Whoops, I did it again….

Lake Geneva 10/17/2020

I’m so sorry I confused everyone yesterday. I’ve been rushing . I am so happy that I am going virtual to Rhinebeck. Allison, and Karen and I have met up on line . The vendors are great. My class is at 1 pm and I have back to school jitters.

Let’s just forget yesterday’s post. The cactus photo was taken in Oklahoma and they have a whole different type of bloom than the ones we saw in Zion national park . The zion cactus blossoms , also prickly pear, were like delicate roses.

In All likelihood I will add those faux fur pompoms to this hat . I was going to give it to my friend Mark, from McDonalds, but I fear it is too small. It will keep someone quite warm; I am sure of that. Trying to use too small a needle for the normal yarn gauge means DISASTER for my arms, fingers, elbows. Over. This hat is OVER.

I used some irish yarn Al gave me for the brim and then started with the Red that I won from Hand Eye Crafts, Hunks and Chicks Game. ! Thank you Kim. It is so very Midwest winter wish! It was Lambs Pride worsted Brown sheep for the red . I do love it.

BUT! My big mistake is that I forgot I do not put red next to white or cream for fear it will bleed. Dang. This one better not. I ve heard all the chatter about cold water only etc. and I have had reds bleed anyhow. I’ll wash it by hand and wash the big red part first.

I have learned so much at Rhinebeck. I think the coordinators deserve huge thanks.

Okay. Gotta go.

One little gem from the Festival: someone claimed, someone with authority , mind you, that we don’t need to carry our floats when knitting Fair isle…..WHAT? This can’t be true..but if it is …oh boy!

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4 thoughts on “Whoops, I did it again….

  1. I assume by not carrying floats means to not hook the secondary yarn up with the dominant one? I think maybe for a beanie this could work. However, I think it’d be worth the extra step to carry floats especially in jumpers because I feel it’d be a pain to put on a garment and have the floats catch or pull.


  2. If you don’t carry your floats then you have to wrap them which is what I do. That yarn has to get there somehow.


  3. Oh, funny about yesterday–I thought everything had ‘sticks or pricks’ except the paper! lol
    Hope you had fun in your class. I carry my colors if it has too many stitches between areas but love to work Fair Isle no matter what!


  4. I really want to learn to knit Fair Isle and all kinds of colorwork but I always have other things going one. Maybe someday.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying Rhinebeck and your class should be done by now. How was it? Did you pass? 🙂


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