Memorial Day, thanks.

It is not enough to say thanks. I am so grateful for all those who gave their lives for our freedoms and Democracy. I know that I need to honor my dad , and my husband’s dad, who both served . Their lives were spared. I honor all those who lost loved ones. When I feel sad about COVID, I often think, well at least my children are not fighting in a war. We cannot see them, but we know they are only in harms way if they choose it.

I need to make the flag stop curling up on itself. It is the unofficial start to summer in the USA. I love all things Summer. I really do. Give me the heat, humidity, flowers, weeds, porch days and porch nights, fireflies and fresh air. People are on the Lake and enjoying their boating.

Fireman plans to inflate the paddle boards today. His wetsuit is ready for the first paddle of the season. I have no wetsuit and will wait another month , patiently.

I spent all of my knit time yesterday, ripping out the mistake part of the shawl and getting those stitches back on the needles. I THINK I did it. Darned if I hadn’t dropped some stitches and not noticed. This was a time suck mistake. I don’t like undoing and redoing, but I know we all do it. If I hadn’t liked how it looked so much when I took it off the needles , I would have frogged it. But, there it was with the promise to be lovely even in baby poop color.

Update on Bo: Zach feels he has to change her name. He can’t get his head around her being a girl if she’s still Bo. So, yesterday he was trying out BILLY BO. or Billy. I love this as she has the billy goat shadow on her forehead!

Girls are ruling here today. Miss Dolly adorableness, who came in 5th out of nearly a hundred pet cats in the virtual cat contest, is beautiful!! I want to meet her…and I want to see my Al.

Finally, I let the Rhodes frozen dough over rise. I punched it down. Added cinnamon and stuck slivered almonds in it. Baked it. Glazed with the old milk/powdered sugar trick. It was amazingly good. Bear Claw knock off!!

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14 thoughts on “Memorial Day, thanks.

  1. Nancy
    IT will may remain Bo. I like Bo peep. But Zach’s playing around with Billy Bo. 🙂 I love Billy. She’s doing great and the vet has had her back every day since surgery over the weekend, to check on her.


  2. I think he should keep Bo as the name. It works for either sex. Hope you had a nice holiday weekend! No paddleboarding for me – I saw a snake in the canal a few weeks back!!!


  3. I’m proud of you for fixing the mistake on your shawl and keeping on.. keeping on. Bobbie would be a cute name, honoring “Bo” in the first of it and recognizing the first part of her life as a boy and changing to a girl. LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. I think Bo is a perfect girl name, Little Bo Peep! She is adorable. Hope Zach is doing well. Happy summer my friend. We are well into warm weather here, I wish it was Fall! Stay safe.


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