Tornado Warnings At Camp

After the counselor had fed her plant areas, (I don’t really call them gardens,) the weather warnings hit. I’m happy to report that the squash survived. In fact, everything survived. And all that humidity went away in time. So much so that campers needed a heavier blanket at 3 a.m. or so.

I think we are talking acorn squash here, my interested pals. I think we will get quite a few. I do this thing where I take extra leaves off that are just sucking moisture, and I cauterize the open ends so nothing can get into the plant itself. Overkill, I’m sure, but I m doing it. I use the good old flame stick. Look right at the middle of the photo and you’ll see an squash forming. Oh, and a cricket jumped in my hair. Oh I hated that. No wonder half pint and Mary on Little house wore bonnets!

Besides feeding the plants, Head Counselor tied up the sunflowers and echinacea and cosmos so they would not get smashed by the hail, and rains. There was hail. Mid-storm we were told there was a tornado nearby but that with all the rain you couldn’t see it. . So just pay attention campers and get in the basement. (Kind of like COVID, you don’t see it but you believe the science and you pretty much live in your basement. OR so it feels like. ) I wonder, do people say? “fake news, I don’t believe in tornadoes Dorothy.”

Their was a brief text to my children. We love you. AL you get Tanky and Beatles. Zach you get Piepie and Fezzik. Both parties complained about their givens. Watch out you guys or Tank will go to Dee.

Campers earned their weather badges by letting the counselor rearrange her yarns while the camper took down the deck chairs, and closed the windows . They watched available radar, so points for that too!

Now, doesnt the sock that likes me so far, look just like my garden grows?

Have a good one my blog pals. I cannot get enough of Summer.

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21 thoughts on “Tornado Warnings At Camp

  1. Glad you’re all safe and sound there. We’ve got weather warnings for storms here too, we haven’t had any so far but other parts of the country have had some amazing thunder and lightening. I’m not a fan of it at all, scares me to death.


  2. I heard about the derecho. Glad everything is okay.

    Love the sunflower socks. Keep at them! They look great.

    The little squash looks to be thriving. I hope it’s soon joined by many, many more. I know you’ll update us on that.


  3. I will take him! I will take them ALL! But, stick around Kathy. Hunker down in that basement. (I hope all passed you by).

    We are under a flood watch for tomorrow, but living high up on a hill, I don’t worry about that too much.

    That sock makes the PERFECT sunflower and I love the little squash. How cute is THAT??


  4. I was worried about you. I was watching The Weather Channel and saw the Derecho that was making a mess of the Midwest. This has been one heck of a summer.


  5. Pure camouflage!! Just love how your sock yarn blends in with your garden!! Glad to hear you got through the storm with no mishaps…. I expect your are cooler now!! Over here a big storm is building up too on this side of the pond….I hear a lot of fierce grumbling going on up there in the heavens! keep well Amanda


  6. How fun to find your mystery plant is a pretty little squash. You are taking very good care of it. I can see a raised garden bed in your future. We sure are enjoying ours. The sock looks like summer. Enjoy camp! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. That sock is really pretty.I’m currently working on a Habitation throw. I was driving home from Appleton yesterday, listening to WTMJ and heard the weather bulletins and hoped you were taking cover. I only had rain to drive through and it wasn’t heavy. Today is a beautiful “camp” day in Wisconsin! Enjoy.


  8. I’m with you — I can’t get enough summer. Even without AC. Yesterday we hung out in the basement — not a complaint!
    That sock does look like your garden!
    I will keep my fingers crossed for your squash. My gardening friends tell me that there are lots of squash pests this year.


  9. That sock is perfect! I smiled my way through your post today. It was great except for the tornado warnings. We have had beautiful weather here lately. Even a small bit of rain last week which is unusual. We usually go from the end of June until September without any moisture. Your camp sure sounds like fun.


  10. Great photo of your sock! From the size of the leaves In previous photos, I thought your squash might be a pumpkin. Keep working on the camping badges!


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