Warning , Very Very Long Post

October, you are giving us some glorious days to enjoy alone, or with just another person. Fireman and I went on a hike yesterday. The trail was steep in areas. I was having some back pain. Fireman thought we should turn around, but I felt it would ease up when we got on level ground. Thankfully , it did .

Are you laughing? Wisconsin is not terribly mountainous, but there are some areas where you get a good workout with a climb. Our elevation gain: 500 ft. If you go to Peninsula State Park , in Door county, north of Green Bay, you will find some tricky climbs on their bluffy trails. Anyhow, we found a grove of huge, really huge, pine trees on this part of the Ice Age Trail; Bald Bluff. They were so tall we couldn’t even try our true measuring stick guide. They were easily 70 or more feet tall. Under them, a lovely soft blanket of orange pine needles.

Chicago is under a high fire risk this week. This is the time of year Mrs. O’Leary’s cow and all that started the horrible Chicago Fire. Things here are even dryer, I believe. Throughout the summer promised storms skirted us and headed to the Illinois border many times. I watered and watered and watered my tomatoes, squash, flowers and trees. I baby my young trees. They are costly and I want them to grow. I grew the clover patch for the nitrogen it would give the soil. We cut the last green clover leaves today and made mulch with them for the willow trees , the old forest trees, and the pine trees that are just wee babies. I did plant some clover by each of about 18 trees in spring. I hope that is going to nourish them as winter arrives.

Our friends in Fort collins Colorado, are getting inundated with smoke and the fires are inching

closer to them. I must paint a rock for them and put it by St. Francis. I keep finding people to write names on the rocks. I feel better once I have done this. I like this new habit, or ritual …..as Honore might call it .

Oops , I forgot to tell you about the first photo of this post. The falling down shed. My husband finally asked someone who farms ,why those out buildings remain as they seem dangerous. The answer , I think Nancy confirmed this already, is they are worth a lot in old wood. But no one wants to pay the farmer to take the wood. So they stand until they fall . I find some of them interesting and even pretty. My sister is always looking for things to paint for her classes . I ‘ll offer her this one.

I covered the cosmos with pillow cases this afternoon. And the marigold like zinnias and mexican paint flowers too. I want them to last until Day of the Dead. Zach’s Birthday …and I want my neighbor Sydney to keep enjoying them for another few days or weeks. Whatever mother Nature deems.

There has been knitting . Really, there has. I’ve cast on for a shawl with my Berroco Remix. But the big news, is that I have been to Rhinebeck!!! It is virtual this year and Al and I and our friend Karen all get to “go”.

This morning I attended a vendor event. A couple in Michigan make beautiful needles and they are hexagonal for joint relief and great slipping for speed. They make a cable needle that spins so the wire will not get twisty on you. They are called : Indian Lake Artisans.

Allison and Karen and I are all set for tomorrow afternoon’s big event: Show me Your Rhinebeck Sweater. It is our highlight you tube of the last few years. I get completely caught up in the sweaters, the yarns, the fun of it . I can’t wait!

I entered the photo contest and just made the time entry. I hope.

There are some other vendors I hope to see virtually tomorrow. Karen likes the Sheep Incognito store, so I will go there tomorrow too.

On Sunday I signed up for a class on making shawl pins with metals . I really hope I can do it. I didn’t feel like taking a yarn knitting class. I wanted to sign up for the electric spinning class. It was full. Then I googled electric spinners and oh boy. They are about 1500 dollars and up. What?????? I think I’d only be able to justify that with opening a shop of my own! Have you seen these things?

So much going on! Fireman is trying to winterize the screen porch . That would be so fun. The juncos have returned and I am not pleased. The nuthatches are back too. They are so bold. The red breasted is so small and will NOT leave the feeder if you approach. So , I think I have a good photo to share soon.

And, Finally, the Election is coming up.

Yes, I know you know. I continue to write postcards for voter encouragement.

I just want to share that some people don’t realize they can vote in a state they were not born into. I heard a story about a new dentist who moved to WISCONSIN before another election . She was very sad to find out she could have voted in Wisconsin since she was a resident in Dairy Land now. IF you aren’t sure about voting in any way, call your local government and they will tell you! YOUR VOTE Matters!!!

On my gosh it is 12:30 a.m. Time for me to turn in. Thanks for the time you took to read the post.

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18 thoughts on “Warning , Very Very Long Post

  1. Going to Rhinebeck virtually was such a good idea! Let’s hope that next year the festivals are live again. I so love the one in Jefferson.
    That looks like a great hike. I’ll have to keep that spot in mind for next summer.


  2. Please be safe with fires. I’m glad you are sending good wishes to people near fires.

    There are miniature electric spinning machines—the alpaca farm has one. Will get you the name?


  3. I would love to play with the old wood! The look of the tall trees is so inviting….
    I have an electric spinner-I paid $800 for it years ago! They do sell entry spinners for a LOT less-google it!

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  4. I hope your virtual wool festival is fun for you. I had my first Zoom board meeting today and it was interesting. We mailed our ballots yesterday and Dayle already was notified that his has been received.. but I didn’t get a notification. So weird. I’m proud of you for writing the post cards. We simply must win this election for future of our country. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  5. You live in a wonderful, scenic area. It was interesting there are fire risks in other parts of the country. We are under this advisory this weekend with high winds and 90’s temperatures.

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  6. We call ’em ‘fall down barns’; there are always plenty to see when out driving in the country…which is only a few minutes drive for us. We have a barn, although it most likely was built to house Model T’s, since the bays are narrow and tall. If we keep the roof in good order, that barn should stay well past our lifetimes! It’s got a 2nd floor too.

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  7. The Cameron Peak fire (in CO) and the Mullen fire (just west of Laramie) have been burning for months, and the air has been thick with smoke. The two fires nearly merged several days ago. The Mullen fire is 34% contained and has over 1,000 firefighters working on it. The strong winds (up to 80mph) a couple of days ago made their job even harder. I’m actually praying for snow to extinguish the blaze.

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  8. We had a hard frost the night before last, 25F, and I’m so glad I took my flowers to Nita’s house before that. She offered to try to overwinter them for me since we don’t have a garage anymore. Last winter they did very well.
    I’ve always enjoyed Kristi Glass’s Rhinebeck sweater video too. I’ll have to look for it on utube. Our local yarn shop has the electric spinning machines as well as dozens of wheels. I’ve bought two from them in the past. I love to spin but my back didn’t like it so much. Speaking of my back, it’s doing very well and I appreciate the stone you wrote for me and your prayers. I believe sincerely that prayers mean much more than most people think they do.
    I have to run now. They only gave up one key with Dennis’ new truck and I have to get another one made today. Do you KNOW how much those things are? About $300!!!!!! Insane. Everything is so computerized these days.
    Have a lovely day my dear, dear Kathy.
    Blessings and love,

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  9. We have a company right by us that salvages old barn wood (shed wood?) and makes some into furniture and some he sells as bulk lots for flooring, shelving, etc… He has some mighty pretty pictures on his Facebook feed, but boy does it get PRICEY!

    BTW — flamingo is now on my laptop where I can enjoy her every day. Thanks again.

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  10. Our juncos don’t arrive until well into winter. I love them! They’re so merry and cute. The nuthatches here are also favourites, the way they scoot down the tree to the suet feeder.

    We’re getting a frost, perhaps, this weekend. I knew it was coming. It will put our foliage at peak and bring on the red leaves. So far, unlike last year, our colour has been spectacular. We are also very dry, but a few days of showers helped minimally.

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  11. You did have a lot of info to share with us today and some lovely photos too! Nice that you have been busy as the cool weather is moving in quickly and the leaves are falling in huge piles! Thanks for writing those postcards. I sure hope that WI will vote for Biden – I know I will! Have a nice weekend!

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  12. We have been blessed by some glorious days as well. I love the tradition you have of placing intentions at the feet of St. Francis-like asking a friend for prayers. We have a lot of old barns in upstate NY and they are charming and evocative.

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