I need to be Thanked……

Okay, so this is rather embarrassing. I was still asleep when my neighbor rang our bell.

I keep masks on the front door handle. Fireman got to see this wee one in the dress I gave to her. I won’t show you her face, but she’s super cute! And my neighbor wrote a thank you note and printed the photo out of Montana, wearing the dress. You all told me it goes to the right person. And it did! (you can find the yarn (cascade 220) and the pattern a few posts back. Very easy well written pattern.

I’m one of those people that want to be thanked. I so enjoy making and giving gifts. I love the thank you part, too. My father was this way to a fault. He wanted you to thank him over and over and even over again. He was very generous and he put a lot of thought into gifts. But, seriously, his needs were ridiculous. A year after a gift, he’d say: remember that picture I framed for you? Do you love it? I am not that bad. But no thanks, for anyone with no thanks at all….

I never thought Fireman and I would be cycling the roads and trails together. I just never did. Since the barn is closed, we have been riding . We ride at least once a week. I have the cheater bike, as you know. But , I still have to work, just not to the point where I don’t enjoy the ride. My cardiologist says it is so great for my heart! And the bike can be tricky, but it won’t charge out of the stall and knock me over. Annie, as I call her, does not have moods. I have real cycling leggings . I need to get cycling shorts. The leggings were hot yesterday.

Post-op day 4. Billy, Billy Bo, get down. For the most part she has been sleepy and resting. But, she’s not on any more meds and she insists she’s a busy girl. Isn’t it something how cats don’t rip out their stitches? Ive never needed a cone for my cats after surgery . We are still laughing about her being a girl. We should have known, she never shuts up.

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10 thoughts on “I need to be Thanked……

  1. I’m so late in commenting on blogs. I did read yesterday but just couldn’t bring myself to comment. Billy Bo is just so cute and I’m glad she’s healing well. I’m also glad you’re out cycling with Fireman. One of the reasons I love the lake is it forces me to take a long walk three times a day with Chloe. She will not potty in our yard there. You have to walk her about 1/4 of a mile down the road to the big garden. And yes, we’re good dog owners and always, always pick it up. :-). The walk is good for all of us, except in the rain. Then it’s an annoyance.


  2. As for Deb, Araignee, I am so thrilled that Billy Bo’s stitch comparison helped your daughters new kitty. oh dear. Maybe there was an infection and that is why that kitty wouldn’t leave it alone. THEY KNOW. So Im really glad we all help each other out here. Honestly, My blog pals and my Karen lurker are just so wonderful in my life!!!!


  3. I guess it does sound like I am dissing the female! I stand corrected. Pie has not shut since I came down at 8:30 a.m. I have yet to figure out her distress. I’m sitting on the right chair. I invited her up. Her blanket was washed yesterday. Maybe she’s begging for butter…but that s a dinner treat. Sometimes she talks a lot if she detects stress. I was just listening to my sweet Pal, Kath, about a frustrating time with her brother. So maybe Pie picked up on that…
    And yes, I do know men who never shut up too!!


  4. My cats never stayed sleepy for very long! I’m glad she has bounced back–such a pretty girl and no, she is a siamese–she will always talk A LOT! lol

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  5. That little girl is precious. Whenever I see the photos of you two riding your bikes, I am envious. Your roads are so open and free of traffic. I used to ride my bike all around town. There is too much traffic now and everyone has their noses in their phones. As for miss Billy Bo? She is a doll!

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  6. Daughter’s newly spayed kitty had to go back in and be re-stitched two days ago after she chewed out her stitches and is now on an antibiotic. Now she is wearing a belly band since the cone was a no go and has to go back on Saturday for a re-check. It’s all thanks to your blog post the other day. I read it and texted Daughter to see how her kitties stitches were doing and she found the infection. Sooo…..a big THANK YOU!!!!
    BTW….that dress is adorbs. Well done!


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