12 thoughts on “A little bit of Kathy B. to listen to:

  1. Our Saturday was a great day, too. Beautiful weather and plenty of sunshine and breezes. Keeping a calendar of Good Things and activities shows that your life went on! Good for you.


  2. Yay, you got it working. I write things down too, I’ve used a Filofax for years and I have a diary in there along with lots and lots of other jottings and lists.


  3. We’re told that we will either close on our house Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s so exciting. We went to the house and edged, trimmed and mowed and trimmed the bushes. We want it to be nice and welcoming for the new owners.
    I enjoyed hearing your beautiful voice tonight and hearing all about your day and your knitting. I love the sunshine. It was in the 70’s today here at the lake.


  4. Fun to hear your random thoughts today. Temperatures in the 70s are heavenly. The sky is smoky today from forest fires, so it’s not as pleasant as it could be. I keep a calendar on my bedside table and jot things in it before going to bed.


  5. It was fun to hear your musical voice. Dayle is taking it easy recovering. I need to work on my GDs blanket so I can send it to her. That’s it for us today! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I needed this today. I’m dealing with the home warranty company and six plumbing issues so far in our new house, and listening to you while I wait for a call made me so happy. Thank you.


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