Every Waking Moment

I tried to make a video. Sorry. It didn’t work out. My learning curve with this will get better. But, it is 70s, windy, sunny and I’m headed outside to help fireman with the trees. We are taking at least one down.

Had to share this plate I saw yesterday. And I had a sad cat story about a stray, but just know that a good samaritan helped out .

I have a bucket list in my head. I think I will write it down. But here are some of mine:
Meet more of you.

Go to the 911 Memorial in New York and Shanksville PA.

GO to RHinebeck with Al and Karen

Go to More National Parks

See the Northern Lights

(oh and with my binoculars the other night, I was able to read that I Saw: M13, the Great Hercules Cluster around 8 pm here. I also saw Mars. To my surprise they looked like silver disco balls because they sparkled so much!

I am not giving up on paddleboarding. This is how glassy and calm the Lake was at 11 am. yesterday. We paddled farther along the shore, than ever before. IT was heavenly. I hope to get two more paddles in. THe water temp is 62, so If we tipped in, as long as we are close to shore we would be cold, but not dead!

Here’s the truth.. THe Pumpkins are ready in the fields.

As for knitting , I”m making a fair isle hat . And I’ve casted on a shawl. And I need to make a Halloween something. And I have to go help Fireman now. I wont let him fall the tree unless I’m there with him.

You are great pals to read my blog. Im honored

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12 thoughts on “Every Waking Moment

  1. Wow! That lake is a much calmer lake than it was in the last photo I saw. The pumpkin patch is one thing I really miss now that we live here. At our old house, there was a huge pick your own farm that always had massive fields of pumpkins. I miss driving past and seeing the pumpkins.


  2. Love the pumpkin with the yarn “frosting.”
    Still admiring your paddle-boarding. It always feels good be out on water (without a motor).
    I love doing fair-isle hats. They are so fast and always pretty.
    I haven’t even thought of my bucket list. Visiting Belarus would definitely be on it — but the way politics there are going, I don’t think it’s going to happen.


  3. We’ve finally had a run of decent weather. I could do with less humidity but I’ll take what we are having at the moment.


  4. I just got home from eye surgery and my vision is fuzzy. I’m happy you are still paddle-boarding.. you rock…FM too! Be careful falling that tree! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


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