Good Humor

I’m in no way dismissing the state of our country with this post. You know that. But , I felt some humor may be needed. Even when people are grieving a death, of a loved one, they laugh at memories , right? My big old loud family, (Fireman continually reminds me that the R–t side has no volume control whatsoever and we shout raucusly at one another) laughs at wakes and funerals. Hmmm, My Big Old Loud Family……sounds like a good movie title.

Good humor also came in the way of a ice cream truck ,back when. I remember the ice cream being …okay. We were snobs. Loud laughing snobs:we had a 31 Flavors Baskin Robbins less than a mile walking distance away. From the truck though, I think I usually got a chocolate coated thing on a sick with a fudgy middle and peanuts. It was vanilla icecream. YOU?

At Baskin Robbins Thirty one Flavors, I got chocolate mint, chocolate chip or cookie dough.

The thing about the Ice Cream Truck, was someone who drove it was always just a shade away from Creepy. I wrote a poem about it . I’ll dig it out if anyone wants.

So One of you told me YEARS ago, that when the truck music started, their mother told them, that meant they were out of ice cream. THat borders on cruelty. What A clever mom, though, I have to give her credit. ALso, these trucks always made the rounds right before dinner. THe thing that fascinated me most was the change belt.

I felt the presence of my mother and grandmother a lot, in Oklahoma CIty. I wasn’t looking for them. Here is an empty alcove for a Saint, at a church we walked by. THere was an empty alcove at Old St. Pat’s (the oldest church in Chicago), that we used to go to for Mass. My mom always said, that empty space was for my husband. SHe loved me to pieces, but she loved Troy for loving me. St. Troy. Overall, I have to agree.

THere was little laughter and many tears as we drove home On Monday. However, when we pulled in, after making good time, (and yes I did pee in the car to keep our covid gas station stops minimal…it was easy. I’ll tell you how. You take a plastic grocery bag and line it with lots of paper towels. Then You carefully hold the front and back of the bag and you pee. THe paper towels absorb most of it. No spillage. Then you tie a knot in the bag and throw it out later. Men, have it so much easier. GIve them an empty wax coffee cup and lid and they can go from there.) Oh, sorry. But, I think it is useful information .

Anyhow when we pulled in there was a box on the porch. From Kim. From her Hunks and Chicks contest! I won some fun prizes. Look, look at the reds and oranges in the yarns she sent!!! Oh they are destined for hats I think. Maybe a shawl? She also sent me the goodies I get giddy about: a notepad that says THINGS TO DO BEFORE I CAN KNIT

She sent a cool pen

See? She sent two patterns, lotion, that adorable Cat pen, a new keychain!!. Okay, so how did she know I needed a new keychain? Tea too! Kim, your timing was impeccable.

Allison and WIll do not pose for photos together. They just don’t. So while they cooked for us Friday night, I took some video and clipped some shots. This one with WIll and the Kniife is downright hysterical. Will, nearly lost his thumb to a bad stove burn awhile ago. His body looks like a monster walk and the knife in his hand….well c’mon it is Halloween time. I thought it was classic Will and Al. THey love to laugh, and they have “produced” some very funny bits together, just for family.

While drying my tears Monday on the truck ride home, I listened to a podcast that made me laugh. I”d love you to give it a listen. If you don’t get the podcast thing, here’s my take on it.

If you have a cell phone there is a button to touch that has what looks like an “i” with circles around it. The backround is purple. Touch it. It is free. Go to the search magnifying glass and type in: The Mortified Podcast March 14, 2020 . Listen to episode 185: Horse Girls. The first few minutes are not that funny. But as it goes on… will laugh out loud. The one I recommend is only 35 minutes long. IT gets funny at the 7th minute so you can just start there.

Mo Rocca has a good podcast. Mobituaries is the name of his podcast. He is an excellent story teller. He will make you laugh.

Al has suggested most of the podcasts I listen to, oh, and Zach suggests goodones too. I love to knit to them. Here’s WIll, Al, and FIreman.

ONe funny thing happened in OKc that Will shared with us. Apparently at WHOLE FOODS, while he was shopping, and masked, two ladies discovered they were pushing carts that were not their own. Will found this really funny. Then he realized HE was not pushing HIS cart either. That made him laugh even harder. Have you ever swapped carts? I think people did it with the firemen when they shopped so they could hit on the firemen. Women got all giddy around the fireman who were looking for their food for dinner. What were these women thinking? Filet on sale, or chat it up with some woman, who doesnt realize she’s shopping in her slippers.

I hope I made you laugh:
here’s a few other sources of laughter:

The series that Sara Silverman filmed a few years ago called: America, I love you.

Off to finish my postcard writing for the Democrats. THey are due in the mail today and I have to finish ten of them.

What’s making you laugh?

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12 thoughts on “Good Humor

  1. Goodness! I never expected to read instructions for how to take a Non-Stop Roadtrip, but there they were! LOL.

    So glad you had a nice visit with your daughter and her SO. It was a lovely Picker-Upper for you, I’m sure. And what a nice time of year for a drive, too.

    Your ice cream favourites mean mine are safe. I love chocolate peanut butter and chocolate marshmallow. And all the fruit sorbets.


  2. I’m so happy for you that you got to go to OK to see your darling daughter and her S.O. They must have a lot of fun with each other. How nice for you to receive such thoughtful gifts. You are loved. My current favorite ice cream is Haagen Dazs coffee.. you should try it. ((hugs)), Teresa πŸ™‚


  3. Deb, How you blocked out your sisters bleeding everywhere is so so Sibling!! What a funny story of your neighbor just flipping you a quarter. !!!!! Yikes. Glad your mom had her help! I freaked when my kids were injured.


  4. Another Mo Rocca fan here! πŸ™‚
    When I was a kid, our neightborhood ice cream truck was “Mr. Sof-Tee.” When I heard his theme song/music, I ran into the streets to wait . . . because we had NO 31-flavors anywhere near. I could never decide between a “bomb pop” or a banana popsicle. But usually . . . the “bomb pop” was the big winner!


  5. I taught at an American school overseas (Germany) and we would always have an end of the year party at some restaurant. One year we(husband and I) went home for a few hours before we were going to the dinner and I got comfy (put on slippers) and did not realize until half way though supper at the restaurant that I still had my slippers on. Hey… summer had started…right?


  6. I love this post so much. That ice cream truck….wow. I used to follow it down the road. I loved just a plain old Popsicle. They used to have the best flavors. Green apple. White lemonade. Root beer.
    True Story: when I was a kid we had a kitchen with metal cabinets and my baby sister almost cut her fingers off in one of them one day. I walked into the kitchen that looked like a crime scene as my frantic mother and our neighbor were trying to call an ambulance and deal with my poor wailing sister. All I could say over and over was “the ice cream man is here..” in my shock. I can recall so plainly our neighbor yanking a quarter out of her pocket and winging it at me to get me to shut up. That neighbor turned out to be Daddio’s lady friend many years later after their spouses died and they ran into each other in a nursing home. We are still in touch and we still laugh at the quarter story. Oh, and my sister’s fingers were saved and I did get my Popsicle.


  7. You most definitely made me laugh today. I don’t think I ever got ice cream from the truck. We were really poor when I was growing up, but I didn’t know it. We were loved and that was what was important.
    Guys definitely have it easier in the car. I’ve never “gone” in the car, but there have been some close calls!
    Lots of fun gifts and pretty fall yarn colors too. You’re a very lucky and blessed lady.
    I’m glad you had such a great time with Al and Will on your trip. It looks like you were all very happy. I’m so ready for a road trip. It’s been over a year since I went further than 40 miles from home. Maybe we can go somewhere, anywhere before winter sets in.
    Take care.


  8. As soon as I saw those yarns, I fell in love with the Autumn-y colors. I almost kept them for myself!

    I DID keep a cat pen. . .


  9. Oh you made me laugh! The story about the Good Humor truck and the music is down right genius!! I am going to hell, for sure! As for peeing in the car? It was an empty 5 lb ricotta bucket and a roll of paper towels for me. We never knew if I would be sick or have to pee, but it was well-loved and used!


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