Lots of Ground to Cover and Lots of Ground Cover

Number 1: My green as can be sock is nearing the toe finish! I find the toes go very fast, as I’m sure you do too, because you do double decreases every other row. I don’t believe in Kitchener. So I leave more stitches to put together because my feet are small but wide. I turn my socks inside out and do a 3 needle secure bind off.

Number 2: I’m making clover salad tonight. Thanks to all of you who are telling me it is safe to eat and sweet. Given that our Romaine and lettuce choices at the grocery seem to be contaminted perhaps I shall sell my clover ? I could try. That would be so fun. See how isolation can change your definition of fun?

Number 3: The other day in my experimental podcast vloggy thing, I was going to show you my finished purse. So Fireman helped me. I bought snaps on line He pounded them in and I have a top snap you can see as silver, and a bottom snap coverecd with a cute wooden button.

I made up the pattern. I hoped the Peruvian yarn would felt and it did. I LOVE THIS PURSE. I may try to write a pattern for it.

Number 4: I have a group on Ravelry started March 13th to help; us get through COVID. Now folks are saying Ravelry violated some standard with their new look and they may go under. Please please NO!!! I love Ravelry. It has been the mecca for so many of us.

Have you heard this?

5. We finally got storms yesterday. We got an inch and a half of rain per our rain guage. I think some willl pop today. It is soupy as stink, but I love this in summer. The cycle of humid hot, then storms, cool off and great sleep. Get up. Repeat. It is my reward for long ugly March and November. And April sometimes….

6. Camp activity is offering Spanish for beginners Instruction. So far Fireman is doing awesome but cannot understand why he doesn’t know how to speak after 3 lessons….Thanks to Zach for the distant teaching . I love just listening to you both talk. I’m proud of both of them.

7. I mentioned that sometimes I make something and it ends up something else, so I felt it. Here is that envelope pillow I ended up loving and had no idea it would become a pillow. This is not completely random, dear blog readers. I was talking felting with the purse photos earlier. I’m just a little scattered.

8. The turkey couple visited a few days ago. The scratch backwards and then eat. I hope they keep coming back. Fireman alerted me to ugly shiny green beetles on my clematis. I hurried out with my soapy water concoction and tried to smother the destructive insects. I read that birds will eat them. So I am scaling back just a tad on the birdseed offerings. Maybe they need some hunger to get them to eat those ugly insects. If I am offereing them high quality seed, well, then they aren’t going to take to task and rid the beetles for me right?

9. It seems this has been a year for my stars to align where I am pouring energy into getting my money back on purchases and insurance issues. I won’t bore you with much, but let us just say that my handwritten letter to the Board of Directors of UPS has gotten NO response in 2 weeks. UPS agents on the phone are trained , I know believe, to say let me put you on a brief hold, ten times, and then you give up . THey come back and say we cannot help you. SOrry.

I had to fight for 5 months to get my ER deductible back from the Barn’s insurance after a certain horse plowed me down in February. I got it.

I dont’ really want to mention Kohl’s either because they were a real sh_t show about taking an item back. I cant even explain why we ordered something from them, and it came to our address in a Target box, with a reciept inside saying it was purchased by someone in Alabama.

Marshall Fields …….I dream of you. GIve the lady what she wants. Oh and speaking of dreams!!! Deb and I had a visit in her dream the other night! WHat! Im overjoyed. I m going to try to dream my way into her house tonight.

Oh wait, Petco did something really right. And Walgreens did too. So some companies get an A plus from me.

10. If you hung in this long, you are an amazing blog pal. I ‘ll edit this later. I got up and vacuumed and washed the wood floors and some screens before a friend of Fireman’s was due to arrive. You know my rule: Never ever clean unless someone sees you working that hard. So, I’m sorry my post is an lunch time one today. Stay well.

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18 thoughts on “Lots of Ground to Cover and Lots of Ground Cover

  1. I guess I am an amazing blog pal! We have had scattered t-storms for the past 3 days. Delightful! Mr. Turkey is probably gobbling up the ticks in the yard; they love them. I never had a clover salad, but I love me my greens. I have been enjoying pea shoot and peanut butter sandwiches lately. I’m weird, I know.


  2. I love the kitchener stitch-in garter or stockinette! The sock is coming along beautifully!
    I do like the fact son is teaching dad-cool!


  3. It’s very hot here in Michigan, and the trend appears to be holding on for a long while…with no rain in sight.
    I contacted Medicare today, and they were incredibly helpful; not what I was expecting. I called for The Hubby, who’s blood pressure shoots through the roof when he has to do this type of thing. However, I made him stand next to me, to talk on the speaker phone. They don’t allow spouses just to handle everything, not without okay.


  4. We have not had rain for days and days, and there is no rain forecast for at least ten more. It’s a problem, too, since we will be in the upper 80s and low to mid 90s. Not my kind of weather. And with so many people shooting off fireworks, it’s a concern.

    Both of my sons speak Spanish. For my eldest, it got him a raise and some free classes to maintain his fluency. It’s a terrific asset.


  5. I changed my Ravelry page back to the old style. All the white space bothers my eyes. Fun to see Fireman taking lessons from Zach.


  6. I actually like the new Ravelry format, I’m a fan of white space on blogs as you can tell from my blog. I think the artwork is bright and clever, too. It’s faster for me, also. Your clover is wonderful, I’m glad you can eat it. Dayle has a chicken roasting in the oven.. I’m so hungry! Have a super week, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. I don’t agree that the Ravelry people have done nothing. They have done several things, made changes, invited people to fill out questionaires, made it possible to use the old version while they investigate problems, to name a few. I don’t like the new version and I wish they had offered more warning that the change was coming, but I also think there are some folks who would rather complain than … than anything, actually. I don’t think the website will fail because of all this chaos but I do hope those of us who use it and like it will continue buying patterns and clicking on advertisements because that is one sure way to help the designers who rely on Ravelry as a place to sell.


  8. I would LOVE a rainy day. It’s been too hot and sunny here. It’s giving me a headache.
    I’ve been fighting with UPS myself. They notified me months ago that they lost a package. I filed a claim and then zip. Nada. Nothing. I guess I need to check my status again to see if anything came through. Since they knew they did wrong you’d think it wouldn’t take this long. I’m happy it wasn’t anything important but $18 worth of tissues is still $18.


  9. I have heard about the newest bru-ha-ha over at Ravelry. It has to do with their new design being a problem for people with visual disturbances and epilepsy. Ravelry has metaphorically turned a “blind eye” to the complaints and concerns. So, while they claim to be a safe space for everyone, they are anything but. It is a safe space for a select group of people.

    Other than downloading free patterns, I gave up using Ravelry after the last big debate. While I am NOT a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form, I found that their claim of diversity and a safe place for all to be a bit (okay a LOT) hypocritical. Banning one side of a debate is far from diverse.

    I have requested to have my patterns deleted from Ravelry and been told by Casey it is not possible as it would be “unfair” to those that have used the patterns. Soooooo, basically if you use Rav for anything other than downloading patterns, you have no rights to your content and how it is used and abused. My patterns have been copied word for word and ripped off by other people (which in the long run is no big deal because they were free anyway), but this is happening to those who offer paid for patterns as well and Ravelry does nothing to prevent the copyright infringement.

    The problem is . . . there really isn’t anything online to replace the resource. There is no other website that has the quantity of information, patterns, reviews, etc… that Ravelry has. I will say, I hate the new format. I think it is more confusing and just downright visually ugly. But, free patterns abound and that’s my thing.

    The data base is free and as my dad always said —- you get what you pay for and there is no free lunch. LOL

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  10. Kohl’s did come through to me but it took 3 calls and 92 minutes to get to talk to someone. Their music made me want to slit my throat! We need rain so bad, we are dry and so, so hot! I need to learn Spanish, good luck to Fireman.


  11. I bet it is adorable watching your son teach Spanish to his dad!
    I try to avoid returning items. It’s so often a hassle!
    You have found a very smart replacement for the Kitchner. I happen to love the Kitchner. Did you know he was one of Britain’s best generals in WWI?
    I haven’t heard anything about Ravelry, but I took a minute to Google it. I can only find stories from last summer, when it banned support for Trump. I hope it’s not in trouble!!!


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