True of False:

Below are asome recent photos. This is a quick quiz! Have fun!

One of these things is not like the others,

(true or false)

One of these things just doesn’t belong

Can you guess which thing is not like the other?

Before I finish this song? (Sesame Street crediT)

Next Question:

THe Hat I am knitting has a major flaw in it. True or false , it is the colors I choose.

Next Question:

I’m loving Rhinebeck and feel ilke I am on a bit of a vacation?

Next Question:

THe red Breasted Nuthatch was brought to rehAB YESTERDAY after flying into a large picture window.


Every single flower Regina sent me has become a joy to see flower here. Val’s seeds too!


Karen and I are going to VIrtual Rhinebeck now. I won’t buy anything.

Hugs to you all!

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I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

5 thoughts on “True of False:

  1. I would guess the paper doesn’t belong? the hat is rustic–add a pom pom in the ribbing color and you will have a winner!


  2. OK, I’m just confused. But I enjoyed your photos and your text. The paper seems to be different than the other photos. I’m recovering from my annual mammogram.. geez.. those techs are sadistic. Have a lovely Sunday. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. I have to go find Rhinebeck on line somewhere. We’ve been busy all day doing last minute winter preparations since it’s supposed to be in the very low 20’s, as in 21F., by Wednesday. Dennis decided that besides the skirting, we should probably add foam board behind it to add additional insulation. It’s almost dark and he’s still outside working as it’s supposed to rain tonight. I know it won’t get done because they are less than 1/2 done! He may need to take a day off Tuesday. Fingers crossed.
    Take care my friend.


  4. How can you not buy anything at virtual Rhinebeck? I am not going to even look since I am swimming in yarn I have bought in my pandemic panic. You’d think it was the sheep that were at risk from this thing the way I am packing it away.
    I am not sure about the true or false things but I think your hat looks great.
    Speaking of birds…I just started following the Ravenmaster on Twitter. He takes care of the ravens at the Tower of London and it is fascinating twitter account. I had no idea there was such a thing.

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