Hold your horses, Bo’s a girl

Adorable Baby Bo is being spayed as we speak. Big news. The vet said, Bo’s a girl! We are all having a good yuck about this. Allison, Troy and I are thrilled because boys get lots of bladder/stones and girls seem not too.

So he drops his boy off. Then he walks home. Suddenly the vet is on a bicycle riding next to him. He tells Zach Bo is a girl. Does he still want the surgery? Of course..

That’s quite the service. Bicycle vet. I’m a little tiny bit nervous. So send good thoughts ok?? I know you will.

So I say she is now Bo Peep. No need to change her name. Zach is thinking of another name. Zoe? No? Suggestions?

This is making our morning very funny.

I’ll leave this post right here………

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17 thoughts on “Hold your horses, Bo’s a girl

  1. LOL! How cute! That’s what happened with Mortimer. The teen’s friend’s cousins thought it was a he and then the vet told us it was a she.


  2. Bo still works, and she is still just adorable 🙂 We had a black cat years ago that we named Ozzy (after Ozzy Osborn, not Ozzie and Harriet). And she turned out to be a girl too, but we just kept the same name. Every once in a while my Mom would call her “Ozzietta”. 🙂


  3. You are all so funny. I think he’ll keep her as Bo. Sounds that way. Laser hysterectomy!! WOW.> Who knew! Thats awesome. Betsy, the cougar on your deck story ….is amazing and scary. I d love to see one far away. Id love to see a bob cat too.


  4. That is funny and we had a similar story. When we moved to Spokane a cat came with the house. Actually 7 cats came with the house. The lady before us fed all of the strays. We continued feeding them all until the night a mountain lion came to eat off of our deck. By then Lucy was the only stray that still came to eat, (it had been about 2 years.). She became an inside pet. Then she got sick and we took her to the vet. Lo and behold Lucy was a boy! The vet wanted to know if we wanted to change the name to Lucifer? Um no. No way. He/She still came to Lucy because the cat didn’t know any different. We had him for several more years before he died.
    Long story. Sorry.
    Take care and enjoy your little girl grandkitty.


  5. Keep Bo as Bo–we already love her as is! We took a stray to be spayed and the vet found ‘him’ to be a neutered male!


  6. That is hilarious! What a fun story. She could be Bo-Delicious! We had a big day.. our son came and drove off in our 1955 Chevy Bel-Air to take to his house to work on it so we can drive it more. Photos to follow on Monday. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. I did that with Hoover. I thought he was a girl. He was an already neutered male. The vet had a good laugh. Daughter had her newest kitty spayed this week. She had laser done and you would never even know the cat had been spayed. She didn’t even have any stitches. The tiny opening was glued shut.


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