This is the shawl that I am working on. I took parts of a shawl pattern and Allison and I branched out from there. The yarn is so light that my hands do not hurt at all!

As the windy wet weather left our area, I surveyed my flowers that I planted for my neighbor to enjoy. Well, all those sturdy cosmos were…..yeah…on the ground. THe were in need of SUPPORT. Enter the bench , Fireman and I made in Illinois years ago. There. that’s better. Go cosmos go. And now the echinacea I transplanted in May to that area are also in bloom!!

So for all the fuss I made about my poor garden crops, I felt a whole lot better after listening to AMy Beth’s podcast. I feel so happy now that I know my 6 acorn squash were really a WIN. I will have to tell her how to protect the flowers from cut worms….because I do think that made the difference. She has me wanting to go apple picking now.

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I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

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  1. That pink shawl is looking lovely. It will bring warmth and style to you this winter. I need to get busy on my purple for winter.. I don’t know why but I’m having crocheter’s block on it. OMG.. Fezz is one magnificent cat. If I ever do get another cat it might be a Maine Coon. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  2. Fezzik is beautiful…..err handsome! What an amazing cat. I want to snuggle with him.
    Your flowers are beautiful and the bench was a stroke of brilliance. My flowers aren’t doing too well this week. They were gorgeous but I think the smoke is getting to them. One by one the flowers are falling off and not reblooming. So sad. Our skies are still brown but we have hope. Rain is forecast on Friday for the first time since June 1!


  3. Pretty kitty!
    I use the sticks that my maple trees drop, to use to support some of the new plants I put in about a month ago.
    My super tall milkweeds are half bent over now; I’ll just leave them to their own devices.


  4. Hi,
    My cosmos are still blooming. The bees are so happy.
    A frost advisory beeped on my phone for tonight and tomorrow night.


  5. My cosmos were miniatures compared to yours! I might add that they didn’t bloom either. Oh well, chalk it up to experience on what doesn’t do well in my location.


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