What I’ve Learned …..

During this time of Covid 19, here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. No matter how sure you are about something, you can be wrong. Bo ,after all, is girl and was all along. She is resting comfortably. She trusts Zach so. The veterinarian has had him bring Billy, (now Billy Bo) back on Sunday and Monday for a quick weight check, incision check, temp check and to get a combo shot of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain med. In other words she’s healthier post op ,than most of the humans on the planet.

The unintended consequence of masks being available to me, has led to my wearing them when I garden. I also wear goggles because gravity goes backwards and things fly up into my face when I use the string trimmer. I’ve had enough injuries in 2020 thank you so much, fate. I don’t want to inhale all the pollen out there. AND, if that weren’t enough reason, I don’t have to use sunscreen except on my neck! VOILA!

I’ve learned, with delight, that I can knit with lace weight for shawls. I’ve chosen this awesome malabrigo for my next shawl. I’ve learned that when I am frantically rummaging around for that needle or that stitch marker, I make a huge mess of my stash. So, I’ll be stash organizing later this wee,.

I’ve learned what I’ve known all along: that I prefer a straight and flat challenge. I don’t need the hills to push harder, and ruin the experience. For me. This is true in a theoretical way and a practical way for me.

I’ve learned that I get overwhelmed trying to figure out what is going to happen when. My nurse brain hasn’t ever shut off. I read Dr. Kevin’s articles by physicians every day. I want to reach way back into my heart and figure out, what the heck I WANT to do now that the Barn is off the table.

I’ve learned that I don’t need to watch the news at all. Fireman does that for me and more. As Zach says, if you are distancing, what is the news going to do for you? I don’t want projections that make me sad. I need to shelter my heart from thoughts like, just when WILL I see my kids again? That one weighed real heavy on Fireman and My minds yesterday.

What have you learned.? Besides the fact, that you live with people you love enough to make sure you don’t use all the toilet paper in the house. Besides the fact that if your son’s phone stops working and you are a country away, your anxiety is going to go through the roof. Until the new phone arrives. And , Thank God, it finally did.

I”ve learned you guys are all really helpful in getting me through this with you. Thanks

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16 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned …..

  1. The only time I go outside is to throw away garbage or compost the compost bag. I haven’t gone anywhere after having had to drive the teen to her school to pick up books in March which was way before the mask-in-public rule. I think me and my husband are closer and he has taken care of us immensely by tackling the grocery shopping which is mostly through Instacart.


  2. What a great post. I’ve learned that while I am an introvert and like being alone, I also like being with people. It’s a balance.

    I miss my family and now that restrictions here have lifted and we can expand our bubbles, we visit together and I LOVE it. My youngest daughter, husband and 1 year old are with us for a whole week while they conduct business in town and it’s wonderful to play with our granddaughter.

    I’ve learned that there is a lot of fear out there, and it’s debilitating some people. I’ve also learned that many people don’t bother to learn the science nor follow it. That’s just plain frustrating.

    I’ve learned that old books are friends that are easy to spend time with.

    I’m glad I married the man I did – wouldn’t want to be in isolation with anyone else.

    I’ve learned that blogging is a great way to stay connected to people all around the world.


  3. Hi,
    I am learning .. to say NO to the never ending volunteer for this and that. I have realized how important family time is during these times.


  4. I’ve always worn a bandana changing the dust free cat litter because dust free doesn’t really exist and it helps!! I am glad that billy bo is doing splendidly. i am sure you will find something to replace the horse volunteering!!


  5. To Betsy and to Dee–I am so very, very sorry for your loss.

    Like Nancy, this pandemic has reinforced some things I already knew, like the fact that I can only control and count on myself.

    Like Dee and Kym, I’ve learned that sadly, this urgent time has not brought out the best in all people; it has merely revealed their true character. Lots of people are simply Not Good People, period.

    Like Teresa, I’ve reaffirmed my love for my family. Being able to see them and be with them, even at a distance with no contact, is an unmitigated Joy.

    Like delightedhands, I’ve strictly limited my engagement with news in general. I stay informed, but I don’t deeply engage. I don’t debate, and I have stepped away from politics for the time being. My health is paramount, and I guard it jealously.

    There’s enough going on in the world that’s different right now, so I find myself staying with The Familiar and The Treasured. I dare myself to Be Happy. I’m not every single day, but on the days that I am, it’s wonderful.


  6. I’ve learned to be very relaxed and not to invite thoughts or actions that are not conducive to stress-free.
    My DR told me to wear a mask outside since pollen/allergies lower my immune system and that it not going
    to bring good health! I’ve learned that while I can go a long time without a lot of company, I miss being kind
    to others and sharing a smile with them…..


  7. I have learned that you keep on learning. 🙂 I’ve learned that I don’t miss all the meetings I used to attend and may cut back on at least one. I’m also not going to volunteer at the falls anymore because we talk to masses of people who just flew in from all around the world, packed into an airplane with who knows what disease/virus/plague, having walked through airports filled with sick and coughing strangers. And all I need is to be able to see my son, DIL and 2 grandsons and I’ll be happy. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  8. I wish I had learned to wear my mask when I cut the grass. I just came in from riding the mower and all I’ve done is sneeze. My anxieties go through the roof with every sniffle and cough these days.


  9. We’re all learning so much stuff right now. So much.( I’m learning way too much about what total jerks a lot of people are . . . but I digress.) You hang in there, Kathy. You’re doing great! And we’ll get each other through. (And that kitty is so dang cute!) XO


  10. You ladies here have some great things that you’ve learned through this all. I agree with them too. I’ve learned that I’m losing patience quickly with people who don’t think this virus is a big deal. As Dee said, tell that to my big brother who died from Covid on Sunday. I’m devastated. I’ll never be the same. I’ve never lost a sibling and our parents have been gone for years. He was my 6’5″ big brother who always protected his baby sisters. I already miss him and it’s only been two days.
    Blessings and hugs,


  11. What I’ve learned:

    You can make all the laws in the world about wearing a mask and social distancing, but if you don’t “enforce” it with legal consequences, it is a useless law for the most part. A law with no teeth, is not a law.

    I’ve learned that an awful lot of people think this whole Covid-19 thing is “no big deal”. I’m pretty sure my father-in-law would disagree …… well, IF it hadn’t killed him.

    I’ve learned racial/ethnic intolerance is not just a “southern” thing. It’s raring pretty strong around these parts too AND it goes both ways.

    I’ve learned that our government is reactionary rather than proactive and they absolutely SUCK at statistics. The way it is going now, southeastern Pennsylvania will still be on stay-at-home orders when Christmas rolls around.

    I’ve learned that if you have someone working on your house, you better damn well stay there or they will cut corners.

    I’ve learned that I married the right person.

    I’ve learned that reruns of baseball, football and hockey are not a substitute for the real thing.

    I’ve learned that TV is a total waste of time.

    I’ve learned that knitting can be a pleasure, but sometimes it is just what you do to have SOMETHING to do.

    I’ve learned I really want this to be over.


  12. This situation has reinforced the lessons I learned decades ago from my Mom: keep the pantry stocked for emergencies, make do with what you have, and be comfortable with your own company. She was a wise woman


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