Cutest little Summer Bag

Well , I admit it looks like a hat, but it is a bag. I have to knit the cord handles and attach them. This is a darling , easy , light and breezy bAG.

I used the Market Bag free pattern by TiaMakes . Perfectly simple instructions. Knitted in : Cairn Queensland yarn in Color 33 Redland City . A cotton blend.

I will show you the finished bag as soon as those handles are on.

Then I plan to make a big big Market bag . I enjoyed this one from cast on to cast off.

Now for a a little story on a Friday:

*I tipped off the paddle board today. I was fine. I had my life jacket on, of course. Someone, sadly, died on the lake this weekend. So the minute my head came up out of the clear warm water, someone on a boat yelled, “Do you need help?”

I had my mask on. I said, no, I’m with him. Fireman came over and held the board. IT is difficult to get back on if you are wearing a life jacket. You have to kick kick kick and slide across the board without tipping over on yourself. Which I did once. But the next time, Fireman was holding the board and it was still a challenge but I got on. I waved to the boat. Also, the police had a boat on the lake not too far from us. And my life jacket has a whistle so , If I needed to use it , I sure would have.

So , Fireman said no one could have made out what I responded to the kind boater, because my mask was on. He said it sounded like Wah wha Wah Wah wah wah. So I have to tell you that one of the main reasons I wear a mask paddle boarding, is that I hate sunscreen. It gets in my eyes and wearing a mask is a better barrier from the suns rays anyhow.

Next time I tip, I will pull my mask down. There was no panic because the paddle board is just going to float. We would never go out in rough winds and waves. You can just pretend your paddle board is a kick board. Your paddle board floats, it doesnt sink.

The only reason I tipped, was that I was far far back on the board, so I could turn it very easily. Well, you really shouldn’t be that far back. You should be more middle. Anyhow. That was my first time in the water this year. I have dangled my legs off the board, but not fallen in.

All’s well! My left shoulder is sore from reaching to the other side of the board, but I’ll put some bengay on it.

My fingers are better after the typing rest this week and taping them together at night.

How are you? Any tales to tell?

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15 thoughts on “Cutest little Summer Bag

  1. Glad you are fine from your tip into the lake, I bet the water actually felt good after you were able to get out safely. I actually thought you mad a hat, it could be a hat and it would be a cute one. Stay safe.


  2. I did think it was a hat at first glance but I’m sure it’ll look more bag like with the handles attached. How sad that someone lost their life on the lake, it’s good that people are looking out for each other now.


  3. Glad all went well with the paddle board. I know getting back in a kayak is a bit of a challenge too when your feet can’t touch bottom.


  4. Paddleboating sounds like fun !! I’ve never done it myself…surfing yes although a thing of the past. As they say when you fall off a horse you get straight back on quite possibly the case with this sport too. A little extra adrenaline makes it that more exciting,doesn’t it? It also sounds as if you were well equipped, life-racket,your fireman,general watchful public and patrol nearby…all under control Looking forward to seeing your finished project.!! Take care Amanda 🙂


  5. No such excitement around here. I’m glad you are okay. I’m also glad you explained why you would wear a mask while paddle boarding – it seems very socially distant!


  6. Glad you were safe! I don’t think I could ever manage a paddleboard as my balance is not good! I like the colors of your bag. Good job!


  7. A little bit of an adventure is good for you-especially when there is a happy ending! The bag is pretty!


  8. I am so glad you are okay and that you had a life jacket on. Someone died here recently from kayaking (NO lifejacket!). I have a feeling that if I kayaked I would be the kind of person who would flip over….I am accident prone.


  9. Oh, wow….that was scary. It’s so easy for things to go wrong in deep water. The poor Coast Guard is always fishing some poor soul out of the Bay.


  10. Well, you had some excitement. Although you had your lifevest on, I’m glad that Fireman was there. I’m so terrified of water and I feel bad for Dennis because I know he would love to paddleboard and kayak. We sit here at the lake and watch all of the other people on the lake. He swims like a fish, but not me.
    I’m glad you’re okay and that your fingers are better too. That bag turned out wonderfully.


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