Taking a Car Trip in the middle of COVID -19 Safely.

Many of you will recall, a long time ago,( when I went on more trips, or to events,) I asked a unknowing person to hold my yarn for my blog post. This guy was a terrific waiter at STITCH in OKC. We were far away from other tables, AND, we moved into the shade without asking. We all wore our masks. Clearly , dear waiter guy, you were a doll to participate but don’t think for a moment I didnt clean that yarn and those needles as soon as I got them back.

And Dear Waiter, you are not covering your nose. You have a lovely rather noticable nose, but it needs to be covered. What did I clean with? WEll, I had a darling bag, filled with

A roll of peper towels

Hand sanitizer gel



bottled water and soap.

THis bag went everywere with me. If we had to stop at a public bathroom, it came with me. I made fireman wear gloves pumping gas. THis bag was used before during and after the trip down to Oklahoma. IT seemed silly at times, (I also wiped every surface of a table we ate on, outside) but I am at peace knowing we took every precaution.

My friend drove here to Wisconsin from LA to see her brother and she was a font of knowledge. We were to turn off the a/c when we entered the hotel room. We could open the window then for fresh air. We started the AC when we left the room and by the time we came back 12 laters, we had a cool room and shut off the air. WE asked that no cleaning or hotel staff enter our room for our stay.

There were a few times when I reminded Fireman to put his mask on, and he said, “okay, that was the plan”. BUt he was tiring of it. Still, he complied.

I’ll fill you in on AL and WIll, and their awesome place. This was the longest we had gone without seeing Al. 10 months. Since Christmas. It was too too long. WE went because we feared Covid would get worse. We snuck in a glorious weekend of 70s and sunshine while it was rainly and cold here.

Any knitting started on the trip was a big blunder. I finally got to get started and get somewhere on my new shawl. ( Somewhere in Kansas that is, on the way home)

MIssing stitch markers, called for extreme mesaures. Two lifesaver gummies had to play the roll of markers. Now I am loving the new shawl. It is called Stevie shawl for Stevie Nicks. Its real 70s. I love it.

And then this happened after we arrived home safely. The drive is roughly 12 hours. That is 12 hours too long. While Oklahoma is a great place, oh I’m not going there today. Anyhow, I wore my shawl along the trip. It snuck into the wash last night and unraveled. Generally, I dip such things. It is okay. I will turn it into a pillow.

There’s tons more to chat about, but I have to catch up with all of you. We did not take computers along. We only had our phones.

The sun is shining. I know how many days till Christmas and I’ll see Al and Zach then or at New years!!!! Halloween is starting to sound like we need some radical fun. Anyone up for a ZOOM Halloween with me? MInimal costume required. You might just wear your pumpkin shirt, or sit by a pumpkin that we can all see.

I’d love to do that with you.

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14 thoughts on “Taking a Car Trip in the middle of COVID -19 Safely.

  1. Good time for a trip is right! I bet the seeing your daughter made up for any rotten-to-the-bone traveling could be! lol


  2. Glad you were able to see Al. And don’t feel silly about taking precautions. The world wouldn’t be in the state it is, if more people were diligent like you.
    Love the lifesaver stitch markers – sheer brilliance!


  3. that is why I went to Indiana a few weeks ago, I assume it’ll get worse and I would be able to do outdoor activities at the end of September. I’m hoping we get some good vaccine news by January….maybe. So glad you saw A!!!


  4. Glad you got to see your girl! (We will hopefully see Stephen for Thanksgiving.) I agree with you. I think things are going to get worse again. Numbers are going up here. 😦

    I think you were smart to take all those precautions. We didn’t come all this way to get sick now.

    P.S. The gummy stitch markers made me laugh. Although ………….I probably would have eaten them and hoped for the best with my knitting. 😉


  5. Bravo for making the trek. I wish it was only 12 hours of driving to see my granddaughters.. but it’s 2000 miles and would take 5 days and 4 hotels to get there. Ugh. We got a video of our horrible, evil Blue Heron trying to get our fish with the trail cam! I will try to share it tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I’m so glad you braved the trip to see Al. I know how much you missed them because I’m in the same boat. Dennis used the same mask/gloves/santizer precautions on his trips to Omaha. The first trip he slept in the truck but the second trip with Jamie they stayed in hotels but also did the same as you with the A/C.
    I’m sorry about your shawl but glad you’re taking it in stride so you can make a pillow with it.
    Blessings and a huge hug,


  7. Good for you! I think you were absolutely right to drive to OK and see Al. I would drive to see my kids if I could. I don’t have enough time in a weekend to drive to Denver. Seth is in Chicago, but, as you know, we can’t go there, either!
    It sounds like you were super safe! Although, it is a shame about the cowl. Still. a trip and a visit with a kid is great thing to do in these times.


  8. How brave! I would love a road trip but I am still too nervous about public bathrooms. I haven’t seen my daughter since Christmas. She’s only and hour away but I can’t go near her. Every day she calls me to tell me someone she works with has tested positive or has had contact with someone that has. She is the only one of my kids who has to deal with the public and I am so worried for her. They wanted to start a family this year but not now. Sigh….


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