8 thoughts on “A Little Voice from Wisconsin….

  1. the several people I know who have had it have all recovered, gratefully, and each said it took a long time to recover. I just wish the ‘experts’ would say they just don’t know about Covid and that they are trying to learn instead of contradicting themselves which makes them lose their believability!!!


  2. Northern Ohio had mostly Iroquois, Kickapoo, Erie, and Wyandot tribes.

    Further south, and much earlier, the more ancient Natives were mound builders. The impressive Serpent Mound in Adams County is still in existence and has been studied for its possible significance to the culture.

    We had a glorious day of 76 and sunny on Monday. I couldn’t get enough of it!


  3. I just talked to my sister who caught Covid back in June. It took her and her husband 6 weeks to get over feeling very, very ill and it took them until this week to get their sense of smell and taste back. My sister said it gave her terrible anxiety and constant panic attacks from feeling like she couldn’t breathe. Thank goodness they have finally subsided. They celebrated finally being on the other side of it by going and get a flu shot on Friday. They still won’t go near any family members because doctors can’t tell them if they can get it again or if they are still contagious. Some people shed the virus for months. It’s all so crazy.

    I swear if we ever get out of this mess I am going to every fiber festival there is. I miss sheep.

    The Native Americans who inhabited my area of the Chesapeake Bay were from the Piscataway tribe. We’ve got a nice little museum here on the river where you can see all the archaeological finds that have been made. My mother loved the place and used to take us there all the time.


  4. The Lenni Lenape are the indigenous tribe from our area. They were a sub-tribe of the Delaware Indian Tribe.

    Sadly, I don’t think many people think about the original people from this area. History is more focused on William Penn and the English settlers.


  5. I think it’s Kristy Glass who does the video at Rhinebeck. I know another person here who has tested positive but I haven’t been near them for months. Thank goodness.
    I’m glad you’re able to go for you bike rides and are still paddle-boarding. How nice to do that with the beautiful fall colors. It’s supposed to be 29F Wednesday night so we’ve stored our patio furniture and we’re trying to get the trailer winterized as much as possible.
    I grew up in Pottawattomie County in Iowa! We had Sioux near us. Here in Spokane it was the “Spokane” tribe and they are still very active in the area. They own several casinos in the outskirts of town. They have their traditional ceremonies every year that everyone is welcome to attend and learn the dances and chants. It’s really very, very interesting.


  6. I hear you loud and clear Kathy over here across the pond. I don’t know anyone personally either who has caught C19…thank goodness. I am happy to say no one in my family here in Spain or in the UK have caught i t. Today is National day here in Spain and it is a fiesta day,full of brass bands and parades. A fun day spent with extended family members. Enjoy your paddle (-: Amanda x


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