Nothing Went as Planned

Dear Today,

This was not a bad thing. You were sunny and barely a cloud in the sky. It was just too chilly to think of paddling boarding, so the camper and I rode bikes. We rode two hours, and we rode 20 miles. I know this for sure, because, of my Apple watch.

Today, that was probably more than enough activity. However, you had me pulling up the finished acorn squash leaves and vines. This led to more lovely weather continuing and even, wow,, maybe the sweatshirt isn’ t necessary? Next thing YOU know, I’m at that patch in the back that we are taking down completely. And yes, next thing you know its 4 pm and I’m showered (tick prevention) and napping on the couch.

For the evening plans, today, you had other ideas as well. I honestly intended to watch the Cubs and the campfire at the same time from the porch. The fire was too wet to get lit well. The Cubs are not playing well tonight. I was supposed to write 3 postcards and then knit.

Instead, today, you tricked me again. Karen and I started chatting about our patterns in text. Karen wound up with this drop dead shawl she is going to knit. The Enfolded shawl is a thing of beauty.!!!! I ended up deciding to knit the St. Seraphina Knits Pemberley Shawl Pattern from years and years and years ago. I had about a quarter of it done, when I decided I’d never have the patience to finish it and I ripped it out. I have regretted that for over a decade.

So, tonight, say goodbye to today. And thanks, it was a so pretty outside. The hummingbirds are still here and I made them fresh food. Knitting will begin in the morning! Nothing like a knit pal to inspire you to a new project. Thanks Karen.

and that’s the last green bean!

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7 thoughts on “Nothing Went as Planned

  1. I am missing the sunshine-these tropical storms are blasting away my sunshine! Windy and chilly for us (74) today!
    If I’ve learned one thing by this time in my life, it’s that you have to roll with it! Whatever ‘it’ is!


  2. I like that you let the day take you where it wants too.. thats the best part of being retired. Yes, I am taking my eye drops but it’s SO hard not to rub my eye! I want to SO bad. Dayle is feeling a big frail today but still managed to clean the pond filter and it was making sucking sounds. Kristi is out on the deck picking crab and is planning to make crab cakes for us tomorrow.. I can’t wait! We’re going to cook some of our little new potatoes and some corn on the cob to go with them. I look forward to seeing your knitting update. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. It sounds like you had a very productive day. We had a tiny sliver of sunshine late in the day. The first time in well over a week of smoke. Our air quality dropped from very hazardous to moderately unhealthy and it felt wonderful so we took Chloe on three walks! HaPpY DaNcE!
    We also watched some videos on DVD of the earliest CMA awards. How fun to see the country music artists from early in our marriage.
    I started a sweater for Piper on Thursday and have the back and the left front done. Only the right front, sleeves and button band left. Do you think I’ll get it done in time to mail it to her for her birthday on the 29th? Then I’m making her two more once I know this one fits. This one is white and I’ll make a pink and a red one too. Maybe lavender too. She loves them and I have made them for her since she was in 2T size. This one is an 8-9!
    Take care and happy Sunday.


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