I never thought I would:

I never thought I would get upset with my neighbor up here. She is sweet, but we do not share animal responsibility values. She let her girls take a kitten last fall, from “a farm.” BOO , was theirs by Halloween. They brought her to see me, because of these funny lumps on her neck. Ticks. They were ticks. Duh. I removed them for her.

A month or so ago she stopped by with her daughters to tell us her exciting news: BOO is pregnant! I blurted out OH NO!! She said they are very excited to see her give birth to kittens.
Now she has no way of knowing that I gave many 6 o’clock in the mornings to the shelter in our Illinois town, helping with spay and neuter surgeries. But I feel very strongly about how many cats, dogs, pups and kittens we put down in this country and the numbers regarding overpopulation.

So yesterday she texts me . “We are so excited, blah blahs blah, 5 kittens!” “please come visit, they live on the porch.” (an open porch. no screens) And, “The girls would love for you to take one so they can see it grow up!”

)(*(*(^*&&^&**!@##)~~~~!!!!! Is that how you swear on a blog?

You want ME to take YOUR kitten off YOUR hands and pay for all the shots, workings and surgery? I was furious. I didn’t respond. I am trying not to be so nice all the time. It is a fault of mine. IF they show up on my stoop with those kittens they will have a talking to…..it will cover, costs, wormer (I’m sure they have no idea you need to worm twice no matter what. All kittens get worms from their mother) shots, Possibility of HIV positive kittens, who could infect our cats, and fleas and tick infestation from living on your porch. I shudder to think of the coyotes and fox here , having a dinner of them.

I think that covers it for today. I’m off to weed and encourage my flowers. Regina’s transplants are thriving . My shawl is behaving.

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18 thoughts on “I never thought I would:

  1. At least your irises and knitting are behaving. I don’t think people understand the responsibility of owning pets, I also don’t think they know how to say ‘no’ to their children. Focus on the positive. Love, Regina (the other Regina)


  2. Good Grief!
    I think I see heartache in the future for the kiddos.
    I do hope responsibility will kick in with Ms. Neighbor-lady!!


  3. That’s how I ended up with all these cats. My neighbor was terribly irresponsible with her “wild” cats as she called them and then she up and died suddenly so her outdoor cat issue became mine.


  4. Let me clarify–My cats WERE porch kittens. I believe their ill health is a result of being bred from irresponsible owners of outdoor cats. Piper and Marlowe are spoiled indoor cats whose only porch time is a treat in the warmer months.


  5. Oh, this hits home with me! My two dear rescue cats ARE porch kittens. Piper almost died the week we adopted him from our local shelter. He has Feline Herpes, which flares up about three times a year. Both he and Marlowe, his littermate, have cutaneous horns (outgrowths of keratin on their pads), which are markers for Feline Leukemia. Luckily, they are now 10 years old, and still living happy lives.


  6. You could write her a well-thought out email telling her all of your thoughts, telling her why you feel like you do. She obviously needs to learn proper behavior. Just think of is as your civic duty to teach her a life lesson. 🙂
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. Well I am irritated right along with you. You know we share a passion for true rescue animals. The amount of money rescue organizations have to put in to clean up this type of mess is staggering. Sooo frustrating.


  8. Maybe they need a kind lesson in pet responsibilities and animal health. Something given to the kids while the mother is in earshot. Those kids will be devastated when something inevitably goes wrong.


  9. Ooooh, I agree with you Kathy. Our animals were all shelter or rescue pets. Our sweet Chloe was thrown out of a car on the interstate with her littermate when she was a puppy. Her pelvis and back legs were broken. Her brother/sister was killed immediately by another car. She had pro-bono surgeries at different vets for almost two years. She never played as a puppy and lived in kennels. We got her when she was two and had been spayed. She has never played ball, is terrified of water and still shakes and trembles when she’s in a car even after living with us for almost 12 years! We have NEVER, EVER hit her. She is the best dog we’ve ever had. She minds and I think she READS my mind. She never leaves our yard at home or at the trailer unless we tell her it’s okay.
    I have no patience with people who don’t take care of their dogs.


  10. I was going to write something witty, but no. We got our cat from the shelter (neutered before we could take her home and we were good with that). We also got our dog there and same…neutered. Hope that mom gets her ‘momma cat’ fixed before the next batch show up and yes, foxes and coyotes may be feasting and although it is ‘the circle of life’ it seems an unnecessary harshness for those poor kittens.


  11. There is a LOT of irresponsibility out there and we don’t have far to look to find it! Sorry.


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