Very Fast Post

Dear Cosmos,

Again you have outdone yourselves. What is it with our relationship that works every time? You don’t seem to tire of my chatting, (Fireman asked me who I was talking to in the garden yesterday) . You bloom into October, late. You make such pretty colors. And you are 99 cents a package. I do think I splurged and bought two packages at Home Depot last spring. Thanks. You keep going. You are a marvel.

Dear Knit and Crochet Pals,

I hope to pick up the needles later today. I haven’t had time to knit a stitch since the car ride home On Monday. Those trips are so great but they are a time taker. All the before set up, all the back home laundry, mail, email, and now there is the bug invasion. The orange not nice lady bugs are back. There are , I am not kidding, at least a thousand in the house. They bite. Fireman is walking around with a vacuum at least once an hour. We didn’t have this quantity in Illinois. They don’t stay long.

Dear Debate Watchers,

I m in love with a girl named Kamala. I was talked into doing phone calls for Wisconsin Dems last night and have since changed my mind. I just want to do more postcards. So , I’m starting the akward text to the nice guy who wants to give me and many others zoom instructions today at 4.

Dear Covid

Die. Just Die. We are so tired of you.

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I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

11 thoughts on “Very Fast Post

  1. The cosmos are beautiful! We used to get those awful ‘fake’ ladybugs every Fall also–we vacuumed them up, too!


  2. I wish I had room for cosmos. Their foliage is pretty, too.

    No biting orange ladybugs here yet. I think after our warm weekend, they’ll arrive, along with the brown stinkbugs.

    I hate to think it’s already time to get the front porch furniture put away, and the deck furniture, too. COVID-19 blurred our summertime into a haze.


  3. We don’t have the biting ladybugs here in Michigan . . . but it is time again for the annual stink bug invasion. They don’t bite (thankfully), but they are gross. Hope your ladybugs are gone soon. . .


  4. I wish my Cosmos would have bloomed, but sadly few of them even grew. The orange ladybugs are the worst! I hope they leave as quickly as they arrived.


  5. I’ve stayed so isolated with Covid, that today while going to a used book sale in my neighborhood, I walked 1/2 way there before remembering that I didn’t have a mask! I keep them in the car, but when on foot…I just am not in the habit since I don’t go anywhere other than circles ’round my ‘hood.


  6. How did the ladybugs get in your house? I’ve never heard of them biting. Is FM letting them go outside after he vacuums them? Oh my! They eat aphids so are very good for the environment. I’m so proud of you for writing those postcards! And I love Kamala Harris too! “I’m speaking!”. 🙂
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. I am so tired of Covid too but it’s not going anywhere until we wise up and admit we ALL need to take precautions. That bug doesn’t care about our politics or our feelings. It just wants to invade our bodies and do terrible mischief. I hate to see it but our numbers are creeping back up again. The hospitals are starting to see hundreds more patients a day again too.. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I am so worried for Daughter who has to deal with the insane public all day.

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  8. Beautiful, beautiful cosmos. A neighbor here at the park gave me a huge pot of geraniums. I hope I can overwinter them at Larry and Nita’s garage and have them for spring. I’ll take a photo for my next post.
    Sorry about the lady bugs. I had no idea that they bite!


  9. Hi, my cosmos out did themselves this season. We did have a kill frost up north, so I will be pulling them out this week.
    Have a great weekend!


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