I’m as mixed up as a skien of yarn on a winder. I cannot seem to settle on anything for knitting. This has been going on for over a week. My knitting must be more important to my well being than I thought.

I have all this wonderful yarn from Regina. I see all the things you are creating, and all I have is a half knitted fingerless glove. I am truly unsettled when I am between projects. I get a runner’s high (well I’ve never had a runners high but I’m guessing it feels like a knitter’s high) when I am into my next project, and committed.

So, I wound some yarn this morning. My swift is toast. And my toaster is toast. Seriously, it went in the trash just now. The toaster, not the swift. This gorgeous painted yarn is from Regina. I’m thinking of knitting the Little Angel Lace scarf. 4 rows to repeat. Cast on 290 stitches. THere’s the rub.

I will do what I always do and go to your blogs for inspiration.

In the meantime I will appreciate this gorgeous Wisconsin day in the 70s with warm lake water. This means Paddling. If it weren’t for camper I’d never have done so much this summer.

And while my vegetable garden failed, my buckthorn removal did not! There is now a native plant called BONESET blooming in my woods! They are beautiful. Some echinacea from Regina took there too. I need to keep the woods that are in my care strong.

If you want to suggest a shawl to me it can’t be garter based, it can’t have a hard chart, and it has to be beautiful.

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14 thoughts on “Scatterbrained

  1. I’m not sure how many socks are on needles right now and I’m going out to buy 6 and 8’s in 36in length to start another shawl because I can’t find my 6 or 8 cables. I did finish the second of a pair of socks 🙂 And I think there might be more yarn expected in the mail. And as to your swift…is the problem the ‘ties’ are coming undone(breaking)? I have the same swift (I think) and I’ve used linen string to retie most of mine over time.


  2. I’m suggesting you set aside new patterns and knit scarves and hats for the soldiers again (Operation Gratitude). Nice, easy, no-think knitting to get you back in the groove.


  3. Most of the shawls I’ve made are either garter based or have a lot of garter in them. I’m sorry I’m no help. I finished Pipers sweater and mailed it off and now have started a pair of socks for a gift.
    We got RAIN today. Lots of rain and we needed it desperately. It’s not enough to. put the fires out but it sure helps to keep them from growing.
    Take care.


  4. Marsha, thank you for the Boneset pattern !!! Timely!! Teresa I am sending you a instagram gal to check out for green dishes collection. Nancy I’m sorry the air quality is so bad! Dee, that ‘s just how I feel…not getting anything done!! Thank you all!


  5. I hope you find your dream shawl pattern. Might I recommend you embrace crochet? There are some fantastic crochet shawl patterns. I’ve made so many and I love them so much. I’m glad you are being a good steward of the land you own. We are too. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  6. This has been a difficult week: I have no desire to do anything but listen to audio books and podcasts. The air is filled with smoke and I haven’t seen the sun in days.


  7. I am having a hard time settling down with projects this week too. I’ve been very anxious and rather depressed. I think the gloomy fall weather isn’t helping although I usually love it. The early dark seems sad to me now when I used to love the coziness of it. Sigh. Nothing feels right at the moment and I have to learn to give myself a break. These are NOT normal times so feeling weird should be expected and not something to be fretted over.


  8. There is a shawl pattern called Boneset. It is quite lovely even though part of it is garter stitch. I am planning on starting it soon. Since I only have one shawl on my needles at the moment. Socks……I don’t have any of those on my needles. Goodness, it must be the change in weather that has us all wack-a-doodled.

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