Creating for Therapy

I gave a lot of thought to many of your posts, yesterday. How can I make a difference? I’m closer to an answer, but not quite ready to commit.

The barn is readying to open and they sent a newsletter. So many of us have opted not to volunteer this Summer Session due to Covid that they need those who are volunteering, to pick up more shifts. I know this is so difficult on this exceptional program.

Last night sunset was so surreal and so quieting. Then we got home……..and Fireman found a tick on him. (envision the SCREAM face) . Oh I hate those things. It wound me up a bit. Then I told myself to imagine it was a lady bug. We have showered and been very careful and this is the first tick since we’ve moved here.

By the way, while I was showering at 4 after weeding, the bell apparently rang. Fireman greeted a neighbor , who is 85. This neighbor is from a farm down the way. She told Zach and I when we stopped to say we loved her flowers, two years ago , that she is ready for the Rapture. She invited us to divide any of her flowers and take them. Well, she drove up the big hill in her car, and was going door to door passing out information about the Rapture. At 85. Yesterday. Now that’s kind of inspirational even though I’m in the Blessed Mother camp, not the Rapture Camp.

Fireman was a nice listener and told her, oh yes, we have other neighbors here that are home. And he kindly directed her. She said, ‘you think I am crazy don’t you? My family thinks I am.’ Fireman said, no, not at all. Times are strange right now.”

Working with yarn is very very calming to me. I am crocheting a purse that will felt. I’m making a pattern. This is making me very happy. My sore joints in my fingers are getting better.

Remember that crazy sideways glove I started 2 years ago? Well, I never made more than one side. So it is now my Peace sign.

If you are looking for a good read: I am Malala is a great book. She is so inspiring.

I like reading autobiographical books. I found Micheal J. Fox’s second book better than his first.

and Finally, every one in my family has read Trevor Noah’s book, except me.

Who are the people in you neighbor hood? in your neighborhood, ? in your NEIGHBOR HOOD,

they’re the people that you meet when your not even in the street

they ‘re People you don’t meet each day.

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14 thoughts on “Creating for Therapy

  1. Mmm, I don’t understand what The Rapture is. Is that a type of religion? Fireman was classy and gentle. I hardly see my neighbors now with this whole stay at home as much as you can. But I do see the one that knows my auntie, the one across the street, and the one diagonal from us. We just wave and say hi.


  2. We have to watch for ticks-just part of the routine of grooming! The purse will make you happy!


  3. Beautiful sunset! I am sorry that you will be missing out on volunteering at the barn – you get so much joy out of it, and I know you are giving valuable help to this excellent program 🙂


  4. I love your peace sign. You should frame it and make it a permanent statement of love and peace for all of us. Your neighbor sounds wonderful and how sweet of Fireman to be patient and nice to her. She sounds like someone who really does care about her neighbors even if beliefs aren’t exactly the same.
    Your sunset is wonderful. Those colors are a delight to the eye.
    And finally, the ticks are really bad out here this year. I think it’s because of the damp spring. So far lyme disease is fairly rare though. It does happen but not as much as on the east coast or midwest.
    I hope your day is going wonderfully Kathy.


  5. I think tacking your glove that way onto a mat and framing it is a great art piece.

    Knowing how much you love your work at the barn, I’m sure this is a grieving time for you, as well it should be. That place and your volunteering there provided so much joy and satisfaction for you. It truly is a Loss.


  6. Your neighbor sounds dear. We have lots of ticks here. I have this awesome little green tool that takes them off without risk of leaving the head. We had a family ‘flee’ the city during the height of the pandemic here, in spite of the orders to remain home and not travel outside of your area. She posted something on facebook because she was freaking out about all the ticks. I had to chuckle. I wonder if she would rather deal with covid or lyme. Personally, for a young and healthy family, I think the virus would have the least impact on them if they stayed home. Just my opinion based on my son’s grueling battle with Lyme that will affect him for the rest of his life.
    That being said, you have the most beautiful sunsets!


  7. I’m sorry about the barn volunteering and your decision but for now it’s best and it won’t be forever (I hope) when the gym opens I am not going back…I can’t exercise with a mask on and I’m certain that the germs there are abundant no matter how ‘clean’ they think they are!


  8. What a great sunset photo you captured! We have so many trees around us that I don’t get a good sunrise or sunset view from here. If I had life to live over I would demand to live in a house with a great view of the Columbia River Gorge, or on a beautiful lake, or on the ocean shore. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  9. We have been fighting ticks here since it warmed up and I hate them. We had a very warm winter with no snow so I think the bug population is going to be out of control this summer. Ugh.
    Your neighbor sounds like a real hoot. Those rapture people scare me and we’ve got too many of them in high places.


  10. Love the sunset at the water pic and your peace glove. Ticks – I hate them too, but we have them here and see them a lot. Always makes me jump when I see one – I never get used to them.


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