Camp Continues …….Without the Tour de France

Fezzik got a new wading pool. He loves it. Usually he goes in and gets out and then digs all the water onto the porch floor. Don’t know why we are so lucky this time. He’s not started to empty it yet. But , it is early. Beatles drinks from it. Miss Pie hates water.

Yes , I’m the cat lady who puts a baby pool on her indoor screened porch for her cats enrichment sake.

Camp was unusually exhausting this week! Knitting was done is short spurts . A lot of energy went into our socially distant guest day Wednesday, and a lot of wasted time was had trying to get my phone to work, and my Kindle Fire to work. The decision: I will try an Apple Watch. I get 14 days to see if I like it. None in stock but arriving next week.

Technology class is NOT happening at camp. Camp is for reading and pondering and cutting down tree limbs that fell in the storms. Camp is for bike rides and paddle boarding. Camp is for calling your friend who is losing his memory and sharing OLD times with him. Camp is for knitting. Camp is for a drone to check out your roof’s condition. You get a badge if you master that. Camp is for gardening for others bounty. and finally

Camp is for writing a letter in script to someone. We have not gotten to beaded bracelets or Kumbaya but there’s time.

What’s your camp activity today?

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16 thoughts on “Camp Continues …….Without the Tour de France

  1. Minnie likes to bat the soapy water in the plastic tub/container I use when I give myself a pedi. My camp activity today was the first aid station. We had to take Mortie into the vet. She’s on IV, pain meds, antibiotics, and had bloodwork done.


  2. Now that’s what I call a pampered puss, Fezzik has his own spa pool, and why shouldn’t he. Thank you so much for all the kind comments you have left on recent posts, it’s meant a great deal to me knowing that I’ve been in so many people’s thoughts at this sad time.


  3. Sounds like good decisions! I bought my present laptop for only $150-recondidtioned and it is wonderful. I like to be connected! The kitty in his own pool is adorable! I have one who would love to bat around that floating ball! lol


  4. I have never heard if a cat that actually liked water. I love that you love your cats enough to go this extra mile for them.
    I am actually at camp where I live for the time being. My activities were knitting, reading, talking with friend, (while social distancing of course). We also had to go to the small town grocery store for milk. I feel safer there for some reason. Everyone was wearing masks and there were few people. We even spurged and got fried chicken from their deli. We haven’t eaten “out” in so long. It was nice not to have to cook dinner.


  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….camp activities —- vacuum the floor, brush the cat, re-vacuum the floor, de-fur the furniture, vacuum the damn floor —— maybe should have put vacuuming last in the first place. Water break. Then empty the dishwasher, think about sewing masks, think again ……………knit some. Story time when the DH got back from a fire call.

    That’s about it for camp today.


  6. I think it’s sweet you put up a little pool for Fez. Our camp day was running some errands. To get red floss so I can finish my flag cross-stitch. They didn’t have it. Groan. Filled the gas tank and ordered take out Mexican at our fave restaurant. Grumble..they must have lost their cook and it was not as good and way spicier. Not again. pout. Home to put in an order online for Michaels for the right floss.. back to town tomorrow. sheesh. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. I love that pool! A swimming kitty. Now that’s news to me.
    It’s too hot here for camp. We are on day 15 of over 90 degree temps with oppressive humidity. I need rain and lots of it. I was so disappointed Fay didn’t unleash her wrath on us yesterday. I’m just gonna sit here and knit and watch podcasts all day. I can’t take anymore news. I need a break from the world and all its woes this weekend.


  8. Your weekend /week sounds a lot more fun than mine. Camp today included weeding at 8 Am when it was a whooping 90 degrees out, frogging the whole bottom of a crochet sweater, a bit of blogging, a movie with a nine year old who’s hair I just cut and he is swimming in the pool. And rest, can we rest at camp?
    Stay safe.


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