House Rules

The wren keeps going. We found one dead in our garage, and we thought that was the end of the new family. Well, apparently the one that died was not one of the pair in the nesting box construction company. I gave the lil guy a proper burial …..right by St. Francis. Then we watched and it does appear that two wrens are continuing to prepare for a family. I don’t know much about bird family relationships, but is it possible the one left called another to help it in ONE day? Because as I walked to the mailbox I distinctly heard two calling back and forth. They are so crafty as they twist pine needles and sticks to get in that hole. I’ve read they are kind of home stealers! I’m not surprised as this is technically our old blue bird house. NO matter! Let the birds sing out!

I found this beauty of a flower near the driveway too. It is about palm sized. Anyone know what this one is?

I added 2 and a half inches to my shawl this weekend without any mishaps. However , my joints in a couple of my fingers are so sore, that I am putting it aside. I so want to finish it. But, common sense says, work something else with no Knit 2 Together stitches involved. I have over 500 stitches on the shawl now. That’s a record for me.

Al and Lincoln deserved a little photo time I thought. Al continues quite busy in her newer role at Organ Donation. They are doing all they can to help those waiting during the COVID crisis. People waiting for kidneys and the like from living donors are so dearly needed in ordinary times, let alone now. Hi Linky. You are too sweet.

The following has nothing to do with the horrific murder we watched in our USA , or the weekend unrest. So many of you have addressed and written about it so well.

But, I am rarely one to speak my mind other than to my family….however my neighbor heard me loud and clear I think.

So here goes. My neighbor continued the deluge of photos of the kittens and insinuations. I decided, you and I were all supportive of each other. I had to speak my mind. In answer to the latest text I said,
“Have i ever told you that for 7 years I helped out once a week at 6 am. to help our shelter spay and neuter cats, dogs, pups and kittens? In Wisconsin alone last year, 1800 animals were euthanized. Shelters are full of puppies and kittens who have not had proper care. Optimally each kitten should be wormed twice, as all kittens and puppies get worms from their parents. Kittens require a series of 4 shots ago be able to leave the shelter and stay healthy. Spay nueter surgery is done on every animal to prevent cancers that will evolve in intact animals as they age. Spays neuter is done by teams like the one I was on and no animal could be adopted out able to reproduce. It costs around 500 dollars for each animal to receive this care. Feline aids is spreading through the cat communities. Heart worm will attack untreated cats outdoors. I hope you will join those of us who volunteer to help stop the overpopulation of cats and dogs by having ALL OF YOUR kittens spayed and neutered , and BOO, too of course.

A short reply ending with a smiley face was returned: I didn’t know that was your role at the shelter . Thanks of the information. We plan on getting our mamma cat spayed and we have gathered the information on where to have it done. Smiley face.

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17 thoughts on “House Rules

  1. Good for you on speaking facts because I know this issue bothered you greatly. I’m glad she listened too respectively; she has two kids to raise and to send off to college. Pets aren’t cheap unfortunately.
    We brought in two, grey sibling kittens, one each in one day last week, the 3rd I believe. They looked 8 weeks but I had no clue and had wandered into our yard. Now I know they couldn’t jump the fence yet so I believe they were born nearby. Our neighbor on one side has two dogs who dug a bit under the fence and the neighbor to the back of us, there’s a gap in the fence from their tree. One was way smaller than the other and it tried to see through squinty eyes. We could tell they were crusty. The older wasn’t as bad and it left time to time which made the littler one mew. They were cold and hungry. Since no adult cat came looking for them the girls and I were able to catch the runt and took it the pet hospital as good samaritans. I was worried it would die and I didn’t want that on my conscience. The bigger one had run off but it had come back as it liked to lay in our dirt fountain. My husband crept up on it and he was able to because its eyes were now shut from the eye infection. He and the teenager took it to the same pet hospital. So I hope they’re doing okay and are healing.


  2. LOL, Meredith!

    Good for you, Kathy. You said what needed to be said, and your conscience is clear. Hopefully, they’ll take your words to heart and have something to think about. In any case, they’ve learned not to underestimate you.


  3. I love to watch the bird dramas-the human ones, not too much! I’m glad your neighbor took your advice to heart.


  4. Good for you! I hate confrontations too and it sure is an awkward situation. I can’t even imagine someone assuming you would want a kitten just because you already have cats. Al and her kitty are adorable. She’s probably going to be busy from what I’ve read about what this virus does to your kidneys and liver.


  5. I think it would be fun to watch your wren couple make their nest for a new family. Lucky you. I also think you were very tactful and informative with your neighbor. Hopefully she took it well and realizes that you have the best in your heart for all of the animals.
    Blessings and hugs,


  6. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on the PERFECT way to handle the neighbor! You informed her on an important subject in a very nice way. She is now a more knowledgable and responsible person.. for life.. and you made it happen. I’m SO impressed! ((hugs)), Teresa ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Good for you speaking up, smiley face. You did a great job, smiley face. Your neighbor seems a bit irresponsible, smiley face. That being said, I don;t think you need to worry about her asking you to take a kitten anymore, smiley face.

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  8. Your blue flower is a centaura montana – Mountain Bluet or Cornflower. They self propagate in my garden and I let them. They are easy to pull out if they want to settle where I’d prefer they don’t.


  9. I don’t know about wrens as house stealers. Typically their houses have really tiny openings that other birds can’t fit in. That being said, it won’t stop them from poking around in a bigger house.

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