Back up…Let’s Back Up

Okay, for everyone who didn’t understand my clear as mud, tree measuring instructions:

Google: Arthur Temple College of Forestry and they will show you how we did the tree estimate measuring. This way I get to show you more autumn tree colors in our part of the…woods. Bump bah…..

Oh gosh, I don’t recall if I showed you the after photo of the shawl that got ruined in the wash after our OKC trip. It was all ripped and knotted at the rip point. Well, I took out my crochet hook, and this is when crochet beats knitting hands down. I crocheted the ripped section and the entire edge to the inside of the big loop that was the shawl.

See? The dark blue area became the new edge with the light blue ripped area getting securely hidden inside and all the way around. Then I crocheted the other end closed and stuffed it. It makes an awesome pillow! I had to save it. I love the cotton /blend yarn. It might be remix ?

Okay, it is our last 70 degree day for a longtime. We are off to do a little hike. It is supposed to be a tad difficult…….I promise I’ll be careful. And if you haven’t seen the cougar chasing the runner, In Utah, yes……it is scaredy stuff. That momma cougar makes some amazing moves…….she’s protecting those babies of hers. I don’t think we will encounter cougars. But I now know how to act if we do. Oh forget that…I’m bringing a nerf gun …..or rocks in my pocket.

Have you repaired anything lately in your craft world?

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14 thoughts on “Back up…Let’s Back Up

  1. I’m finishing up the repair of my son’s old favourite sweater. After all this–including iron-on denim patches on the worn-through sleeves–it would have been easier and cheaper to just find him a new, similar sweater!

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  2. Good job on the pillow save! It looks good on the sofa. Have fun on your hike. It will be a while until I can do that with my back zinging me. Back to the chiropractor tomorrow. Dayle glued the top on my spice cabinet that my stepfather made me for my birthday. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  3. We had 60 mph winds yesterday. We lost our electricy several times and it was interesting in the trailer. Good to know that we stayed put.
    That pillow save was fabulous. My latest repair was dropping a stitch on the back of Piper’s sweater. I didn’t notice for 10 rows! I had to fish it back up with a crochet hood, incorporating the eyelet pattern. It probably would have been easier to rip it all of the way back to the stitch!
    Take care my friend and stay warm.

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  4. I think it was sort of a repair. On the very last row of my Hitchhiker I dropped two stitches. They ran. I was able to get them back to their proper row and continue my cast off. I call it a repair. LOL

    Great job on making the shawl into a very comfy pillow.

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  5. That was a great save! The pillow is perfect. I was going to do that with my Tracery vest because I never thought I would finish it but somehow I did. I bet I would have gotten more use out of it was a pillow.
    I am not repairing anything at the moment. Only the things I’ve been goofing up with my projects. This has been quite the week for boo boos.

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  6. I have been working on an old quilt that I made for my daughter years ago (she is 31 this year). I took it all apart and gave it new batting inside. Now I am hand quilting it back together before I finish the border. The hand quilting is all hearts and circles (kisses and hugs!) It has taken me forever but it is a good project for COVID! I hope to finish it by Christmas. I am off for a hike today too since it is so nice here in Illinois! Stay safe!

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  7. Great pillow! I knit a whole, very intricate cabled sweater front and after starting the back, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to stuff my body into it. I ripped the back and turned the front into a pillow. It’s now one of my prized possessions.

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