Saturday Panic…..

I have started a winter hat and am using oatmeal colored yarn and some Lambspride in dark red. I may be changing needles soon, because I think I Went down too much and the yarn is hard on my hands at this rate.

I love the way this photo turned out. How Did I achieve this magnificence? Well, you must have a husband who simpy will NOT stop for photos very often. THis means you have to click on the fly. THe way the smoke and farmers’ dust from harvest were in the sky, really gave this a spooky look. I love it. It is undoctored and just shot like sepia.. LOve when that happens.!

So many of my blog pals are very good at stitching. These framed samplers are on sale at a off site auction this weekend. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Ond hand , if you wanted samplers, lucky you. THey are going for next to nothing. On the other hand someone worked so hard on this part of their creativity. It is almost insulting to see them sent off. What do you thini? Ive have a mind to rescue one…..

Then this blue Turkey , in glass showed up at the auction. Do I need a blue Turkey? I don’t think so. He’s a beautiful TOM as my Nana would say.

If you have not seen the Barkely Marathons on you tube, or some available channel, it is a wild movie. I highly recomment it. AL’s trying to get me to watch Shits Creek starting at season 3. She says, just figure it out from there.

Amy Beth, the Fat squirrel Speaks podcaster, spent a ton of time on her latest podcast on quiilting. Val and Nancy and Deb, I thought of all of you. She gives a lot of information , so It was not quite what I go to her podcasts for but she is so enjoyable to listen to , I didnt mind. She’s talking about making a quilted car jacket in a really cool shape! You may like it

She listens to a podcast called Almost Amish and Im’ going to give it a try.

FInally, I had something happen to me yesterday that made me feel good. I had asked for more addresses to help get out the vote, and they sent me more. Of the 20 I said I could get done by tomorrow, one of them had a Burnham Court Address in Texas. My mom and Dads house just sold …on Burnham Court in Illinois. I saw it as a sign from my mom. ALso , we heard an interview in Oklahoma, where someone said,
“donkey years ago”. My Grandma, My irish nana used to say that! She too has been present in obvious ways this week.

Ok. KNitting today. 1) Getting my leaf Cape back from Local LYS that didnt sell. 2)Keeping all Windows open and getting in the sun for perhaps a last time this season …..before it goes into the 60s. 3)Talking to my kiddos. 4) sunset paddle????

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13 thoughts on “Saturday Panic…..

  1. Yesterday was wonderful, wasn’t it? So warm and golden. I’ve a feeling it’s all downhill to winter from here.

    Great cornfield shot! Sometimes the photos taken on the fly come out best. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. It breaks my heart to think of those samplers going for such a cheap price. I hope whoever buys them understands the work that represent. So often people buy things cheap and then dye them a horrendous color or some such thing. I hope that doesn’t happen to these samplers.
    I think we had our last warm day yesterday. It was in the 70’s but it rained all night and all day…Hallelujah! The smoke was washed away and now our highs are only supposed to be around 50-55. I guess it is the middle of October, but I’ve sure been enjoying the nice warm days.
    You should go down a needle size and just adjust the stitich numbers to save your hands.
    Lots of people collect those glass turkeys, hens, bunnies. I can’t imagine having the room for them here, but I say if you want one, go for it!


  3. I love that cornfield photo! Definitely spooky – haunting and beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚
    I had to laugh at the blue glass turkey! That sort of thing was popular for candy dishes in eastern Pennsylvania when I was growing up. People had turkeys like that, or hens or rabbits were the ones I remember. They used to put mints or hard candies or things like that in them.


  4. Iโ€™d love to have the windows open, but the smoke is too thick and would make my apartment smell like a campfire. My world has been in sepia for three weeks.


  5. That is an amazing photo. It looks like it’s from the 1930s.
    It would be sad to see a sampler go for $5, but better $5 than nothing.
    I watched the first episode of Schitt’s Creek, and I didn’t like it. But I’ll give it another try. So many people love it, including my kids.


  6. I had to LOL at the glass turkey.. I have one and it’s clear glass! I think you should buy a stitchery and hang it in your house. You would appreciate the work in it. I like how your hat is turning out. I need to make a new one. And finish my shawl. I have crocheter’s block. ((hugs)), Teresa ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I loved Schitt’s Creek. I didn’t really get into the first episode and thought it was dumb but then months later I started over and fell in love. It really is a brilliant show. I wish it hadn’t ended. I need Moira now more than ever.


  8. Do NOT start Schitt’s Creek anywhere but at the very beginning. It’s such a great show. And the character development is wonderful. How they slowly change and grow in their own way is part of the magic of the show. And it’s hilarious.

    Love the photo of the dead cornfield. It’s really good.


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