Tiny Ways that Speak Loudly

When the great Pines fell to tiny insects that laughed at their great size, we took the dead trees down. This left areas that my neighbors once enjoyed, very drab.

This year I was determined to make a tiny difference in their view. Then my neighbor got ill and it seemed even more important. She is well after a surgery during COVID. And this is her little garden that I hope she can enjoy from her patio and kitchen:

It includes tall grasses, echinacea and finally, cosmos that is blooming! I babied that cosmos. I covered it as seedlings. I ‘ve watered and watered and now, finally it is beginning to bloom .

I added the little flag with the old truck on it, as it was left in our crawlspace and my neighbor sells old cars.

So while I can barely see the garden through our growing replacement pines, I do go over and look at it daily from her side and I tend to it.

I have begun my second market bag. This bag is getting 100% of my attention this afternoon. Well, that is with my Cubbies playing in the background. This one is twice the cast on number of the last one, and I think it will be great. So that’s a tiny plan and it better be a good one.

When the cosmos begin to bloom, they are like magic in a shaken globe. They changed daily and they go on and on. 99 cents folks. 99cents for a packet.

Oh speaking of seeds, I have a new catalogue that P . Allen Smith was informing us of: Gilbert H. Wild and Sons. They have many cool cool peonies and other gorgeous plants like lilies, if you wish. Tiny fun….that I usually don’t do until Winter.

A bottle of red and a bottle of white ………our little Billy Joel song come to life on the deck. We had a couple over that is dear to us. Social distanced, Masked. Used our own utensils etc. It was do able! Their daughter was born with part of an arm. She is so beautiful. It is amazing to hear the things people say to her! Some bartend asked if he could take a photo with her. She asked why? She is just beautiful.

He said, Because you only have one arm. The owner overheard him, fired him on the spot and gave her a round of drinks. She’s 30. This has happened her whole life. Her parents raised her to be anything she wishes. But , someone needs to have raised a man that will never notice her birth defect. I think he’s out there.

My prickly pear cactus are in the ground. I want them to take. They were free from my goat neighbor. She really appreciated the clover. She left me a text saying she will be out but I can give her goats more clover anytime and drive right up to the fence. I will make fireman do the driving as You know I can get that truck stuck just looking at it!

Finally, the very small fun we had yesterday was with Al’s boyfriend Will. He works for the Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball team and was told part of his job now is to be the pretend fan in a crowd. He’s there smack in the middles wearing his orange THUNDER shirt. We watched and watched for him on Television, but something was amiss in the control room. We are calling him famous anyhow. Just a tiny bit famous…but still

Hope you can catch the splashdown today of the astronauts. I have tiny cool memories of the capsules that are at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry! Campers are scheduled to watch the event. But first, we ride our bicycles….

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16 thoughts on “Tiny Ways that Speak Loudly

  1. I love that you tend to a garden for your neighbor’s pleasure. That is the sweetest damn thing!!! I love Cosmos. Their leaves are so delicate. I love the faux fans in the stands. I am a Met fan and we have cardboard cutouts in the seats. I want to get one for Razz.


  2. Nice to brighten the corner of your garden for the neighbor–we all need to brighten the corner where we are! I hope the baseball season can continue for you–I hear that Covid is running rampant in the teams bc they don’t take the precautions seriously. I hope they don’t kneel where they spit. Your decking is so pretty–nice to share it with friends!


  3. Your “Mister Rogers Garden” is so lovely! It looks serene and green and cheerful. That is a kind gesture, and I’m sure it is appreciated. Even if it is somehow overlooked, you have done a beautiful thing.


  4. meeting with friends in the back yard is everything these days!! We also social distanced. It was refreshing and I’m ready to face a string of days or weeks without socialization again.


  5. It is really nice of you to plant some loveliness for your neighbor to see 🙂 Hope your prickly pear takes! So glad you got to spend time with your friends – that can really make a difference in your mood.


  6. A garden for your neighbor?! You are seriously the sweetest person. Will made me laugh. I bet that was fun. Some people have no idea what they’re saying…or maybe they do and don’t have the brains to stop what’s coming out of their mouth. I’m glad that young man got fired.
    I did see the astronauts splash down. It was wonderful. I liked one of their young sons calling his Dad this morning and says not to worry that he can sleep in tomorrow.
    Take care my friend.


  7. You are so sweet to plant and tend that garden for your neighbour to look at. I’m sure she appreciates it very much. I can’t understand people like that bartender – so insensitive and immature.
    I love cosmos, too, and if you let them go to seed in the garden, they sometimes come up again the following year.


  8. Some people. or shall I say many people have no tact at all. I am glad that young man got fired. I am often walking with Little Buddy, well pre-Covid anyway and I see families. The mom’s seem okay, the grandparents always talk to him but the Dad’s look like he has something their kids can catch and hurry away. It breaks my heart but so far he does not seem to notice. Stay safe Kathy.


  9. That is so darn nice of you to plant things for your neighbor to enjoy. Dayle also does a similar thing by keeping our pasture mowed in front and around our barn so the neighbors who have the lavender farm can enjoy it as a backdrop for their fields of flowers. Nice deck! I’m glad that owner overheard and fired that a$$hat. Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  10. It was so sweet of you to tend a garden for your neighbor. We are still working on that tree we dropped in our neighbor’s backyard 2 years ago. They said they don’t mind but I keep telling The Mister they are just being nice. We’ll have it done this winter. It was one huge tree.


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