teresa’s husband as they await his report after surgery.   Waiting can be so difficult.  Several of my favorite bloggers spoke of Depression this week.  We are here for you, too.

Knit wise, I have to say You ALL continue to inspire me with your knit work and fiber work in general.  Deb, your cat rug is the best!!  Kim your linen shawl is stunning already.  Kim, (Hand Eye) I want to knit your ?cowl, the butterscotch one.  Can you leave me the pattern name?  Honore your stitch work is going to be so fun to follow.  Betsy, is one stocking away from a hundred!

But Stef, your new kittens had me at meow.  MORE photos every day please!  I love kittens.  I was sad that Grumpy Cat passed so early in her life.  My opinion, she made us laugh and we need to laugh!

That’s it.   Stay safe in the stormy weekend weather.  Eyes to the skies as they say!


Tiny Gardens Tiny Shoes


This is what the city gardens look like in Lincoln Square in Chicago.  The plots are small, but the gardeners are serious.  We walked to a concert from Zach’s place and the city was so unbelievably clean.  People create the tiniest gardens on their patches in front of their brownstones.  These gardens show me that so many of us love to grow things.  Al has expressed a desire to plant in a community garden in OKC next year.  As for me, I’m overjoyed Zach is back and taking care of his plants again.

I was charged with keeping his beloved plants alive while he was in Mexico for 2 years.  I held my breath every spring when I brought them outside, but I did good!! He would see them and tell me the new growth was great!


This is my close up of the orioles yesterday.  My plan for a garden is to line my deck off the upstairs bedroom with plants I can easily tend to, and up up and away from those who like to munch on plants.   I have last year’s geranium plant and last years moss rose basket that were dormant all winter.  I also have my desert palm plant and it does well in the dark basement until I put it out again.

My pal Regina gave me no nonsense seeds and they are germinating and going to be easy to care for .  They come back every year!   Thank you Regina.

As for knitting, I am working on baby booties.  One of you asked for the pattern, but it is in a book and I cannot copy it.  The book: Vintage Knits for Modern Babies, by Hadley Fierlinger.  Your library probably has it.  The Pattern in POMPOM booties.

I will be knitting all yellow booties for the rest of the month in preparation for Pride Week.  Yellow is gender neutral.  I have a friend who has a daughter that from a very young age has known she did not fit as a girl.  They have such a journey ahead of them and I want to support families who have to adapt in this way.

Finally, the porch is all set. We found big rug at a resale shop for 20 bucks at 60% off. We cleaned it .  It is on the porch.  It is such a vast improvement to have the porch floor painted with a rug, over horrible indoor outdoor carpeting that was there.



Survey Results for this Week May 2019


We are having warmth, and humidity and storms!   Let me give you the results of our Food Survey now that it is closed:

34% of us are on some sort of diet right now. I m trying to maintain my weight loss on weight watchers.  It is difficult.  But, that’s not new to anyone!

41% of us have never hired a caterer.  I did once for a party for FIREMAN. People still talk about the food. ( Michaels catering in the chicago suburbs. )

12% of us have had a wilton doll cake.  My sister took up making them.  Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  It was  THING in the 70s.

27% of us have left food on the car OR BUMPER! and driven away.  When I worked at McDonald’s we saw people put their drinks on their roof, and get into their cars and drive away all the time!

44% of us had the joy of  the EZ bake oven as kids.

60% of us ate t.v dinners.

53% of us will share our desserts.

10% of us had someone with a tuna sandwich ruin our lunch at school.

67%, WOW, 67% of us have had Jello in the last 5 years.

and 24% of us would rather eat raw cookie dough than baked cookies.


Yesterday this puppy was outside in Chicago getting socialized. Boxers are so cute.

We met Zach for dinner and the concert at Old Town School of Folk Music:
the group Che Apaleche was fantastic.  Fiddler, mandolin, guitar and banjo were the groups’ strings.  All of them played so well!  Some acapella too, with amazing  harmony.


Finally, I found a wedding cake couple I have never seen and bought it for a dollar for my collection: I’ve never had one where the bride was carried over the threshold!  Were you carried over the threshold? 0-6.jpeg


Letters …..Surveys…. Q and A that’s what we do here !


Dear My Baby Sister,

I just love that you have taken up painting again!  You asked me to give the original artist , Hazel Sloan, the credit here.  Apparently you are amazing because I can’t imagine the original being any more beautiful than this.   I plan to wear similar clothing the next time I hike.  This woman in the painting obviously knows a lot about the desert.   Your brother in law, Fireman, will be embarrassed by me, but since you had to have that awful skin cancer removed from your pretty Irish face, I’m not taking any chances anymore.   My bloggy pals will enjoy this watercolor.

Love your big sister Kathy

Dear Babies,

Lucky you.  I’m kind of, sort of, obsessed with making darling booties.  I don’t know how long the fad will last.  I got kind of miffed, because a dear dear friend knitted an amazing blanket for our other friend.  The other friend has no idea, the time, money and thought that went into this blanket.  The other friend, the knitter, has hurt feelings.  So, unless someone will really value the baby gift, that is not from Carters, they are just getting booties from me.    All my blog pals have learned this painful lesson.  Babies are too cute.  They love all knitted gifts. But adults, are funny that way.    Love, Mrs. B.


Dear Cold and Flu,

I’m so over you.  Everyone at the barn is hacking and losing their voices.  I’m at the tail end of your invasion.  But last night, I got on the sofa after showering the stable smells off me, (which i secretly love) I could not move.  Really?  This is day 8.  For everyone’s sake will you please be less smart and quit morphing yourself into new viruses?  You are a big waste of time and energy.   Kathy b

Last one:

Dear school kid who threw the controller in the toilet yesterday…….not funny.  I’m keeping stories that the best teacher in the world tells me.   You know the ones about lighting papers on fire in the back of class for fun?  The ones about you who are so naughty, yet you write your teacher and say, “Thanks for not losing your temper. Thanks for not quitting”   School kid, this is your way out honey. You have to see that. You are just making my son stronger and more resilient.  But you will lose great teachers this way.  I feel sorry for you.
Kathy b